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The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link

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Summary: After moving to New Orleans, Dawn quickly finds herself thrust into a new world that feels oddly familiar. Daimons and weres, she can handle; one overly bossy, protective god/man named Ash, not so much. Add in one spoiled demon and you get her new life.

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Literature > Dark Hunter Series(Past Donor)sevangelFR1829180,525149882264,80413 Feb 072 Nov 08No
CoA Winner

Chapter 11

Title: Chapter 11
Series: The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Joss Whedon owns anything Buffy or Angel while Sherrilyn Kenyon owns everything Dark Hunter. I am just playing with them.
Rating: PG-13


Dawn unlocks her front door and reaches into flick on the light. Simi pushes past her and into the living room, her wings flapping slightly. Ash follows at a more sedate pace, his large body dwarfing hers. She shuts the door behind him and starts to follow him when she remembers the alarm. She hates the damn thing but knows she should use it; she activates it with a sigh.

Ash looks around the living room of Dawn's house, curious as to why she's living in a house and not on campus. The house itself is brand-new, built in the aftermaths of Katrina. Books and papers are scattered across the room along with a few empty pop cans and chip bags. A lone black boot sits in the middle of the couch with blood dried on the bottom of it, though not Dawn's blood. Simi is nosing around the room, picking up things and sorting through them, like this is as much her house as it is Dawn's. Which is probably what his demon thinks. It doesn't seem to bother Dawn though who just kicks her shoes off and drops her bag onto the floor by the couch.

"Oh, shiny." Simi pulls a broadsword out from behind the entertainment center.

"Why do you have a sword hidden behind your television?" Ash pops the sword out of Simi's hand into his own, ignoring Simi's shout of outrage. He knows his demon and while she knows how to use weapons, she's libel to destroy Dawn's house playing with it…..or try to eat it. The weapon itself is a good four-hundred years old, Japanese in origin and perfectly balanced; he's actually impressed.

"Oh, there's weapons stashed every where." Dawn shrugs, dropping down on the couch with a grunt, knocking the boot to the floor. "Gotta be prepared for anything."

"You say that like you're attacked a lot." Ash sets his backpack beside Dawn's bag and then moves down beside her on the leather couch.

"Not here." Dawn fingers her face, wondering if she's got a black eye from the smack earlier. It feels like it. "Nobody knows where I live except the gang back in L.A. and whoever came to get my stuff before. And now you and Simi."

Simi flutters into the kitchen and they can hear her digging through the fridge from the living room, the demon squealing excitedly by all the 'good eats' she's finding.

Ash reaches out one hand to tug Dawn towards him and she ends up sprawling across his chest. Her hands brace themselves on his chest and her head tilts back to look him in the eyes. The skin around her right eye is light purple and slightly swollen and her neck has vivid red handprints circling it. He doesn't realize he's growling again until she reaches up a hand to soothe his brow.

"Hey, I'm okay." Dawn soothes, rubbing her thumb along his cheekbone in small circles. Her belly does butterflies at their close proximity and the fact that he's getting so growly over her. After the initial panic is over, she's starting to like his growling nature.

Ash turns his head to kiss her palm and then leans forward to kiss her closed eyelid.

There goes the butterflies again; for someone so big and powerful, Ash has the ability to be so gentle. "Did you heal me again?"

"Yes." Ash pulls her fully against him and rests his chin on the top of her head. "I don't like seeing your skin marked."

Dawn snorts against his chest.

"What?" Ash murmurs.

"I'm a klutz, Ash, seriously." Dawn nuzzles her face against his t-shirt; he smells so good. "Sure, I can fight in stuff but I'm a spaz most of the time; I'm always hurting myself. Not to mention…." Dawn stops, suddenly thinking she shouldn't be venturing onto what she was about to.

"Not mention what?" Ash can't help but smile; he's witnessed a few of her 'spaz' moments himself and finds them to be entirely cute.

Dawn shrugs.

"Dawn." Ash lets his voice rumble deep his chest, not a growl but close enough.

"Fine, sheesh, no need to growl at me." Dawn murmurs. "And I kinda of have a tendency to sort of get into a tiny bit of trouble, every once in a while. Nothing you need to worry about or anything."

"Define trouble." Ash tightens his arms around her and rests his clasped hands on the small of her back. He can hear Simi still exploring the kitchen and is almost scared to see what kind of damage she's done.

"Well, if some big bad decides to kidnap me to get to you, it won't be that out of the norm." Dawn rolls over until she's nestled between the back of the couch and Ash's big body. "Or some sort of sacrifice cuz I always seemed to get picked for that kind of thing."

At first he thinks she's joking but almost as soon as she finishes speaking, he knows she's not. He would be able to smell it if she were lying, even in a joking manner, and she's not. She's being honest. He's not sure how to react; anger is at the forefront along with concern both backed by the realization that if she's as serious as he thinks she is, the safest place for her is away from him. His life is full of very few friends and endless enemies.

Dawn can feel the second he starts to pull away, can practically feel the decision like it's her own. Panic along with a healthy doze of anger fills her body and she rolls back on his body, straddling his hips with her knees and cupping his face in between her hands. "Don't even think about."

