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Do You Trust Me?

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Summary: Dawns sacrificed her life for the world, but is she really dead? Or just in a place where only a 'special' kind of magic can reach?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterLovesBitch2FR18923,236049,70712 Feb 0712 Feb 07Yes

Family Protection...

Dawn stood infront of Hogwarts’ an army behind her. She had the support of about two hundred slayers, her sister, Faith, Spike, Angel, Giles, Willow, Xander, Anya, Dumbledore, all his Professors’, all the aurors, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Harry, Draco, and about half of the school. Waving her hand above the air, she opened three portals. “Alright, one hundred slayers go through here; I want you all to spread around the perimeter and stop anyone from getting in and out – by any means. I want the school Professors’ and every student except Harry to go through this portal, you’ll be inside. You all know physical defence moves and the magical knowledge to dispose of the deatheaters. I don’t expect any bodies to litter the floor, just stun and move on. The rest of the slayers will be with you and I want Willow, Xander and Anya to be with you aswell. I trust them to keep you all alive. The rest of us will go to the centre of the house, that’s where Voldywart will be, I’m sure of it. The portals will stay open until I either die, or come back through. Please, as soon as you feel that you’ve got nothing left – come through. I don’t want your deaths on my head,” she stated, looking towards the army. She smiled as the slayers began to go through the open portal, and the school as well. Soon, only Harry, Buffy, Faith, Giles, Angel, Spike, and Draco were left behind.

“Are you ready?”

“Go Drake, I’ll be fine,” she smiled, hugging the boy tightly. She knew that he would hesitate when he found out that he would not be by her side.

“Don’t die on me Black,” he whispered, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

“I don’t make promises I don’t intend to keep,” she retorted, pushing the boy through the portal. “Are you all ready?”

“Let’s go,” Buffy nodded, jumping through the portal. The others soon followed.


“You know, I really didn’t know that I’d be taking orders from Dawn when I got this job,” a voice muttered, stalking through the forests around a mansion.

“Oh shut up Kennedy, she’s gotten powerful,” another snapped, flaring at the dark-haired girl.

“Just coz you’re friends Vi, doesn’t mean I like her,” she retorted, balancing on a branch.

“Look, just scope the perimeter then report back,” she snapped, pushing the girl off of the branch.


“I can’t believe we left Harry alone,” Hermione muttered, her wand held out straight.

“He’s got Dawn,” Ron reasoned, placing a hand on the lower back of Hermione – rubbing circles, trying to ease the tension.

“Yeah, but she’s been absent lately – how can I know she’ll keep him safe?”

“Dawnie will protect him,” a voice interrupted, alerting the two that they were not alone.

“Yeah, she loves him,” Willow smiled, watching the two slightly.

“Yeah, he’s part of her family. She’s always wanted a big family,” Xander shrugged, walking ahead of the group.

“What do you mean?” Ron asked; confusion clearly in his voice.

“Well, Dawn and Buffy are fiercely protective of what’s theirs. If Dawn thinks Harry is ‘hers,’ she’s gonna protect him by whatever means necessary. Since Harry is part of Dawns’ family, he falls under her protection,” Anya shrugged, her hand shaking lightly. They were all sneaking through some sort of mansion, and it was creeping her out slightly.

“Oh,” Hermione whispered, leaning against the wall.


“Dawn, I-”

“Don’t worry about it Harry,” she muttered, her concentration else where. This was to be her last night alive, and she was sure as hell that she’d go down fighting.

“Dawn, please,” he begged slightly, he had a feeling something was off. The way that Draco had held her, it seemed to be more than friends; and, just watching that, something stirred in his stomach. “I need you to understand,” he whispered, entwining her fingers with his.

“Understand what?” she asked, staring at the interlocking hands. As her eyes rose, she some how came to notice the close proximity of Harry. His face was only inches from hers, as she looked up wide-eyed.

“This,” he muttered, pulling her flush against him. His lips descended on hers, cutting off her squeal of surprise. Quickly sliding an arm around her waist, he moaned slightly as she played with the hairs on the back of his neck. Cutting off the kiss slowly, he leaned his forehead against hers. “I love you,” he whispered, placing a piece of hair that had fallen across her face back behind her ear.

She smiled, looking up into the boys eyes. She knew that if they weren’t in the place that they were in, she would have continued the kiss. “I-”

“How nice of you to join us,” a voice interrupted, causing the pair to turn around.

“Voldemort,” Harry hissed, pushing Dawn behind him.

“Harry, glad to see you’ve brought friends,” he smiled, stepping forth as a couple deatheaters and vampires appeared behind him.

“Oh, is that you sweetie?”

