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Nowhere Kids

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Summary: The cold was biting and the Blue Lady only protected those that deserved freedom. (Crossover with Supernatural)

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Dark Angel
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Title: Nowhere Kids
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters just the situation I’ve thrown them into.
Crossover: SPN/Dark Angel
Rating: FR7

Synopsis: The cold was biting and Blue Lady only protected those that deserved freedom.

Nowhere Kids

The compact snow cracked, small dunes of shifting ground as his legs pumped higher. Feet creating deeper impressions as the burning spread from his lungs to fill his veins with icy flames. The moon filled the woods surrounding his rushed movements with dappled shadows. Forming hidden hideaways as 493—Ben turned his head, watched the expulsion of his breath form a trail of heavy mist.

His steps missed a beat nearly tumbling him as the hunger cries of the German Shepherds drew closer, gaining ground. The sky above him darkened as a cloud stole the moon and leeched the color from his world. Ben’s steps slowed and he darted behind a tree bigger around than 599—Zack was tall.

Ben’s eyes widened, the pupils forming twin black holes in the center of a delicately boned face and he pressed his back into the rough bark. Splinters slid past the flimsy covering of his gown and his bare feet felt hot, nearly burning. His toes flexed, digging into the white powder beneath him as his head tilted back and he watched the moon slowly ease its way past the cloud to fill the woods.

Hands shaking from fatigue and cold he reached into the front of his hospital gown, chilled fingers brushing across the heaving of his stomach as he breathes slowed. His hand came back out, wincing at the biting wind as it beat its way across his exposed skin and glanced down, stared at the wrinkled card, the edges torn and frayed, clutched by a white knuckled fist.

His breath eased out, forming a mist across the Blue Lady, her serene gaze boring into him, through him. His heart pulsed as the sound of gunfire and men swarmed his senses, nostrils flaring he shoved the card back into the waistline of his underwear. Welcomed the slight irritation of its placement before he pushed away from the tree and leapt back into the night.


The sun peaked the horizon, glaring off the snow and blinding Ben as he cleared the hilltop and welcomed the first light he had seen in over five hours. The endorphin high after the escape had begun to wane in the last twenty minutes as his steps slowed, faltered.

The brisk air twined its way between his thin legs, billowed the hospital gown covering his frame and wrapped its way upwards to combat the small warmth the sun had brought with it. His stride slowed as he skipped his way down the hill’s incline and reached the smoothness of a paved road. Ben’s momentum stilled as he heard the rumble of an engine and his eyes narrowed, catching sight of a sleek black vehicle cutting its way across the ice covering the road.

His muscles coiled as the car came to a sudden and violent halt, the tires catching and giving up squeals of protest as they were forced to connect with the paved road. His eyes narrowed, feet dancing back a step, then another as the car came to a stop with a rocking jolt. His chest heaved as his feet, long ago burned numb shifted him further away. The car whined as the drivers door opened and a man pulled himself free.

Ben’s lips thinned, eyes darting over his large frame and his shoulders rolled back, weight distributing evenly on the balls of his feet as the man moved toward him. Hazel eyes watched him warily a frown pulling the man’s dark brows down as he stepped forward.

“Are you alright, son?”

Ben’s swallowed, took a step back. You engage an adversary only if it is consistent with the overall strategic objective. Failing that, you will initiate a tactical withdrawal. The man’s eyes narrowed and he followed Ben in his retreat, both of them spun with the sound of barking and Ben stiffened, eyes widening.

“Are you in trouble?”

He turned back, watched the man come to his side, place a hand on his shoulder and he flicked his gaze upward. Arm rising up three inches and his wrist twisted giving him access to the bundle of nerves just behind the collarbone. The hand on his shoulder squeezed and he tensed, watched as the man’s eyes narrowed and he stepped back.

“Come on.”

Ben’s head tilted, hand playing over the card at his waist, fingers stroking the thin cardboard before he followed the hand gesture for him to move to the other side of the car. Eyes catching sight of sleeping child in the back seat a crown of brown hair turned toward him as his steady breathes filled the vehicle and the man leaned over the seat to unlock the passenger side, pushed open the door.

“Get in.”

The words were an order and Ben followed the instruction without question, his body sliding across the smooth seats. The man slammed the door, rocking the car and Ben followed his example as the engine rumbled to life and the world beyond the windshield straightened. The man turned slanted vents toward him and twisted a knob on the console to red. Heat chased its way across Ben’s exhausted body and he shivered at the sudden temperature change. His gaze darted around the interior of the car, scanning the books and maps covering the floorboard beneath him.

“Got a name?” Ben’s eyes narrowed, focusing on some of the words of the nearest map and he nodded. The man sighed, “What is it?”

Ben cocked his head, shifted closer to the heat of the vents and answered with, “Dean.” He wisely left off, ‘forest of’.

The man gave a half twist of his lips, “Name’s, John,” He tilted his head toward the back seat, “And sleeping beauty in the back there is Sammy.”

His hands rose to cup and vent, shoulders tensed in preparation of the rip down for showing weakness. The man reached forward, twisted another knob and the heat kicked up a notch. Ben cocked his head in confusion, glancing at the man out of the corner of his eye. Caught John watching him much the same way.

“Well Dean, you want to tell me why you were runnin’?”

Ben blinked, confused with the abrupt question. “No, sir.”

John frowned at the casual use of the term ‘sir’ by a child and sighed, his hands tightening across the wheel. “Alright then.”

The End.

The End

You have reached the end of "Nowhere Kids". This story is complete.

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