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Spider and the Hellmouth

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Summary: Spiderman, Highlander and Buffy crossover. What will happen when a changed Peter Parker arrived in Sunnydale to investigate the mysterious deaths of the Sunnydale population?

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Chapter One - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Disclaimer: I do not own Spiderman, Highlander or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though I like those series very much. Spiderman is from the comics instead of the movie adaptations with a slight highlander info mixed in now and again. This story is going to be through the eyes of Spiderman aka Peter Parker. Also I do not own shows that are copyrighted, my fanfiction is just fan service to their works.

Chapter One - Itsy Bitsy Spider

The large library sat in the basement of the America Watchers headquarters. Spanning the width of two football fields, the room was packed with stacks of shelves filled with musty tomes and old manuscripts. All are in some ways, accounting the tales of the life journey of all the immortals that walked the Earth. Well, maybe not all, there are a handful of immortals that slipped beneath the watchers’ radar, but sooner or later, they will be spotted and be tagged, beginning a new series of chronicles for the newly found immortal.

Several watchers were shifting around the shelves, placing newly bind books sent by the field watchers into the correct shelf. Each shelf in the America Watchers’ library belongs to an immortal that is dead or is currently walking on America soil, each book housing the chronicles of their lives. Every immortal in America will have at least one watcher tracking him and his movements in the shadows. And these field watchers as they were known in the watchers council keep track and write down the daily going on in their charges’ life.

Few immortals in the world know of the existence of the watchers, men who hide in the shadows, tracking the immortals’ life. Fewer know that the watchers wield enormous political powers around the world, keeping the existence of immortals a secret. And even then, those in power who knew are sworn into secrecy, and should that promise of secrecy be betrayed, the watchers have enough political pull to bring the person down.

Only small handfuls of people know that there are two separate watchers’ council. The outer circle belongs to the watchers who keep track of the immortals; they are told and taught what they needed for their jobs and nothing more. Then there is the inner circle, controlled by pure blooded watchers families, their family lines extending into the centuries past of the first Watcher. Created by a man whose lover became a Slayer, he watches over her until she died, and with her death, set up the watchers, who through the many centuries, grew very much in power.

The old watchers families are the only ones in the watchers council who knew of the secret of the mystic world, of the demons and evils that plague mankind, and they vow themselves to watch over a girl in every generation, a girl with the power to slay the evils and demons that worked in the shadow. For the inner circle watches over not the immortals who walked the Earth, but the Slayer, a young girl blessed by the Beings that watches over Earth. A young girl with super human strength, senses and healing powers, blessed to kill the demons.

But these secrets were unknown to the watchers of the outer circle. Most of the watchers there were unaware of the supernatural aspect in the world, aside from the immortals themselves. And so these watchers from the outer circle hurried on in their work. Busying themselves with records of each immortals’ life, thinking that what they were doing is one of the biggest secret of the world.

The library was shrouded in heavy silence as the watchers worked and toiled, stacking up the shelves and rearranging the books. Thus, when two senior watchers walked into the library talking loudly, almost everyone in the library were startled and frown at the new comers before turning back to their work.

“…..after 5 years….. found him at last.” One of the watcher was saying as they started moving through the shelves. Meandering in the maze of bookshelves and study tables towards a destination only they know of.

“… a damn weasel is what… that Peter Parker…” his companion replied.

Adam Pierson’s ears twitched, his sharp hearing catching some of the conversation. He looked up from the journal he was studying and frowned.

It couldn’t be.. He thought to himself as the two senior watchers walked closer to his location.

“He keeps changing his identity every few years….. hard to keep track of.” The watcher paused in surprise as Adam stepped from behind a shelf. “Ah Adam, doing more research on the legendary Methos I see.” He said, giving a quick glance at the name tag on the shelf next to Adam.

“You had just transferred from the London Branch and you are already making a name for yourself here for being quite the dedicated watcher.” The second watcher said approvingly.

