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Summary: Buffy find a new partner. One with a taste for chocolate...or brains...

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Buffy-CenteredDocFR151117,8692213138,5859 Feb 076 Dec 09No

Chapter One: New Venom Dawning

First ficcy here. WOOT! Actually, i'm writing this with the Evil Guy (you know who you are). It's an Idea I came up with when bored, showed it to him and...well...

Anyway, read away. Enjoy. And review! Thankies!

disclaimer: the uusal. i don't own anything.

Three months ago

Los Angeles

“Alright, nobody move!” Buffy Summers, retired Vampire Slayer, didn’t know whether to scream or cry. She felt like doing a little of both. All she wanted after saving the world – AGAIN – and in the process sending her boyfriend to hell, was to just fade away into the obscurity of a normal, boring life of a truck stop diner on the outskirts of LA. Instead, here she was at the local grocery, caught in the middle of a hold up. Her life sucked. It was official.

A fact that doubled when one of the creeps grabbed her. “Aren’t you pretty?” he said in a low, English accent.

“You don’t let me go, you’re gonna be a lot less pretty,” she warned with a low growl. The thief chuckled.

“I like you girl. Pity you couldn’t be more obedient,” the man said. “Watchers wouldn'ta sent me in to help if you’d just followed the rules,” Buffy stiffened. Council. “Too bad.”

“Hey, English, easy with her.”

“Just going out for a bit of fun, Boss,” the Council agent said.

“Fine. Just make sure she doesn’t talk.”

“Oh, she won’t,” the Watcher said, dragging her out the back.

It was a mistake that would end up being his last.

Buffy, at the point of a gun, entered the alley behind the grocery store. Out of habit, her Slayer senses automatically scoped out all the dark places where demons could hide, as well as potential weapons to use. Unfortunately nothing in the alley, that she could immediately or instinctually detect, changed the fact that she had a gun pointed at the back of her head, and as much as she wished otherwise, one of her Slayer powers was not being bullet proof.

Unfortunately for both of them, in one of those shadow places, dwelled an entity that survived on not being detected.

The Watcher shoved her against the wall, pulling his gun. “Well, so long, Slayer,” he didn’t notice, until it was too late, the black shadow which seemed to crawl up the wall. He definitely noticed it when it jumped onto Buffy though. “What the bloody…?” he blurted as it spread over her body, transforming into a body hugging black suit.

Buffy felt it the moment it touched her, but rather than be freaked out or scared of it, she didn't react at all. When she felt it touch her mind, she didn't fight or recoil from it, she simply let it fill the void that sending Angel to Hell had left within her. After that, she didn't care so much about the gun.

“Guys like you make me wonder if the worlds worth saving at all,” Buffy said, seemingly not noticing the thing covering her body. “But I think I realized something. The world is worth saving.” Sharp looking claws extended from her fingers. “You aren’t!” The claws bent and extended, impaling the watcher. He was dead before he hit the floor. “Wha…?”

‘He deserved it. It should have happened some time ago. We did the right thing.’


‘I have no name, alone. I had a name with my other, my precious Eddie. We were called Venom. We can be again.’

“We…? You mean… you and me?”

‘Yes. We can do great good. We can stop people like this from hurting the innocent. We can save lives.’

“By killing them?”

‘It is no less than they deserve.’

Buffy thought a moment. This…whatever it was had a point. Creeps like this Watcher didn’t deserve to live. And there were others. Vampires, demons, murderers, rapists. Venom could be a dangerous, yet powerful source for good. “Alright.”

‘Eeeeeeeeexcccellent!’ The symbiote said, spreading over her head. Buffy looked out through the large, white membranes, feeling the symbiote form a mouth, seeing the tongue lash around.

“Venom lives again!” she exclaimed, a rasping voice exiting her mouth. “We stalk once more!”


“Alright, is that all the cash?”

“Think so. Yo English…”

“He won’t be joining you,” a voice echoed through the store. “He had a little…accident.”

“What the hell…?” Black tendrils launched from the shadow as the black figure stepped out, white spider motif gleaming white like the fangs in her mouth.

“Holy fuck is that…?”


“We won’t be having scum like you in our city,” the black figure said, tendrils picking the creeps up throwing them outside. “This is our city now. You are not welcome!” She turned back to the terrified forms of the thieves victims. “Call the police. Tell them they have three live ones and one…less than healthy,” with that she went after the men.

‘We should have killed them.’

‘Worst case scenario, baby,’
Buffy said in her mind, almost fondly. Strange how easily she’d gotten used to her new partner. ‘We need to improve our image unless you want the Spider coming after us again,’ the symbiote let off a loud hiss. ‘Exactly. No death unless absolutely necessary.’

‘Very well. But can we make them bleed?’
Venom gave a wide, evil grin.

“Bleed them and dump them, vampire bait,” she hissed as she caught up to them, launching webbing from the top of her hand, trapping them all. “Not our problem then, leave them for the coroner.”

“W-Wait!” one of the thieves said. “Don’t just leave us out here!”

“Why shouldn’t we?” Venom hissed. “It is more than you deserve.”

“B-but the vam…”

“So you know. How…interesting,” Venom said thoughtfully. “Tell us, is there more to your little gang than just you?”

“Y-yeah,” the thief said, despite his compatriots denials. “Warehouse, that’s where they meet.”

“Thankyou,” Venom said, turning away.

“Wait, I told you that so you’d let us go!”

“We don’t remember saying that.”

So...whaddaya think?
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