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Do You Trust Me?

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Summary: Dawns sacrificed her life for the world, but is she really dead? Or just in a place where only a 'special' kind of magic can reach?

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterLovesBitch2FR18923,236049,70812 Feb 0712 Feb 07Yes

It's Okay Daddy...

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. All BTVS character belong to Joss Whedon's brilliant mind and all Harry Potter characters belong only to the mind of JK Rowling. I claim to no rights to copyrighted material


Buffy silently held the hand of her unconscious sister; tears glistening her eyes. It had been half a year since Glory had been defeated; half a year since her sister jumped through the portal. As far as she could tell, Dawn wasn’t dead; just hurt beyond what simple healing could do. Everyone had tried. Doctors tried their medicine, Willow tried her magic and Xander, Anya, Tara and Spike all came and talked to her; trying to call her back.

“Miss Summers?” a voice asked behind her, startling her from her reverie.

“Yes?” she asked, turning to look at the voice. Before her stood a very wise looking man, long white beard, crescent moon-shaped glasses and a rather pointy looking hat; she couldn’t help but smile alittle at the cliché.

“I’m here to talk of Miss Dawn,” he smiled kindly, nodding towards the teenager in the hospital bed.

“What do you want with my sister?”

“You are aware that she is not really your sister, are you not?”

“Yes, she may not be my sister in blood, but she is it in everything else,” Buffy stated, turning fully to face the old man. She knew that she should really be mad at this man, she had a feeling that he was here to take her away; yet, his eyes told her to not fear, that he was here to help.

“Her mortal body has been damaged beyond what mortal medicines can repair, yet, she is still here. Her ‘Key’ side is still in effect Miss Summers and that is the only reason that she is here. You see, she was born like a normal human and the powers of the ‘Key’ were given to her,” he smiled gently, aware that the topic was very touchy for this woman.

“Are you trying to tell me that, someone did this to her? Someone gave her this gift of…of death?!”

“The ‘Key’ was actually sent here to protect you, Miss Summers. You have no idea how powerful Miss Dawn really is; she’s completely unstoppable given the right circumstances. She was never meant to be used this way, this certain aspect of her powers; it needs to be controlled, it needs to be watched,” he stated, sitting down in the chairs provided in the room.

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that with my help, Dawn could reach her full potential; she could fulfil her destiny,” he said, her eyes turning to the girl in the bed. He couldn’t help smiling at the girl, he could see that she was trying to come back; trying to be restored, yet, something was stopping her. He frowned at the thought.

“Who are you anyway?”

“Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry,” the old man smiled, extending a hand towards the blonde woman.

“I never actually thought I’d ever meet her,” he whispered, a hand tenderly stroking the hair that was strewn across the bed from the young girl.

“She has that affect to leave people in awe,” Buffy smiled, tears shimmering as they glided down her cheeks. Somehow, this old man held a connection to her sister; she could sense it.

“Buffy! There’s a – Bloody hell, I’d never thought I’d see you again,” a voice shouted, interrupting the tender moment between the two.

“William, it has been awhile,” the old man smiled, winking towards the vampire.

“What brings you to Sunnyhell Albus?”

“Miss Dawn,” he answered, nodding towards the girl.

“What do you want with her?” he asked; his body stiffening slight; he trusted Albus with everything he had, but, nobody took Dawn away without telling him.

“To take her where she belongs, where she came from,” he stated grimly, looking towards each blonde.

“Where is that exactly?” Buffy asked, looking sternly at the old man.

“England, 12 Grimmauld Place to be exact,” Dumbledore stated, smiling towards the blondes.

“Blacks place?” Spike asked curiously, glancing sideways towards the Professor.

