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Buffy the Slayer Vampire, Solution Unsatisfactory

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy the Slayer Vampire". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Council of Watchers attacks Buffy's House, trying to kill the slayer vampire.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Buffy-CentereddaviderlFR18117,21221111,95310 Feb 0728 Feb 07Yes

Under Attack!

(I do not own, nor claim the rights, to any of the characters in this story)

Under Attack!

Buffy went back inside the house from the front porch, carefully closing and locking the door.

“Willow,” she said, with a bit of a tremble in her voice, “Do you remember the barrier you put up around that gas station when the Knights of Byzantium were after us?”


“How long will it take you to put up another one?”

“Another one, why?”

Before Buffy could answer, the house went dark.

“What’s going on?” Willow asked.

Then suddenly there was a crash and the sound of broken glass from upstairs.

“BUFFY!” They heard Dawn scream. “BUFFY! HELP ME!”

“We need that wall up!” Buffy shouted as she bounded from the bottom of the stairs to the top in one leap. With her Slayer/vamp vision, she had no trouble seeing in the almost total darkness.

Buffy kicked open the door to Dawn’s room and found a dark figure standing by her bed, holding her by the hair. When he looked up at her Buffy could see he was wearing night vision goggles, and some kind of weapon, small, like an Uzi.

He immediately began shooting in her direction. The sounds of the firing was muffled; the gun had a silencer on it.

Buffy felt bullets ripping into her shoulders, upper chest and arms.

Ignoring the pain she jumped at the man with a one-legged drop kick, propelling him back out of the shattered window.

Even as she heard the thump when he hit the ground, there were other crashes; three more windows were being assaulted.

“Under the bed!” She loudly whispered to Dawn as she heard the sounds of a struggle coming from her bedroom, where Xander and Anya were sleeping.

When she burst through the connecting door, Xander and Anya were blindly fighting off the second intruder. Both were naked.

As she went to rescue them, somewhere in the back of her mind, Buffy realized that as long as she had known Xander, she had never seen him naked, and, knowing Xander wore a size eleven shoe, also realized that the old cliché about shoe size had some merit to it after all.

‘Lucky Anya,’ she thought.

With one punch to the side of the man’s head, he was no longer a threat, and she threw him back out of the window.

“Under the bed,” she instructed.

She paused, listening, and heard two more sets of footsteps, one in Willow’s room and one in the bathroom.

Buffy raced into the hallway only to be met by more gunfire as both intruders were standing in the doorway of the two rooms shooting almost point blank at her. She was thrown backward as the torrent of bullets ripped into her, some lodging in her body, others tearing completely through her to be embedded into the wall behind her.

Fighting off almost crippling pain and nausea, Buffy slammed the door, then re-entered Dawn’s room and exited through the other door into the hall. From there she could see the bathroom doorway, but not the shooter.

One of the men rounded the corner, but before he could fire, Buffy grabbed the blistering hot barrel of the gun, pulled him to her and snapped his neck. Then using him as a shield, held him up in front of her as she went after the fourth man.

From the bathroom, a hail of bullets met them, many bouncing off the body armor the man was wearing. Buffy threw her human shield into the bathroom and into the shooter. And before he could recover, she had tossed both of them through the bathroom window.

There were six helicopters but only four men had assaulted the house. She listened intently, trying to hear if maybe they were in the attic or on the roof, but there was only deafening silence after the chaos of the previous three minutes. Even the sounds of the helicopters were gone.

Buffy felt/saw a brief flash of light go through her as the mystic barrier encircled the house; Willow had finally done it.


{A.N. The link to a diagram of the upstairs plan of Buffy's house ---

The second floor of Buffy's house

It may be not be 100% accurate, but I think it's close enough to the actual layout. The red scribbles are the windows that the attackers crashed through.}
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