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The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link

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Summary: After moving to New Orleans, Dawn quickly finds herself thrust into a new world that feels oddly familiar. Daimons and weres, she can handle; one overly bossy, protective god/man named Ash, not so much. Add in one spoiled demon and you get her new life.

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Literature > Dark Hunter Series(Past Donor)sevangelFR1829180,525149882264,71413 Feb 072 Nov 08No
CoA Winner

Chapter 18

Title: Chapter 18
Series: The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Joss Whedon owns anything Buffy or Angel while Sherrilyn Kenyon owns everything Dark Hunter. I am just playing with them.
Rating: PG-13


Selena's shop is dead quiet, if you discount Dawn's rapid French. She's pacing, head set on as she gestures wildly, movements the person on the other line can't see but she must deem necessary. Ash is leaning against the wall in that relaxed predator way that he does so well. Vi is sitting on the ground, her knees bent and one arm thrown over her knees as she flips her knife between the fingers of her free hand. Fury is standing beside her, arms crossed over his chest and a scowl covering his lips. His brothers flank his sides, Bride leaning back against her husband's chest. The 'humans' are standing on the opposite end, watching the teenager pace.

And all of them, excluding Ash, are digesting what they were just told.

Dawn ends the call with a frustrated sigh.

"What's wrong?" Vi asks, head cocked as she looks up at the watcher.

"Nothing really….it's just…we were ever that stupid?" Dawn sighs.

"How stupid?" Vi asks back.

"Tonya didn't feel like burying a demon she killed so she just brought it home and threw it in the garage to take care of in the morning." Dawn explains.

"And the demon some how regenerated and tried to kill her?" Vi supplies.

"Yeah, how did….Elvis." Dawn sighs.

"Elvis." Vi agrees.

"Presley?" Julian questions.

"Dawn likes to name the demons." Vi shrugs. "Me, I'm all for the just slaying but she takes after Buffy too much. She likes to mock and tease demons, vamps especially, and then name them."

"Who's Elvis?" Ash grabs Dawn's wrist and pulls her back against his front.

"A big ole slimy and scaly demon that me, Con, and Vi killed." Dawn wrinkles her nose at the memory. "And when I say big, I mean huge. Like the size of a car. And strangely fire-retardant. We didn't feel like digging a hole big enough to bury him so we carried him back to the hotel with us."

"By we she means me and Connor." Vi corrects.

"Hey, you two are the superstrength." Dawn reminds her. "I'm just the brains."

Vi rolls her eyes. "Yeah, because most of your plans are so smart."

"You follow them so what's that make you?" Dawn counters.

"Slayer." Vi points to herself. "Watcher." Then she points to Dawn. "You lead and I follow. It's the whole slayer-watcher gig, remember."

"Whatever, you follow because my plans are fun." It's Dawn's turn to roll her eyes.

"Fun, yes." Vi agrees. "Even when they do usually end with broken bones, kidnappings, or concussions."

"But we have hellova good time getting them." Dawn grins.

Vi laughs. "That we do."

Nobody else laughs. Or smiles. In fact, the whole room is looking between the twenty-one year old and the soon to be twenty year old as if they're insane.

Vi pushes effortlessly to her feet. "Dawn, you got a shirt? This once smells like….trust me, it smells."

"Yeah but you can't wear it." Dawn replies.

"Why not?" Vi glares at her.

"You'll stretch it out and it's my favorite shirt." Dawn digs through her purse and comes up with a small scrap of cotton. "Come on, we'll switch shirts. I don't care if you stretch out this one."

"You never finished explaining about…"

"Connor and Vi threw Elvis in the back yard of the hotel and while we were sleeping, he came back to life." Dawn interrupts her questioning professor. "And since you never forget who kills you, he came after the three of us first."

"He threw me and Connor out the window and would have thrown Dawn with us but the window breaking woke up everyone else." Vi finishes. "Dawn just got thrown into a wall before they could take down Elvis again. Then Willow scorched his ass all magically and viola, dead demon."

Dead silence follows.

"The bathroom's back here?" Dawn questions Selena.

Selena nods.

"Cool." Dawn smiles at her and then links her arm through Vi's. "We'll be right back."

"Oh, I never want Marisa to grow up." Kyrian mutters.

"I like her." Fang comments. "She's…feisty."

"She's reckless." Vane corrects. "They both are."

Fury and Ash share a brief look, both of them realizing in that moment what they have to look forward to in the future when it comes to their 'mates'.