“Yes, Sirius Blacks’ home,” Dumbledore smiled, his eyes straying always to the girl in bed. “But first, she must awake,” he stated, his hands placed upon her forehead. A glow slowly surrounded both of them; suddenly, Dumbledore was pulled into her dreamworld…

Blue eyes glistened as she watched a young girl run into the arms of a ruff looking guy. His dark hair and steel blue eyes shone with happiness, his arms wrapping tightly around the little girl. Behind them was a young women; curly shoulder-length brown hair, and her eyes a brilliant blue – she was smiling happily to her self.

“Sirius,” she called, walking towards the playful pair.

“Yea Aurora?”

“She missed you,” she smiled, nodding towards the girl who looked adoringly up at the man.

“I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long Dawnie, I’ve been busy,” he stated, looking towards the girl.

“It’s okay Daddy,” she smiled, opening her arms and flexing her fingers; she waited for him to pick her up.

“Lovely isn’t it?” a voice stated, startling the elder of the images to turn around.

“Yea I know, I don’t know what it means though,” she said, her brow furrowing in confusion.

“Never thought you would be the one to not see the obvious signs,” he muttered, glancing over at the happy family. He knew that it was from the past, from her memories; he couldn’t help the sad smile that flittered across his face. She was taken away from that, and then he was taken away; imprisoned for something he didn’t do.

“What do you mean?”

“To figure that out, you have to come back; they’re waiting,” he answered, his attention turning back towards the confused girl.

“I don’t wanna,” she pouted, looking sadly up at the old man. Feeling a tugging at her hand, she looked towards the little girl.

“Are you going back now?”

“I don’t know,” she said, crouching down and coming face to face at what looked like her younger mirror image.

“You have too, Daddy needs you,” she cried, tears falling around her face.

“I don’t know if I can sweetie,” she whispered, stroking the young girls’ cheek lightly.

“Can you try?”

“I’ll try,” she smiled, waving as the girl ran back to her memory; back to a place where she thought that she would never have again. Turning towards the old man, “Let’s go.”

Buffy and Spike watched as Dumbledore seemed to have zoned-out, leaving them with baited breath. Her hand slipping into Dawns, she squeezed encouragingly; wishing well to her sister. Gasping, she watched as her sisters eyes burst open; flashing green before returning to their normal brilliant blue.

“Buffy,” she whispered, embracing her sister just as tightly as she was her.

“Dawnie, I thought I lost you,” she cried, letting the tears fall heavily.

“You can’t get rid of me that easily Buff,” she joked, trying to lighten to mood alittle. Her eyes drifted towards the vampire that silently looked on. “Spike?”

“Hey nibblet,” he smiled, pulling the girl into a protective embrace. He promised Buffy that he would protect her until the end of the world, and he will.

“Thankyou,” Buffy smiled towards Dumbledore, finally noticing that he was out of his trance.

“No problem Miss Summers, it was my pleasure,” he smiled, winking towards the embracing ‘sisters.’

“Who are you?”

“Albus Dumbledore Dawn, pleasure to meet you,” he stated, his smile suddenly growing brighter at just glancing at the girl.

“Thankyou,” she nodded, blushing slightly under the attention.

“Now, what about this Grimmauld Place?” Buffy asked; smiling as Spike still had his arms around Dawn.

“Ah yes, straight to the point as always Miss Summers. You see, Dawn here, she was taken from my world and she needs to get back to it, we need her. A dark wizard is rising and I believe that Dawn is the ‘Key’ to help stopping it. You see, there is only one person that can really kill Voldemort, yet, he needs help and I believe Dawn is just what he needs,” Dumbledore nodded, looking towards the vampire as he seemed to tighten his arms around the girl protectively. “Of course, you are both more than welcome to come along.”

“I can’t leave the Hellmouth unprotected,” Buffy stated, looking sadly towards her sister. She didn’t want her to leave, not just after getting her back; yet, she felt she needed to, she needed this freedom.

“I’ll go, got nothing keeping me here,” Spike shrugged, smiling down at the girl in his arms. He looked towards the Slayer and nodded; he would protect her, even if it killed him.

“Call me if you need me,” Buffy said, looking at both the vampire and the ‘Key.’

