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The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link

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Summary: After moving to New Orleans, Dawn quickly finds herself thrust into a new world that feels oddly familiar. Daimons and weres, she can handle; one overly bossy, protective god/man named Ash, not so much. Add in one spoiled demon and you get her new life.

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Literature > Dark Hunter Series(Past Donor)sevangelFR1829180,525149882264,66813 Feb 072 Nov 08No
CoA Winner

Chapte 15

Title: Chapter 15
Series: The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Joss Whedon owns anything Buffy or Angel while Sherrilyn Kenyon owns everything Dark Hunter. I am just playing with them.
Rating: R


Dawn yawns and burrows further into the warmth beside her. Ash's large, warm hand is under the t-shirt she's wearing, resting on the small of her back. One of her legs is between his and her face is tucked against his bare chest. He's completely naked while she still has on his shirt and her panties. And she has to pee, like really bad. She tries to wiggle out from under the weight of his heavy arm but he just tightens his arm around her. "Ash, I gotta go to the bathroom."

Ash grumbles and pulls his arm off her, turning over onto his stomach to bury his face into her pillow.

Dawn shakes her head as she scurries into the bathroom; he's not a morning person either. She likes that because she hates getting up, though she's not so tired right now. She did, after all get like ten hours of sleep while Ash probably only got two or three. He left sometime while she was sleeping and came back sometime afterwards, she's not really sure when. She just remembers him kissing her softly and then wrapping his long frame around her smaller one.

His bathroom is huge. Black and white marble, crystal clear glass and everything is completely clean. Like scarily clean. She's almost afraid to touch in case she gets it dirty but she really does have to pee. And after doing that, she washes her hands and then brushes her teeth. Anchovies are yummy going down but so not tasty in the morning. Once done with that, she pushes a hand through her tangled hair and heads back into Ash's bedroom. And comes to a dead stop. He's sprawled out on the extra large bed, face buried in a pillow, his long hair fanning out around him. A black silk sheet is gathered at his waist, leaving his entire back bare. His right knee is bent, his bare, hairy leg not covered by the sheet. He looks so freaking good she can barely stand it. Seriously, the reactions he brings out in her can't be normal. She's known him only a few days and she's wanting to do things that she's never been ready to do, until now. She knows he's awake, knows he feels her eyes on him, and blushes a little at that. Then runs and jumps on him.

Ash grunts a little when Dawn's weight settles on his back, actually unprepared for that course of action. Then he groans when her small hands start to knead his shoulders.

Man, he's tense. The knots on his shoulders have to bother him. Massaging is another part of the watcher training, one Willow insisted that they learn. How to massage someone and not in a sexual way. Slayers get hurt, their bodies get sore. They can't go to doctors or hospitals, unless it's completely dire, for oblivious reasons so all the watchers have been taught the basics in first aide and massage therapy. Except she never got tingles like she's getting now when she would work out a kink in Vi or Connor's shoulders. She slowly works her way down his back, kneading every bit of skin as she moves. His skin is so warm and muscled under her hands.

He could lay here all day. And he wants to, even though he knows he can't. Her hands feel unbelievable on his skin and when she reaches the small of his back, he quickly turns over, hands moving to grasp her waist.

"Morning." Dawn grins down at him.

"Morning." Ash reaches up to trace his thumb over her lips.

Dawn playfully nips his thumb, teeth biting down slightly before she soothes the wound with her tongue. She sighs happily when a growl rumbles up his chest; she's becoming quite addicted to that sound. Then she lies forward and rests her chin on his, their noses bumping against each other, and mouths in perfect kissing range. Which she instantly takes advantage of. And then she feels something she's never felt before. She breaks the kiss and pulls up a little to look down at him. "Since when is your tongue pierced?"

Ash cusses under his breath in Atlantean. It's a part of him that he didn't want her to see, at least not yet, so he normally 'removed' them before they would kiss. Except he forgot to this time, which is a little startling because he never forgets anything. He removes them now, not wanting her to know the reason he had them in the first place.

"Ash, what's going on?" Dawn plants her hands on his chest. "Were you hiding it from me?" When he doesn't answer her, Dawn starts to roll off him but his hands move to her waist, preventing her movement.

"Dawn, there are parts about me that you don't need to see." Ash says quietly.