"So, anyways, there I was with a hick gang of vamps and no weapons." Vi gestures wildly to Dawn as they walk back into the room a few moments later. "One of them was wearing cowboy boots, you know the real kind with spurs on the back. I didn't realize he had them till he got me in the belly, hurt too; those things are sharp. Good thing though because I used one of them to decapitate one of the other vamps. Guess they realized I wasn't some little snack at that point so they broke out the rope."

"They tried to lasso you?" Dawn arches a disbelieving eyebrow.

"Yep." Vi rolls her eyes. "I felt like a calf."

"How do you always meet up with the crazy vamps?" Dawn questions.

Vi shrugs. "Just luck, I guess."

Ash pushes away from wall and stalks towards Dawn. "What are you wearing?"

Dawn looks down at the words printed across her chest, 'I'm the bait'. "My bait shirt."

Ash closes his eyes briefly. "It's some sort of joke?"

"No, it's my bait shirt." Dawn squats down beside her watcher bag and starts dumping her stuff back into it.

"Bait." Ash growls out.

"Yeah, bait, you know a nummy snack." Dawn shoots him a small grin before turning back to her packing. "Basically, I stand around looking like a sweet, innocent snack until vamps attack."

"She's scarily good at it too." Vi adds, completely missing the tension that fills Ash's body. "I mean, really, she can attract every vampire and demon for miles without…."

"Vi, that's not helping." Dawn interrupts.

"Oops, sorry." Vi apologizes. "Um, it's not like we did the bait thing a lot, just every once in a while. And it was always very controlled, except that last time but that was so not anyone's fault…..okay, I guess you can kinda say it was our fault because the chum thing worked so much better than we thought it would."

"Vi." Dawn glares at her.

"Chum?" Ash sends Dawn's things home with a wave of his hand and then pulls her against him, his arms wrapping around her as if he can keep her from doing something crazy by holding her back.

"Have you ever seen Jaws?" Dawn tilts her head back to look at him.

"You three used human blood to attract vampires?" Ash growls.

"How did….you read Vi's mind again?" Dawn asks.

Ash can't speak. He can see it now, see how the three of them shallowly cut their forearms and let their blood flow into a empty planter. And then how they sprinkled the blood around the cemetery they were patrolling in.

"They did what?" Fury growls.

"Sprinkled their own blood around a cemetery in an insane attempt to catch vampires." Ash growls out. "And it worked, didn't it?"

"Uh huh." Dawn nods. "Just a little too well though. About twenty fledges attacked us and that would have been all fine and dandy but then this demon clan, who happened to be looking for a virgin sacrifice at the time, came upon us…."

"And they kidnapped Dawn." Vi finishes. "So after me and Con killed the fledges, Con tracked the demons back to their cave and we rescued Dawn."

"And that's why the three of us aren't allowed hang out without supervision." Dawn rolls her eyes. "Connor couldn't even pick us up from the airport without an escort."

"You've got to be kidding me." Fury mutters.

"No." Vi says. "Not kidding. It's annoying really. I mean, I'm a twenty-one year old slayer but just because we 'have no regards for our environment or own safety when we're together' Giles forbids it."

"Or as Faith likes to put it, when we get together, we resort to sharing the same cracked out brain cell." Dawn comments.

"Yeah, Faith is cool about it." Vi adds. "She pretty much just joins us in whatever stupid thing we want to do."

"Cuz she uses that same brain cell." Dawn says. "Besides, her whole theory is just to dive in and see what she finds. She's never been a cautious slayer."

"Um, well, I think it's time for us to go." Tabitha announces, the tension bleeding off Ash and Fury strong enough to make her uncomfortable. "Vi, it was nice to meet you."

Vi nods.

"Ash, will you lock up before you go?" Selena asks, not wanting to leave until everyone is gone but knows by her sister's tone, that she doesn't really have a choice.

"Yes." Ash nods.

"Vane, you coming with us?" Kyrian really doesn't want to leave; this is like watching the proverbial train wreck, but he knows they have to go. Fury looks close to loosing it and though Ash doesn't show it physically, he's known the other man long enough to know he's pissed.

"Yeah." Vane says after his brother nods. "Fang, you coming with us?"

Fang shakes his head. "I'm just going to go home." And just like that, he's gone.

"Huh." Vi chirps. "Can you all do that?"

"That's a long story that will be explained later." Dawn says. "Along with whatever that mark means."

"I still have questions." Bill protests when his wife tries to drag him out of the shop. "What you told us, about your vampires and the slayers, how does that agreement work. The fine print."