“Glory? I thought we killed you?” Buffy gasped, watching her sisters eyes widen in shock.

“Na ah, can’t be killed that easily,” she smirked, stalking towards the blonde slayer – only to have her path stopped by Angel. “Oh, you got a little vampire!”

“She’s mine Angel,” Dawn stated, stepping up beside the vampire. She quickly unsheathed her sword, and did a quick balance check for it.

“Oh, the key has a back-bone,” Glory smiled, her hands up by her shoulders. She quickly unsheathed a sword of her own. “Oh don’t worry sweetie, I’ll make it quick,” she smirked, quickly lunging forward.

Screams were heard throughout the castle as the fight began – adrenaline pumping through all of their veins.

“Don’t you just miss this B?” Faith asked, quickly beheading the first vampire to cross her path. Her gaze quickly diverted throughout the room. Watching as Spike and Angel were an unstoppable team and Dawn seemed to be doing alright with the ‘God.’

“Oh yeah,” she smiled, tossing the scythe towards Faith and quickly unstrapping her battle axe. She was trying to make a path towards Dawn, noticing her sister faltering slightly. She locked gazes with Faith for a minute, urging the girl to take care of Harry – the person who was stunning the deatheaters that were making their way towards them.

“Go help her B,” she nodded, drop-kicking the vampire that sent a rather harsh punch to her jaw.

“So, sweetie got some powers huh?”

“Just alittle,” Dawn shrugged, spinning and sending a kicking towards Glory’s chin.

“Ah, ah, Dawnie,” she muttered, catching the leg mid-swing and spinning the girl. Watching as she fell to a heap on the floor. “I’m gonna miss this sweetie,” she smiled, swinging her sword above her head.

“So am I,” she whispered, calling her sword from the fallen place just behind Glory. Blocking the deathly blow, Dawn was soon on her feet. “I’m not that easy,” she smirked, swiping the God across her stomach. As she noticed the blood along Glory’s stomach, she gasped, “You can bleed.”

“So can you,” she stated, watching as Dawn’s own blood was spilled at exactly the same spot as the Gods. “You’re connected to me sweetie. I die, you die,” she smiled, punching the girl soundly in the jaw.


“I wonder how they’re doing,” Vi stated, watching boredly as the house erupted in chaos.

“Why are we not there? We are the most experienced,” Kennedy whined, picking her finger nails slightly.

“I don’t know,” Rona shrugged, patting the girl lightly on the shoulder.


“You reckon she’s going to be okay?”

“She’s going to be fine,” Draco snarled, punching a deatheater in the face. He had lost his wand sometime during the surprise attack.

“Whatever you say Spike-alike,” Anya muttered, snapping one of the deatheaters wands.

“We’ll all get out of this alive Anya,” Willow stated, her hair slowly growing white. She was just flicking her wrists at deatheaters and they were sent flying. Oh, he could see the losses that were already on both sides. Slayers and children littered the floor around her, and she could already the screams from down below – wondering if it was Buffy or someone else.

“We’re losing Will,” Xander whispered, dodging a flash of green light. He could hear words in latin being said, but he had no clue as to what they were – he just saw the children’s’ faces turn to fear, so he decided that they were not of the good.

“She’s got something planned, just keep them alive,” Willow returned, her eyes concentrating on the vampire’s which came pouring through an open door.

“Vampires,” Anya clapped, making her way towards them. “I love vampires,” she smiled, ducking and punching the blows meant for her head.


“Isn’t this splendid?” Voldemort asked, clapping his hands lightly. He was sitting atop his throne, watching the chaos. He watched the old man fall; the surprise that the blow caused just sent chills of pleasure up his spine. His minions were doing well, sending curses that would kill towards the super-natural people. He watched the dark-haired girl face off with Glory, watched as she finally figured out their connection. He watched as the blonde and brunette male stood back to back and continued to demolish the vampires that went against them. He wasn’t very happy about that, but, he could always get more. There was another couple, two women that were abnormally strong. They took on about five vampires each, always coming out victorious. He continued to watch as his deatheaters circled the room, blocking all exits. He knew that the warriors hadn’t noticed yet, to fixed to what they were doing. What worried him most was Harry, he wasn’t fighting, just watching – like him. His gaze was fixed on the brunette fighting Glory, worry coming into his eyes. He could see that the boy loved her, anyone could, but he continued to watch. As if mesmerised by her movements, by her attitude. Oh, he knew that Harry and him would need to face off soon, especially if they were to notice their trap – but, he wouldn’t deprive the boy of watching his love die. It would just sweeten the deadly blow that he would deal. First his parents, and then his love. Voldemort cackled.
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