His hand disobeys his order and moves under the back of her shirt, his palm resting over on her back. "What?"

"Pulling that noble crap and walking away for my own good." Dawn looks into his silvery eyes and knows that hers are cycling through all the colors of the green rainbow. "If you don't want to be with me because you don't want to be with me, that's one thing. If you're going to end this whole thing before it's even really started because you're afraid somebody's going to try to kill me, you've done missed that bus. I'm used to it. I've been used to it for a very long time and even if you do leave right now and never come back, my life will still be full of it. You're not going to expose me to any dangers that I'm not already exposed to."

Again she's not lying and he curses the fact that he can't read her mind, see what she's referring to that she won't actually say. It has to have something to do with why she has weapons hidden throughout her house, why she knows how to fight so well, and why she knows so much about the reality of the world when she shouldn't. She's been exposed to what goes 'bump in the night' but he's fairly sure this is the first time she's ever been around Daimons. Which only leaves one other possibility, a possibility that is seeming more like reality the longer he's around her.

Hades' creatures.

A world his warriors aren't allowed to venture in and a world most of them don't realize exist. It's a world he himself has little to no experience in. It existed first long before he was born, monsters created by the Titans that grew stronger and more feral than anyone could have imagined. After centuries of destruction, some were cast deep into the underworld while others were killed outright. And there they stayed for thousands of years until, according to rumors that even he's not sure are true, the humans pissed Hades off so much that he released some of them from the underworld to wreck havoc on them as a punishment. That would have been around 3000 BC or so. Those creatures, unlike Daimons, are not decedents of a God and are therefore are weaker.

They are forbidden to hunt them. By Mount Olympus laws, the demons descended from those that escaped the underworld are for the humans to fight. Not that he cares much for what Mount Olympus says but the few Dark-Hunters that he allowed to hunt the creatures were killed by Zeus himself. He almost stormed the God's home at that and would have if Savitar hadn't stopped him.

It all comes down to balance. Good can never concur evil and vice versa. And the moment something happens where one side seems to be tipped higher, something else will happen to tip it back the other way. And as much as he knew this was true at the time, he hated the reality of it. Good people will always die while evil ones live on. He still hates it but has learned to accept it. And to accept that there are battles he is not meant to fight.

Unlike the Were-Hunters and Daimons, the creatures don't, for the most part, live in large groups. In the five thousand plus years they've been on Earth, he's only encountered the lone few in areas inhabited by Daimons and the like. The Fates must work very hard to keep the two worlds separated and he's fairly sure that even the Gods do their part too. It makes sense that they would seeing how Artemis is the one that decides where to send the Dark-Hunters and more importantly, where not to send them. And while he doesn't like to obey orders, it's not worth the energy it would take to fight said orders. He understands the need for balance and the damage caused when said balance is tampered with. And if he's completely honest, he has no desire to fight the weaker creatures. He likes a challenge and Hades' creatures won't offer that.

Dawn though, she very well might be familiar with that world. How familiar, he's not sure but he will find out. And regardless of what she said, he will do everything in his powers to protect her from his world. But he's not going to 'walk away'; he's not sure if he could anyways.

Then he realizes that she's pissed, her eyes filtering through different greens and her lips set in a thin, firm line. He can feel her anger and instead of it bothering him, he feels himself start to harden. And when her mouth opens again, most likely to yell at him some more, he cuts her off with his.

It's not fair; she can't stay mad when he's kissing her. In fact, she can't think of anything but him when he's kissing her. It would be highly irritating if she didn't completely love it.

Ash breaks the kiss when he feels Simi settle on the end of the couch they're not occupying. He looks over Dawn's shoulder and laughs.

"What?" Dawn turns her head and giggles. Simi, still in her 'little' state has a huge bowl of popcorn on one leg, another large bowl full of what looks like all the leftovers that were in her fridge covered with barbecue sauce on the other leg, a bowl of ice-cream, with barbecue sauce on it of course resting on the arm of the couch, a plate of boneless wings and lastly a plate of pizza rolls. "Sims, sweetie, we just ate."

"The Simi was still hungry and her akra gots lots of tasty food." A fork pauses mid-air. "Or she did but now the Simi is eating it all."

"I see that." Dawn smiles and sits up.

"Akra, you gots cable?" Simi asks.

"Yep." Dawn looks on the table but the remote isn't there. She must have dropped it. She leans over Ash and places one hand on the floor while the other searches for the remote under the couch.

Ash holds his hand over her belly to keep her from tumbling to the ground. He could just zap the remote into his hand or turn on the television without it but enjoys watching Dawn search for it. And her squeal of triumph when she finds it.

"Here you go, Sim." Dawn hands the remote to the happy demon.

"Thanks, akra." Simi flips the television on and turns it to QVC. "Akri, the Simi wants her plastic. I got lots of sparklies to buy."

Ash pulls out his wallet and hands her two credit cards.

"Gee, I wonder why she's so freaking spoiled." Dawn says sarcastically.

"Akra, the Simi isn't spoiled." Simi says between spoonfuls of ice cream and leftovers. "Her akri and Lexie just gives her whatever she want."

"That's spoiled, Sims." Dawn reaches out a hand and tickles Simi's side. "You're spoiled rotten and you know it."