"There really isn't any fine print." Dawn says. "You start telling doctors, cops, military, reporters, or anyone that's going to either start experimenting or locking us up, then we erase your memories. But other than that, we really won't do anything unless you give us a reason to. We're an easy going group for the most part."

"Discounting Spike and Angel." Vi mutters.

"Yeah, they're a little….high strung." Dawn agrees. "You'll get used to that."

"I have brothers." Vi reminds her. "I really don't need captain hairgel and peroxide too."

"Just think of them as your 'supernatural' brothers." Dawn says. "See, your other brothers can just threaten to beat up Fury here if he breaks your heart. Spike and Angel, on the other hand can threaten to torture him for months before having Willow turn him into a rat if he breaks your heart. It's a win-win situation."

"You don't expect me to be afraid of humans and your vampires." Fury says.

"Hey, Angel and Spike are really good at the torture thing." Dawn replies. "Well, Spike's more into the blatant physical pain thing while Angel is into the whole mental and emotional torture." She taps her chin thoughtfully. "You don't have a dog, do you?"

Fury just glares at her.

Dawn sticks her tongue out at him. "Mr. Lawyer man…."

"Bill." Bill interrupts.

"Okay, Bill." Dawn says. "We can meet sometime and I'll answer whatever questions your lawer-y brain might have but right now, I think Ash wants to go home."

"Where is home?" Vi asks. "Is it close?"


"Whoa." Vi looks around the immaculate room they're in. "This is…man, Ash, you've got some posh digs."

"She likes your house." Dawn translates.

"Ash, you're home awfully….." Alexion pauses, mouth dropping open at the sight that greats him. Dawn, he's not surprised at seeing. Fury and the other human shocks the hell out of him.

"Alexion, you know Fury." Ash gestures to the Were-Hunter.

"We've never met." Fury argues.

"I've seen you before." Alexion says. "You just didn't see me."

"That sounds rather ominous." Vi whispers to Dawn. "Or stalkerish."

Dawn nods her agreement. "Alex, this is Vi, she's a slayer. Vi, this is Alexion, he works for Ash."

"Nice to meet you." Vi holds out her hand.

"You too." Alexion shakes her hand though his eyes never leave his boss. Ash doesn't like anyone in his home. Dawn, he can understand but not this human and the Were-Hunter.

"Explain the rules and show them their room, it's on the other side of yours." Ash orders. "I'll be in my throne room."

Dawn watches Ash walk away with a deep sigh. He's pissed, for so many different reasons, and a lot of them stem from her. He's not pissed at her per say, but she is the root of a lot of his anger. "Vi, get some sleep. I'll explain everything in the morning, after your checkup."

Vi groans. "Can't you just shoot me?"

Dawn waves her hand. "Shoo."

Vi sticks her tongue out at Dawn.

Dawn sticks her tongue out back and then heads off in the direction Ash went. His 'throne room' is beautiful…okay, not beautiful because that's girly but it is stunning. So stunning it's almost surreal. And Ash really does have a throne. It would be pretentious on anyone else but on Ash it just fits. He's sprawled out in the big chair, a guitar in his hands and his bare foot tapping on the marble under it. He shed his jacket somewhere between the living room and here along with his t-shirt. In fact, all he has on is his leather pants and a long, silk type robe thing. And then she notices the creatures at his feet, who are now coming over to investigate her. They look like little dinosaurs but act more like puppies, nuzzling her legs and sniffing her hands when she reaches out to pet them. She pets each and everyone of them, mentally naming them all so she can remember them. Ash has stopped playing by this point and she looks up to see him watching her. She pats the animals on the top of the head and then walks through them towards Ash. "Hey."

"Hey." Ash sets the guitar aside.

"Doyouwantustoleave?" Dawn blurts.

Ash tugs on her hand, pulling her onto his lap. "You're not going anywhere."

"You didn't ask for this." Dawn snuggles into him. "I mean, technically, you didn't even ask for me, let alone the baggage I come with. I'll understand if you don't want Vi staying here."

"You have to stay where she stays." Ash runs his hands up under her shirt.

"Yeah." Dawn agrees.

"Then you're both staying here." Ash unhooks her bra and then growls with frustration when he can't manually get the damn thing off.

Dawn giggles and quickly slips her bra off without removing her shirt. "Have you ever undressed a girl without using magic?"

"I don’t use magic." Ash glares at the offending article of clothing hanging from her fingers. "And no."

"I can't do it with them watching." Dawn tugs her tank down when Ash pushes it up.