Adam gave a laugh. “I hope not, I try not to draw attention to myself. Anyway, I am starting to doubt Methos even exist, the more I prod into the history. But what can I do, it’s my assignment and I always try to do my best.” Adam smiled at the two senior watchers. “So, Oliver, Larry, what has gotten you two so excited about so early in the morning?”

Larry’s eyes shone excitedly at the question. “We finally found the Lone Ranger. We knew of the latest location of Peter Parker.”

“It’s not that big of a news.” Oliver said trying to wave it off dismissively. “He’s just a new immortal after all, but in the thirty plus year he was as an immortal, he had given the watchers the slip more than 10 times. It’s quite a record in one so young, and apparently he’s quite a hacker too, to be able to change his identity so quickly. It’s rare to see an immortal integrating himself so deeply in the modern world.”

Adam gave a strained smile at the nick name the watchers gave Peter Parker, though inside he was thinking fiercely. He had met Peter Parker once over thirty years ago, the child had not realized that he had become an immortal and Adam had reluctantly taught him the ropes so as to speak. Originally, he planned to send him to Duncan, that guy was such a boy scout; he would not have minded another student.

However, he later learned that Peter never went to meet with Duncan, in fact, when he inquired his sources in the watchers headquarters around the world he discovered that the watchers had lost track of him, several times.

Peter Parker had become something of an enigma in the America Watchers Council. It was widely known that he never wielded a sword, yet somehow, he was able to survive five challenges from other immortals who wanted his head. Those five immortals were later found tied and knocked out by their respective field watchers, what was surprising was that two of the five were very old immortals with at least two centuries of hunting experience. To be so easily defeated in combat was unbelievable.

None of the watchers knew what weapon Peter Parker had used, they could not very well ask the five defeated immortals as the watchers’ existence was a secret even to immortals. All they knew was that Peter Parker does not play by the rules, and according to those field watchers who had managed to track Peter Parker down, they found him possessing a very high intelligence, inventing and selling prototypes of his projects to fund his expenses.

Peter Parker was also known to interfere in street crimes. In fact wherever he went, the watchers had belatedly in the recent years noticed that the crime rate in the area dropped drastically, and the underworld power in the area always met a fatal end.

The watchers in the America headquarters had nick named him the Lone Ranger for his achievements and were used to losing track of him every few years when Peter Parker changed his identity. It became something of a challenge to many of the younger watchers and a few of the older ones to track him down. Adam himself had given up contacting the young man again, seeing that he always pull the disappearing act.

“It is quite a lucky find actually. Benny spotted him while running a computer analysis over some of the government files in the teaching sector. He is currently staying at Sunnydale, USA, reports states that he will probably be staying there for a while. He had taken up a position as a teaching assistant.” Larry said enthusiastically.

Adam nodded cordially. He had never told Peter of the existence of the watchers. At that time, he had not seen a need, thinking that Duncan will further brief him. He wondered if Peter even found out about the watchers are tracking him down. In fact, he thought wearily, it became something of a game for the watchers to track Peter Parker down.

Of course that did not mean any of the watchers want him as their charge. In fact the past few watchers assigned to Peter Parker had quit their assignment after ending up tied up and hung upside down from pillars after being spotted by said immortal. None of the watchers can say what happened, all they recalled was being knocked out and the next thing they know, they were handing from a lamppost.

And he’s going to stay in Sunnydale for a while. Adam thought. Then something struck him.

“So who’s the new watcher sent to watch Peter Parker?’ Adam asked.

Larry gave a cough. “Ah yes, about that, most of the older watchers refused to have anything to do with the Lone Ranger after the wild goose chase he let them on those past years and the predicament he put them through. No one wants to be the one to go chasing after the guy when he disappears again or tied to a lamppost.”

“We had a few volunteers from the younger watchers, in the end the council picked one of the girls figuring the Lone Ranger would not be so ungentlemanly as to tie her up.” Oliver said with a wince.

Adam stared at the two senior watchers who looked a bit ill at ease. “So who is it? Anyone I know?”

