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Adventures of Faith the Slayer

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Answered FFA Ficlets & Drabbles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A collection of ficlets and/or drabbles featuring our favourite Bad Girl Slayer, Faith.

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PhoenixRaeFR132013,47501412,3337 Feb 077 Aug 13No

XVI. Saving Faith

Adventures of Faith the Slayer
A collection of ficlets and/or drabbles featuring our favourite Bad Girl Slayer, Faith.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

XVI.  Saving Faith

Disclaimer:  None of these characters belong to me.  They belong to their respective creators.  I'm merely borrowing them to satisfy this nagging plot bunny in my head.
NON-FFA Pairing:  Faith/Justice League [Green Arrow, the Flash, Cyborg & Aquaman] (Smallville)
Spoilers/Timeline:  Post Season 7 of BtVS; Current season of Smallville
PhoenixRae's Note:  I think I left Faith in 'peril' back in Chapter 13, but then again Faith always prevails even when she finds herself in the tightest of situations.  I tried my best to show how badly Lex's ass got kicked here by Faith, but alas, I only managed to send him flying across the room and ended it with...well, you just have to read it to find out. -grins-
Summary:  Faith got a bit of help escaping Lex Luthor's nasty clutches...

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

FAITH CAUGHT A SERIES OF MOVEMENTS OVERHEAD.  A flash of something red zoomed by and the next thing she knew the two guards behind Baldy was taken.  That was her cue.  Her damsel in distress act was over and thank God it was.  She was starting to get bored with it.  The damsel in distress act was more suited for B or Red or heck, even Dawn.  But Faith as a damsel in distress?  Very laughable.

Flipping the guards on either side of her over her shoulders, Faith anticipated that there would be a couple of more ready to attach in case something like this happens.  She greeted the two newcomer with a swift back kick to the chest, throwing them against the wall.  Two more charged at her, but they were stopped by a couple of arrows that were shot out of nowhere and hit them straight in the chest.

"What the hell's going on?"  Demanded an obviously pissed off Lex Luthor as he looked frantically at his downed 'soldiers'.

Faith did a jump-flip and landed smack in front of him, a mischievous grin playing on her pretty face as she took a ready stance, arms raised and braced for a fight.

"Time's up, Baldy," was here smug reply and reached her right arm back before releasing it to a well-aimed punched smack in the center of Lex's face.  The punch's force sent Lex reeling backwards.  His fall was broken by his men who caught him.

"Let me go!" Furious now that he was punched by a girl whose punch matched that of a man magnified to the nth power.  He scrambled from his men's hold and charged at the petite brunette whose special abilities irked his curiosity, hence why he invited her to 33.1.  "Now you asked for it, bitch," he spat and aimed what would've been a perfect right hook at her, but Faith was faster and ducked before Lex's fist could connect with any part of her anatomy.

"Oh really?" Faith taunted and did a roundhouse kick, sending her opponent spinning away from her.  Two of her men went after her once Lex was out of the way, and she gave them the same courtesy she had given their leader.

Faith was enjoying a good workout with the non-stop serving of Lex's minions.  She almost forgot about Lex until she heard Oliver call out a warning to her.  She turned at the sound of his voice and saw Lex Luthor poised to attack her from behind.  Bashing the heads of the men in black ninja-like suits together, she blocked Lex's blow and maneuvered until her hands were wrapped around his wrists, parted his arms and without thinking twice about what she was about to do she bashed her head against her opponents.  She momentarily saw stars, but the impact knocked Lex out cold.

"Damn Faith, you're as indestructible as I am," tsked Victor Stone, aka Cyborg, after he watched Lex Luthor crumble to the ground.

"Indestructible than us or not, she still needs our help," said Bart Allen, aka Impulse (or the Flash if they were in the mood to call him thus), smugly when he skidded to a stop beside Victor.

Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, and Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow, walked up from behind Faith.  Both men were wearing impressed grins and if Faith wasn't mistaken, Oliver's particular smirk just made her stomach do a bit of a somersault.  Damn the man for having this kind of effect on her ever since she first crossed paths with him in Stars City before she found herself in Smallville.  And since when did she find herself attractive to blond-haired men?  Blonds (peroxide or not) weren't her type; they were more B's type than hers, and yet every time she looks at Oliver Queen, the billionaire leader of this crime fighting team, she starts feeling lightheaded and daydreaming about...well, some X-rated thoughts about black and green leather.

"And vice-versa, Impulse," Faith replied smugly.

"Oh really?" Bart challenged.

"Yes, really," Faith insisted.  She looked down and noticed her downed opponent was about to come through and gave him a swift kick on the abdomen, causing Lex to curve up like a ball.  Faith propped a foot on Lex's hip and looked back at Bart, "You guys wouldn't have found out about this top-secret lab if I didn't agree to become bait for Baldy Boy here."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

PhoenixRae's Note Part Deux:  OK, I dunno if I should continue on with this and write a story of Faith's relationship with the Justice League (minus Superman, of course) or not.  What do you think? I'm thinking maybe and at the same time maybe not. -LoL-
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