"Who?" Ash slips his hands under her top to cup her breasts.

Dawn's eyes flutter closed on a moan. "The dinos."

It takes Ash a second to realize she's talking about his pets and when he does, he can't help but laugh.

"It's not funny." Dawn crosses her arms over her chest with a pout.

Her pout hits him straight in the gut. She could get him to do anything with that pout.

Dawn squeaks when they tumble onto Ash's big bed, the method of traveling still throwing her off a little.

"This better?" Ash starts to remove her shirt.

"Ash, no." Dawn slaps his hands away.

Ash arches an eyebrow but stops his removal of her shirt.

"I've never touched a man's chest before you, sparing not included." Dawn comments as she moves up to straddle his belly.

"I'm glad to hear that." Ash says, tilting his head to the side to examine her face. She's nervous about something. He can smell it, see it in her face. He just can't imagine what it is. "What's wrong?"

Dawn plays with the bottom of her shirt, her eyes downcast. "I want to touch you."

"Okay." Ash moves his hands up to her waist.

"I've never, you know, and what if I'm not good at it?" Dawn whispers. "I don't want to disappoint you."


"Don't do that whole reassuring thing." Dawn interrupts. "I don't….will you just lay there and let me without stopping me?"

Ash crosses his arms under his head.

She doesn't know where to start. She's touched him a little before but not much because the second he starts touching her, she goes to goo. Seriously, she's just a puddle of want when it comes to him. His body is perfect and not for the first time she wonders what he sees in her. She's nowhere near as gorgeous as he is. Her heart pounding in her chest and her body flushed, she tentatively touches his chest. He's so warm and hard but at the same time, soft. Like how romance novels always put it; velvet over steel. She traces her fingers over his abs a few times and then up to his pecs. She knows he's watching her, can feels his eyes on her; it makes her belly clench. His nipples are rock hard and she can't help but be curious if what she feels when he touches her is what he feels when she touches him. The curious part of her, the part that came up with the 'chum' idea, has to know.

He's never had a woman look at him so curiously, so full of wonder. When Artemis touched him it was never about him; it was about her getting what she wanted. Everything about their relationship was about her getting what she wanted. But Dawn….with her it's about both of them. She wants to give him as much pleasure as he gives her. That thought is like fuel to his already rock hard body and he reaches up behind him to grip the wooden bars of his headboard. When she pinches his nipple, his hands flex around the bars, a low growl rumbling up his chest.

Touch equals good. Ash likes her hands on him and that realization gives her power. Not power over him really but just power. Makes her feel like a woman and not some teenage girl. He's not watching her anymore and a glance up shows his eyes to be closed. So she moves onto the next part of her 'experiment'.

Ash arches with a growl when Dawn's warm, soft tongue flicks his nipple. Then like a little kitten, she laps at his skin, completely unaware how close she is to making him loose control.

He tastes good. Salty but somehow just a little sweet and completely Ash tasting. She traces her tongue down his chest, stopping to trace each of his abs, before down to his 'happy trail'. She has to scoot down his body and when her crotch rubs against his, she can't help but moan.

"Dawn." Ash growls, hands clenching repeatedly around the bars.

"I'm not done yet." Dawn, her embarrassment completely gone now and so totally into her 'touching Ash' game, blows warm air on the arrow of blond hair before tracing it down to the waistband of his leather pants. "Off."

Ash flashes the remainder of both their clothing off.

She must be getting used to being naked around him, he does like to have her that way, because she's not really all that bothered by being naked on top of him. A little, she'll never be an exhibitionist, but not like she used to be. His cock, which she still has problems believing actually fit inside her, is standing at full attention. Seriously, he's really big, like her fingers don't meet when she wraps them around him big. And he's sprung a leak. A giggle escapes her mouth at that but she dunks her head when Ash questions her. And swipes her tongue across the 'leak'.

The wood shatters under Ash's hands, the headboard becoming nothing but splinters when Dawn's tongue laps at his cock. He doesn't have the will power for this. "Dawn, baby…."

Dawn gives the head of his cock a gentle kiss before moving back up his body. "Can I be on top?"

"Now." Ash growls, hands gripping her waist and lifting her up. A red haze covers his vision, fangs extended and eyes red from the intense arousal rushing through his body. He's closer to losing control than he's been in a very long time, when he found out about what happened to Simi not counting, and he needs to be inside her. Either that, or he needs to kill something. The desire she brings out in him is parallel to the blood-lust he feels when he doesn't feed for a long amount of time. Only stronger. He lines her body up with his and with one up-thrust of his hips, buries himself inside her. It isn't until he's buried in her to the hilt that he comes back to himself enough to realize what he just did. She's practically still a virgin and he just brutally shoved inside her.

