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Do You Trust Me?

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Summary: Dawns sacrificed her life for the world, but is she really dead? Or just in a place where only a 'special' kind of magic can reach?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterLovesBitch2FR18923,236049,70812 Feb 0712 Feb 07Yes

I Die, You Die...

“Remember Glory, I die you die,” Dawn whispered, struggling as the God held her around her throat. Her feet were helplessly kicking the air, and her back was firmly pressed against the Gods’ body. She turned her head to see that her friends were surrounded by deatheaters – the vampires’ were all slain. She could see that Giles’ was sprawled on the floor, unsure whether he was dead or alive.

“Oh, I don’t plan to kill you sweetie,” she whispered, a hand sneaking her way through the brunettes’ hair. She could already taste her sweet keys’ brains, the power it would give her.

“No,” Dawn whimpered, tears falling from her eyes. She saw Buffy snap a neck of a deatheater, knowing how much it would affect her sister – she never killed, never killed a human. But, she was trying to get to Dawn, trying to save Dawn. Locking her eyes with her sister, she could see tears flow down her cheeks – she understood. “Adveho,” she whispered, her eyes glowing green. Curling her fingers around the handle, she held it before her. “I…can’t…let…you,” she whimpered, driving the sword through her abdomen – angling it so it would pierce the Gods’ heart. She could feel the life leaving her, and she had to do one more thing. Had to protect her friends. “Ego dico super vox of antiquitas. Rid is locus of malum of atrum. Reverto lemma ut abyssus ex quod they erant brought continuo. Ut ego reverto vobis, tribuo is unus votum. Servo lemma , solvo lemma. Rid is locus of totus atrum!” she shouted, limping towards the group. Her wounds were bleeding fiercely, and she could feel Glorys’ death beginning to take hold of her. Falling to her knees, she fell – tears flowing freely from her eyes as she saw her friends devastated faces.

“We’re surrounded,” Faith muttered, glancing towards her sister slayer – noticing her concentration else where. Looking over one of the deatheaters’ shoulders, she saw Dawn fighting for her life against Glory.

“I need to help her,” a voice whispered behind them, alerting their attention to the youngest in their group.

“How you gonna help?”

“I love her,” he growled, pushing his way past the two women. He could hear her whimpers of pain, and a feeling of vengeance was beginning to build in him.

“Get out of my way,” Buffy stated deadly, walking up to the first deatheater in her path.

“No,” he retorted, his wand pointed steadily at her heart.

“Hard way then,” she shrugged, immediately snapping the neck of the man. It was if it was in slow motion, her eyes locking with her sisters. She could see the decision set in her eyes, the tears flowing from her eyes – the deadly gleam. Her knees buckled, watching as her sister stabbed herself – she let a heart-breaking scream release within her. It was happening again. Her baby sister was dying, again. She wept as Dawn staggered, her eyes glowing a fierce green. She distantly heard voices, felt hands upon her arms – but, she could only see her sister. Her beautiful sister who was dying. She watched in astonishment as a blast of green filled the room, blinding her eyes slightly. “Dawnie,” she whispered heart-brokenly, reaching her hand out helplessly.

“Buffy? Buffy!” Angel shouted, watching as she automatically snapped the neck of a deatheater. He watched in horror as she buckled, watching a scene unfold that she shouldn’t have too. It was if everyone was focused on it, no one moved as they watched the poor girl. Staggering nearer, he heard her whisper words in latin and then the room was filled a bright green light. Shielding his eyes, he was sure he heard a whispered ‘Dawnie.’

“Dawn?” Spike whimpered, watching as his nibblet fell. Blood pooling around her still form. He had been watching for her, looking to see if she was alright – but then they were surrounded. He turned his gaze to the fallen slayer, her gaze glossy and un-emotional. She had retreated within herself again. She had done it once when Dawn was taken and now she was doing it now – with this much heart-ache, it was a wonder she was still alive. He watched as Angel went to his slayer, sitting infront of her – holding her head in both hands. He knew that Angel would be able to retrieve her, if anyone could, it was him. But, what about everyone else?

“Baby girl?” Faith whispered, watching as her ‘baby sister’ staggered towards them. She was holding a wound on her stomach, blood already staining the white top she wore. She heard from Buffy that it was ‘prophesized’ but, it was Dawn. Sweet little Dawnie who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Who would always make sure that everyone got something good out of life. She continued to watch as her eyes glowed green, a shield protruding from within her. Hearing a few latin words, a bright green light soon filled the room – blinding everyone. She could feel Voldemort leave the room, up the stairs to the first floor.