"That's for me to decide." Dawn argues. "What, do you think I'm going to get freaked out and leave?"

Ash doesn't answer.

"You do, don't you?" She can't believe how much it hurts that he doesn't trust her. And it does, a lot.

"It's not that simple, Dawn." Ash sighs at the hurt flashing through her green eyes.

"It is that simple, Ash; you don't trust me enough to be yourself around me."

"I'm not the only one keeping secrets, Dawn, and I've been around a lot longer than you have; I have more secrets." Ash's hands tighten around her waist, holding her on top of him.

Dawn closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "Technically, you haven't."

"Haven't what?" Ash rubs his thumbs over her scars.

"Been around longer than me." Dawn whispers, eyes still closed. She's never personally told anybody this. She's never talked about it to anyone: the fear of what happened and the pain of not knowing anything about what she really is.

He starts to argue but the tenseness in her frame keeps him from doing so. Instead he sits up and leans back against his head-board, curling her on his lap, his arms wrapped protectively around her with her back against his chest. His hand moves back under her shirt to rest on her belly, the metal of her piercing warming his hand.

Dawn rests her head on his shoulder with a sigh. "I'm not real."

"You're very real." This time he does protest. "So real that it burns me up."

"You too, for me." Dawn whispers, placing a soft kiss to his chest. "But I'm really not real. Or at least I wasn't six years ago."

Ash massages her belly soothingly, letting her tell the story as she wants to.

"Um, six years ago I used to be this big ole green ball of energy called the key." Dawn says quietly. "There was hell-god from another dimension called Glory and she wanted to key so she could go home. A group of monks called the Order of Dagon took the key, me, and made me human, using the blood of the current slayer, and sent me to her to protect. They made up a whole bunch of memories for all of us so that none of us knew it wasn't real. Buffy figured it out after a while but….I didn't find out for a while; I didn't take it well." Dawn holds up her arm to show him another scar, the nearly invisible scar on her wrist. "Summers blood, just like hers. Didn't matter where I came from, I was still her sister. She protected me as best she could but eventually Glory figured out that I was the key. We took off but….Glory was nutso and the longer she was on Earth, the more nutso she became. She sucked the sanity out of people to keep her from going completely insane. She was super, super strong and pretty much indestructible. Her only real weakness was the fact that she was stuck sharing a body with a human guy, a doctor named Ben, not that we knew that back then. He worked at the hospital that my mom was in when she got cancer. Buffy and him almost dated."

"After Glory figured out that I was the key, we took off. But there was a group called the Knights of Byzantium that's sole purpose was to destroy the key. They even had a little theme song, 'the key is the link, the link must be severed, such is the will of God' but anyways, they attacked the R.V we were driving in. We ended up taking refuge in an abounded building but Giles got hurt pretty badly when the knights attacked us. So Xander talked the knights into letting us call help, something about even wars having rules. Buffy called Ben cuz she thought he was just a normal doctor. He changed into Glory a little after he got there and then she took me. She killed all the knights and then took me back home for the ritual. It was all about the blood. My blood. The key was created to open the gates between dimensions. Glory was going to use me to go home only problem, I wouldn't just open the gateway to her dimension. I would open all the gateways. Basically, all the walls separating one dimension from another will crumble, overthrowing everything and plummeting the universe into chaos, all dark…forever. That's what I was created for. That's where the scars came from. Glory had her minions tie me up to an alter and one of them sliced me so I could bleed out."

"But it didn't happen." Ash buries his face in her hair, his arms wrapped tightly around her shaking body. "You're here."

"I'm here because of Buffy." Dawn whispers again his chest. "She rescued me but….my blood started the ritual and only my blood would end it. I was going to jump, kill myself to stop it from happening but Buffy wouldn't let me. They made me from her blood…."

"So she jumped for you." Ash concludes when Dawn let's her voice trail off.

Dawn nods. "Dawn listen to me, listen. I love you. I will always love you, this is the work I have to do. Tell Giles that…that I figured it out and I'm okay. And give my love to my friends. You have to take care of them now. You have to take care of each other. You have to be strong. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world, is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me." She pulls back long enough to wipe the tears off her face before burying her face back in his chest. "God, I heard those words over and over and over in my head for months, replaying that moment, just wishing I had been the one that jumped."

