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The Eye of the Storm

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Scars". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Third in the "Scars" Series. Before every battle there is some quiet time. A moment of rest before the ensuing confrontation. As Dawn makes friends and enemies, Ron learns something new and before long eveything is more complicated than before.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenterednicowaFR131020,17211411,3385 Feb 0711 Sep 08Yes

Not going unnoticed

An apology to those who are waiting - maybe not so patiently - for this next chp. You have no idea how hard it was to write this. Writers block is nothing to be laughed at. So I present to you the second chp in the third instalment of 'Scars'. Please enjoy!


Dawn didn’t like waking in new places. Because waking in new places usually meant she had been kidnapped, was probably chained to something immovable and wasn’t getting out of the situation without some aspiring Big Bad getting its ass kicked and her getting a Speech from Buffy.

So it came as a surprise to her to find on opening her eyes, not a dank cave or tumbling down warehouse, but soft tapestry curtains in green with silver edging, cool stone walls without a sign of damp and the last glowing embers in the fireplace casting a gentle glow over the room.

And a pair of eyes that were as green as the curtains, but more alive.

“Morning,” he smiled at her. She couldn’t help but grin back.

“Morning,” she replied. A startled exclamation brought her attention to the other side of the room.

“Oh, Dawn, are you awake?” Dawn lifted herself up onto her elbows to see Laura, one of the girls she’d met the night before, gathering books and parchment and stuffing them into her bag. “I was just going to wake you. You’ll be late for breakfast.”

Dawn nodded, and sighed at the reminder of the strange world she had entered into. She noticed then that the other beds were empty.

“Early risers,” Laura commented. “I usually need some Wildfire Whiz Bangs to get me out of bed most mornings.” Dawns’ ‘huh’ went unnoticed, “Com’on, if you’re quick I’ll wait for you.”

Dawn barely noticed that Harry quickly turned his back as she got out of bed as she took the proffered robes Laura handed her.

She was a bit surprised to notice the trunk at the bottom of her bed. She glanced at Laura to see if she was watching but the other girl was carefully arranging her hair into a plait and she hadn’t noticed anything off. Dawn took that chance to open the trunk without Laura’s curious eyes and cast her own over the contents. She lifted an eyebrow at what she saw. Apparently Dumbledore expected her to be a full fledged member of the school, if he was giving her all these books.

“What do we have this morning?” She asked Laura, deciding to face the day with as brave a front as she knew; she would make Buffy proud.


Dawn wasn’t having a good first day, and it was noticed by a good many, despite her ‘brave front’. Those who noticed remarked on it, she looked lost and harried and, after Herbology, dirty. She was at a distinct disadvantage; if she had joined the school during the first week she would have hardly been noticed amongst the other first year students milling around. But having started so late in the year, relatively, she stood out. Hermione saw her coming from her first class of the day, Herbology, where, having been held behind by her professor, she walked alone.

Although alone was relative.

She appeared to be having an argument with someone just out of Hermione’s line of sight, it was akin to the effect of someone in Muggle London talking on a hands free kit - there was a moment of disorientation as you wondered who they were talking to before noticing the little blue earpiece, or similar, in their ear.

But muggle devices wouldn’t work in Hogwarts, she knew that for certain. All of a sudden Dawn looked up and caught Hermione staring at her, the girl blushed and hurried on. Hermione stared after her for a moment before moving alone, adding it to the list she had of weird things she knew about Dawn Summers.

Ron almost bumped right into her as she left the History of Magic classroom. She looked pale and clammy and for all the world like she’d seen a ghost - which, he supposed, she had.

Ginny had Care of Magical Creatures with her and watched her carefully throughout. She had keen eyes and was quick to pick up on things that others might dismiss. Dawn’s excitement in class may have been due to the rare sighting of one of the countries three Ibex: It was four foot high at the back but its head and horns extended much higher in the air than Ginny wanted to think about and while everyone else was doing the sensible thing and hanging back, Dawn was at the forefront asking could she feed it; even Hagrid thought that was a bit much - he enjoyed her enthusiasm though, but it looked like all her Christmases had come at once just to see something so wondrous, it was weird.

Then there was the one time Hagrid asked her a question about what creatures they had had in her old school. She had hesitated for a moment, then as if being prompted, answered slowly about Griffins and Harpies and once they had a Lamia. Hagrid nodded and continued on with the class. Ginny was the only one who saw the relieved look cross the other girls face.

And there was the fact that she was nice, to everybody. When the Ibex reared and Colin dropped his book on her foot, she just winced and handed the book back without saying anything mean, which for a Slytherin was unheard of. Impossible?

Draco saw her at dinner, listening distractedly to whatever gossip Kira was spreading. Alison cut across the conversation with a quick remark, no doubt it wasn’t nice. The girls burst out laughing. Draco was almost shocked at the change that came over Dawns face when she laughed.

Her entire faced relaxed and she lost that careful, guarded expression she wore. If he hadn’t been watching he might not have seen it. Or the quick shamed look she cast to the person beside her. Well, that’s what it looked like.

He frowned.

He’d figured out some time ago that at least one of the students had a means of going about the castle without being seen but unless… he shook his head.


And he wasn’t going into all the reasons why that was so.
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