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Do You Trust Me?

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Summary: Dawns sacrificed her life for the world, but is she really dead? Or just in a place where only a 'special' kind of magic can reach?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterLovesBitch2FR18923,236049,70512 Feb 0712 Feb 07Yes

With My Life...

“I need you to do me a favour,” she whispered, her eyes begging the two.

“What is it?”

“I need you to go to him, give him guidance and strength – Buffy can’t do it,” she stated, stepping closer to the two.

“Why can’t you?”

“I need to do something, I…I don’t belong here – I’ve got to sort something out,” she muttered, her gaze pleading.

“Okay…” they whispered together, slowly fading.

“Goodluck,” she smiled, waving to the couple – smiling at the love that clearly surrounded them.


“Ah, glad you could make it Harry,” Voldemort smiled, watching as the boy stepped cautiously closer.

“You knew she would die,” he growled, his hand tightening around his wand. He wasn’t afraid anymore, he had been trained for this – this is what he was born to do.

“What’s a life for a life?” he shrugged, remembering the many dead bodies of his followers.

“She was an innocent!!” Harry roared, pointing his wand towards Voldemorts heart.

“She came into this building knowing the consequences Harry, I just gave out the judgement,” he stated, smiling condescendingly at the wand. “You really think you’re ready for this Harry?”

“Bring it,” he smirked, his thoughts drifting to Dawn. He was spending too much time with the girl – a silent tear fell as he remembered her fate.

“Crucio,” Voldemort whispered, taking advantage of the boys’ brief distraction. He watched in pleasure as Harry winced in pain, not quite falling to his knees. “I see you’ve learnt to withstand pain Harry,” he observed, lifting the curse slowly. “The question is, how much?” he murmured in the boys’ ear, laughing slightly as the boy shook. “Crucio!” he shouted, laughing as Harry let out a scream of pain. He knew that he should really end this, he needed to show the wizarding world that he couldn’t be defeated; couldn’t die. But, he loved to torture; he loved the way the screams sent chills up and down his body.

“Ex…expelliarmus,” Harry murmured, staggering to his feet. Every bone in his body was aching, shooting daggers of pain through every muscle. Quickly dodging another ‘crucio’ curse sent his way, he hid behind a set of drawers holding his shoulder – blood covering the hand that was trying to stop the bleeding.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” Voldemort taunted, his wand pointed deadly on the set of drawers which hid Harry Potter. “Don’t you want to join your little girlfriend?”

“Dawn,” Harry whispered, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. Honing his senses on that one feeling he got whenever Dawn was about – the love that he had for her. ‘I can still feel her…’ he thought, his eyes opening to reveal a brilliant green. His eyes were glowing and he could feel the energy of ‘his’ Dawn running through him. She had somehow left him a gift – something to defeat Voldemort with. Lifting his hand, he gasped as he saw her was bathed in a green light – the same energy that Dawn was surrounded in when she blocked the Avada Kedavra curse sent by Malfoy. Time slowly began to stop; Voldemorts taunts slowly becoming a distant memory.

“You know you can win,” a voice whispered to his right, an image forming slightly.

“They’re counting on you,” another stated, causing the boy to tear up slightly.

“Mum? Dad?”

“It’s us son, Dawn thought you might’ve needed some guidance,” James Potter stated, placing a ghostly hand on his sons’ shoulder.

“Where is she? Why isn’t she here?”

“She can’t son, she’s…busy,” Lily Potter smiled, wiping away a tear from her sons’ face.

“What is this?” he asked, motioning for his body covered in green light.

“It’s Dawns’ gift to you. You see Harry, it was prophesised that she die because if she didn’t, you wouldn’t have a chance against Voldemort,” Lily whispered, smiling sadly at her son. “She’s a great girl sweetie.”

“Will I…will I ever see her again?”

“Soon son, very soon,” James smiled, patting Harry on the head lightly. “But first, you have to deal with Voldemort. You need to destroy him. Avada Kedavra will not work, just as it will not work with you now – that was Dawns’ gift son, she gave you immunity towards the curse.”

“The power is within you son, just look for it,” Lily smiled, kissing her son lightly on the cheek – she began to fade.

“Wait! Where are you going?!”

“We have to go back, we were only granted this because of Dawn. You just need to have faith in yourself Harry, everyone else does,” James said, ruffling the boys’ hair before slowly dissolving. “We love you,” he whispered before he was fully going, smiling towards his teary son.

“I love you,” he smiled, letting the tears freely fall. It wasn’t the first time that Harry had seen his parents after their death, but, they were so real here – just close enough to touch.

