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The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link

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Summary: After moving to New Orleans, Dawn quickly finds herself thrust into a new world that feels oddly familiar. Daimons and weres, she can handle; one overly bossy, protective god/man named Ash, not so much. Add in one spoiled demon and you get her new life.

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Literature > Dark Hunter Series(Past Donor)sevangelFR1829180,525149882265,59013 Feb 072 Nov 08No
CoA Winner

Chapter 19

Title: Chapter 19
Series: The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Joss Whedon owns anything Buffy or Angel while Sherrilyn Kenyon owns everything Dark Hunter. I am just playing with them.
Rating: PG-13


"Who is that, akra?" Simi crosses her arms over her chest, a scowl covering her lips.

"It's Vi." Dawn tucks Simi's hair behind her ears.

"The Vi!" Simi squeals, and then flutters over to the human. "I'm the Simi."

"Hi." Vi shakes the fluttering demon's hand, one eyebrow quirked at Dawn. Then Dawn nods and she relaxes, trusting the watcher completely to know a dangerous demon from a non-dangerous one. "You know who I am?"

Vi nods excitedly. "My akra talks about you lots. But the Simi is confused. Where is the Connor?"

"He's in England, with his dad." Vi smiles. "I like your horns."

Simi grins back brightly. "My akra said you was quality people."

"I try." Vi interlocks her arm with Simi's. "So, what's Dawn been telling you about me and Con?"

"Just that you're her best friends." Simi says. "And you have lots and lots of fun together. But the Simi don't understand everything."

"What don't you understand, Simi?" Vi asks, completely understanding why Dawn is so taken with this demon. There is just something so cute and endearing about Simi.

"What was you arrested for indecent exposure?" Simi cocks her head. "The Simi don't know what that is."

Dawn groans.

"You told her that?" Vi gasps.

"Yeah." Dawn relies. "But it wasn't….Simi, how come you didn't tell me you didn't understand?"

Simi shrugs.

"This was when you two and Connor were arrested?" Ash slowly starts to relax, having tensed up the moment Vi walked into the room. He knows she's Dawn's friend but she's also a warrior. A warrior that kills demons and part of him was worried how she would react to Simi. But besides a look at Dawn, most likely waiting for her approval, she didn't react any differently to Simi than she has anyone else.

"You were arrested?" Fury arches a surprised eyebrow. Then the rest of Simi's statement registers. "Indecent exposure?"

"Yeah, that, underage consumption, and public intoxication." Vi ticks off. "It's a good thing Gunn is a lawyer or we probably would have spent some time in jail."

"We stole some whisky from Spike, got drunk, and then went patrolling." Dawn explains to the confused group, except for Ash who looks pissed as hell and must have picked the story up from Vi's mind. "Which isn't really the smartest thing in the world to do…"

"You think?" Ash interrupts with a half growl.

"Sometimes." Dawn grins up at him. "But not all the time. So, anyways, we patrolled and got covered in nasty demon slime…"

"And Dawn just couldn't handle being covered in slime for too long." Vi interrupts. "So, she thought it'd be a good idea to rinse off….in somebody's pool. They called cops and we got arrested."

"And the indecent exposure part?" Fury asks.

"We took off our clothes before we went into the pool." Vi says. "I mean, we weren't going to walk home soaking wet."

"You swam naked with some boy?" Fury growls.

"No, with Connor." Vi replies. "And we had our underwear on."

"Vi, you'll have to get used to that look when you mention Connor." Dawn gestures to Fury's face. "Ash wears it too; they're not like the boy being our friend thing."

"Males and females can't be friends." Fury says.

Dawn and Vi both roll their eyes.

"You're just going to have to handle us being friends with guys." Dawn lifts up to kiss the bottom of Ash's chin and then moves over to take Simi's other free hand. "Alexion, can Xirena come out? We want to go swimming."

"We do?" Vi arches an eyebrow.

Dawn nods. "We do."

"I don't have a bathing suit….I don't have any clothes actually." Vi points out.

"I have a couple suits….you can borrow one." Dawn says.

"Cool." Vi chirps. "We should surf….I've heard it's fun."

"Kay." Dawn agrees. "Sims, you going to swim with us?"

"What for?" Simi asks.

"Just for fun." Dawn replies.

"Okay." Simi agrees. "Akri, you coming too?"


