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Summary: Buffy find a new partner. One with a taste for chocolate...or brains...

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Buffy-CenteredDocFR151117,8692213138,5849 Feb 076 Dec 09No


Well, since people are threatening me with pitchforks now (O.O) I guess I better get some of this up.

...I have a lot more than i thought. Maybe a couple of chapters here. Cool.

Disclaimer: I don't own it. Really, really. It belongs to Mutant Enemy and Marvel (who now apparently is owned by Disney. Or almost. Yikes...)


Five minutes later

“Having fun?” Venom asked. The newly joined Slayer/Symbiote team landed on the side of the building, claws digging into the brickwork as she climbed towards her sister/mother figure. Just because they lacked Venom’s spider-like abilities, didn’t mean they couldn’t improvise, right?

“We can see why you prefer the roof top express,” she said her voice a slightly higher pitch than Venom's. “That was a blast!”

“Glad you two approve,” Venom said. “We really need a name for you. And something that looks less like you got a wig from the Medusa,” Faith ran her claws through the tangled mass of symbiote which had formed a writhing mass of hair.

“We like it. We don’t want anyone mistaking us for you, right, ‘mother’?” She asked teasingly.

“Alright, smart ass, your choice,” Venom said. “What about a name?”

“We like... Wrath,” Venom gave a scary grin.

“Perfect,” she agreed. “Now, we should go and get packed. We need to...” she was cut off as the duo was illuminated by a spotlight.

‘This is SHIELD. You are under arrest. Surrender now!’


Before either Symbiote bonded Slayer could move, whoever shouted at them decided not to wait for them to surrender and shot a blaster bolt at them, providing them with just the motivation they needed. Venom quickly grabbed up the newly minted Wrath and swung them both away from the source of the spotlight. When they detected sounds of pursuit, Venom hurriedly moved them beyond the range of the lights and threw Wrath into the shadows of an alley below them, praying that her gambit would protect them while she lead their pursuers a little further away before turning to strike at those that would hunt them!

Faith looked up from where she had landed. B, or rather Venom-B had thrown her so hard that she didn't really have a chance to catch onto the walls of the alley with her talons. So, she'd landed on the ground, but Slayers were made of pretty stern stuff, and when augmented by a Symbiote, Wrath had no problem landing on her feet.

Knowing why Venom had ditched her like that, she ducked down and blended with the shadows, hiding as a couple of hoverbikes shown spotlights down into the alley, but they left soon after.

Buffy was pissed. Venom was furious. Venom Slayer was the both of them mixed together with hormones left over from the 'birth' added to it.

Once she felt she had enough of a lead, she dropped in height before shooting out a couple of weblines that quickly grew taut, and the SHIELD Agents chasing them only realized at the last second what she'd been up to, as she slingshot herself back towards them. They almost flew over her. Unfortunately for them, it was almost.

Now facing those that would hunt them, Venom growled and lengthened her talons for maximum carnage while counting who and what she faced. A five man team of a SHIELD Capture and Detain team. Although sometimes they were also referred to as Capture and Destroy, depending upon the target.

Knowing these weren't amateur thieves, or even vampires and demons, Buffy knew they couldn't afford to hold back. Not that Venom ever wanted to, but likewise, Venom understood that they couldn't revel or waste time. The kills had to be quick, clean, and done on the first strike, or not at all.

With two quick swipes, those that had been on the front were knocked from their hoverbikes and sent tumbling to the streets below, deep gashes along their armor reminding them for the future how close to death they'd come. Before anybody could even realize that much, Venom Slayer had already moved on to the rear left guard and backhanded him through the air to a roof two buildings away and leapt to the rear right guard and just throwing him straight up before moving with the same blazing speed to the team commander.

Idly, Venom wondered what SHIELD was doing letting a woman lead a C'n'D Team, even if she was kinda buff looking with Irish red hair. When the bitch pulled out a sonic gun, they began to get their first clue.

“LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE!!” a hoarse cry pierced the night as a shapely black blur shot from the nearest rooftop to just behind SHIELD Agent.

Startled, the woman started to turn, only to see another Symbiote, this one clearly female, but with waving medusa-like tentacles in place of hair, and talons sharper than Carnage's. Thankfully, the creature only slashed the sonic gun that remained unfired in the Agent's hands before whipping the tentacles around to throw the Agent off the hoverbike and to the streets below.

Venom Slayer landed on the same hoverbike a heartbeat later.

The two Slayer/Symbiote's stared at each other for a moment, then looked around them, then together down at the team commander before looking back at each other.

“Nice,” Venom Slayer grinned.

“Thanks,” Wrath seemed to blush.

“Still need to pack up, but I think we'll take the sewers instead of the scenic route,” the black and white clad female said to the other.

“Suddenly wishing part of the Slayer package wasn't an increased sense of smell,” the latter muttered as they both jumped away to find a sewer entrance.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Venomous" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Dec 09.

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