“Dawn!” Harry shouted, his eyes unbelieving. She was supposed to be invincible; she was supposed to be unstoppable. He watched in horror as she drove the sword into her abdomen, angling it so it hit Glorys’ heart. He could see her eyes glowing, the power of The Key finally showing itself. Pushing through the stunned crowd, he ran towards her staggering form. Hearing the last few words of the spell she had cast, he caught her falling form in his arms – his arms quickly encircling her. “Dawnie?” he cried, tears leaking from his eyes. He held her tightly, rocking back and forth.

‘Where am I?’ Buffy asked herself, walking through the misty fog. Her eyes were blinded from the fog, and she was waving her hands about.

“You’re deep within yourself,” a voice whispered behind her, causing the slayer to turn around.


“Right here B,” she smiled, hugging the slayer tightly. She knew that this was her last chance to set everything straight – get Buffy back to the battle.

“I thought you were dead,” she stated, her tears soaking through the top Dawn was wearing.

“I am dead Buffy,” she said, buckling under the pressure Buffy was hugging her. Both were soon on the floor, sobbing quietly to themselves.


“I’m within you Buffy,” she whispered, placing a hand over the slayers heart.

“You…you need to come back Dawn, we need you…Harry needs you,” she rushed, her eyes begging Dawn. She knew it was impossible, they weren’t going to bring Dawn back again, not after last time – but, she could hope, right?

“You know I can’t Buffy, I was meant to die there. But you need to go back, they need you,” she said, wiping away her sisters’ tears.

“I…I can’t,” she whimpered, grabbing her sisters’ hand tightly. “It’s not the same,” she continued, her gaze trained on her lap.

“It’s not going to be the same if you don’t knock Harry out of it and get him up to face Voldemort,” she returned stubbornly, tearing her hand away from her sister. “They need you Buff, he need’s you to guide him,” she whispered, placing a hand on her cheek. “You need to go back.”

“Will I see you again?”

“You know you will Buffy, you can’t keep us Summers women down,” she smiled tearily, hugging her sister tightly before evaporating.

“Angel?” she whispered, her gaze focussing on the handsome vampire.

“Buffy,” he sighed, pulling her in close for a hug. She could see the bodies of the deatheaters littering the ground and smiled – her sister had done well. Her gaze soon drifted to the boy holding her sisters dead body, tears already entering her eyes. Pulling out of Angels’ embrace lightly, she walked towards the boy. She could feel that her friends were okay, and that they were fine for the moment. But Voldemort needed to be stopped, and Harry was the one to do it. “Harry?” she asked, placing a hand on the sobbing boys shoulder. “We have to go,” she stated, drawing the boys gaze away from her sisters.’

“She’s dead, how can she be dead?”

“We have to go,” she repeated, trying to gently pull his hands away from her sisters’ form.

“No…no I can’t, not without her. She promised she’d be there,” he cried, pulling tighter of Dawns’ form.

“It’s what she would’ve wanted Harry. You need to defeat Voldemort and then we can grieve,” she whispered, forcing the boy to look into her eyes.

“Right,” he nodded, sliding away from Dawn. Looking back at the fallen girl, vengeance was ignited in his soul. “Right,” he stated, nodding his head again. Voldemort would pay for what he had done. “But, me alone – I don’t want anyone else to…” he trailed off, looking back at the broken group. He could all see that they loved Dawn and he would have revenge for all. He didn’t want any of Dawns’ friends’ deaths on his head, just as she didn’t want any of the students’ deaths on her head.

“He went up there,” Faith pointed, nodding towards the boy. She could see the resolve that was in his eyes, the passion to kill. She wasn’t sure if he was ready for the guilt it would cause, especially since Voldemort was, to begin with, a human being – but, nothing could stop someone seeking vengeance until it was served. And Harry Potter seemed all too willing to collect on everyone’s vengeance.


“Dawn,” Vi whispered, watching as the green light seemed to encompass the entire house. She knew what that meant, her friend had told her – she was dead. This is why the most experienced slayers were surrounding the house, they were meant to guide everyone through the closing portals. Dawn had somehow managed to rig the portals so once Vi passed through, they would close. Vi just had to be the last person through – that was her job, and she was to tell everyone else.