“Well Harry, I never knew you felt that way,” Voldemort smirked, his wand jutting into the boys’ back. “But I’m afraid, I do not feel the same,” he continued, letting the boy turn round. His eyebrows rose due to the glow around Harry, but he didn’t ask, it didn’t seem to worry him that much. “Avada…”

“Permissum nex vindicatum thee,” Harry whispered, pointing his wand dead centre towards Voldemorts’ heart. He felt the curse hit him, watched in delight as Voldemorts’ eyes widened in surprise – Harrys’ curse hitting him square in the chest. He watched as Voldemort staggered, falling to his knees in protest – hissing towards Harry.

“What have you done?!” he hissed, glaring at the smirking boy. “It should have killed you!”

“I’m as immune to it as you are Tom,” Harry retorted, stalking up to the fallen man/creature. He watched in awe as Voldemort started to burn from the inside out – flames beginning to grow from his chest.

“What is this?!!”

“The souls of the past are collecting on their vengeance,” he whispered, his eyes widening as he saw black shadows begin to surround his enemy. They were ripping him apart, tearing from within. Harry just watched as Voldemort was buried in flames and the howls of those seeking vengeance – never once shedding an emotion for the fallen ‘Lord.’ “Goodbye Tom,” he stated, turning his back on the screaming man. Opening the door, he could hear the others talking, and he could still feel the presence of Dawn.


“Dawn,” Willow gasped, looking towards the fallen girl which was surrounded by champions. Faith, Spike, Angel and Buffy; their cries echoing throughout the empty chamber. Her gaze flicked towards Giles in the corner, his own gaze trained on the bruised girl. “Dawnie?”

“She’s…she’s really gone,” Spike muttered, falling to his knees at the head of the girl. He began to stroke her cheek lovingly – the coldness of her body seeping into his own.

“Dawn!” Draco shouted, running to the girl – gathering her in his arms. He didn’t care about the older man glaring at him – he needed his best-friend. “You can’t be gone, you can’t be,” he cried, burying his head in her neck. Hiding his tears and cries from those surrounding her.

“How?” was all Xander could whisper, watching the poor boy cling to her.

“She…she stabbed herself. I heard something from Glory…she could be killed, but she was connected to Dawnie. If she died…Dawn died,” Faith stated, her gaze drifting between Spike and Xander.

“Is she cold? Coz if she’s not, she’s still alive…” Anya asked, her gaze uncertain as she looked at Buffy.

“She’s gone,” the slayer croaked, her back leaned into Angel. Her grief weighing her down.

“W…where’s Harry?” Hermione asked, looking towards Giles.

“He went up-”

“I’m here,” a voice stated, alerting them to the boy staggering down the steps. His shoulder was bleeding heavily and he was limping – scratches were adorning his face.

“Oh Harry,” she cried, tears falling as she ran to her friend. She embraced him tightly as he encircled his arms around her – letting his hurt pour out.

“She’s gone Hermione,” he cried, burying his head in her neck – drying his tears in her shoulder.

“It’s gonna be okay,” she whispered in the boys ear, smiling as she felt Rons’ arms encircle them both.

“We’re here mate,” he murmured, patting his best mate on the back – his arms encircling the crying two.

“God, it hurts,” he cried, collapsing onto his knees – wincing from the pain in his leg. His gaze was locked on the girl in the embrace of Draco Malfoy – the unmoving girl in his arms.

“Voldemort?” a voice whispered behind the group, alerting Harry to the others in the room.

“He’s gone,” he stated, looking into the blondes’ eyes. He could see the grief and sadness in the girls’ eyes and he knew that it was reflected in his own.

“Dawn would’ve been proud,” she smiled, brushing away the tears that still fell.

“Thankyou,” he nodded, walking towards the blonde boy. “Draco? Can you lift her?”

“I…yes,” he answered, staring into Harrys’ eyes. He saw that he trusted him, giving him this one chance. Picking up Dawn carefully, he turned to the others in the room – all their eyes’ on the girl in his arms.

“We need to go,” Vi rushed, tears pouring from her eyes as she saw her friend.

“Aren’t the portals closed?”

“No, I need to be the last one,” she stated, glancing towards the slayer encased in Spikes’ arms – shielding her from harm.


“Oh dear,” Poppy whispered, looking towards the injured as they walked in. Most were just scratches but the main ones were for Buffy, Faith, Angel, Spike, Draco, Harry and Dawn. “Put her on the bed please Mr. Malfoy,” she instructed, motioning towards the room next door – an enclosed room. She watched as he went on instinct, not seeming to have heard her at all. “On the beds with you all,” she stated, pushing Harry onto one of the beds. His wounds were the most urgent that needed to be tended to.

