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Do You Trust Me?

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Summary: Dawns sacrificed her life for the world, but is she really dead? Or just in a place where only a 'special' kind of magic can reach?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterLovesBitch2FR18923,236049,73612 Feb 0712 Feb 07Yes

But He Hurt You...

“God, I’m sorry,” she whispered, breaking contact with the shell-shocked boy. She had never witnessed any site like that; he was…he was being tortured by someone who looked enough like him to be his father.

“Y…you don’t need to say anything,” he announced, swallowing hard.

“How…how do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Act as if nothing is wrong? Act as if it didn’t happen?” she asked quietly, her eyes searching the boys.

“I don’t know, I just try,” he stated, tears were in his eyes.

“What if I don’t have the will to try?”

“How do you live then?” he asked, stepping just alittle closer to the girl. She looked so fragile and scared; he couldn’t help the urge to comfort her.

“I…I don’t know,” she whispered, falling effortlessly into the blondes embrace. She knew that she should be cautious of this boy who had just tried to kill her, but, his past had been dreadful. You can’t judge others because of their past, could you?

“There…there,” he muttered awkwardly patting her on the back. He wasn’t used to emotions being displayed. His family was cold, ruthless.

“I’m…God, I’m so sorry,” she cried, inching out of his embrace slightly. Her teary eyes gazing into his. “If he ever hurts you again, I’ll be there; I promise,” she stated coldly, a deadly promise glittering through her eyes.

“Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep,” he sighed, eyes downcast.

“My promises are always kept,” she stated, making him glance up at her. “He’ll know pain, if he ever hurts you again,” she promised, smiling slightly at the boy. “I’m sorry for my teariness, I’m so emotional sometimes,” she muttered, furrowing her brows slightly. Being in his embrace seemed familiar and safe.

“It’s alright, I liked the change,” he smiled, a true smile forming on his face for once.

“Go, they’ll be talk of you having an affair with me soon,” she smiled back, chuckling slightly at the thought.

“No, I think that rumour is for Potter,” he sniped back, quickly running out of the room; but not before seeing the happiness in her eyes.

“Brat,” she muttered, stomping towards the doors.


“Harry…Harry!!” Hermione shouted, trying to keep up with the stalking boy.

“He…He used an unforgivable. An unforgivable Hermione,” Harry stated coldly, the icy tone of his voice freezing all in the hallway.

“Yes, but she’s alive Harry! She survived it! Can’t you see what this means?! It means that there’s a way for all to survive it! For everyone to not fear V…Vol…Voldemort!”

“He used an unforgivable,” Harry intoned coldly, fire alit in his eyes.

“Yes Harry I know,” Hermione sighed, trying to get through to the boys brain.

“She could have died Hermione, and all you can think about is how to use her powers to erase the fear of Voldemort? How do you know if that’s even possible for us? Did you even see the power that she was radiating? It was stronger than Dumbledore!” Harry shouted, fear creeping into his voice. Yes it was true, Dawn’s resistance to the curse was amazing and infact would help with the upcoming war against Voldemort; but, you had to have an enormous amount of power to do that. Not many had that.

“I’m sorry Harry,” Hermione whispered, tears sparkling in her eyes. She had never seen Harry this…cold about anything before; who was this Dawn Black to him to spark this much passion from her friend?

“No, I’m sorry Hermione, I shouldn’t have…” Harry trailed off as he embraced his friend; his words not really holding any meaning. He couldn’t help but feel hurt by what Malfoy had done; Harry thought better of his nemesis than that.

“My, my Potter; if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were cheating on Professor Black,” a voice taunted behind them, causing the pair to break apart.

“Malfoy…Draco, don’t,” Hermione whispered quietly, already seeing Harry’s clinching fists.

“She could have died Malfoy,” Harry growled, stunning Hermione slightly. She had never known Harry could be so protective and fierce for someone – who was this girl?

“I’m sorry,” Malfoy whispered, his eyes downcasting slightly. He really was ashamed of what he had done – he really didn’t know why he did it.

“You arrogant pri-”

“Don’t,” a voice whispered lightly in his ear, sending shivers up and down his spine.


“He’s my friend Harry, let him be,” she stated, slipping an arm around the boys’ waist.