“Love you Buffy,” Dawn smiled, hugging her sister tightly; never wanting to let go.

“Love you Dawnie,” Buffy replied, squeezing the girl just as tightly. “I’ll miss you,” she said, kissing the girl lightly on the forehead.

“Miss you more,” she smiled, tears sliding down her cheeks.

Buffy watched as Dumbledore placed a hand on each of their shoulders and, with a resounding POP; they were gone. “Goodluck.”


Stumbling slightly, all three of them landed in a rather large looking room. Cobwebs were scattered all over the place, as if it hadn’t of been clean for a long, long time.

“Clean much?” Dawn muttered, dusting off her self as she looked around the room.

“Ah, I see you’ve got her Albus,” a voice interrupted their grumbling, startling two of the three newcomers.

“Of course Moody, was there really any doubt?”

“No,” he grumbled, limping towards the occupants. “Alaster Moody, a pleasure I’m sure.”

“Spike, and this is Dawn Summers,” the blonde stated, placing a protective arm around the girls’ shoulders.

“Hi,” she waved shyly, noticing that one of his eyes weren’t exactly concentrating on her.

“If you’d follow me, the others are waiting,” he stated, already on his way out the door.


“Yes Dawn, you have now entered The Order of the Phoenix Headquarters,” Dumbledore supplied, noting the girls confusion.

“Well, I suppose; but, where are we?” she asked, looking up at all the paintings; at the end of the hall, she seemed to recognize one in particular. She was situated near the entrance to the fabulous house, and seemed to be guarding something. Tracing the outline of the woman’s features, she smiled slightly at the old woman. Startled as the woman’s eyes open, she stepped back in shock.

“FILTHY…Oh, it’s you dearie, welcome home,” the old woman smiled, her eyes shining with love.

“Oh, um, thankyou, I think,” Dawn muttered, her brows furrowing in confusion; how did this…painting know her?

“Oh, I haven’t seen you for a long time,” she said, her smile growing brighter and brighter.

“I’m not sure whether I like her yelling or like this,” Moody interrupted, looking towards the girl in wonder.

“What do you mean?”


“Alright, what the bloody hell is going on here?!” Spike shouted, stomping towards Dawn and Moody.

“I…I dunno, it talks,” Dawn stated dumbly, pointing towards the painting.

“And it was talking nicely towards Dawn here,” Moody pointed out, looking towards Dumbledore; he had a sparkle in his eye, which cannot be good.

“Yes, for Mrs Black remembers her,” Dumbledore smiled, waving towards the irritated painting. “Lead on.”

“Right,” Moody nodded, turning in the opposite direction from the screaming portrait; the others followed close behind.


It had been a couple of months since she and Spike had, basically, moved into the Black Manor. She knew that nobody called it that, yet, she did; it felt familiar to her. She had wandered these halls a thousand times, finding rooms that held such history about them, such magic. Not once had she discovered a photo of anybody, just the portrait of Mrs Black.

“Oh, sorry,” a voice muttered, feeling like he was intruding on her space.

“No, it’s fine,” she smiled, turning around to face the stranger; she gasped in shock. His dark black hair, and bright blue eyes; he was her exact image, except he was a man of course.

“Sirius Black,” he stated, glancing curiously at the girl.

“Dawn Summers,” she whispered, standing up to face the man fully.

“Dawnie?” he asked quietly, finally taking a full look at her. The black/dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes – she looked exactly like the little girl that was taken from them.

“D..Daddy?” she asked, tears shimmering in her eyes. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for this; she knew people in the order recognised her, knew her from somewhere. But, no one told her if it was true; she had only dreamed it.

“It really is you,” he rushed, embracing her tightly; his baby girl was back.

“Yea, it’s me,” she whispered, patting the man awkwardly on the back. She wasn’t used to hugs in this world; especially from this man.

“I thought I lost you,” he cried, tears falling from his eyes. His daughter was back.