“I…I have to see her,” he stated, moving towards the room which Draco went through.

“Not now Mr. Potter, you need to be fixed,” she said, looking towards the large gash that was down his leg. Muttering a spell, she watched as it began to heal. “You’re leg will need a couple of weeks to heal,” she said, watching in confusion as it seemed to leave a rather harsh scar.

“Okay,” he nodded absently, his eyes never leaving the closed door which held Dawn.

“You can go to her if you like, I’ll fix you later,” she smiled, happily watching the boy quickly get off the bed and stagger towards the door. “Alright you lot!” she shouted, watching as the others seemed to be in a world of their own.


“Dawnie,” Draco sighed, carefully placing the girl on the bed. A chill was left in his body – the coldness of her form seeping into him. “You left,” he whispered, his tears spilling onto her face. He carefully placed a fallen piece of hair behind her ear – smiling as he did so. “I suppose it was lucky you didn’t make the promise,” he continued, climbing onto the bed slightly – holding her closely. He just laid there with her in his arms, staring up at the ceiling – welcoming the silence.

“Can…can I?” a voice interrupted, the sound shocking Draco back to reality.

“Sure mate,” he smiled kindly, slipping away from her. He was shocked by the raw pain that was in Harrys’ voice; the raw emotion it showed.

“Thanks,” he nodded, a grim line set where a smile should be. Voldemort was gone, defeated – it was time to celebrate. He didn’t move until Draco left the room, shedding the room in candle light. His feet moved with their own accord, his hands itching to touch her. Flinching at the coldness of her skin, he let the tears fall again. His sobs echoed throughout the room; heart-broken, earth shattering sobs. He clung to the girl for life – as if hoping he could transfer his life energy to her, just as she did him. “Come back to me,” he cried, burying his head in her neck, his tears drying on her hair.

“Dawnie,” a voiced whispered, bringing light to the darkness which surrounded her.

“Mum?” she asked quietly, her hands out-stretched.

“It’s me sweetie,” she smiled, embracing the girl tightly.

“Am I…Am I going?”

“You’re not meant to be here at this time pumpkin belly, they’ve given you another chance,” Joyce stated, patting her daughter on the head.

“What if I don’t want another chance? What if I want to stay here?”

“You can’t sweetie,” she smiled, pulling away from her daughter. “You have another chance to live Dawnie, Buffy needs you; he needs you,” she continued, tenderly placing a fallen piece of hair behind her ear.

“What if I need you,” she cried, tears falling from her eyes.

“I’m always with you sweetie, you just have to look for me,” she smiled, shimmering away from the girl. “Say hi to Sirius for me,” she whispered, watching as her little girl started to fade.

“Bye mummy,” she waved; a smile etching on her face.

“Come back to me, come back to me, come back to me, come back to me,” he kept mumbling, clinging to the girl tightly. He didn’t notice the faint glow of green energy surround Dawn – the twitch of movement from her body. He was shocked out of his reverie by a hand combing through his hair. “What…?”

“Harry,” she whispered, snuggling deeper into his embrace. Everything was hurt, she was in so much pain – but, just having him there; it helped.

“You…you’re alive,” he cried, hugging her even tighter.

“Ow, ow, ow…still hurting here,” she winced, flinching away from him slightly.

“How?” he asked, placing a fallen piece of hair behind her ear.

“The world still needs me,” she shrugged, trying to sit up – she was leaning heavily on Harry.

“I don’t…I don’t know what I would’ve done if you-”

“Hey, I’m here now – no more going away for Dawn,” she whispered, stroking the boys’ cheek lightly. “I’m not going to leave you Harry – told you I wouldn’t,” she smirked, going to get off the bed.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“I have to tell everyone Harry,” she sighed, running a bloody hand through her hair.

“Not alone,” he whispered, slipping a protective arm around her waist – pulling her closer to his chest.

“Harry, about what you said before…” she trailed off, unsure of how to continue. He had poured his heart out to her – and she had not been able to return it.

“Not yet,” he stated, placing a finger to her lips. He could see the love in her eyes, and that would do him…for now.

Buffy watched as the door opened, expecting to see a haunted boy coming out – but, there was someone with him. “Dawn?” she gasped, looking at the girl wrapped tightly in the boys’ arms.

“Buffy,” she whispered, unwrapping herself and running towards her sisters’ arms. Embracing the girl tightly, she ignored the pain she felt when her sisters’ arms wrapped tightly around her – tightly squeezing her.

