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God must be Crazy

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Summary: Updated Buffy goes to the lovely small town of Forks Washington, a series of drabbles showing the reaction of various characters to the Cullen Family.

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Twilight > Buffy - CenteredevilpinkbunnyFR737040147,1247 Feb 0725 Oct 07No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own BtVS or Twilight. Wish I did by alas I do not *sighs dramatically*

A/N This is very random and may or may not be continued... but I am very happy to say that I may be posting the very first Twilight/Buffy crossover, yay!!


"Yes Buffy, the vampires are rather shiny." Giles sighed rubbing his head. He'd brought her here, to this single gas station town where it rained incessantly wanting her to meet the Cullens. A rather young vampire family (by vampire standards) that had previously met with watchers from the now nonexistent council.

The sun hadn't shined through the dense cloud cover for a single day in the entire week they'd been in Forks, but today it broke through, washing the landscape in a rare golden haze.

Though he'd already explained to the blonde slayer what made this particular breed of vampires different, what made them ten fold more deadly, but surprisingly less ambitious, less aggressive. In true Buffy fashion, she'd ignored everything but the bare minimal of what he'd related to her about the Cullens and other vampires like them.

And now his slayer was staring dumbstruck at the family of vampires, as they stepped into the sun. Skin glistening like someone had pasted on a million diamonds, the Vampiric family turned to the pair of humans expectantly.

And after all he'd told them about the slayer, strong resourceful, brilliant... Giles was mortified when her eyes got as big as saucers and the only word she could get out was,

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