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This story is No. 3 in the series "We met at the Roadhouse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Giles and Faith visit the Roadhouse

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Supernatural > General(Past Donor)SongjaFR733,455176,6664 Feb 0713 Jun 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

You Do What?

Disclaimer: Still not mine. See first chapter to see who the characters and world do belong to.

Note: Because someone said they would like to see the one shot continued.

You Do What?

None of them used guns. That was the first thing that shocked Jo Harvelle. This council expected little girls to go after big bad things with nothing more high tech than a pointy piece of wood and their bare fists. Some had a weapon of choice. Chao An fought very well with a staff with a sharpened end. Buffy and Faith got to play with the scythe. Faith had that wicked looking dagger. There were cross bows and axes, flails and swords. No guns.

When Jo started unloading the trunk of her car and started carrying in the gun cases, everyone looked worried, scared and fascinated. “What?” Jo said when her third trip had about half a dozen baby slayers and Andrew watching her with wide eyes.

The girls all turned to Andrew as their spokes person, “Miss Harvelle, the weapons that you are carrying are strictly forbidden in the good fight against evil.”

“No weapons? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve seen more weapons in this hallway than Momma has stashed in the basement of the Roadhouse. And that’s just the stuff you have displayed on the walls. Who uses this stuff anyway?”

“The girls are taught the use of all these weapons,” a hand was waved dramatically at the wall for emphasis.

“Then what’s wrong with what I have?”

“The use of firearms is strictly forbidden.”

“How do you handle ghosts?”

“We attempt to let the spirit find its rest by working though any issues it might have.”

Jo blinked. She was sure her mouth had fallen open, “You what?”

“Yes, the suicidal couple at Sunnydale High School was allowed to posses Buffy and her at the time vampyre lover, Angelus, and they were able to have one last sweet loving moment in each other’s arms. Dennis, Cordelia’s ghost, worked through his issues with his mother, with Cordy’s help and became a valuable part of the Los Angeles team before they all turned evil and became an adversary of the council. We do not specialize in hauntings, ghosts and spirits, our emphasis is the vampyre,” Andrew wisely intoned.

“You put your ghosts through therapy?!” She knew the world of the supernatural, she grew up in it, lived it, breathed it. She knew hunters were all a little off their rockers, but letting the spirit find its rest through working out issues, that had to take the cake.

She dropped her bag, unzipped her gun case and pulled out a sawed off shotgun and forcibly pushed it into Andrew’s hands. “Forty-four, small cartridge packed with rock salt. Hit the spirit with this, depending on how strong the emotion is and how long it’s been haunting and you can disrupt it for anywhere from half an hour to forty-eight hours. That should give you enough time to get out of there, find out where the sucker is buried and salt and burn the bones. Helps if you have some kind of accelerant, kerosene or gas.”

She lectured as she dug in her bag, pulled out a box of kosher salt and small bottle of lamp oil that she had handy. She thrust the objects at Andrew causing him to bobble the gun. “Don’t you dare drop that gun. You drop that and there’s the chance of it-.”

Tap, BOOM! The sound of the shot echoed in the corridors causing people to come running from all over the house. Bits of ceiling plaster rained down from where the rock salt had hit the ceiling. “Damn it!” Jo yelled grabbing the gun. Maybe she shouldn’t have given him the gun with the de-activated safety and hair gun trigger. Well, now she knew better.

“What is going on?!”

“What the hell was that?”

“Hey, Jo!”

“Force of chaos, thy name is Andrew!”

“It wasn’t me!”

Jo had the shotgun unloaded and pointed at the floor in one fluid motion. She dropped her head into her free hand. Way to go, girl, she thought, way to make a good first impression.

“Good thing Wills isn’t here, huh?”

“Miss Harvelle?” Jo opened her eyes to see Mr. Giles approaching, “Is everything alright?” He gave Andrew a look that had the younger man shrinking and sidling to hide behind a slayer.”

“Sorry, sir, just a bit of an accident with a shotgun. My fault completely, I wasn’t aware that they weren’t allowed here and that people had no idea what to do with one.”

“Er, yes, well, I assure you they are quite unnecessary, here.”

“Yeah, and ghost therapy works so well,” she said a bit caustically.

“Excuse me? Hold on a minute. Everyone had better be off to where they should be in five, four, three, two. There.”

Jo watched in amazement as everyone in the hallway, the curious slayers that watched her come in and the throng of people that had arrived with the gun shot effectively disappeared. Andrew scampered off the fastest, still clutching Jo’s salt and lamp oil. She would have to remember to get it back from him, later.

“Now, what was this about ghosts?”
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