“She’s Hugo’s niece, you know, the ex-lawyer, Ally Macbeal.”

A picture of the lanky skinny blond shell flashed in Adam’s mind. He can feel a headache building in his mind just thinking about her. A few days of leading her through the Watchers orientation program tend to do that to a person. He hoped Peter Parker has lots of aspirin and prayers.

Peter stroll down the dark alleys. Night had fallen and he was prowling the streets of Sunnydale for anything unusually. So far, the town was unusually quiet. Except for the downtown area where the various pubs and nightlife were, few Sunnydale residents walked the streets at night. There was not even a single trace of a mugger. After three hours of patrolling Sunnydale’s town area and the docks, he came to the conclusion that this town is dead. He wondered where the gangs on PCP usually hang out.

Something prickled his spider senses and the hairs on his neck stood up. He looked down at the darken alley he was walking past, the tangy scent of sea breeze and something rotting caused him to sneeze. Something fluttered past at the edge of his vision and he froze, muscle tensing up for a fight as he survey the area. The street lights light up the shadowed streets by the docks dimly.

Peter noted down his surroundings and could not find anything unusual. He frowned, his spider senses had been going off the whole night at odd intervals, but so far nothing dangerous had came out of the shadows and he could not spot anything that could pose a threat.

Peter shrugged, relaxing and brushing a hand over his neck. This town is giving him the creeps. He snorted as he found himself using that word to describe the town. Hardly anything surprises him anymore, what with the atrocities he had seen and the changes of the world in the past thirty years.

So it was quite unnerving when he could feel a faint sense of unease from the moment he stepped into town. Add to the fact that his spider senses seemed to be going haywire; he had a feeling he is going to have a tough time cleaning up this town.

He had to start work at 8am tomorrow morning, better make a head start and go home to rest. Peter thought to himself wearily. He strolled down the street, turning down a corner heading home.

The three vampires shivered from the shadows as the brown haired young man walked past.

“What is he? He looked like just any normal human.” Tim the youngest vampire asked as soon as the young man was out of ear shot.

Burton slapped Tim’s head. “Does he feel human?” Burton shivered, remembering the numbing sense of dread as the young man walked past.

“He’s one of them.” Axel said shivering. “Pure poison.”

“What do you mean? What poison?” Tim asked with a frown, rubbing his head and shooting Burton a glare. “I can’t help being new. So would someone here please explain?”

Burton sighed. “He is dangerous. Never ever drink the blood of his kind. Crazy old Dupis tried it once, he was screaming in pain for days. And on the fifth day, he just exploded into flames and dust just like that.” Burton said snapping his fingers in front of Tim’s face.

Tim stared wide eyed at Burton. “But he looked human.”

“He’s not a human.” Axel said harshly. “He’s one of them. The demons…. They call them the Fallen Ones.”

Burton nodded vigorously, hugging himself as a chill creep down his back.

“Fallen ones? Fallen from what?”

“Not what, it’s where.” Axel said with a whisper, pointing to the sky. “They fall from the heaven, in disgrace.”

“And it’s said any demons that kill their kind will be struck down by their life energies.” Burton added. “Lower level demons like us wouldn’t be able to survive the death strike from one of them. But some upper level demons make a hobby of killing them one by one. They say that since they are fallen, they are fair game”

Tim stared open mouthed at his two cohorts. “You mean they are fallen Angels?!”

Peter flopped down onto his bed. The shower had rejuvenated him and he felt ready to begin his nightly ritual. Lying down on his bed, he blanked out his thoughts. Thirty years of practice had given him instant control of his mind as he drifted off into his sleep.

There was a sense of blackness. Peter walked into his dreams, towards the light glowing at the end. He knew what it was, after thirty years of visiting this place. He walked forward, pausing to glance at his old house, the house that he shared with MJ and Aunt May in their old lives. The house glowed with warmth and love, floating in the darkness of his mind.

Peter closed his eyes, preparing himself and opening the door.

“MJ, I’m back!” Peter shouted, stepping into the house, closing the door behind him, shutting out the blackness.