"Akri, is the Simi spoiled?" Simi giggles.

"Very much so." Ash says.

Simi sticks her tongue out at them before turning up the volume. "The Simi wants to watch her QVC so's if you're going to be loud like Lexie and Danger you gots to go away."

Ash closes his eyes briefly, making a mental note to sound proof Alexion's room, again.

"And on that note, I'm going to go to my room." Dawn scurries off the couch, her face flaming. She drops a kiss on Simi's forehead as she passes and then heads back to her room.

"Try not to break anything, Sims." Ash stands up.

"Yeah, yeah, akri." Simi waves him off. "Oh, need my phone."

Ash zaps her phone into her hand and then heads off into the direction Dawn went. The hallway, like the living room, is painted white and completely bare. In fact, the living room, outside of the couch, television, coffee table and books, is bare of furniture. She's only lived here a couple months though so it does make sense why the house is so bare. He passes three bedrooms and a bathroom before he makes it to the room Dawn is in. Her room, unlike the rest of the house, is cluttered and decorated. The walls are red, the furniture black including the bunched up comforter on her bed. He leans against the tall dresser beside the door and watches as she digs under the bed.

"Okay, where the heck did I put that?" Dawn mutters, digging through the crap under her bed. She bypasses the weapons and other 'slaying' paraphernalia as she encounters them until she feels the smooth leather of the suitcase Buffy bought her. She drags it out and tosses it onto the bed.

"You have a suitcase still at Kyrian's house." Ash comments.

"Yeah, that's my emergency suitcase." Dawn unzips and opens the leather case. "It's always packed and ready to go, just in case."

"In case what?"

Dawn shrugs and walks into her walk-in closet. Unlike her sister, she doesn't like to wear skirts very often (outside of her 'cheerleading' skirts) so her closet is full of mostly pants. She grabs the first couple pairs of jeans she finds, grabs a couple tees off the rack, and a pair off boots off the floor. Then she carries them out to her suitcase and dumps them all inside.

"How long are you going to be gone?" Ash forces the words out.

"Till Sunday." Dawn says quietly. And when he growls, she wants to join. As much as she misses her sister and everyone in L.A., she's not sure how she's going to be handle being gone from Simi and Ash that long. She moves over to the dresser he's standing in front of and bumps his thigh with her hip. "Scoot over."

It's a simple gesture, one that he's not used to experiencing. He's still amazed that she doesn't cower in his presence, that she'll nudge him aside like any normal human when he's standing in her way. She opens the top drawer and inside is a mass of colored lace, silk, and cotton. Very tiny lace, silk and cotton. In fact, as he picks up a piece of green silk, he wonders how she can fit it. Dawn is by no means big, in fact she's rather dainty, but her ass fills out a pair of jeans very well and there's no way the slip of silk in his hand will completely cover her assets.

Dawn snags the panties out of Ash's hand and then smacks said hand. "Yes, I wear underwear; you don't have to go waving it around."

"You're embarrassed." Ash chuckles.

"Why would I be embarrassed?" Dawn counters, gathering up a six pairs of panties and her bikini. "Guys finger through my underwear all the time."

Ash growls, his fangs lengthening. "Who?"

"Wouldn't you like to know." Dawn starts towards the bed and then squeals loudly when she's picked up and tossed gently onto her bed. The undergarments go flying out of her hand as she hits the mattress with a grunt. She opens her mouth to yell at him but stops at the look on his face. Feral is the first word that comes to her mind. He looks famished and he's looking at her like she's an all-you-can eat buffet. She scampers back towards the headboard when he crawls onto the bed, eating up the distance to her in next to no time. Her heart is pounding in her chest and not completely from fear. If she's honest with herself, most of it isn't from fear. "Ash?"

Ash nuzzles his way up her thighs, skirting over the seam of her jeans and stops at her belly button. The diamond in her belly beckons to him and he dips his head to tug on it with his teeth.

Oh, boy. Dawn collapses back against her pillows and spreads her bent knees a little more for Ash's large frame. When he licks around her belly button she squeals and when he sucks the flesh around the charm deep into his mouth, she moans.

Her belly as marked as much as her neck, he crawls up her body until his mouth is settled over the words across her chest. And like advertised, he dips his head to take a bite.

Dawn barely gets her hand over her mouth to trap her wail in, the pleasure/pain of him biting her nipple shooting through her body and straight between her legs. It feels so incredibly good, better than good even. She never thought of herself as the type but she like it when he bites her; she's much more like her sister than she originally thought. She funnels the fingers of her free hand through his hair and tugs.

He starts to pull back when she tugs on his hair but to his shock (and delight) she just urges his mouth to her other breast. He tugs gently on the hardened nub until the cotton covering it is wet from his mouth and her hips are shifting under him. Then he moves the rest of the way up her body, stopping to suck on his bite mark; the rush of her arousal hits him straight in the groin until he can barely see straight.

Dawn jumps under him when her door shuts, the lights dim, her suitcase moves off her bed and onto the dresser. And blushes so brightly she could give Rudolph a run for his money when her clothes are gone and she's in nothing but her panties. And Ash is in nothing but his nummy leather pants.