"It's okay." Dawn leans forward to softly kiss his lips. "I'm fine."

"I hurt you." Ash growls out.

"Just a….oh…" Dawn moans, eyes fluttering shut. "So big."

Ash cups her waist, his thumbs resting over her hipbones. "Can I move?"

"Mm hmm." Dawn murmurs. "I think I'm…." Her sentence trails off with a moan when he slowly lifts her up, his long, thick length sliding out of her, before bringing her back down. It feels so good. She rests her hands on his chest and then experimentally lifts and drops her body. And then does it again and again and again, until she feels like her whole body is going to explode in that really great way that only Ash can do. "Ash, please."

"Please what, auyun?" Ash slides his hands up her hips to cup her breasts.

"Bite me, please." Dawn pants.

His mouth waters at the thought but he doesn't want their relationship to become about blood. "Dawn, we shouldn't…."

"It makes me feel like I'm a part of you." Dawn whispers. "Like you're a part of me. When you bite me, I feel like we're one person."

He knows what she means. And he wants it as much as she does, probably more. He could deny his own needs but he can't deny hers so he sits up and dips his head to lathe the soft flesh of her right tit. And then bites down on it.

Dawn screams. It's pleasure and pain, all rolled into one delicious package that is currently ripping through her body like a tidal wave. And she loves every part of it. Ash growls her name against her skin as he comes and she cradles her his head against her breast.

"Dawn, are you okay?" Ash asks after a few moments.

The only response he gets is a snore.


"Come on, Vi, push it." Dawn orders, hand cupped against her forehead like a visor as she watches the slayer sprint up and down the beach in front of her. Ash, Fury, Danger, and Alexion are standing behind her, watching the 'checkup'. They've already done the jumping portion, Fury threw a big hissy fit when Vi jumped off the roof of Ash's house, and they did the dodging portion. Fury threw another fit at her throwing knifes at Vi and Ash threw a fit at Vi kicking the knifes back at her. Now it's the endurance portion and so far, Vi's kicking ass, though she's pretty sure a lot of it is pent-up frustration from the Were-Hunter behind her.

Vi and Fury slept in the same room and in the same bed but according to Vi, nothing happened. She went to sleep and Fury just paced. A lot.

Ash explained to her this morning what the marks mean. And now she has to explain to Vi what they mean, a conversation that can go one of two ways. One, she completely loses it and refuses to talk about it at all or two, she loses it but in the end, accepts yet another upheaval in her life. She knows Vi pretty well and she's fairly sure Vi'll be okay with this, after it all registers.

"Okay, you're good." Dawn announces.

"Thank god." Vi pants and drops down on the sand next to Dawn. "You watchers are evil."

"Just gotta make sure you're in tiptop slayer condition." Dawn replies as she leans sideways to input Vi's 'checkup' data into the computer. All in all, she can't see any lasting effects from the demon. "We'll have to do it against in a couple weeks but from what I can tell, you're as healthy as a horse."

"Gee, thanks." Vi hefts to her feet. "I just love being compared to farm animals."

"You're welcome." Dawn finishes typing and then closes her laptop with a sigh. She looks up and sees a familiar look in her best friend's eyes. "Vi?"

"Think I deserve just the tiniest bit of revenge." Vi says.

"For what, saving your life?" Dawn stands up. "That's not at….."

Vi hefts Dawn over her shoulder and then runs flat out towards the ocean, Dawn squealing the entire time. She tosses Dawn into the water and then dives in herself, the cool water feeling refreshing on her overly heated skin. She hates getting a checkup.

"That's just the slightest bit strange." Alexion comments. "And for some reason, I know they've done it before."

Fury grunts, the wolf shifting his weight restlessly. He doesn't like be locked up in Ash's home but he has not intentions of leaving Vi. The fact that he's currently standing in the sun adds to his discomfort, even if Ash assured him a dozen times that the sun here will have no effect on him. He never wanted a mate. In his belief, the male always gets the short end of the stick while the woman gets everything. They get a male that is completely faithful to her, devoted to her happiness and protection because he has no other choice. He never wanted that. But he also doesn't want to be sterile for the rest of his life either. So he'll do what he must and bind himself to a human child.

