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Summary: Spike decides to take the gift his Sire gave him. Spike/Xander/Willow, post Buffy/Angel, pre-Angel/Wes *story renamed*

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsXocoatldreamsFR2133,488193,0782 Feb 0718 Feb 07No

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A Long Time Gone

A/N 1 : Yes, once again another wip from me. I apologize but my muse insisted and I've learned not to argue with her.
A/N 2 : No Graduation. No Mayor trying to eat everyone and become a demon and no bad!evil!Faith.
A/N 3: Chapter renamed
Disclaimer: I don't own anything in the BtVS or Spn 'verse. I'm just playing there. No money being made, no offense intended.

Giles glanced up as the door opened and the dark haired man slipped into the room. At the shake of the dark head, Giles looked back down at the map spread before him and silently crossed another city off. It had been almost a year with still no sign.

"Yo, Giles," Faith called as she and Wesley entered the room. "We might have found something."

"A trio of vampires was spotted in LA a week ago. Not much to go on, but my source stated that one was very blonde and another had red hair," Wesley told the older Watcher.

"I beg to differ, that is a lot to go on," Giles disagreed. "What do you think, Angel?"

"It's possible. Spike's a romantic at heart and would have no problems coming back to the scene of the crime," the vampire admitted. "He would see the poetic beauty of it."

The senior Watcher turned and stared for a moment at the photograph sitting on the desk. "Was there any other information?"

"Nothing much, just that they're particularly vicious," the young man said.

"Perhaps we should head to LA and see if we can find any trace of them," Faith offered.

"No need for that, ducks. If you wanted to see us so bad, you only had to ask," a voice called from the open doorway.

As one the two Watchers, Slayer and Vampire turned to look at the three standing across the threshold. Spike was the same as always, platinum blond hair gelled back, black duster over dark jeans and a red shirt, and an unlit cigarette hanging from his lips. Beside him Willow was a vision in black and green. She wore skin tight black pants with a hunter green crop top under a duster similar to Spike's own trade mark one. Her hair fell straight down her back, ending above the swell of her butt and wicked laughter sparkled in her green eyes. Behind them stood Xander, and he had changed the most. Brown leather pants hugged his legs, lovingly showing each muscle and the lush curve of his ass. Like the others, he wore a long black duster, but underneath he was shirtless and the edges of the jacket framed his muscled chest and the bits of jewelery decorating his nipples and navel. A thick collar circle his neck, and two tags dangled from it, catching and reflecting the light. His hair was longer, falling in loose waves almost to his shoulders and his dark eyes were filled with a confidence he had not held in life.

"Spike," Angel growled, stalking closer to his grandChilde.

"Peaches, see you're still playing the dashing hero," the blonde looked around. "And where's our stunning heroine, not to mention Wolf-boy and the Cheerleader?"

"Cordelia and Oz left soon after graduation, your disappearances hurt them both greatly," Giles said softly, looking at the two he once considered his own children.

"And the Slayer?" Spike asked.

"Dead a few months after you jet," Faith stated. "Got caught by a couple of Gran'a'in demons on patrol."

The three humans and the souled vampire started as Willow turned and sobbed into Xander's chest. A mask of grief descended on the man's face as he held his friend and even Spike had an expression of sadness. There was silence for a few minutes as the redhead continued to cry before everyone returned to the normal hostilities.

"Why did you take them?" Giles asked, breaking the silence.

"Boy was a gift to me. Left him long enough, he was starting to gather dust," the blonde smirked. "Finally realized that Dru wasn't coming back but there was still something to un-live for."

"So you turned them?" Angel's voice was flat.

"Not right away," Spike shrugged. "Bundled them up and took off. Got someone to teach Red mojo and did for my boy what the Watcher should have done long ago."

"And what, pray tell, would that be?" the man in question snarled.

"Trained him. Taught him to fight, to take care of himself in any situation. And when I thought they were ready, I turned them."

"Forced?" the Slayer asked curiously.

"No," Xander said softly. "He gave us the choice. We could have left and come back here, but by that point we wanted to stay."

"You willingly left him turn you?" the young Watcher exclaimed.


"But why?"

"Because we love him and he loves us," Willow said, raising red rimmed eyes to stare at them. "He took the time to make sure we would survive. He cared enough to protect us and give us the choice."

"He's love's bitch," Xander laughed.

"And don't forget you're mine," the blonde sneered.

"Never gonna forget," the young vampires promised.

"Now that that's all cleared up, we have to go," Spike said. "People eat, places to see."

"You're just going to leave again?" The sorrow in the Watcher's voice made the two young vampires turn back to him.

"If you want, we'll be back," Xander started. "'Sides, Willow found a couple of neat spells."


"Yes, one nullifies the invitation clause," the young vampire smiled. "We could come in at any time." The humans paled at the threat.

"And Sire," Spike grinned. Angel's eyes widened at the term. "The other spell is almost finished. We'll be seeing you very soon."

The three moved away from the door and the souled vampire raced over to stare out at the empty courtyard. The air was thick with sweet magic and Angel could feel it tingling over his skin, sinking into his body. He had an idea of exactly what the last spell was.

"Well, that was interesting," Faith commented. "Much better than boring research."
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