“Well, here I am,” she smiled through her tears; finally, she had a link to why this world was so familiar. It was hers; it was where she belonged.

“We have a lot to catch up on,” he stated, linking his hand with hers.

“Yes we do father,” she said, smiling lovingly up at him. She wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen, but, she had him; she had her dad.


Together, they walked into the Black house; he liked to call it the Black Manor. He didn’t know why, but it was familiar to him. He had come to stay for the last two weeks of the school holidays; hoping to spend some time with Sirius. Nodding towards each Order member that strolled by, he collapsed onto his bed; the flight with Moody had been harder than he thought, he hadn’t flown on his broom for awhile. Falling into his dreams, his body relaxed and rejuvenated.

Wandering the familiar halls, she loved to slide her hand along the wood; feeling the rough edges underneath her fingertips reminded her it was real. Sirius Black was her father, you didn’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure that out; yet, she had trouble accepting. All her life, it had been Dawn Summers baby sister to Buffy Summers, but here, here she was Dawn Black pure blood wizard and supposedly, very powerful. She had no idea where the ‘Key’ part of her existed in all of this; she could feel it clawing its way up, wanting to bring itself to the surface and just, release some energy.

Over the week, she had learnt a lot of Sirius’s life; how he went to prison and how James Potter and Lily Potter died – how much of a strain that put on his life. He was a marauder, he told her, and they were supposed to last forever. There was only him and a Remus Lupin left, who Sirius couldn’t wait to introduce her too. She had a whole life here, and Spike was fitting in perfectly; if not for a few fights with Sirius, he was supposed to be in this world aswell. She hadn’t called Sirius Dad after that day they had met and she knew it hurt him, but she wasn’t willing to give that title to him yet. To call him Dad would put a block between herself and Buffy, and she wasn’t ready to give up Buffy yet; if ever.

“Shit, sorry,” she muttered, rubbing her sore bum. She had bumped into a wall or something.

“It’s okay,” a voice answered, trying to keep the laugh from his voice. He hadn’t been told that there was someone new in the Order; but, just looking at her, he discovered that he would have preferred meeting her like this; rather than formally. “Are you okay?”

“Fine,” she stated, taking the offered hand. Glancing up, she realised what she thought was a wall, was actually a chest; a very hard and muscular chest. Raking her eyes over the body, she realised that he was only wearing a pair of black-silk boxers – that was all.

“Harry Potter,” he smiled, noticing the girls’ glances; he couldn’t help himself.

“Dawn Summers,” she replied, blushing slightly at his smirk of knowledge; he’d known what she was doing.

“You don’t look old enough to be in the Order,” he stated bluntly, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall.

“I’m not, I’m only 16; I don’t even know what the Order is for,” she answered, raising an eyebrow at his posture. She couldn’t help but see alittle bit of wickedness in him; alittle bit of Spike in him.

“So, what are you doing here then?”

“I could ask the same to you Mr. Potter,” she retorted, smirking in delight as a faint blush covered his cheeks.

“I’m visiting my godfather and staying here for the completion of the school holidays,” he said, taking a liking towards the American girl.

“School holidays? What school do you go to?”

“Hogwarts,” he stated proudly, glancing curiously down at the girl. She didn’t know what the order was and, by the looks of it, what Hogwarts was.


“Yeah, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,” he answered, his eyebrow raising slightly; maybe she was a muggle?

“Oh, you’re a wizard,” she stated, her mind suddenly clicking at his name. “You’re that boy who defeated Voldemort or something, didn’t you?”

“Ah, yeah, that was me,” he blushed, scratching the back of his head lightly.

“You don’t like the worshiping that comes with being a hero, do you?” she asked curiously, noticing the reddened cheeks.

“Not much, no,” he said, smiling slightly at the girl. She was really beautiful.

“Well, catch ya later Harry,” she smirked, waving as she wandered down the other way from him down the hall.

“And I’m no hero!” he shouted, smiling to himself; she was a mystery, he’d have to ask Sirius.
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