“You…you’re alive,” she gushed, letting the tears fall – smiling as she felt her sister nod. Pulling away, she looked her sister over carefully. “Your eyes?”

“I know, it’s a side-effect of coming back,” she muttered, wiping the tears away from her now bright green eyes.

“Thank god,” she whispered, pulling her sister in closer. She couldn’t believe that she was alive and standing there…bleeding. “You…you have to get fixed, you’re bleeding,” she gushed, pulling her over to the bed. She knew that the others wanted their hugs and kisses, but, she wanted her sister for herself at the moment – wanted their time.

Harry watched with a smile on his face as his ‘unofficial girlfriend’ hugged her loved ones, her smile dampened slightly. He knew he should ask her about her time…away…but, he knew that it would ruin the moment – dampen the air of happiness. He watched in surprise as Sirius Black burst through the door; eyes wild with anger. He was shouting and tears were in his eyes – he only dried them when he saw Dawn. Harry watched as Sirius walked towards the blonde slayer, his hand extended and a smile on his face. His eyes widened as the blonde embraced the man, a smile adorning Dawns’ face. They looked like a family, Dawn, Buffy and Sirius Black were a family – he just wished that someday he could be officially apart of that.


“How’s Dawn doing?” Hermione asked, catching up to the still slightly limping Harry Potter.

“She’s fine, she’s still recovering though,” he sighed, running a tired hand through his unruly hair. It had been a week since the battle, and Dawn was having trouble…adjusting. He had heard of her ‘heavenly vacation’ and had almost cried again. She was not given entry because other’s needed her still – he needed her still. She was quiet in the beginning; only Buffy, Draco, Sirius and he were able to get her to talk. But now, now she was almost more out-going than normal – her attitude was back.

“Everyone’s still recovering,” Ron muttered, his eye’s searching for Ginny. He had been in the company of Draco Malfoy for a week and he found that the boy was quite funny – his no hold attitude was amusing. He had seen the gazes between the two – the longing in both. Now, it was just a matter of time before he put his plan into action.

“I still can’t believe its over, can you? Really?” Hermione asked, taking her seat at the Gryffindor table. She looked towards the teachers’ table and noticed that their ‘guests’ had left. “Where are they?”

“Who?” Harry asked, turning his head side to side. “Oh the other’s, they had to get back. They’re going to meet up with Dawn and Spike at the station,” he stated, nodding towards the concerned vampire. They had gotten closer during Dawns’ incapacitation, tending to her every need.

“You know, everyone’s saying…” Hermiones’ gossip trailed off as Harry noticed who walked through the doors. Dawn was limping up the long aisle towards the teachers’ table, a look of pure concentration on her face.

‘God, here goes…’ she thought, opening the large doors that led to the Great Hall. She had been stuck in that hospital wing for a week, people fluttering about trying to ease her pain. She just had to get out of there and the smell – she got her hatred towards hospitals’ from Buffy. She trained her eyes towards the teachers’ table, knowing that all eyes in the hall were on her – she knew that the rumour mills would have been set. She didn’t even see Harrys’ eyes widen in surprise at her being there, or notice the wicked gleam in his eyes. She did however notice when she was unceremoniously pulled onto someones’ lap and arms protectively encircling her.

“Do you really think you should be out?” he whispered into her ear, shivering slightly at the thrill it caused.

“I think Mr. Potter, that I needed to get out of the stuffy hospital room,” she muttered, sinking into his embrace. She knew that the eyes’ of the teachers’ and the students were on them, but she didn’t care – she needed this bit of peace.

“Eat,” he instructed, shoving a plate of food infront of her. He knew that he was being silly, that if he let go, she wouldn’t float away. But, it was hard; he had seen her die, he had felt what he would feel when she died, and he didn’t like it.

“Why Harry, never knew you cared,” she smiled, pecking him lightly on the cheek. She quickly dug into the food that was on the plate, ignoring the amazed looks of everyone. She was hungry, and that was that.

“Glad to see you out and about Dawn,” Ron smiled at the girl, smirking at the pair.

“Thanks Ron,” she nodded, her eyes set on the food infront of her.

“So, what’s going on with you two then?” Hermione asked, smirking at her two friends.

“What?” Dawn choked, her eyes growing wide – her panic only being subsided when Harry started rubbing circles’ on her back.

“Well, are you together? Or not?” Ginny asked; after the battle, she had grown closer to the group – she was no longer an outsider.