She could have died and he would have never known she existed to begin with. That scares him. "Your sister…."

"I know, she's alive now." Dawn agrees. "Told you Willow was strong. It involved a lot of dark magic, puking up snakes, urn of Osiris and yanking Buffy out of hell, though in reality she was in heaven but anyways, because Buffy died a mystical death, there was a loophole and Willow used it to bring her back."

He's looking forward to meeting a mortal that took a warrior from Osiris, something he knows must have pissed off the Egyptian god. He himself has always been fond of Osirius, actually preferring him to most of the Greek Gods. And he's looking forward to meeting Buffy too, anxious to see this warrior that scares Dawn more than him and sacrificed her own life for Dawn's.

"That's the basics of me." Dawn pulls back to look up at him. "And it's also why everyone goes a little….nutty trying to protect me. They're terrified that somebody else is going to want to use me for something else."

Ash kisses her forehead. "That's never going to happen."

"And now you're going to be like ten times more protective than you already are, aren't you?' Dawn asks.

"Yes." Ash agrees with a grin.

Dawn shakes her head. "If you weren't so freaking cute when you're being all growly and overbearing, I might have a decent chance of getting you to stop."

Ash just grins.

Dawn punches him on the chest. "Butt-hole."

He laughs.

"Okay, I told you mine now you tell me yours." Dawn orders, arms crossed over her chest. "Why the hiding of the tongue piercing?"

"Piercings." Ash corrects.

Dawn's eyes go wide. "More than one?"

Ash nods.

"Let me see." Dawn scoots up further until her pelvis is tight against his. "Please?"

Ash sighs and returns his tongue to its natural state, a state it's been in since he was human. Then, against his better judgment, he shows her his tongue.

Dawn gasps and then leans forward to inspect his tongue. There are nine, count em, nine metal balls lining his tongue. It's unlike anything she's ever seen and despite her shock, she's very, very curious about them.


"I'm not hungry, thanks." Dawn murmurs.

Ash laughs. "I didn't ask you if you were hungry, auyun."

"Huh?" Dawn blinks rapidly to find Ash staring at her.

"What are you thinking about?" Ash asks with a grin, a grin that increases ten-fold when she blushes bright red.

"I can't tell you that." Dawn shakes her head. "Nope, no-siree-Bob."

Ash quickly rolls them over and straddles her body. "I can get you to."

Oh, she knows he can and she also knows she's going to enjoy every second of it. But first she wants to know the big deal about the piercings. "Why'd you hide them?"

"There are things that I've done, stuff from my past that I'm not proud of." Ash murmurs quietly. "There was a time when I was…."

Dawn quirks an eyebrow, trying to figure out what Ash isn't wanting to say. Then she really thinks about it, thinks about someone having their tongue pierced nine times and basically comes to one conclusion. "Was it some kind of sex thing?"

Ash nods.

"Okay." Dawn drags the word out. "Did you have a lot of sex back in the day or something?"

"I was a whore, Dawn." Ash growls out. "When it comes down to it, I was basically a whore."

Okay, it takes her a second to digest that but only a second. Whatever he did, whoever he was before, it's not him now. This is him now. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls his mouth down to hers.

Ash sighs against her mouth, relieved that she's as understanding as he thought she was. That she isn't holding his very colorful past against him.

Oh, she was so wrong. She thought there was no way his kisses could get better but man, she was wrong. It should feel really weird to have the metal balls rubbing against the roof of her mouth but it doesn't, not at all. It feels so good. She rubs her tongue against the top of his, both of them moaning at the action. "Ashhh."

He hardens further at the innocent way she moans his name, his hands moving to push his shirt up her body. She lifts up to help him and he tosses the shirt carelessly to the floor. God, she's absolutely perfect. Every thing about her is perfect to him. Her eyes are half-hooded as she looks up at him, lips swollen and parted as she pants. He leans over to nuzzle her lips briefly with his and then nips his way down her face to suck at her neck. He rubs his tongue back and forth over his fang marks.

Dawn tilts her head to the side on a moan. She wants him so much that her hands are literally shaking with it. She wraps one leg around his hips and rubs her lower body against his.

Ash growls against her neck and then moves lower, skipping right over the foreplay to suck her right tit completely into his mouth.