A part of him, the human he was before he turned Katagari, isn't so bothered by the idea. Vi is….amazing in bed. She's cute in that shy way that he never used to find attractive and most of all, she doesn't seem to be bothered by any of the things going on around her.

"Vi, stop." Dawn orders, jogging after the storming away slayer.

"No." Vi yells over her shoulder.

"Don't make me ask Ash to stop you because he will." Dawn says.

"I didn't fucking ask for this." Vi turns around and glares at the watcher.

"I know you didn't but either did he." Dawn says. "Nobody asked for this it just is."

"My life has turned into a serious of 'just is'." Vi wipes at her face, telling herself it's just water from the ocean and not tears in her eyes. "How do we get rid of it?"

"Ash didn't tell me that." Dawn replies.

Vi turns to Ash. "How do we get rid of it?"

"You can't." Ash replies. "You're mates and that can't be undone. The only thing that remains is acceptance."

"And if I can't accept this?" Vi asks.

"It won't affect you if you don't accept it." Ash dries both their clothing with a thought, not liking the way Dawn's tank top clung to her chest. "But Fury…"

Dawn leans over to whisper in Vi's ear what will happen if Vi doesn't 'accept' the mating.

"Oh." Vi mutters. "That's….how the hell is that fair? So if I don't bind myself to him he can't have sex at all?"

"No." Fury growls.

"And even if you do, you'll be the only person he can have sex with." Dawn adds.

"But I could have sex with other people?" Vi questions.

"Yes." Fury growls loudly.

"You can stop growling, I have no plans to have sex with anyone." Vi rolls her eyes. "I just wanted the facts. How exactly do we bind ourselves together?"

"Sex." Fury replies.

"No, I can't…."

"Okay, Vi, nobody's saying you have to be with him." Dawn steps forward to cup her best friend's face, forcing the redhead to look at her. "You bind yourself or whatever to him so that he doesn't become eunuch. Then after that, you can go on your merry way and he can go on his."

"But he can't have sex with anyone but me and I don't want to have sex anymore…"

"Vi, what if that changes?" Dawn asks. "What if a few months from now you want to with him but it's too late because he can't?"

"This whole thing is stupid." Vi mutters. "How long do we have?"

"A little under two weeks." Fury bites out.

"Okay, I'll do it but I can't….unless I can drink some more, I can't just have sex with you." Vi blushes, looking down at the sand as she does so. "I have to know you somewhat so I guess we'll have to get to know each other and then we can do the binding thing just so you don't become…"

"Don't say it." Fury cuts her off with a growl.

"There's no need to growl at me." Vi growls back. "This isn't my fault."

"If you hadn't jumped me, this would have never happened." Fury strikes out, the helplessness of the situation making him more angry than normal.

Vi swallows guiltily. "I'm sorry, I didn't…hey, look at the bright side. You'll only be stuck with me for a few years."

"Vi." Dawn warns.

"Cuz Dawn sugar coated the whole slayer gig." Vi ignores Dawn. "We have really short life spans so in a few years, you can go back to banging whoever you want and I'll be nothing but a memory."

"Vi." Dawn tries again.

"Don't." Vi shrugs Dawn's hands off her. "I need to go." The slayer then pushes away from the group and takes off down the beach at a dead run.

"Oh, my god, can you be anymore clueless?" Dawn thumps Fury on the shoulder. "She thinks she forced you to have sex with her and now you just basically told her she did."

"She didn't force me to do anything I didn't want to do." Fury barely refrains from growling at her but he knows what Ash would do if he did. Or actually, he doesn't want to know what Ash would do.

"Go tell her that." Dawn orders, waving her hands at him in a shooing gesture when he doesn't move. "Go on. Shoo."

Fury glares at her.

"Do I need to throw a bone or something?" Dawn asks.

Fury flips her off and then jogs off in the direction Vi went, yelping when something shocks his ass. He turns his head to see Ash smirking, the Dark-Hunter with his arms wrapped around his dainty human. "Ass."

Another yelp followed by very girly giggling.

Dawn watches Vi and Fury argue with vast amusement. Vi is normally a very easy going person and it takes a lot to get her fired up. In fact, in the years she's known Vi, she's only heard the redhead cuss a handful of times and never the 'f' word. But this whole situation with Fury seems to bring out a passion in the slayer that nothing else ever has. That alone gives the grumpy wolf some extra points in her book. Vi takes off again, Fury on her heels, and fairly soon the two are out of sight. She then turns to look up at Ash with what she hopes is pleading eyes. "Can Simi come out now?"

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