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The Name Game

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This story is No. 2 in the series "After the Blood Dries". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander, Faith, Andrew, and Dean head to San Jose to talk to a new slayer. Things get crazy on the way there.

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Supernatural > Xander-CenteredBerserkerNWFR1311,0110154,4886 Feb 076 Feb 07Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own! Now enjoy.


It took nearly seven hours to get Andrew packed and loaded into the car. During that time, he whined about space and getting lonely, complained about not being allowed to include his demon figurines in his ‘necessities’ bag, nearly got himself killed when he confronted Kennedy about her attitude problem, and wheedled and begged until everyone else agreed that Dean could join the trip. Dean made it clear to Andrew before he agreed to go that he did not, and never would, ‘swing that way’. Andrew grinned, oblivious to the meaning behind Dean’s words. Xander laughed and slung an arm around Dean’s shoulders, telling the younger man to get used to it.

They finally made it on the road at a quarter to four in the morning. Dean drove, Xander sat in the passenger, acting as navigator, and Faith and Andrew shared the back. The latter two amused themselves by poking each other. Xander felt it safest to ignore them unless Andrew started crying, or Faith began to curse more than normal. Dean shifted around in his seat, uncomfortable being so high off the ground. His impala practically scraped the floor compared to the ‘Mystery Machine, the Second’, as Xander had dubbed the enormous blue van. They traveled in relative peace and silence until around noon.

“I’m hungry,” Andrew announced.

Xander never looked up from the map he was studying as he replied, “We just had McDonald’s an hour ago, and we stopped at Taco Bell for breakfast at eight. Dean, you’re gonna want to get in the far right lane soon. There’s a major split coming up that we don’t want to get caught in.”

“But both places were all greasy and full of fat, and I watched that Super Size movie, and even they say that foods like that don’t leave you full for very long. Besides, I want an ice cream. It’s kinda warm in here, and I think ice cream would be really good. We could stop at a Dairy Queen so everyone could get their own special type of ice cream, too.”

“Dude, I’m not pulling this car over for anything until we’re back on quieter roads,” Dean asserted.

“What’s wrong, Shorty? You afraid of driving on busy streets?” Faith queried, sliding so far forward in her seat that her breath puffed against Dean’s neck.

“Of course not,” he scoffed, glancing at her, then Xander, quickly. Xander sat back with a grin on his facing, eager to see the outcome of their interaction. Andrew, however, decided to speak up again.

“Can we play a game?”

“What game?”


“I pass.” Xander, Dean, and Faith answered simultaneously. Unfortunately for Dean and Faith, all Andrew heard was Xander’s question.

“Well, I say a word, then you say a word that begins with the same letter my word ended with, then Dean says a word that begins with the letter yours ended with, Faith says a word that begins with the letter his ended with, and then it’s my turn again. And you can’t use any proper nouns and they all have to be real words. Oh, and you can’t say any word twice. Tree.”

Xander looked at the other two and shrugged, silently urging them to play, if only to keep Andrew occupied. Both sighed and nodded in resignation. Xander continued the game with the word, “Éclair.”

Dean thought for a moment. “Rock.”

Faith smirked when she looked over to Andrew. “Key.”

“Yellow,” he added promptly.





“Recess,” Xander said with a fond grin.



Andrew looked at Faith suspiciously, wondering if she was doing this on purpose. “Yard.”



“Ordinary,” Faith chirped. She was really getting into this game.




“Olfactory.” Even Dean and Xander had to look at her closely at that one. She shrugged their attention off saying that when she first heard it she thought it was a dirty word.

“Yen,” Andrew muttered, beginning to get annoyed at Faith’s twisting of the game.




“Yogurt.” Andrew thought quickly, trying to come up with another word that started with a ‘y’ before it was Faith’s turn.



“Fox,” Faith drawled, grinning almost evilly when Andrew gaped at her.


“That’s a name!” Xander countered. “It’s that girl in space on the Disney channel movie!”

“And you know that how?” Dean questioned.

“I live in a house infested with teenage girls. One of their favorite channels is Disney. And Xenon is the name of a character.”

“It’s also a colorless, odorless gas found in the air!” Andrew retorted. “I did a report on it in science and I learned all about it. And Faith isn’t playing right! She only says words that end in ‘y’, and then when I finally tried to prepare she changed it to ‘x’ and there aren’t as many ‘x’ words in the world, and I don’t know all of them anyway! And shes cheating and I think she should get yelled at by Mr. Giles for cheating when we were just playing a game!” And with that, Andrew snapped. He began hitting, kicking, biting, hair pulling – and any other even remotely violent activity he could think of – Faith.

Faith, being Faith, retaliated in kind, and escalated the fight as well as she could. Xander did what he could from the front seat, but they refused to listen to him. When Andrew’s knee somehow made contact with the side of Dean’s head, the young hunter jerked the wheel and cut across three lanes of high-speed traffic to slam on the brakes at the side of the road. Xander would never remember the next few minutes as more than a blur, but when they pulled back onto the road, Andrew was gagged and bound to the hood of the car. Faith had somehow replaced the spare tire on the trunk, and Dean was blaring some AC/DC song on the speakers. They pulled off at the next exit and drove on the back roads the rest of the way to San Jose.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Name Game". This story is complete.

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