Ash moves his mouth from her neck to the sensitive spot behind her ear and whispers to her in Atlantean. After a few moments, her tension lessens and she relaxes a little under him. Her small breasts are pushed against his chest and the sensation arouses his already pain-filled body even more. He's pushing her too fast and he knows it, knows he's nothing but a bastard but his control is so thin it's almost non-existent.

"Ash, I'm not ready…" Dawn gasps out around a moan.

"I know, auyun." Ash murmurs, moving his mouth to hers. "I need to taste you."

Dawn can feel his need, feel his desperation. She can't believe that her, Dawn Summers, a nineteen year old virgin has him this needy, this desperate. It's rather empowering and a little scary.

Artemis has spent eleven thousand years trying to get in the position Dawn is in after less than two days. He needs her, needs her in a way he's never needed anyone, including Simi. Dawn could, if she wanted, bring him to his knees. He waits for it, a part of him expecting her to push him away, but she just nods against his mouth. He breathes a sigh of relief and lifts his head up for a second.

"Ash?" Dawn whispers, half afraid he changed his mind and half afraid he hasn't.

"Just seeing what Simi is doing." Ash bends his head back down to nip her lips once he's satisfied that they're not going to be interrupted by his demon. His demon who is currently on her way to maxing out a credit card with a fifty-thousand dollar limit.

Dawn's eyes widen and she pushes against his chest. "She can't hear us, can she?"

"No." Ash half smiles at the distress in her voice.

"Okay, that's good because I'm not sure if I can if somebody can hear me." Dawn says.

Artemis is probably watching him and he knows Savitar often peaks in to see what he's doing but he doesn't tell her that. She would probably freak out. Instead, he bends his mouth back down to hers.

Kisses she can handle. She likes kissing. She's nowhere near as skilled as he is but she still likes kissing him. His tongue, mouth and teeth do things to hers that make her insides tremble and it's all she can do to keep up. She knows what he's doing, trying to get her all languid with kisses so she's not so damn nervous. It's working. In fact, her body is pleasantly throbbing in key areas.

Ash breaks the kiss when she needs to breathe and drops a peck on her nose before moving back down her body. He cups her right breast in his hand and in one quick move, sucks her entire left breast into his mouth.

She screeches. His move is so unexpected she can't keep the sound from escaping. She's never liked that her boobs are small but now she's changing her mind, what with how he can fit the entire globe in his mouth. His fangs scratch her skin but instead of bothering her, she likes it. A lot.

Her skin is his mouth is ten times sweeter than it was in the dream. His fangs scratch the sides of her breast and the taste of her blood hits him like a gold-bolt. He releases her breast and drags his tongue down her quivering belly to the elastic waistband of her panties.

I need to taste you. She finally completely gets what he meant and blushes accordingly. His tongue is tracing back and forth along to top of her panties and she realizes he's waiting for her permission. She can't say the words, she can't even think how to word it without sounding like something out of a cheesy porno so she just reaches down to run her fingers through his hair.

Ash takes it as the invitation it is and removes her panties with barely more than a thought. Her scent hits him hard, the sweet rich smell of her burning into his brain. And while he won't be able to track her, he'll never forget the smell of her arousal. He nuzzles her folds and blows warm air onto the quivering flesh.

Dawn mewls and shakes, her body overwhelmed with sensation. And she was more than right; his mouth should be an illegal weapon. The things it's doing to her body make her blush and moan at the same time. And before she knows it, her feet are planted flat on the mattress and she's pushing up against his mouth.

Ash moves a hand to her lower belly and massages it in time with his tongue's movements. Like her blood, her cum is intoxicating. He's never tasted anything so fresh, so innocent…so real. And as much as he wants to bury himself in her as deep as he can, he pushes the animalistic urge aside and just tastes her. Over and over again until she's screeching loudly, bucking wildly under him, and her walls are clenching around his tongue.


Ash moves up far enough to rest his head on her belly. His body is so hard he could probably cut steel and he buries his face in her skin, trying to calm himself down; it doesn't work. Then her 'Wow' hits him and he chuckles against her.

"Hey, no laughing." Dawn pinches his side, her eyes closed as she enjoys the post-blisseness of her orgasm. Yep, so much better than the dream. "Put my panties back on."

Ash does as she orders though he does it reluctantly.

They're wet and uncomfortable against her body but she feels a little less exposed with them on again. She tugs on his arms until he moves back on her and then flips them over until she's on top.

Her action sends a bolt of pain through him, the playful move upping his already out of control arousal. He hasn't felt pain like this in hundreds of years.

Dawn straddles his body and lowers herself until the wet cotton of her panties rubs against the hard bulge under his leather. And does it again. And again. And again.

Ash cups her hips in his hands, guiding her innocent thrusts. His head drops back to the pillow under him, eyes closed in bliss.

Dawn lays down flat on him, her naked chest mashing against his equally naked chest, and buries her face in his neck. His big hands still guide her movements and she can feel his growls rumbling up his chest. Tentatively, she flicks out her tongue to taste his skin. Then she laps at him, running her tongue up and down the pronounced tendon in his neck. Wondering if he'll enjoy it as much as she does, she sucks on his skin before biting down, hard enough to mark but not break skin. She's on her back with his face buried in her neck before she even feels him move.