“I…ah…well…” Harry stumbled over his words, looking towards Dawn. They had never really discussed if they were ‘together’ or not, he supposed it was up to her.

“Yes,” she smiled, looking into Harrys’ eyes. She slid a hand through his ruffled hair and smiled, “Yes we are.”

“That’s good to know Dawn, but maybe you should get off his lap now hmm? Wouldn’t want the residents to get feisty,” a voice interrupted the group, making them turn around. “Plus, you have class in five minutes.”

“Aaaawwww, but Spike, I like it here,” she smirked, sliding her arms around Harry’s neck.

“I can see you’re comfy ‘bit,” he smirked, his eyes flicking to the blushing boy. “But, I need you in class today,” he reminded, pulling her off the boys’ lap.

“Fine,” she pouted, crossing her arms across her chest. She glared towards the smirking vampire, before turning back to Harry. “I’ll see you in class sweetie,” she smiled, leaning down towards the boy. She pulled him in closer and gave him a kiss, smiling slightly as he pulled her onto his lap – running his hands up and down her sides. She moaned slightly as he massaged her stomach, carefully avoiding the sword wound.

“Alright you lot, that’s enough,” he muttered, literally pulling Dawn out of his embrace. “I’ve had enough of this teenage love fest,” he stated disgustedly, pulling Dawn out of the Hall.

“Jealous,” she pouted, winking towards Harry. She could see his blush suddenly appear when he realized where he was – she loved to make him blush.


“I’ll see you in a month Harry,” Hermione stated, pulling the boy into a tight hug. It was the end of school and the group was just standing outside the barrier between the Hogwarts’ train and the real world.

“Are you going to the Weasleys’ too?” he asked, smiling slightly as he hugged alittle tighter.

“Yeah, I think I am,” she smiled, looking interestingly towards Ron. “What are you doing Dawn?”

“Oh, I’m staying with Angel while Buffy and Faith do a slayer thing – I’m not allowed to do anything dangerous,” she pouted, glaring slightly at Spike, who was talking to her dad.

“Good,” Harry muttered, sliding his arms around her waist.

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that,” she whispered in his ear, pinching him lightly in the stomach. She smirked as he doubled slightly. “You guys have to owl me,” she ordered, glaring at each of her friends.

“We will Dawn,” Ron smiled, pulling the girl out of his friends’ arms and into his own.

“I will see you,” she whispered, pulling Hermione into a hug. “We have to get that boy to notice you,” she smiled, laughing at Hermiones’ blush.

“Bit! Come on!” Spike shouted, waving the girl over to him and Sirius.

“See you later Gin,” she smiled, pulling the girl into a bone crushing hug. “I’ll try to get ahold of Drake for you,” she whispered in the girls’ ear, quickly letting go before she got a slap.

“So, I guess I’ll see you,” Harry stated, watching as the others seemed to walk away.

“You betcha,” she smiled, holding onto both of his hands.

“When?” he asked, stepping closer to the smiling girl.

“Soon Harry,” she said, smiling as he brought a hand up to her face; stroking her cheek lightly.

“I can’t help but think that if you leave…I won’t see you again,” he choked, kissing her lightly on the lips.

“Harry,” Dawn sighed, looking up to see the tears in the boys’ eyes.

“I…I can’t help it. I mean, I lost you once…I can’t lose you again,” he whispered, in-twining his hand with hers. He brought their hands up to eyes level and just looked at them. “I can’t,” he whispered, leaning his forehead against hers.

“You won’t,” she stated, bringing the boy in for a kiss. She gasped as he pulled her closer, flushing his body against hers. Never once did their hands let go, in fear that they would disappear. “I love you,” she whispered, smiling as he twirled her around.

“I love you too,” he stated, giving her one last kiss before letting go.

“You will see me,” she said, patting the boy lightly on the chest before inching away. “Do you trust me?”

“With my life,” he returned, just watching as she walked towards Spike and Sirius.

“Then I’ll see you,” she smiled, waving towards the boy. She turned her back and continued to walk out of the station. Her wounds had healed from her death, but the scars still remained.

“Come on boy, we don’t want your aunt to be kept waiting,” a man stated harshly, gripping the boys’ arm fiercely.

“Yes Uncle Vernon,” he sighed, turning his back and walking the opposite way from Dawn. ‘I hope so Dawn…’ he thought, his gaze drawn back to where she last stood. ‘I hope so…’


K, there is a sequeal to this story, it's called 'Dirty Little Secrets' - I'll will put it up soon, so don't worry. :)

The End

You have reached the end of "Do You Trust Me?". This story is complete.

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