“Peter!” MJ cried out as she stepped out of the kitchen. The spicy aroma of roasted chicken filled Peter’s nose as MJ set the dish down on the dinning table and then rushing towards Peter.

“I missed you.” Peter said, hugging her, feeling her soft body meld into his. He could smell the lavender shampoo that she always used. Feel her breath on his neck as she rested her head on his shoulder. Unshed tears shimmered in his eyes and he blinked them away.

“Silly man, you were only gone for the afternoon.” MJ said softly, snuggling comfortably into his arms. Then she pulled away from him and tugged at his hands. “Come, I cook your favorite roasted chicken.” She said waving at the dishes on the table.

“Aunt May! Dinner’s ready!” MJ called upstairs. Peter smiled at her fondly, even after all these years, she still looked as beautiful as the day he knew her.

He looked around the small house, the living room shared the same space with the dinning area. The radio was playing soft country music, the grandfather clock was beside the TV. Everything was where it was supposed to be.

The tarantula sitting on the couch lifted one of its long legs, waving politely at Peter. It was bigger than a normal spider, reaching the height of Peter’s waist. Its belly settled down on the soft leather of the couch in contentment. Peter waved back with a smile thinking about his past. Shortly after his death, he had discovered a new ability, to dream real dreams of his past.

He did not know how this had happened, only that in every dream, he had seen the big tarantula, and he had a feeling that somehow the spider in his mind was weaving those dreams for him. Peter did not care how the little guy did that, or even care why it was helping him, he cared only that every night he can see MJ and Aunt May again.

“Hi little one.” Peter said to the spider as MJ busied herself laying out the meal into portions for everyone.

Footsteps sounded from the staircase and Aunt May came into view.

“Oh Peter, welcome home.” Aunt May said, waving Peter to the table. “Come sit down. Mary Jane is such a darling. She ordered me upstairs while she prepares dinner for us.”

Peter gave a chuckle, sitting down and gazing merrily at his wife. “MJ, never change.”

“I wouldn’t.” MJ said, slapping at Peter playfully.

Peter munched on the food, trading small conversation with his family, his loved ones. Laughter filled the small house as the night past, with Peter dreaming in his dream, with the help of his tarantula, his spirit animal.

The primal spirit of Spider gazed into Peter Parker’s mind. Coolly, she began to unweave the dream that the younger spider spirit had spun, until the house that sat in the recess of Peter Parker’s mind was no more. Until the memories of Mary Jane Parker and Aunt May were but whispers of lost thoughts. Until only Peter Parker and the tarantula sat, floating in the darkness of the dream world.

Peter stared up in shock at the gigantic black widow that was looming over them. The tarantula now seemed very small as it scampered behind Peter, cowering behind his back. Distressed squeaking could be heard as the spider tried to become invisible behind Peter.

Peter felt fear coursing through him as he looked at the monster that had invaded his dreams. But with resolve of steel, he bit down that fear and stood protectively over his spider. After all that it had done for him, he would not allow it to be hurt.

“Who are you?” Peter demanded, looking coldly up into the many eyes of the black widow.

There was a chuckle that shook the confines of Peter’s mind and words filtered through in a soft soothing voice though the black widow did not open any of her mouth parts.

I my child have no name. I am the first spider. Mother of my kind that came after me. Weaver of Time and Dreams. The voice said. You humans have a word for me. I am a God, the God of all Spiders, and those who share their blood. She said looking down at Peter.

Peter shivered and the tarantula creed pitifully behind Peter’s back.

Silence little one. You have disappointed me. I send you to this child for you to teach him his path, not to fill his head with worthless dreams. The black widow said coldly, lifting her front legs as if to strike at the tarantula.

“Stop!” Peter said angrily, opening his arms, standing protectively over the tarantula. “He’s my friend and those dreams are not worthless, they are my life!”

A life which had already past behind you. The black widow said. It is past time you forget the past and look to your future. For you are my chosen.