“But he hurt you,” he whimpered slightly, his green eyes twinkling in sadness.

“I’m fine,” she smiled, stroking his cheek silently. She could see the anger slowly fading away. “Oh Draco, I need a little help with my next class, and I nominated you to help,” she smiled dazzling up at the boy, giggling as a frown appeared.


“Punishment,” she declared, shooing him away with a flick of a wrist.

“I thought…I thought you were dead,” Harry whispered, stroking her cheek as if reassuring himself of her presence.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily,” she smirked, her eyes glazing over slightly with a cloud of resentment.

“I…Oh god!” he sighed, crushing her in a hug. He had almost lost her. He had…he had thought he lost her.

“It’s okay Harry, I’m here,” she smiled, snuggling her head into the crook of his neck.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again,” he warned, running his hands all over her body looking for any damage.

“Okay mum,” she giggled; her giggled stopping suddenly at the look in his eyes. “I’m not planning to leave anytime soon sweets, I’ve been told that I can be annoying like that,” she stated boldly, looking deeply into the boys eyes. She could see the fear that had coursed through his body once the words of the curse had been uttered; the shear panic it had caused in the boy.

“Thank god,” he whispered, bringing her into another hug. He wasn’t sure if this was proper conduct for a teacher and student, but he couldn’t help it. He had fallen for this girl, and she was just about taken from him. Taken from him in the most brutal way possible.



“You can let me go, anytime really,” she smiled, inching away from the boy. She could still feel the effect the curse had on him; she had to ask him of it one day. She wasn’t sure if this new…feeling was apart of her key powers, or just her feelings for Harry.

“Oh, right, okay,” he blushed, releasing the girl quickly. He noticed the eyes of Hermione on him suspiciously, the clock ticking in her brain.

“I’ll see you at dinner?”

“Bet on it,” Harry smiled, winking at the girl before turning to walk away.

“Tell me again, that you’re not inlove with her,” Hermione smirked, laughing slightly at the way Harry had let his emotions get the better of him.


“Heard you had alittle heart to heart with Potter,” Spike whispered in her ear; she could hear the slight laugh.


“You have to be careful Dawn, it could go badly,” Spike said, his voice filled with concern.

“There’s nothing there for it to go badly,” she insisted, blushing slightly at Spike’s excruciating stare.

“Luv, you’d need to be blind to not see the love,” he stated, his eyes twinkling in delight.

“Whatever Spike,” she sighed, walking alittle fasting. She opened the doors to be met with the stares of every member in the school. Looking around, she noticed that Draco Malfoy was sitting at the end of the Slytherin table by himself. Smiling towards Harry, she walked past him and towards the table.

“How’s it going Drake?”

“Fine I suppose and you?”

“Weirdly good,” she responded, noticing the glares she was receiving from the table.

“You don’t belong here,” a voice snarled from across the table.

“Excuse you?”


“Do you forget that not only am I a teacher here, but I am also your superior?”

“You’re not superior to me!”

“You do not know enough about me to make that judgement,” Dawn stated, staring resolutely into the eyes of the person.

“I know enough that your mother was a filthy, vile creature who couldn’t survive a muggle disease,” she stated nastily, her eyes slitting slightly.

“Do not speak of her,” Dawn growled, an arm instantly around the girls’ throat and the girls back pinned against the wall. “You have no idea what you’re talking about,” she snarled, her eyes glowing green and her grip tightening.

“You…you’re hu...hurting me,” she choked, her eyes watering slightly.

“Simple trade Pansy, you hurt me, I hurt you,” Dawn smirked, tilting her head to the side.

“Nibblet, let her go,” Spike stated firmly from behind her, his voice strained slightly. He was starting to realise that Dawn may be a danger to people. Her naivety towards her powers, may lead to darkness in her.

“She talked about mum Spike, saying she was dirty,” Dawn whimpered, her head whipping between the two.

“I heard bit, but, you have to let her go. Joyce is gone, she’s in a place where nothing can harm her,” Spike whispered, glancing around the room nervously. He could see the crowd forming and the teacher’s coming.