“Dawn’s dead,” Rona concluded, watching as Vi cried. Her own tears making the image blurry.

“We have to escort everyone out, now,” Vi stated, already walking towards the house. Kennedy and Rona were not that far behind. Alerting the rest of the group to their movement – a hundred slayers began to invade the Malfoy Manor.


“It’s Dawnie,” Xander sighed, watching as Willow collapsed into tears. He knew that they were all expecting this, Buffy had told them of the prophecy – but, they were all just so good at proving them wrong. Why had this one been different? Why had this one proven them wrong? It sent a wave of reality crashing through his bones – they weren’t all invincible, no matter how many battles they’d all survived.

“She’s dead isn’t she Xander?” Anya asked, her eyes slowly blinking – trying to re-adjust to the bright green light that flashed throughout the room.

“Yeah An,” he whispered, enfolding the shivering girl in his arms. She wasn’t used to a death of a friend – it had never happened to anyone other than Dawn and Joyce, but they had brought Dawn back. He watched surprised as the blonde-haired boy hugged Willow – their grief a shell around them.

“Will she come back this time?”

“No Anya, not this time,” he cried, letting his own tears fall as he held his girlfriend. He knew that everyone was looking – they hadn’t known Dawn as they had. They hadn’t known what she was truly capable of once given the chance. She was everyone’s light, what they searched for when in the dark.

Draco watched as the red-headed witch, who reminded him so much of Ginny, collapse in a state of tears. He knew his best-friend had died – he had felt it. He had felt this searing pain in his chest, and then nothing. Kneeling, he enfolded the girl in his arms – letting her sob on his chest. His eyes scanned the many bodies that littered the floor – he could only see a few that were from Hogwarts and a few that were slayers, but they were mostly deatheaters. He knew his father was amongst them, a face behind one of those ugly masks. His mother was probably aswell – disgust coming onto his face. He couldn’t believe that his parents would lower themselves as to serve another. They always said that they were superior, they answered to no one. He didn’t want that life – he never wanted that life. To live in the darkness, let it surround you – it didn’t fit well with him. He didn’t want to feel the need to look over his shoulder every five minutes for an enemy – an auror.

He buried his head within the neck of the girl and sobbed for his friend. She was the first person to ever see the Draco and not the Malfoy – granted it didn’t begin aswell as he would have liked, but, he didn’t think that was his fault. He wasn’t in control – he could feel it. Crawling underneath his skin, just waiting to show itself. He soon found out that his ‘father’ was putting something in his drink to lesson his magical defences. Allowing Voldemort to enter his mind without hesitation – controlling his every move. He knew that his ‘fathers’ torture was not the only thing that Dawn had seen; she had also seen him. She had seen Voldemort within his mind and that is why she accepted him – he had a touch of darkness. Just as she did. Tightening his hold on the red-head, her cried out. Crying for his lost friend, crying for his lost innocence and crying for his love. He had heard that she had been sent home by her brother – her protests were heard throughout The Great Hall. But Dawn had interrupted, sending a glance his way she whispered into the girls’ ear. He didn’t know what she had said, but the smile that lit up her face was one he would always remember. He hadn’t seen her after that day – suspecting she had left for ‘The Burrow’ or whatever it was called.

Willow deftly felt arms being wrapped around her, but she ignored it. It was just comfort for the grief, and she could feel the grief and sorrow in the air. It was suffocating her and she needed release. Clinging to the body that was wrapped around her, she cried for Dawn. She remembered the times when she saw Dawn at her truly happiest – with her sister. She would always rile Buffy up and then Buffy would start a tickle war – ending in Dawn trying not to pee her pants. Both sisters were truly happy then – as if the evils of the world hadn’t affected them at all. She knew of Buffy’s fears, losing Dawn again would kill her, and Willow feared that she was right. Dawn was her reason to keep fighting; she was what kept The Slayer in her going. She remembered the stated that Buffy was in when Dawn was taken the first time; she went into a catatonic state – breaking down. She remembered the glassy look in the slayers’ eyes and Willow feared that it had happened again. “Buffy,” Willow whispered, pulling herself out her grief and running to the room where her best-friend would be.

“Willow!” she heard shouts after, footsteps alerting her to people following her – but, she couldn’t stop. She needed to know that Buffy was alright.

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