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Till Death

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Summary: Just alittle ficlet about Harry and Dawn

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterLovesBitch2FR1316320196612 Feb 0712 Feb 07Yes
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me at all, Dawn, Buffy belong to BTVS or Joss Whedon or both...Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling. I claim no rights to copyrighted materials


He couldn’t help but stare at her; he couldn’t believe that she was his. Her beautiful blue eyes trapped him everytime she looked his way, he drowned everytime.

It all started when her sister was called for the war. She was asked to teach him physical defence, in a case where Voldemorts’ supporters were ever able to disarm him. He couldn’t understand how such a slip of a girl could be the infamous Vampire Slayer; she looked as if she couldn’t harm a fly. Yet, after just one week of training he figured out why; she had a mean streak in her and the strength to back it up.
A week later her sister arrived. Shoulder length brown wavy hair, and a body any woman would die to have. She stayed in the shadows, just watching him train. He could feel her eyes on him as he practiced what he had learnt; yet, she never got involved. He had only seen her talk to her sister Buffy Summers, and that was only after his lessons. It was as if she was only observing him, as if that was all she was there for. No one knew that she had power or that she was important at all; but she was. He learnt that the hard way.
His courage growing in the muggle-defence techniques, he decided to introduce himself. He could still remember the knowing smirk as she looked him over, raising a brow in appraisal. She walked back into the shadows straight after, seeming as if she was born from there. Nobody would tell him her name, or what she was doing there. She didn’t seem to be involved in the war training at all; she only observed. Her blue-eye’s flashed with excitement once, he noticed, when he bested Buffy in a fight; as if that was what she was waiting for. He watched as she strided over to Buffy and offered a hand up; winking towards the elder blonde. “I’ll take it from here Buff,” she announced, and from there he was smitten.
She moved smoother than he had ever seen anyone. Her movements fluid and precise; leaving no room for mistakes. From then on she was his training partner, and he had never, to this day, bested her in a fight. She was ruthless in her silence, sweat glistening as the fights seemed to get more and more passionate. He tried to talk to her, tried to make a friendship; but she would just block him out, leave him sitting in stunned silence.
That’s when he realised, he liked her; he was mystified by her. She intrigued him and he was curious; curiosity was always one of his faults – everyone knew it. So, one day, when he was getting a sound beating because she was completely pissed off; he tackled her to the ground and kissed her. And what completely surprised him even more, was, she returned it. They had become lovers that day, and slowly, she brightened. He still hadn’t known what had made her so dark and solitile, but, she was getting over it. She was slowly brightening his world; even if it was in secret.

But now, now she was his and everyone knew it. Everyone knew that the beautiful Slayer’s little sister was his, and his alone. He held her heart and she his. So, as he held his Dawn; he prayed a silent prayer that she would always be with him. Till death did they part.


K, it's just a little alternate universe thingy...Dawns' the better fighter, which I reckong she would have been if her 'key' powers ever progressed into something more. I mean, she's an ancient artifact, beyong time...I think she would know how to fight???

Anyway, hope you liked it!! :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Till Death". This story is complete.

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