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Sudden Changes

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Summary: Willow and Daniel have a one-night-stand after getting drunk, over 5 yrs later Willow and her 4-yr old son run into Daniel while trying to get away from some guys who seem a lot like the Initiative, she wonders how Daniel knows them. COMPLETED!!

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonpezgirlFR182665,8147236111,11610 Feb 076 Sep 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: i don't own anything except Christopher.

6 years after season six 'Grave'

AU after season 5- 'Last Stand part two'

Note: I've changed the show time-lines, Buffy starts three years before Stargate does- in my story Stargate starts in the year 2000 not 1997.

Spoilers: SG1: Season 5 'last stand', the spoilers there are pretty vague. BTVS: up to season 6, season 7 didn't happen.

Also note: Chris was born in mid-season 4 of Stargate and mid-season 7 of Buffy which was in 2003 and the story jumps five years later to 2008.
Chris is almost five years old and was conceived in late 2002 to early 2003.

(This is the banner that Chosenfire made me; thanks! (:)


Year 2008

Buffy punched one of the four vampires in the mouth and then pulled out a stake, the vamp just sneered at her.
"I'm going to bleed you dry, blondie!"
Buffy rolled her eyes looking bored, "Like a million vamps haven't said THAT before!"
The undead guy snarled and launched himself at her...
and was impaled on her stake.

"Can't you morons even TRY to be a challenge?!" she said looking a little frustrated.

Xander aimed at another one of the vampires with his crossbow and released the bolt, dusting another bad guy.
At the same time Willow staked another vampire quickly, "Three down, one to go," she said looking for the other soon-to-be-dead guy.
Buffy was handling that one, easily.
"Well, that was a regular fun-fest," said Xander sarcastically while fingering a newly-made tear in his shirt.

"Yeah, I swear that evil isn't even trying any more!" said Buffy mocking the bad guys as if they were right there.

Willow rubbed the spot on her shoulder where one of the vampires had pushed her into a headstone and said, "Well, I'm not complaining."

Willow was extra cautious about using her magic since the Darth-Willow time and tried not to use it too much- or at all.
She would've stopped using it completely but Giles said that she couldn't- that it was a part of her now.
She still had the occasional nightmare about what she did and also what she ALMOST did, she was glad that she had her family to help her through it.
Her parents of course were as usual completely out of touch with her life and probably always would be.

"Will?" Buffy was looking at her best friend- almost sister.

"Yeah, Buff?"

"It's almost eight thirty and I'm sure that Chris wanted a story before he went to bed," Buffy reminded her.
Willow looked alarmed, "Oh!" she was about to run towards home before she turned around again and asked, "Are you sure you wouldn't-"

Buffy rolled her eyes and glanced at Xander, "No Will, it's fine- we'll be fine."

Willow looked relieved, gave them a smile and then took off back to her 4-year-old son.

On the way home she remembered how Christopher came to be.

After she'd returned from England and back to Sunnydale had trouble dealing with Tara's death- not the 'I'm going to kill people and end the world' kind of way but the other way.
What she did to try to deal with it wasn't as bad as what she did- but she still had to reap the consequences of her actions, even if she didn't mean for it to go the way it did.

She ended up taking a small vacation in San Diego and getting plastered on her third day there and having a one-night-stand.
She should have known not to go near alcohol especially with the Scoobies' record of bad luck, but no no no she decided to get drunk out of her head so much that she didn't even remember it.

All she remembered was waking up in bed with a guy she didn't know or even know the name of- but was very attractive- and then had grabbed her clothes and got out of there.

And if THAT wasn't enough, almost six weeks later she had gone to the Doctors because she thought she had stomach flu or something and was told that she was pregnant.
After a couple of weeks- and almost constant badgering from her friends- she had decided to try to find the baby's father.

After months of trying to locate him she gave up- she couldn't find him anywhere!

At least she had her friends to support her- her parents hadn't even cared, in fact they were angry that she didn't marry a 'nice Jewish man' before she had a child.
They had pretty much disowned her after that and wanted nothing more to do with her.

Well, that was fine with her! She had spent most of her life without their help or attention and she got on okay- she didn't need them.

It didn't stop her from being kinda sad, though.

She still tried looking for the father of her son but she wanted to devote more time to Chris than that.

Willow got to her house and opened the door and had already thought about what story she wanted to read to him.
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