"Well, she sure is giving it her all." Dawn plops down on the warm sand beside Ash, laughing when Simi once again wipes out. "And I'm pretty sure she's loving every second of it."

"You look like a sea nymph." Ash tugs her onto his lap, his hand clasping over her belly, his palm not even coming close to covering the large expansion of bare flesh. Her 'swimming suit' is nothing more than waterproof underwear in his opinion. The small triangles of sky blue fabric barely covers her tits and the bottom portion isn't much better. Right now, her long, multi-colored hair is hanging in wet strands down and sticking to her face, shoulders and chest.

"I feel like a nymph." Dawn snuggles into his bare chest. "You do realize we can never go to a public beach, don't you?"

"Of course not." Ash's hands tighten around her middle at the thought of her on a public beach in the tiny scraps of fabric she's trying to pass off as a swimming suit. "I'm not going to have a bunch of mortal boys gawking at you."

"I was talking about you." Dawn pokes him in the chest. "Trust me, you walk on a beach in those trunks, there'll be a riot."

Ash smirks at the possessive growl in her voice. "Jealous, are we?"

"Little bit." Dawn pecks his lips lightly before popping to her feet. "Come swim with me."

Ash is on his feet in a second and plucks Dawn off the sand as he jogs to the ocean. And as he dives under the warm water, Dawn's excited squeal in his ear, he can't remember the last time he felt this…happy. Actually, he doesn't think he's ever felt this happy.


"Looks like the girls are done." Vi comments to Fury.

"Looks like." Fury grunts.

"You know, if we're going to do this dating thing you could at least put some effort into it." Vi rolls her eyes as she hefts herself back onto the surfboard she's been riding. Okay, maybe riding is giving herself a little too much credit. Mostly, she's been getting herself thrown off. As were both Xirena and Simi, who are both now sitting on the beach by Danger and Alexion.

"We are not dating." Fury growls as he lazily kicks his way to float behind her. "We are mates."

"Yeah, whatever." Vi mutters. "But you have to indulge my girly nature and court me. We had this discussion not even an hour ago, remember?"

"I remember you tossing me into the water." Fury bites back a smile at that memory, her forceful strength turning him on more than it probably should have.

Vi tries to look guilty but just ends up giggling, a girly reaction that is not her. "Well, you deserved it."

"For what?" Fury demands.

Vi ignores him.

Frustrated, Fury grabs the surfboard and jerks it out from under her feet. She squeals as she flies backwards and he catches her as she hits the water.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Vi pushes her short hair out of her face and then wails him on the chest, hard.

Fury grunts and grabs her swinging arms. "Stop it."

"Bite me." Vi growls, wiggling and kicking to get out of his arms. Then her words register as does their position. He's holding her arms above her head and her legs are wrapped around his hips. Her heart is pounding wildly in her chest and she can honestly say, this is the most aroused she's ever gotten during fight and she is a slayer; the whole slaying makes you hungry and horny this is true.

Fury slides his hands down to cup her barely covered ass cheeks and squeezes. "With pleasure, darlin'."

Vi hisses when his teeth clamp down on her shoulder and then moans when he tugs on the skin.

Fury growls against Vi's skin and tugs her closer, grinding his cock into the soft skin of her lower belly.

It takes every bit of control she has but Vi manages to unwrap her legs from around Fury and plant her feet on the ground. His mouth pulls away from her neck but before he can say anything, she tosses him ten feet into the air, grinning with satisfaction at the big splash he makes when he hits the water. He breaks the surface with a loud growl that makes her lower body clench and shakes his head to get his wet hair out of his eyes. "That's for the surfboard trick." Then she dives under the water and lazily strokes her way back to shore.

Fury starts after her, he could catch up with her with a few strokes, but instead grabs her still floating surfboard. He's starting to change his mind; maybe this mate thing won't be as bad as he first thought.


His chin resting on the top of Dawn's head and one hand over her belly to hold her back against his front, Ash laughs.

"What?" Dawn asks.

"Nothing." Ash murmurs, hand slipping further down her belly to play with the top of her bathing suit bottom.

Dawn bites back a moan, her head lolling back on Ash's shoulder. "Come on, Ash, I might not of known you for that long but I know you don’t laugh for no reason."

"It was amusing to watch Vane court Bride." Ash slips his hand into the front of her bathing suit bottom. "But watching Fury court Vi, I'm fairly sure this is going to be ten times as amusing."

