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Piecing it Together

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Summary: W/Duncan, D/Richie, S/Amanda, Anya/Methos. Methos makes a wish with consequences he couldn't possibly have foreseen.

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Highlander > Multiple Pairings(Site Founder)JinniFR181115,81246120,99915 Jun 0313 Dec 05No


Title: Piecing it Together
Author: Jinni (
Rated: R
Pairing: W/Duncan, S/Amanda, D/Richie, Anya/Methos
Genre: BtVS/Highlander crossover.
Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things Highlander also remain firmly in the hands of their copyright holders.
Distribution: The normal places.
Author’s Notes: Thanks to everyone who voted on my poll. Bet you guys never expected to get this out of that.


Anya pulled the bottle the bartender had just given her closer to herself, staring down in the small hole at the murky fluid that sloshed within. This was what her life had come down to for the past few weeks – drinking. She sighed, lifting the bottle to her lips and bracing herself for that first taste that one never truly got used to no matter how much you drank. The liquid tingled on her tastebuds before flowing down over her tongue and into the back of her mouth.

It wasn’t even her fault, really, that she sought solace in the cheap beer of The Bronze every night. It was Xander’s fault. And Buffy’s. And even Willow’s. It was also Dawn’s fault, though Anya hadn’t figured out just how yet. And why was it their fault?

Because they were unhappy.

Anya frowned. It had been hard for her to admit that she cared about anyone other than herself, much less that she actually wanted them to be happy – but there it was, ready to bite her in the ass the second she wasn’t careful. She didn’t want to care about them, that was for sure. Because then their misery became her own, just as it was now. They were lonely. All of them. None of them could get or keep a partner. Even Dawn, who had dated some in high school, had found that her options had run dry the moment that she graduated only months before. There simply weren’t any eligible men or women in Sunnydale that any of the Scoobie would even think of dating, outside of herself of course.

But she was over that part of her life. No more dating mere mortals for her. No more letting a man, or woman, break her heart. She just wouldn’t allow it to happen.

So there was, in effect, no one for her ‘friends’ in Sunnydale.

It was frustrating, in part because she didn’t feel like she could move on from this place until. . .

“Until they’re happy,” she sighed, gulping down another swallow of the beer. Then she could move on with her own life.

But they were being so stubborn! Buffy always whining about her destiny. Willow sighing and moaning because of Oz – who had left so long ago that Anya could scarcely remember him now. Dawn who had discovered that life sucked past high school. Spike, who was hopeless. And then Xander.

Anya snorted. She could care less if –he- ever got happiness. Not after what he had done to her.

“Rough night?”

She turned towards the sound of the voice, rolling her eyes. “I’m not interested in giving you my number.”

She reconsidered the nature of her statement when he only stared at her blankly before shrugging, “Wasn’t going to ask for it.”

“Oh. Well. Yes, then. I’m having a rough night. Year, is more like it.”

“I know how that goes – my name’s Adam.”

Anya reached out, shaking his hand lightly. There was something off about this man – but he didn’t seem to be a vampire and that made it all good in her book. It wasn’t as if he could hurt her anyway with her own demon status in effect.

“Anya,” she smiled. “You’re new here, aren’t you?”

“Actually, yes.” His tone was guarded as he slowly nursed the beer he held in his hand. “I was in town to locate a book. But it appears that it was a wasted trip.”

“Someone else got it?” She asked, not really caring but happy to have someone to talk to. He wasn’t bad to look at, either – and a part of her wondered at the possibility of dragging him off to her bed for the night.

“Honestly,” he shrugged. “I have no clue. The last notes I had on the book were that it was in the Sunnydale High School Library. I went there, only to find out that the reference was to the –old- Sunnydale high school. Which apparently no longer exists.”

Anya nodded wisely. “Yes. It’s gone now. Blew up my senior year.”

She held back that it was a senior year that she never should have been forced to attend if she hadn’t been stupid enough to allow her amulet to get destroyed. She also held back why the school was destroyed. For once she was going to not volunteer information, she told herself. Especially not information that could lead to more questions that would then lead to giving away more information that would then –

“Blew up?”

“Yep! Completely demolished.”

He sighed, face falling. “That is unfortunate. The book was one of a kind.”

She studied the lines of his face, seeing the genuine regret that was lodged there. “What book was it?”

“A historical text, if you will.” His guarded tone was back.

“Historical?” Anya shrugged. That didn’t sound like anything that Giles would have kept. In fact, she was pretty sure that only the ‘special’ books that he needed for research were saved before they blew up the school. “There were some books that managed to make it – but I don’t think those were them. Sorry.”

He sighed again. “That’s alright. I suppose I shall just have to learn to live with the disappointment.”

The vengeance demon snorted. “If you haven’t learned that by now then it would be very wise to start. Life is nothing but one big disappointment. Year after year after year of it.”

He looked at her, not saying a word, until she grabbed her beer and turned her head to take a swallow just to get away from those piercing eyes for a minute.

“I know someone that would argue with you on that one. The eternal optimist, I like to call him.”

Anya laughed. “Optimism is overrated.”

“You sound like you know that for a fact.” He paused. “Why were you sighing when I sat down?”

“Just my friends. I was sitting here thinking of how pathetic they are in the ways of love.”

That brought a smile to his lips. “I know exactly what you mean. I have three friends back home that do nothing but commiserate with each other on the state of their lives. Sometimes I just wish –“

Anya’s jerked her eyes to meet his, her face growing serious. She leaned forward, face serious. A wish was a wish and she was in the mood for a little action. A slow smile curved over her face as she pitched her voice low and inviting. “Wish? What do you wish?”

“Nothing really,” Adam shrugged. “I just wish that they could each find someone that would make them happy. Someone to settle down with – as much as they’re ever able to settle down, that is.”

She smiled, her face morphing slowly to her true nature as she released the powers within her. It brought a startled gasp to his face. This was almost too good. . . One wish.

And two problems solved.

Or. . .make that – three ‘problems’ solved.

“Wish granted.”

~*~End Prologue~*~

A/N: Feedback will, of course, ensure that this fic continues.
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