He's never felt anything like her human teeth biting into his flesh. It's by far the most arousing thing he's ever experienced and pushes his control over the edge. He has to have her right now, either her wet, tight body surrounding him or his fangs buried in her delicate skin. She solves the dilemma before he can even ask.

Dawn wraps her legs around his leather clad hips, bucks hard against his body, and pushes her neck against his mouth, moaning loudly when his fangs brush against her skin. "Please, Ash."

Her words and the desperation coating them pushes him over the edge. He slams his hips against hers and buries his fangs in her skin. Her scream of pleasure throws him into his own and he does something he never thought he'd do; cums in his pants like a teenage boy. His orgasm is intense, more so seeing how he's not even inside her.

Her neck is pleasantly throbbing and when he rolls over onto his back, she cuddles against his chest, only blushing a little when he rests his hand on her butt.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Akri, akra, whatcha doin' in there and why can't the Simi get in?" Simi's singsong voice echoes into the room. "You bests not be hiding no food from the Simi."

Dawn laughs against Ash's chest.

Ash chuckles and kisses Dawn's forehead before zapping clean clothes on them and opening the door for his impatient demon.

Simi skips into the room and jumps onto the bed. "The Simi bought lots and lots of sparklies to play with and sharpen my teeth. They going to send them overnight to the Simi cuz she needs her sparklies now….akra, your room smells funny."


Vi Day shakes off the weird feeling she's having and pushes open the door to the bar she's standing in front of. Inferno, well, why the heck not. She's been to the mouth of hell why not sit and have a drink in it too. And she really needs a drink. She screwed up tonight and almost got herself killed. Now, for a slayer back in the day that would be a normal thing but times they have a changed. She's supposed to be more careful. She has a huge amount of people ready to back her up if needed but like normal, she didn't ask. She's not the best slayer, despite both Faith and Buffy telling her she's the most adapt to fighting. She knows she's too hesitant, thinks everything over too much instead of just going with her instincts. She's pretty sure her instincts are non-existent or they just haven't finished developing yet. The demon, some big, green slimy thing with sharp claws, had her pinned and shallowly slashed her side before she could stop it. In the end she won, driving it's own claws into its own heart and then slicing its head off with the small knife she always has in her boot. She could have 'called' Willow at any time and the witch would have popped over to help her but she didn't.

So here she is, a slight throbbing in her side and demon gunk on the bottom of her boots walking into hell. Or a bar named after hell. And the second she walks in, her slayer senses go buck wild. But not because of vamps. She's not sure what's setting it off but if she was smarter than she is, she'd leave rather than walk over to the very crowded bar to get a drink. She doesn't really like Minnesota, she misses Texas or if not Texas, California. She doesn't like the cold. It's not even winter here and it's cold.

Behind the bar, shouting insults and orders back in forth are five or six dark-haired men, really, really hot men, all of them over six feet with dark hair and tan complexions. The older one, even though he only looks a few years older than the rest of them, smacks a set of twins on the back of the head before moving past them towards the opposite side of the bar. Near her is another really hot guy with long blond hair pulled back in a low ponytail. The girl in her swoons but knows they're all way, way out of her league. Besides that, she just wants a drink. Not that she's a drinker, she hasn't drank in two years, not since the night her, Dawn, and Connor stole a couple bottles of Spike's whisky. A night that ended with Gunn bailing them out of jail and them begging him not to tell Buffy, Angel, Giles, or Connor's parents. He agreed after a while but still teases them about it.

She misses them, Connor and Dawn. Connor is at Stanford and Dawn is in New Orleans. She hasn't seen either one of them in almost six months. Not since Giles said it was time for her to go out on her own, even though she knows she's not ready. But he pulled that 'I'm the head of the council' bit and what could she do? As she approaches the bar, a person leaves and a stool is left empty, right next to the cute blond. She reluctantly takes the seat, her movements choppy and uncoordinated, nothing like a slayer's should be. She's still pretty sure the PTB's got something screwed up when they made her a slayer; she's nothing like Buffy, Faith, or Kennedy, the strongest slayers alive. She's a klutz, even with slayer coordination and a nerd. It's depressing.


"Mike, grab the human and see what Fury wants." Dante orders, running a frustrated hand through his hair. Tonight has been hell, pure hell, and he wants nothing more than to go home and crawl in bed with Pandora but instead he's stuck here, in his club with Frick and Frack grinding down his almost gone last nerve.

"Yeah, yeah." Mike casts the human a glance but finds her not his type. She's too….nerdy. Too prudish looking. "What can I get you?"

"Whisky, straight up." Vi squeaks out, having no clue what to order and going with what she always hears on television. The bartender chuckles to himself and nods before moving to the blond next to her, a blond that is setting off her slayer senses so much it dances up and down her spine. It makes her want to dance. Or do something else that she hasn't done since she was sixteen, in the back seat of a car, and still just a girl. She's too terrified to do it now that she's a slayer, visions of cracking some human in half shutting her hormones completely down.

It sucks to be her.