Dawn half wails-half moans and arches her upper body completely towards his mouth. His fangs, mouth, and pierced tongue ruthlessly torture her breasts until she's thrashing helplessly on the bed and her panties are completely soaked through.

Ash feels himself half change at the intenseness of her arousal. Her scent is completely intoxicating. He scoots the rest of the way down her body, gripping the front of her panties with his teeth and pulling them down, then moves back up to bask in her honeyed scent. Her body is shaking with arousal, his name a mantra off her swollen lips. She's soaking wet, his sheet under her almost as wet as her panties were. And she smells so damn good. So much better than any woman he's ever smelt and he already knows she tastes so much better too. His mouth actually waters at the thought. His hands cup her ass, thumbs moving to part her folds, and then he bends down blow on her swollen clit.

Dawn whimpers. "Please Ash."

"What were you thinking about, baby?" Ash blows on her clit again.

"Ash." Dawn growls.

Ash licks her slit from ass to clit, once.

Dawn squeals, legs shaking at the hot burst of pleasure his tongue shot through her body. But then he doesn't do it again, instead just continues to blow repeatedly on her clit. Her entire body is strung tight and she wants so badly to come that she can't stand it. And he's not going to let her until she tells him what she was thinking. Well, two can play at that game. She didn't grow up around Anya and not learn more about sex than she should have known when she was younger. She can't look at him when she says it though so she closes her eyes.

"Dawn?" Ash murmurs when she doesn't answer him. He's not really going to force her to answer him, he would never force her to do something she doesn't want to, and he's about to tell her that when she speaks.

"I wanted to know what it felt like to kiss you with the piercings." Dawn whispers, her voice husky with arousal. "To feel your tongue rubbing against mine. But even more than that, I was picturing you where you are now, face between my thighs, your tongue tasting every inch you can reach before pushing inside me…." That's all she can get out because he's doing exactly what she pictured, his long, pierced tongue touching her in places she never thought she'd want touched. She's mewling loudly, hips bucking against his face, and her hands digging into the mattress under her. He's relentless, taking her from one plateau of pleasure to another, not letting her rest between them. And then his tongue pushes inside her and she screeches, the feeling of his barbells rubbing inside her throwing her into yet another orgasm.

Ash moves back up her body while she's still shaking from her latest orgasm and seals his mouth to hers. She kisses him greedily, half sobbing as she sucks on his tongue, her legs wrapping around his hips, her naked and very wet cunt pressing against his equally aroused body.

Dawn can feel the tip of his cock against her entrance and all thoughts of protesting flee her mind. She wants him. Wants him in every part of her, to touch every part of her. She knows it's going to hurt, probably hurt really bad, but she doesn't care. She just wants him.

Ash's hands fist on each side of her head, his own bent as he pants, trying to regain some semblance of control. Then her hand cups his face, thumb rubbing along his slightly distorted cheekbone. She's the only being that can push him this close to losing control, so close that the monster that he can be almost breaks free and yet she's not the least bit scared. The only thing he can smell on her is arousal.

"Ash?" Dawn whispers.

"Yeah, auyun?" Ash murmurs, his voice more demonic than he'd like.

"Make love to me?" Dawn asks quietly.

"Are you sure, Dawn?" Ash opens his eyes and looks down to see complete acceptance on her face. "Baby, I'm not sure I can stop if we start."

"Ash, you'd never hurt me and we both know it." Dawn says. "And yes, I'm positive. I want you to be my first."

"Your only." Ash growls, his head bending to nip her lip lightly. "You are mine, Dawn Summers."

"I know." Dawn agrees. "And you're mine?"

"Always." Ash seals the promise with a kiss and moves one hand between them to line himself up with her body. It's going to be a very tight fit, one that's not going to happen without a lot of stretching. Stretching that is going to be incredibly painful for her. And he's proven right, a painful whimper escaping her lips at just the tip of him pushing into her sheath. "Dawn, we don't…."

"It has to happen sooner or later, Ash." Dawn interrupts, biting her lip at the sensation of him starting to push into her body. It hurts. "I know it's going to hurt."

"It doesn't have to." Ash clenches his fists beside her head, the pain filling her face tearing him up inside.

"No!" Dawn's eyes fly open on a growl. "You're not going to block the pain or whatever Ash. I don't want this being anything but real and deep down, neither do you. I can handle the pain."

