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Do You Trust Me?

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Summary: Dawns sacrificed her life for the world, but is she really dead? Or just in a place where only a 'special' kind of magic can reach?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterLovesBitch2FR18923,236049,70812 Feb 0712 Feb 07Yes

Hey! You Cheated!

“Harry!” a voice shouted, causing the dark-haired boy to turn around. There, he saw his two best-friends walking towards him; a smile on both of their faces.

“Hey guys,” he smiled, walking towards the two.

“Hiya Harry, how was your holidays?” Hermione asked, smiling widely at her best-friend.

“It was good, met some people; stayed with Snuffles,” he grinned, his mind going towards Dawn Summers. “What about you two?”

“Excellent man, Hermione came to stay for the last week and Ginny was buzzing about it,” Ron smirked, nudging the girl lightly. She had become quite good friends with his sister over the summer break.

“That’s great,” he nodded, slightly jealous that his friends had that time together. He was walking towards the train with them; when he sensed a presence enter the station. He had an idea who it was, yet, he wasn’t sure; he only started feeling her in the last couple weeks. He wasn’t sure why it was happening, but, he liked having that feeling; as if she was apart of him.

“Wonder who the new Defence teacher is,” he heard Hermione asked; but, his mind had blocked out the rest of the world when he had spotted her. She was dressed in muggle clothes; he just about groaned at what he saw. Her slim body was adorned with skin-tight leather pants, white peasant top and just a jean jacket; but, to him, she was the impediment of sexy. Noticing her lost expression, a smirk appeared on his face; slinking towards the girl, he never noticed the pairs of eyes on him.


“I can’t see him Spike,” she whined, her eyes scanning the many students that rushed around the platform.

“Lover-boy will be here Dawnie, don’t worry,” he smirked, watching as she blushed lightly. He knew she had a thing for him since day one; she just wasn’t willing to admit it yet.

“Shut up,” she pouted, punching him lightly in the stomach. She noticed a couple of stares from every student that passed them; her blush only heightened slightly.

“You know your causing a lot of talk in your outfit,” a voice whispered silkily in her ear; shivers coursing down her spine.

“Am I?”

“You know you are pet,” it answered, an arm sliding around her waist; pinching her hip slightly.

“Well Mr. Potter, never knew you to be so forward,” she smirked, turning around to face the boy who held her from behind. “Kinda like this new you.”

“Yeah, well, you hadn’t spoken to me for ages; thought I won’t let you get away this time,” he smirked, smiling as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Alright you lot, break it up; you’re making a scene,” Spike interrupted, smiling at the two that were so clearly in love with each other; that they were blind to it.

“Oops,” Dawn blushed, stepping out the embrace; far enough to not be touching; but close enough to feel his presence behind her.

“Hey Spike,” Harry nodded towards the vampire, smirking slightly; he could see the twinkle in his eyes.

“Harry,” he nodded in return, his eyes drifting throughout the platform. “Guess we should board mate? Haven’t been here in awhile,” Spike shrugged, walking towards the train; leaving the two friends together.

“Sorry I’ve been of the avoidy lately, needed to sort out some things,” Dawn frowned, looking up at the boy slightly.

“You know you can always talk to me Dawn,” Harry whispered, smiling as the girl nodded. “Good, now, let’s get on this train before people start suspecting we’re together,” he joked, his hand resting on her lower back and guiding her towards the beautiful red train.

“Yeah,” she mumbled, her heart sinking just alittle. Over the month that he had stayed with her and Sirius; she had gotten closer to the boy – falling ever so slightly day by day.


“Who is she Harry?” Dennis Creevey asked excitedly; tugging on the boys sleeve slightly.

“She’s a teacher Dennis, and she’s my friend,” he sighed tiredly; a hand running through his hair.

“Awfully close for a friend I’d say,” he smirked, watching as the blush started creeping up his cheeks.

“Shut up Creevey,” he mumbled, eyes downcasted slightly – it wasn’t as if he and Dawn were dating or anything, but, he did like her. He first starting noticing it when he found out about her being Sirius’s daughter; she was special, and, he seemed to be the only one to notice.


“Welcome students to another year at Hogwarts. As you can see, we have two new teachers here with us. Meet Professor William Shields-”


“Professor Spike and Professor Dawn Sum-”


“Professor Dawn Black. They will be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts this year, and hopefully, next year aswell. Please treat them with the best of respect and honour. Now, without further adew, koosh!” he smiled, watching as the students eyes alit with delight as the food appeared in front of them all.

“Heard some rumours going around about a bit of a display on the platform Harry,” Hermione smirked at the boy, watching as most of his attention seemed to be on the teacher’s table.

“What do you mean?”

“I think she’s talking about you and a certain female teacher,” Ginny stated, glancing indiscreetly towards the brunette talking adamantly towards the peroxide blonde.

“She’s just a friend,” he stated; silently berating himself for showing that type of affection on the platform.

“I don’t know Harry, you seemed awfully close,” Neville stated, a smirk slowly forming on his face.

“How do you know them anyway mate?” Ron asked, noticing his friend getting more and more agitated.

“They were staying with Sirius, and Dawn, she’s his daughter,” Harry said, nodding thankfully towards his best-friend.

“Black has a daughter?!!” Fred shouted, spitting the food out of his mouth; smiling sheepishly as the attention of the hall zoned in on him.

“Spilling my secrets already Harry?” a voice asked, turning half the Gryffindor table towards it; the attention differing between the food and her.

“W...well, I...I didn’t mean to Dawn; thought it was obvious,” he stuttered slightly, noticing that there seemed to be an outlining of green around her.