All he wants is a drink. And he flashed himself all the way from New Orleans to Dante's club in Minnesota to get the damn drink. The whole thing with Ash's human is bothering the hell out of him. How can a human be untraceable? It makes no sense and pisses him off. He wants answers but after what happened before, Ash will probably kill him if he scares the girl again. Fury's not scared of many things but the Atlantean scares the hell out of him. Inferno is crowded as hell and he snags the first empty stool he finds, drumming his fingers impatiently as he waits for one of the panthers. And to his disgust, Dante sends one of his dumbass little brothers down instead of coming himself. The panther whelp stops at the human girl next to him first and Fury takes the time to actually look at her.

Her bright red hair is cut shoulder length and a bright blue knit cap is pulled down to her ears. She's wearing a black jacket over a blue shirt and dark jeans. And she's bleeding. He can smell it. He can't see it so she must be bleeding under her clothing. Her blood smells damn good too, hell, she smells damn good. Nothing like his normal type, too 'girl-next-door' for his tastes but damn if she doesn't smell great. She's not a were, Apollite, or a Daimon. She's human but smells different, off. She orders whisky but he can tell she's never done it before; she stammers over the order and fidgets nervously.

"Fury, what'll it be?" Mike nods respectively to the wolf.

"Whisky." Fury replies. 'And hold the human hair' he adds telepathically, indicating he wants a shot of the good shit that will knock a human out with one shot.

Mike nods and moves over to grab the drinks. He pours them both but as he walks back, a human girl catches his attention. Now, she's his type, dark black hair, big breasts, tight clothes and an ass that doesn't stop. He distractedly sets the two identical shot glasses down in front of the wolf and the human.

Vi grabs her drink before it's even out of the bartender's hand and slams it back. It burns her throat like fire, settling instantly in her limbs and making her feel like she's in a bubble. A very pleasant bubble.

Fuck. He tries to stop her but the damn human has the shot back before he can. His shot. The little shit put the wrong drink down. Dante, you shit-stick brother just gave some human girl a shot of the good stuff. Fury can hear the panther growl from where he's sitting and watches as the dark-haired man stalks towards them. The girl is, too his shock, still sitting up though her eyes are glazed over.

She really likes this bubble though it's really hot inside. She pushes off her jacket and then pulls off her sweater, leaving her in nothing but a small white wife-beater. With dried up blood on the side. The slayer inside her is screaming for action, wanting to violently pummel something or screw somebody's brain out. And the bubble tells her it's a great idea. The screwing that is. The blond next to her taps her shoulder and the slayer pounces.

Dante comes to a dead stop when the human girl throws herself at Fury, slamming hard enough into his body that the wolf winces before the two go tumbling to the ground. 'You okay, wolf?'

He's not completely sure yet. The girl is grinding against him and it's not wholly unpleasant. In fact, it moves from sort of pleasant to down right arousing when she starts biting and sucking at his neck. It's a strange reaction to a drink that should have knocked her unconscious and he should wonder about it but his animal self rules him. He just wants to fuck. 'Room.'

'Upstairs….she better leave in one peace wolf or you'll be hanging on the wall next to my brother.'

Fury just growls back and stands up. The human wraps her long legs around his waist and squeezes, tight. Fuck, he needs that room now. He flashes them upstairs without a second thought.

Dante alters the minds of the humans gasping at the spot where the wolf and human once were, making them forget seeing it and go back to what they were doing, before walking over to the empty shot glass. He picks it up and takes a sniff; the wolf was right, this is the good shit that should have knocked the human out not make her jump somebody's bones. He flashes the human's clothes upstairs where Fury took her and then turns to find his brother.

Mike glances away from human he's flirting with when he feels his brother's eyes on him. Fuck. He did something to piss Dante off but he's not sure what it is. And is fairly sure he doesn't what to know, not by the pissed off look on Dante's face.


Vi sits up with a gasp, the thin sheet covering her very naked body sliding down to pool at her waist. Her head is pounding and her legs are sore, like way more sore than they've ever been. And though the scratches on her side are almost healed, her body is covered in bites and hickeys. And she's really sore, she really needs to stress that to herself. She is sore. She's not in her hotel room, hell, she's not sure where she is. The last thing she remembers is taking a shot of whiskey…..oh, god, she jumped some guy she doesn't even know. And given the soreness, she had wild sex with said guy. He's not in bed with her but she just make out people talking.

She goes in full panic mode and is dressed in a matter of seconds. The door's out of the question, that leads to the people, so she heads for the window, opens it, and jumps out. The two story jump barely registers and she would get her ass chewed out for doing it in the middle of daylight but she doesn't care. Luckily, no one is around that she can see and she takes off at a dead run. It's early morning, Tuesday morning, and she's probably very close to missing her flight back to L.A.

She's swearing off alcohol forever.


"She's fine, panther." Fury growls, half pissed off that the panther drug him out of a deep sleep and half in pain from keeping his human form in daylight. He can do it but it hurts like hell.

"She's a human, wolf." Dante growls back.

Fury just glares at him. "I know that." But damn, he didn’t know humans could fuck like that. She was insatiable. It was all he could do to keep up with her. He screwed her from behind until his arms gave out and she just flipped them over and rode him until her body collapsed. And then he flipped her back over and they went again. Over and over, non-stop until she passed out thirty minutes ago. Her body is covered in small bites and hickeys, and he has a few himself. He half-hardens at the thought.