He wants to argue with her but deep down he knows she's right. He doesn't want anything about their relationship to be fake. He couldn't handle it.

As he slowly and methodically pushes inch by agonizing inch into her body, Dawn wants to bite back the words. The pain…it's indescribable. It literally feels like he's sawing her in half. When he pops her 'cherry' that pain barely registers past the pain of just having him push inside her. And she tries not to but she can't keep the tears from falling down her face or keep the whimpers from escaping her mouth. It feels like eternity before he's completely inside her and her hands scramble at his shoulders, sobs escaping her throat at being completely stretched to accommodate his sizable girth.

Every whimper feels like a knife stabbing his side, every tear like a whip to his back. The last beating he took from Artemis doesn't come close to comparing to the pain he feels at hurting Dawn. He wants to take her pain away but doesn't, knowing she would be upset at him doing so. But damn does he want to. And once he's seated completely inside her body, it's all he can do to keep from cumming; she is so incredibly tight. He remains still inside her, biting his lip to keep from thrusting like he wants to, giving her time to get used to him. Then he pulls out in one fluid movement.

Dawn screeches, feeling like he's pulling a serrated blade from inside her. But when he starts to pull away, she tightens her legs around him. "Don't."

"Dawn, I'm hurting you." Ash tries to pull away again but stops when she whimpers at the action.

"I know." Dawn reaches up to cup his face again, trying to soothe the self-aimed fury from his face. "And if we don't finish now, it'll hurt just as much later."

So he returns to her body, this time pushing completely inside her and then pulling back out. She still whimpers and it still kills him but he grits his teeth and continues. Dawn in turn, buries her face in his shoulder, her tears warming his skin.

She thinks it's never going to end, that she's going to experience this for eternity, this gut-wrenching pain, but then a sharp bolt of pleasure shoots down her spine when he pushes inside her some time later. The pain is still there but now it's not alone.

Ash sighs with relief when her next whimper is coated with a little pleasure. He bends his head to her breasts then, sucking and biting at the small globes in time with his thrusts, working her body back into a state of blinding arousal.

There's still the slightest bit of pain but god, the pleasure completely makes up for it. It no longer feels like he's splitting her in half, instead it feels like he's filling her completely, touching her in places no one but him will ever touch. And she's going to come soon but she doesn't want it to be alone. And she knows the quickest way to get him to go with her. "Ash?"

Ash looks up from Dawn's tits to see her green eyes heavy with lust. "Yeah, baby?"

Dawn tilts her head to the side, her hand moving up to push her sweaty hair away, baring his bite mark to his eyes. "Please?"

His fangs are in her in an instant, tearing delicately through his bite marks. She comes with a loud scream.

The taste of her blood and the feel of her walls clenching him tightly push him into his own orgasm. He pushes deep inside her and growls her name into her neck as he cums.

The door slams open, tiny feet followed by not so tiny feet running into the room.

"Eww, naked human sex." Xirena gags.

"Akri, whatcha doin' that to my akra for?" Simi hops onto the bed.

"Um, we'll just go." Alexion averts his eyes from the sight of his boss's naked ass and the equally naked teenager under him and grabs the jumping demon off the bed.

"Lexxie, the Simi is talking to her akri." Simi growls.

"You can talk to him later." Alexion says, hefting her against his side as he carries her out of the room. He grabs Xirena with his other arm and shuts the door firmly behind him.

Ash leans his forehead on Dawn's with a deep laugh.

Dawn knows she should be completely embarrassed but she can't help but to laugh. "Eww, huh?"


Dawn opens Ash's fridge door and peers inside, curious as to what the non-eater has inside; pretty much nothing. There's some eggs but given the stench coming off them, they're not good, and some cheese. And that's about it. Which makes absolutely no sense seeing how Simi and Xirena eat more than entire football team, each.

"Are you hungry?"

Dawn spins around with a loud squeal, her fist automatically coming up in the air.

Alexion winces when Ash's girlfriend punches him across the face.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry." Dawn apologizes once she realizes who was behind her. "I didn't….sneaking up on me isn't a good idea, not at all. I tend to react violently."

"I noticed." Alexion comments.

"What is going on?" Ash steps into the kitchen, his cell phone in his hand and a frown on his face.