“They would have figured It out sooner of later luv,” Spike interrupted, walking towards where the girl. She didn’t notice the power rippling off of her.

“But, it was supposed to be a surprise,” she pouted slightly, causing most of the guys to look at her. At first, she seemed to be angry as hell, but, now, she was like a child.

“Don’t worry luv, you’ll have lots of little surprises for the kiddies,” Spike said giddily, smiling evilly at the girl.

“See you in class Harry,” Dawn smirked, waving to the boy as she raced Spike out of the hall; squealing slightly as he passed her.

“HEY! YOU CHEATED!!” everyone could here, as well as a few “BLOODY HELL!”

“Their going to be our teachers?!” Hermione gasped, confused by their display.

“Yep, looks like fun year,” Fred and George both smiled, already taking aliking to their new Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers.


“Welcome to your first class of Defence,” Dawn smiled, winking towards Harry in the front, before looking back at Spike.

“We’ll be teaching-”

“Why are you teaching this class?” a voice snarled in the background, interrupting Spike.


“Why are you teaching this class? I mean, you can only be our age,” he stated, glaring slightly at the girl.

“I am your age, difference is that I’m a lot more powerful than I look,” Dawn smirked, winking towards Spike.

“Yeah right,” he huffed, laughing slightly with the boys around him.

“Alright, mister-I-think-I’m-so-powerful; step right up and try your luck,” Dawn smiled kindly, looking towards Spike. He nodded in acceptance, and she waved her hands and the desks disappeared.

“Alright kiddies, Dawns’ gonna do a demonstration, so she needs you all along the back wall,” Spike grinned happily, anticipating an excellent show.

“Alright, point your wand at me and say a curse; anyone, and then, lets see where that leaves us,” Dawn smiled, dropping into a defensive fighting stance.

“Any curse?” Draco smirked, already knowing the one he wanted.

“Any,” she nodded, smiling in anticipation.

“Avada Kedavra!” he bellowed, gasps escaping the lips of everyone in the class. No one dared to move as they watched the unforgivable curse stream through the air. No one dared to move as Dawn’s eyes turned a brilliant greeny blue and she muttered words. They did move however, when the curse seemed to just stop; it didn’t get any where near her.

“Nice try,” she smirked, waving her hand towards the curse; evaporating its potential.

“B…But, Professor, that’s an unforgivable curse; it cannot be survived,” Hermione interrupted, amazed at the girl.

“Now Ms. Granger, never thought of you a liar; about your own friend even,” Spike gasped, mock-shame written across his face.


“Well, is it not true that the one known as Harry Potter survived such curse?”

“Well, yes…”

“So, it can be survived,” Spike shrugged, amazing even himself at his logic.

“Yes but Professor, Harry had a sacrificial love to protect him; Professor Black did not,” Hermione argued, annoyed at being slightly proven wrong.

“No she did not, but, Dawn is very skilled in the art of surviving; it seems that even if you do end up killing her – she just comes back kicking!” Spike said, agitation clear in his voice.

“You know I’m over it,” Dawn whispered, looking deep into her protector’s eyes. She knew that he would never get over the way that she was brought back into this world; a wedge had been successfully driven between his and Buffy’s friendship.

“You mean, she died?” Ron asked, just catching alittle of the conversation; to busy watching Malfoy – he had used an unforgivable on a teacher, what did that mean for the students around him?

“That is for another day,” Spike stated, watching Dawn carefully. She hadn’t fully gotten over her recent sacrifice, and the topic is still touchy.

“What’s this business about unforgivable's?” Dawn asked, changing the topic tactlessly.

“Their curses that are only used for evil. Avada Kedavra is the worst; it’s the killing curse. There is no known way to block it, and, it’s unforgivable to use; it’s just wrong,” Harry answered quietly, his eyes shooting daggers at the shell-shocked Malfoy. He had tried to kill his Dawn – wait, his? When had she become my property? – and, he couldn’t accept that.

“So, you tried to kill me?” Dawn asked the frozen boy; slightly shocked about what she had learned. She had only been there a couple of days, and already there were people trying to kill her.

“Well, you were so confident that you were all powerful; why wouldn’t you be able to stop it?” he shrugged, trying to play down his shock.

“You need to learn a lesson boy,” she growled, her eyes flashing green and power just rippled through the air. She slowly levitated off the ground and floated towards the boy; she noticed he had taken a few steps back in fear. “Everyone out,” she announced, titling her head to the side slightly as she studied the boy.

“Alright kiddies, off you go now; no homework,” Spike stated, herding the kids out and glancing worriedly back over his shoulder; “I’ll be out here love.”

“Let’s see what you afraid of,” she smirked, her hand hovering above his heart. Her hand glowed a bright green before everything seemed to freeze; she was in. Travelling through the depths of his heart, she came upon a light; something that she wasn’t used to seeing. Shielding her eyes, she walked towards it; her heart-breaking at the cries of pain that came from within. Opening her eyes slowly, she just about wretched at the sight. A boy, no older than 6 was hung up on the wall and welts and burns covered his body; he was being tortured. She watched helplessly as a blonde haired man, whipped, yelled, abused – anything you could think of – at him; the boy’s cries of pain echoing throughout the stone room…


I know, I know, before you even say it - Draco would never use the unforgiveable on a teacher. But, I needed it as part of the story, so if you have a problem with it, just...don't read it. It really does help with the story, and gives you alittle more look into what he's on about.

I'm sorry if it causes anyone complete distress. If there are anymore concerns, tell me about it in the reviews and I'll get back to you! PROMISE! :)
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