“I was there Spike, but, I was harmed. I was ripped away to be here, a place that’s so cold,” Dawn stated emotionlessly, her eyes dead. “She’s not worth it anyway,” she spat, dropping the girl unceremoniously onto the cold floor.

“I think we need to have a talk,” Spike stated, sliding an arm around the girls’ shoulders.

“You alright Drake?”

“Fine,” he stated, startled at the sudden change of demeanour. At times she can be deadly, but, she just switched suddenly to concern.

“Good, okay Spike, let’s go,” she said, glaring down at the girl on the floor holding her throat. “Stay away from me Pansy.”


“I’m dangerous, aren’t I?”

“I don’t know sweet bit, I don’t know,” Spike muttered, running his hands through his gelled hair.

“I…I could have killed her Spike! How is that not dangerous?!”

“Bit, no-one here, including you, knows what you are capable of. We have no idea where this power is coming from, only you can decide who you are bit, only you,” he said, enfolding her in his arms.

‘What if I’m what Glory said I was? What if I am evil?”

“You can’t be Dawn. You’re to sweet and innocent for that,” he answered, kissing her forehead lightly.

“How do you know that?”

“I’m a vampire luv, I think I know a thing or two about evil,” he smirked, tightening his grip around her slightly.

“Ha ha ha, I just…I think I should stay away from students for awhile…just to sort out a few things,” she stated, snuggling deeper into his arms.

“Whatever you need Dawn,” he whispered, noticing that she was silently falling asleep.


“What’s wrong with her Spike?”

“What do you mean?”

“Tell me,” the boy stated, glaring towards the older man.

“She’s dangerous Potter, anyone can see it. She has no control over her new powers. Her emotions rule her sometimes, and it seems that her powers have attached to that,” he said to the boy, glancing around the hallways to make sure no one was listening.

“Is she okay?”

“Shouldn’t you be asking her this?”

“She shouldn’t be hiding; she’s at a magic school with one of the most powerful wizards in the world. Can she not ask Dumbledore about this?”

“Harry, there are some secrets of hers that shouldn’t be revealed,” Spike added wisely, looking down at the boy.


“Having Sirius as a father was not her only secret Potter. There are some things that you may never find out about Dawn,” he stated, staring resolutely at the boy.

“But, what if I want to know?”

“You’re gonna have to ask her that mate,” Spike smirked, a secret twinkling in his eyes.


“Mr. Potter, it would do you well to listen in my class,” Professor Snape snapped, slamming his hand onto the desk.

“Sorry Professor,” Harry sighed, his attention turning back to his potions. He had been quite distracted lately, thinking about Dawn. She hadn’t been to classes lately and he was worried.

“She’s okay Harry,” Hermione whispered, casting her friend a worried look.

“She’s hasn’t been to class Hermione, how do you know?”

“Spike wouldn’t be attending if something was wrong mate,” Ron interrupted, silently watching the two.

“I know, it’s just…I should be there with her. I mean, we’re friends; friends don’t keep secrets,” Harry insisted, glaring slightly at his best-friends.

“They do if they’re dangerous Harry, sometimes to keep a secret, it keeps people safe,” Hermione stated quietly, looking cautiously around for Snape.

“I do-”

“Potter, Granger and Weasley! Please join me outside tonight at 9, detention,” Professor Snape glared, agitation clear in his voice. He could see that something was wrong with Potter, but he wasn’t quite sure if he was worried or amused about it.


“Have you found her?”

“No sire, we have been looking everywhere. Do you have any idea where…?”

“It is you’re job! She must be revived for the war to end!”

“Yes sire, I shall see what I can do,” he whispered, fear creeping into his voice.

“As you must Lucius. The Glory one must be on my side!”

“As you wish….”


“The time has come brother,” she whispered airily, waving her hand above the pond.

“No, the time is near sister. She is not ready yet, and she has yet to be risen,” he answered quickly, looking over towards his sister.

“Time cannot wait brother, it keeps ticking. Their relationship is different, they are not friends; their feelings are stronger. How can this be?”

“Everything changes sister. Feelings can grow and become weaker, but, they are always there. But, she must act fast; time is approaching its point,” he stated quietly, running a finger through the ever-seeing pond.

“The war is about to begin…”
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