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Spider and the Hellmouth

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Summary: Spiderman, Highlander and Buffy crossover. What will happen when a changed Peter Parker arrived in Sunnydale to investigate the mysterious deaths of the Sunnydale population?

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Prologue - Arriving in Hell

Diclaimer: I do not own Spiderman, Highlander or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though I like those series very much. Spiderman is from the comics instead of the movie adaptations with a slight highlander info mixed in now and again. This story is going to be through the eyes of Spiderman aka Peter Parker.

Prologue – Arriving in Hell

Past 18 Aug, year 1960

The first thing that came to focus was the thick smell of smoke and blood wafting up his nose. The next was that something heavy was pressing down on him.

Peter Parker groaned, opening his eyes and found himself eye to eye with the block of wall that had collapsed on him. What happened? He thought, pain coursing through his body.

He remembered getting home from work, MJ had been there to greet him….

The Green Goblin! Peter thought with a gasp, straining his muscles to push his way out of the fallen rubble.

The green goblin had somehow found out who he is and came for revenge.

Memories flooded through him as he remembered how he had pushed MJ away shouting at her to get Aunt May and get out of the house. He remembered fighting with the green goblin, and then the green goblin had thrown a bomb.

With a ragged cry, Peter got free of the wall, staring stunned at the scene of carnage around him. His house was reduced to a pile of smoking debris. He walked numbly through the wreckage searching for anything, Aunt May, MJ.

A piece of wooden timber cut his hand as he walked pass. He lifted it up and saw blood dripping from the wound. A wound which suddenly sizzled with blue lightning and pulled closed, healing instantly.

Peter froze. What the hell is happening to me?

His feet thudded against something soft and he looked down. It was a hand, a hand with a wedding ring. Something in Peter Parker’s heart broke as he scrambled to get the piles of rocks off MJ’s body.

What he uncovered was his worse nightmare. Aunt May was lying beside MJ in a bloodied heap, both pale and placid, both long dead.

A loud thudding filled his ears and in the distance, Peter Parker could hear someone roaring in anguish, in his voice. But for the moment, all he could see was MJ and Aunt May’s dead body, blood pooling around them.

There was the sound of police sirens. But when the police arrived on the scene, all they found were the two bodies of a young woman and an old lady. Peter Parker was long since gone, going for revenge.

Present year 1999

“Peter Winters, age 25, honors in Bachelor of Computer Science. Written two papers that are well known in the computer world… Very impressive for someone such a young age.” Principal Snyder looked up from the resume he was browsing through, eyeing the brown haired young man seated across the table from him.

“I try to do my best in everything I do.” Peter said modestly and politely. He gave a quick look around the office, accessing quickly what was in the room that was going to pose any threats. It was a habit long ingrained into his soul after a almost a century of living.

“You have some experience in photography I see, which will be good.” Principal Snyder said giving the resume a last look. “The position you are applying for is to be the Computer Teacher’s assistant, but at the same time the school will also be giving you work in other areas so as to make full use of the money we are paying you. I expect you to be clear on that.”

Peter tried not to frown at the condensing tone of the principal. He has to get this job if he wanted to accomplish what he came here for.

“Of course Principal Snyder, I will be glad to take up any other jobs the school gave to me.”

“Good.” Snyder said with a grunt. “Just so you understand, there is to be no soliciting with any of the students.” He handed Peter a form. “My secretary spoke quite highly of you when she interviewed you for the first time, so I am giving you a chance to work here now. Fill this form and pass it to her on your way out. Alright, you can get out now.” Snyder said with a dismissive wave.

Peter kept up a pasted smile as he walked out of the room, giving a polite nod at the secretary as he sat down in the lobby to fill out the form.

What a rude man. Peter thought to himself. He finished filling in the form and passed it to the secretary who gave him a wink.

“Good luck, your work begins tomorrow. Report to work at the staff office and find a Miss Calendar; she’s the teacher you are working under. She’ll show you the ropes.”

“Thanks Mrs. Rosen.” Peter said politely, giving a smile as he left the office.

As he walked down the corridor, he gave a glance at the glass displays that housed some of the better school projects done by the students. He paused as he caught sight of an article written by a student, a black and white photograph of Spiderman swinging over New York beside it.

Peter recognized the photograph; it was one of the many photos of Spiderman he had taken for J.J Jameson.

Another lifetime. Peter thought to himself as memories came, bringing with it pain.

He browsed at the article.

“What happened to Spiderman?

After the massacre of the Parker family by the Green Goblin, Spiderman disappeared from history. Peter Parker (23) was known to be a close friend of Spiderman and is the only photographer to ever take Spiderman’s numerous photos. Mary Jane Parker, wife of the late Peter Parker, was also known to be saved by Spiderman several times.

One can only speculate that Spiderman was devastated over the death of this family and had removed himself from the pages of known media. However it was speculated that the Spiderman appeared one last time in New York during the Green Goblin’s attack on the National Research Centre housed in New York’s suburbs.

No one ever saw Spiderman, but the remains of the Green Goblin was found scattered over the area, a burnt husk.


There was more talking about the deeds of Spiderman. A legendary superhero of the past that many still looked up to. Those words brought bitterness into his eyes. Being a superhero had resulted in the death of his whole family and also his first death.

It had taken him a few months after killing the green goblin to realize something is wrong, no matter how much alcohol he drank, he can never get drunk. His wounds healed rapidly and after one attempted suicide, he discovered he could not die.

It was another few years after that he came upon someone like him. A man called Adam Pierson who treated him with hostility at first and than later took pity on Peter, telling him all about the immortals.

A race of humans who can never die. Who after their first death gained immortality and live forever. The only way to kill an immortal is to cut off their heads. And there is also the Game which most immortals participate in, a process where one immortal challenges another to a fight to the death.

For it was prophesized that when only one immortal is left in the world, he would receive a great gift. Adam had then given him a card to find a Duncan person who could teach him about sword fighting to prepare himself for his new world.

Peter however had no intention of ever participating in the game and thus he refused to carry a sword, never going to find the man Adam had recommended. Any other immortals he met, he either ran away or disarmed them before things got too dangerous. Which was quite easy considering that he had super human strength, speed and his spider senses.

And slowly, as time dulled the pain of MJ and Aunt May’s death, he slowly began to find his purpose again. He crafted a new identity every few years to keep out of government radar, and at the same time helping those people in need, but this time in secrecy. There’s no more super hero appearance, only the fight in the shadows.

Peter had begun a life of browsing through America’s criminal records and death records, stopping crime wherever he can. It was a lucky coincidence that brought his attention to Sunnydale, the high death rate especially of the student population had caught his eye.

He looked at the author’s name for the article. Alexander Harris, Ultimate fan of Spiderman and Batman. He smiled at the wordings, well, another student to keep safe from the gangs on PCP that was getting common place in Sunnydale, especially the Sunnydale High School.

Peter Parker continued walking down the corridor, towards his car, unaware of the fate that was about to befall on him.

Up above in the astral plane, the primal God of Spiders gave a chuckle.
As according to the deal, I have sent my chosen one to fulfill my promise to you. The rest is up to you and the one you have chosen.

The Hyena God gave a baying laugh. Ah yes, my champion. I do so love a good trick on the fates. May both of us grow in power through the actions of our chosen mortals.

Author's Note: I will not be following cannon for the Marvel Universe so there will be no appearances from Fantastic Four or other Marvel Characters.

Hope you guys enjoy the fic.
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