“It is my life. I shall do what I want.” Peter said, steel in his voice, trying to stare down the black widow. An impossible task as he had to lift his head to look at her.

I have chosen you to be my sword and shield in this world. I am afraid you have no choice in this matter for within you run the blood of spiders among whom I reign supreme. The black widow said emotionlessly.

“Well then un-choose me then, I did not ask for this.” Peter said. Behind him, the tarantula began to whine loudly.

Very well, the little one shall die then. The black widow said with a shrug that rippled through her gigantic body.

“What! What do you mean?” Peter said turning to look at the tarantula who was whimpering. Peter saw in shock that it was turning translucent as if beginning to fade away from his dreams.

I sent the little one to you, to guide you to the right path because I had chosen you. But since you reject, the little one has no place in this world anyway. The black widow said shifting her legs, turning as if to walk away.

Peter looked in horror at his dream friend who was slowly disappearing. Though it could not communicate with him, it had stayed by his dreams faithfully for the past thirty years. And now its pain filled eyes gaze sorrowfully at Peter, its front legs lifting up as if in a last farewell.

“Wait! Please, let it live, what do you want me to do? Just let it live and I’ll try to do it.” Peter shouted at the black widow.

The black widow sniffed. Be thankful I am not as pompous as the other Gods. None of the old ones will bargain with a mortal.

She waved a leg and the tarantula slowly solidifies. It creed thankfully at the black widow. And then it lifted a leg to caress Peter’s arm as if in thanks.

What I need you to do is simple, learn the ways of the dreaming and fight the enemy of the Gods, the demons who rallied to the hell gods.

“Demons? What are you talking about? There are no demons in this world.” Peter said.

Just as there are no Gods? The black widow asked. Am I not standing before you? And are you not Spiderman? A hybrid of man and spider, something that should not have existed in this world?

Know well child that demons roam the world just as humans live in their glass cities. Not all demons are bad, but there are those that worship and follow the biding of the hell gods. Those are the ones that I am sending you after to destroy in my name for they are my enemies, the destroyers of dreams. The black widow said.

“But I have lived a long time and I hadn’t seen any sign of demons.” Peter said trying to make sense of this conversation that he felt was slowly getting out of hand. “And even if there are, what do you stand to gain from this arrangement?”

The black widow chuckled. You are who you are. The demons will not come to you, you have to go to them. And, for every demon that you defeated, their souls will come to me, to be used which ever way I wished. First learn the dreaming, then, maybe I will tell you how to find them.

Soft white lights begin to surround the black widow as she disappeared with a heavenly chiming sound. A sound that filled Peter’s mind. A sound that is at once frightening and awfully familiar. As if he had heard it from somewhere before. There was a memory of pure light, of power, of somewhere peaceful and benevolant, and then it was gone.

Peter Parker woke up in his bed in cold sweat. Sunlight was already streaming in from the windows. The clock showed the time, 7pm.

“What a dream.” Peter said shaking his head.

Something warm and furry touched his left arm and he jerked back, startled. Peter looked in disbelief at the giant tarantula that was standing beside his bed.

Greetings Peter Parker. A voice said in his mind, stirring up thoughts of green leaves and spring. I am Dreamweaver, your spirit guide, and your friend who has been with you for the past thirty years.

Author’s Notes: Hi guys!! For those of you who read my story, Buffy and the rest will be appearing later on in subsequent chapters. I have plans for this story idea so bear with me when I make some mistakes ^^ usually I re-read my chapters two three times before posting them but there are still errors I did not catch so feel free to point them up to me.

This story as you can guess is going to have a heavy shamanism theme. I don’t practice shaman craft so what I am writing is based on my imaginations and research on the web. Sorry if I offend anyone. Anyway keep the reviews coming in, they are the only things that are letting me know people like my story and also the only way I know if I made a mistake. ^^

P.S. I know the original show series pictured the watchers as domineering bad eggs. I will be explaining them later on in other chapters. Thanks for your support guys!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Spider and the Hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Feb 07.

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