A disgusted look crosses Dante's face. "Go back to your human, wolf and get those hormones the hell away from me."

Fury flips him off and flashes himself back upstairs. And then immediately back to Dante.

"What now?" Dante rubs his forehead.

"She's gone." Fury growls.

Dante pulls out his cell phone and dials his club downstairs. One of his few human employees answers. "Did a redhead girl around twenty or so just come through there?" "Okay, thanks."

"Well?" Fury demands.

"Don't know what to tell you wolf, the only way out is down through the bar…unless she went out the damn window." Dante replies.

They both look at each other and then flash upstairs. And sure enough the dark-out curtains are fluttering in the wind from the open window.

Dante grabs the back of Fury's neck when the wolf runs towards the open window.

"Let me go." Fury growls.

"It's daylight, wolf." Dante growls back. "How long can you stay in human form in daylight?"

Fury knocks his arm off with a growl. He knows the panther is right but it pisses him the hell off. He's barely maintaining his human form now.

"Get some sleep and when night falls, I'll help you look for her." Dante pats him on the shoulder, uses his powers to shut the open window and close the curtain back completely before flashing himself up to his room.

Fury crawls onto the Vi-scented bed and is in wolf-form before he's even completely on the mattress. As he falls into a deep, much needed sleep, the last thought that crosses his mind is that he will find the human girl.


Vi fidgets in her seat and accidentally bumps the woman next to her. She mumbles an apology and regrets saying no to Angel when he offered to send the jet to get her. She'd forgotten how much it sucks to fly coach but she'll never forget now. A sudden burning on her palm has her gasping and she turns her hand over to see a swirl-y pattern, very small and only a shade darker than her skin, burned into her palm. A pattern that wasn't there before. Damn it, she knew those demon scratches felt funny and now he's probably marked her for some type of sacrifice or something. Buffy and Giles are going to kill her for not reporting the instant the demon scratched her….but only if they know. It's not completely noticeable and as long as she doesn't go waving her palm at people, she should be able to hide it. Hopefully.


Angel kicks his feet up on his desk, okay, it's Buffy's desk now but it's still his hotel so if he wants to use it, he will. Slayer be damned. On second thought, he moves his boots off the desk. Buffy's been a little high-strung lately and he shouldn't purposefully piss her off. He has work that still needs to be done, work that he can't do at Wolfram & Hart. He doesn't trust that place at all and saves anything important to do back at the hotel. A hotel that Willow has so many magical shields up that nothing can't get in without them knowing. It's the only place he can relax. Buffy is out patrolling and he'd love to be with her but alas, he has work to do.

A feeling in the depths of his demon has him looking up though he already knows who's standing in the doorway to his old office (and Buffy's current one). Someone that shouldn't be. Someone that knows better. Straight, honey blonde hair hangs straight down to a tiny waist and a white cotton nightgown hangs down to bare feet with pink painted toenails. At five-eleven, she's only a few inches shorter than him. Her open, sweet face is white and wet, her skin very pale, and her arms are wrapped tight around her arms. "Did you have another nightmare, little one?"

She nods and scurries across the room to him.

Angel grunts slightly when she crawls on his lap, though she weighs nothing near what she should, especially for her height. She's frail, so frail at times he thinks she'll break like glass. But she's strong. He soothes her hair and whispers Gaelic phrases he almost forget he knew. Her body is shaking in his arms and her tears are soaking his shirt. After a few minutes, her shivering stops and her sobs slow to the occasional whimper. He grabs the box off tissues on Buffy's desk and nudges the blonde on his lap.

She takes the tissues and wipes her tears away before blowing her nose. She stands up and methodically walks them over to the trash can, her movements slow and pain-filled.

"Phoebe, do you want to talk about it?" Angel asks though he already knows the answer.

Phoebe shakes her head. "Will you read to me, Angel?"

"Of course." Angel pushes is work aside and grabs the book he 'borrowed' from Wolfram & Hart. Right now, it's displaying a prophesy he's trying to figure out but he closes it and looks at the sixteen year old girl in front of him. "What would you like?" Then he cuts her off before she can speak. "And no romance novels."

Phoebe giggles.

Angel rolls his eyes. She got him to read a romance novel to her once, only part of it, and her and Buffy about died laughing when he got to the love scene (which he refused to read). If he was capable of blushing, he would have been bright red then.

"Macbeth?" Phoebe asks, her voice sweet and angelic.

Angel nods and moves off Buffy's chair. He follows Phoebe to the couch in the back of Buffy's office and sits down, his arm wrapped around her shoulder when she snuggles into him.

She relaxes instantly, her eyes drifting closed as he reads.

Angel reads quietly, knowing his voice always calms her down. She's been in his life for two and half years, appearing in the arms of Whistler one night, six months after the fall of Sunnydale.

She's a slayer but she isn't. She lacks the strength, healing abilities, and agility of a slayer but Willow said she is one. And since Willow's the one that activated the slayers and is connected to all of them, she would know. She wasn't even fourteen when Whistler handed her over to him and ordered him to protect her, no matter what. And he has.