"Alexion snuck up on me." Dawn mutters guiltily. "And I might have punched him."

Ash tucks his phone into his pants with a smirk. "I think she has a violence problem."

"When you grew in a house that was attacked on about a weekly basis, you kinda learn to hit first and ask questions later." Dawn defends.

Ash's smirk fades.

"So, do you have to go out?" Dawn closes the fridge door and walks over to Ash.

"Not right at this moment but I will." Ash wraps his arms around her.

"M'kay, well, the human needs food." Dawn murmurs. "What do you feed the girls anyways?"

"Whatever you want, I can make you." Ash says. "Or Alexion can."

"But my pizza….." Dawn protests.

"I didn't know what Dominos was." Alexion explains. "I can't make something that I've never seen before."

"Oh." Dawn says. "Okay, but I don't know what I want to eat. I was going to make something but there's nothing to make."

"What do you need to make whatever you want to eat?" Ash asks.

"I don't know." Dawn shrugs. "It doesn't work that way, Ash, my stomach doesn't know what it wants until it sees what it can have. It's this big thing." And as if to emphasize her point, her stomach growls, loudly.

"Get dressed and we'll go get you some food." Ash says.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Dawn asks innocently.

Ash just glares at her.

Dawn laughs, lifts up to kiss his chin, and then walks out of the kitchen.

Ash watches Dawn walk away, her long hair rubbing her bare back from where her tank top and shorts don't meet. Her very short shorts, which basically cover barely more than her ass, and her tank top cups her small breasts and flat stomach a little too tightly for his liking. And when he told her so, she just giggled and scurried out of his room. She is walking a little slower than normal, probably due to the fact that she's sore. He tried to talk her into letting him heal her but she refused, saying that it's her 'rite of passage'.


Ash finally realizes Alexion is saying his name and turns to see the other man grinning at him. "Shut up."

"I didn't say anything, boss." Alexion grins.

"Shut up." Ash orders.

"What's going on?" Alexion asks. "Where do you have to go?"

"The Hunters in Detroit had a rough time last night." Ash says. "I'm going to go help out tonight."

"ASH!" Dawn's terrified voice interrupts the two men and they briefly glance at each other before flashing into the living room.

Ash drops down to his knees beside Dawn, who is kneeling beside Simi's shaking body. His demon is whimpering loudly, short pain-filled whimpers and he didn't feel it. He should have felt it, felt whatever is affecting his demon as if it were affecting him but he felt nothing.

"Akri!" Simi whines loudly.

Dawn brushes Simi's hair off her forehead and looks up at Ash, her eyes wet with tears. "What's wrong with her?"

"He's hurting her." Xirena growls at Ash.

"Xirena." Alexion scolds.

"He is." Xirena insists. "She is bound to him yet he doesn't let her bind herself to him.

"That's not…."

"She's right." Ash gathers Simi up off the ground and cradles her shaking body in his arms. "Her essence is bound to mine. It's why she has can attach herself to my body. She can't go but a couple days without doing so, not unless she's in Katoteros, where she's from."

"So you're like her battery charger?" Dawn questions, not completely getting it.

That's not comparison that he likes but it is one that is accurate. "Yes, basically."

"Okay, and if she doesn't recharge?"

"I don't know." Ash answers honestly. "It's never happened. But our bond is already affected; I didn't know she was in pain and I should have felt it."

"Simi, baby girl, you have to attach yourself to Ash now." Dawn holds herself up with one hand on Ash's thigh and uses the other to push the hair out of Simi's face.

"No." Simi whimpers. "Don't want…."

"Sims, who does your akri love most in the world?" Dawn cuts in.

"His Simi." Simi answers without hesitation.

"And would he ever hurt his Simi?"

Simi shakes her head.

"And where are you the safest?"

"With my akri." Simi whispers.

"That's right, baby-girl." Dawn bends over to kiss her horns. "I'll be here when you get out."

Simi sits up and throws her arms around Dawn. "Promise?"

"Promise." Dawn kisses the top of Simi's head.

Simi pulls back from Dawn and then she's gone.

"Where'd she go?" Dawn asks frantically.

Ash rolls up his sleeve to reveal a small dragon tattoo around his upper arm.

"Oh." Dawn traces her finger over the tattoo and then bends down to kiss Simi's horns. "Okay, when can she come back?"

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