Only a handful of people know of her existence, his people, the core scoobies, and two slayers. One, Vi, Phoebe adores and the redhead adores her right back. The other, Kennedy….well, Angel would have killed the brunette slayer if Buffy hadn't stopped him. And he will if she ever steps foot in his hotel again. Though the hotel is slayer central, none of the slayers know she is here. Partly because of the charm she wears around her neck but mostly because she's not allowed downstairs. He had the top floor of his hotel redone and only a select few are permitted there. Him, Buffy, Willow, Spike, Faith, Xander, Giles, Dawn, Vi, Connor, Wesley, Fred, Gunn, and Lorne. In fact, all their rooms are on the top floor and the slayers are on the lower two floors.

Phoebe's room is outfitted like an apartment and is connected to his and Buffy's. She has everything a teenage girl could want but he knows she just wants to be able to roam free. He wishes he could let her but after what happened with Kennedy, he knows he can't.

"Did she have another nightmare?" Buffy sets her slaying stuff on her desk and walks over to the couch Angel and Phoebe are on. When she came back to L.A., all baked and stuff, she was madly jealous of the beautiful blonde but now, the broken slayer has a place in her heart much like Dawn's place.

"Yes." Phoebe's eyes open and she smiles softly at Buffy. "Did you have fun slaying?"

"It was relaxing." Buffy smiles and moves down on her other side. "So, Angel let you out?"

"No, she came downstairs on her own." Angel looks down at her disapprovingly.

"I was scared." Phoebe defends.

"I know that, little one, but Willow was upstairs, you could have…."

"Her and Spike are having sex." Phoebe fake gags. "Giles was sleeping, Xander and Faith aren't in their room and neither was anyone else."

"One of the girls…" Angel starts.

"None of the other slayers are home, Angel." Phoebe says. "Nobody could have seen me."

He knows she's right. While she may lack most of the slayer abilities, she has their senses. In fact, she has more advanced senses than even him and Spike. She can sense everyone in the hotel, human, demon, or other better than anyone else. But that doesn't mean it was safe.

"She needs to fed, Angel." Buffy lays her hand on Phoebe's forehead, sighing at the cold, clamminess of her skin.

Angel places his hand next to Buffy's and sighs an unneeded sigh. "Phoebe, you know you're supposed to tell us when you're weak."

Phoebe shrugs. "I'm okay."

"Sweetie, you're frozen." Buffy stands up and crosses the room. She returns a few seconds later with a sharp knife and a coffee cup, both which she hands to Angel.

Angel slices his wrist and then holds it over the cup, his blood filling it rather quickly.

Phoebe buries her face in Buffy's shoulder, panting as her body shakes. Her heart is pounding in her chest so hard it feels like it's going to fly out and flutter across the room.

Buffy runs her hand through Phoebe's long locks while the teenager whimpers against her shoulder. She can feel Phoebe's heart pounding against her arm and is half scared the girl is going to have a heart attack. When she sees Angel lick the cut on his wrist, closing the wound, she gently urges Phoebe off her arm. "You have to eat, Phebs, you know that."

"Don't want to." Phoebe whispers.

"I know you don't, sweetie, but you have to." Buffy urges.

Phoebe still won't take the cup Angel holds out to her.

Buffy, not wanting to have to force her to eat, which they have had to do, does something that has Angel glaring at her. "Tell you what, you promise to eat without arguing for the next two months and you can go to the wedding tomorrow."

Phoebe's eyes widen with excitement. "Really?"

Buffy looks at Angel. "Right, Angel?"

Angel wants to say no, he starts to, but he can't. Not when their both looking at him with the puppy dog look. "Fine."

Phoebe grins widely, her fangs flashing, and takes the cup out of his hand. She takes a sip and then looks at Angel, tears in her eyes. "You ate otter, again?"

Hell, he forgot about that. "Yes."

Now Buffy's glaring at him too, the two blondes leaning against each other.

"You promised not to eat any more otter blood." Phoebe reminds him, sipping the blood. Her pale skin starts to look more humanly and less corpse-like with only a few sips.

"Why the bloody hell not?" A cockney, British voice asks from the doorway. "They're damn tasty."

Willow smacks Spike on the back of the head and walks over to her best friend and the frail slayer. Then the three of them glare at the two vampires. "They're little helpless otters, Spike, how can you just eat them?"

"I don't actually eat them, love, just drink their blood." Spike defends.

"You shouldn't drink their blood; it's cruel and mean." Phoebe scolds.

Spike looks at Angel. "We kill countless humans and get grief over the damn animals. That seem right to you?"

"Not at all." Angel agrees.

Then the rooms is filled with two manly screams and three girly giggles, a small bolt of magic zapping two of the fiercest vampires undead in the ass.

Xander laughs from the doorway. "Now that's entertainment."


A few notes:
Yes, Phoebe is the Phoebe from the Dark-Hunter series, Urian's wife. How she went from a twenty-something year old slayed Daimon to a slayer will be explained along with everything else. I didn't want to bring her in, okay, I wanted to but I kept telling myself over and over again not to because now my very long story just got longer. But once the idea was formed there was no telling it no, no matter how hard I tried.

I'm going to assume Sherrilyn makes up her Atlantean so I am going to do the same.

auyun-love (actually pretty close to what my Greek dictionary says love is)
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