Dawn turns her head and moans into his neck. A part of her, a small part, is horrified that she's allowing him….no, with the way her hips are writhing against his hand, begging him to finger her with her best friend, her best friend's were-mate, a couple demons, and Ash's employees only a little ways away. Thankfully, they're in water that covers her up to her chin and Ash to his chest so there's no way they can see anything. But they have to know, there's no way they can't.

Ash brings Dawn to a slow, sweet orgasm and barely resists the urge to push her bottoms off and thrust deep inside her. "I'm sorry, baby."

"Mm, I might not be an expert or anything but that was nothing to be sorry about." Dawn murmurs.

"I know you weren't completely comfortable with that." Ash kisses her neck.

Dawn shrugs. "Okay, I'll admit it was a little embarrassing but it's not like they could see anything….they couldn't see anything, could they?"

"No." Ash assures her.

"That's good." Dawn says.

Ash starts to say something when a loud splash interrupts him. He looks up to see Fury breaking surface and laughs at the affronted look on the wolf's face.

Dawn sighs wistfully as she watches her best friend and Fury.

"What's wrong?" Ash asks.

Dawn shrugs.

"Dawn, what's wrong?"

"Nothing…it's just…I've dated before…."

"I know." Ash interrupts with a growl, eyes flashing red.

"It's so cute when you get all jealous and possessive." Dawn grins up at him and kisses his lips. "And as I was saying, I've dated before but never really 'dated', you know. We went to movies and dinner but always as a group and the dates always ended early cuz with a half dozen people wanting to know what you're doing all the time, you don't get to do much dating as in the way of dating."

"You want to date." Ash growls out.

"Well, yeah, you." Dawn shakes her head and kisses his lips again. "I don't know if you really got it before but you're it for me. You went and ruined me for any other man. Pity, cuz I had the ability to be a real heartbreaker too."

He knows she's teasing, can practically taste the teasing tone in her voice, but the thought of her and any man in the same sentence pisses him off.

Dawn feels the growls rumbling up his chest, feels the rage and possession fill his body. She wraps her arms more firmly around his neck and her legs about his hips. "Hey, now, there's no need for that. I'm not going anywhere. Even if you let me, there's no way I could leave you now." Then she buries her face in his neck and whispers against his salty tasting skin. "I love you, Acheron Parthenopaeus."

Ash flashes them to his bed, Dawn tucked under his body.

"Okay, still getting used to that one." Dawn says, her brain slowly registering the quick move from the ocean to Ash's bed.

"Say it again." Ash orders.

"I love you." Dawn repeats, more firmly this time.

Ash shudders and dips his head to her neck. "Any chance of my letting you go just left, you do realize that."

"Don't be silly." Dawn pushes her hands through his long, wet hair. "You were never going to let me go."

Ash laughs against her skin. "True."

"Can we get to the making love thing now?" Dawn asks. "Cuz I really want you to make love to me, right now."

"I will." Ash pulls back to look into her cycling green eyes. "I love you too, auyun."


"Shoo, go, shoo." Dawn waves her hands at Ash, who just glares at her. "Ash, we have to shop. You have to go."

"I still don't understand why we're doing this." Ash growls out, arms crossed over his t-shirt covered chest.

"We're doubling with Vi and Fury because Vi's afraid if they're alone, they'll end up getting groin-y again…"

"I did not say that." Vi interrupts.

"No, but it's the truth." Dawn says. "Anyways, she's afraid they'll end up skipping the whole get to know each other stage and head straight to the sex again. So, we're chaperoning their date and me and Vi need date clothes."

"And the reason we're picking you two up at your house?" Ash arches an eyebrow.

"Cuz that's how dating works." Dawn pushes up on her tiptoes and plants a kiss on his lips. "Now, shoo."

Ash grabs her arms and tugs her against him, his mouth sealing over hers in a deep, wet kiss. "You better call me if you need something."

"I will." Dawn assures him. "Now, shoo, we gotta go shop."

"We'll be there at nine o'clock." Ash reminds her.

"Uh huh." Dawn pecks his cheek. "Love you, bye."

Ash clenches his fists as he watches Dawn and Vi walk into the crowded mall. He doesn't like letting her out alone but she's not Simi and he can't keep her confined to areas he specifies. He has to let her have her space, roam free. And it might kill him to do so but he knows he has to.


"So, dropping the love bomb." Vi comments, arm interlocked through Dawn's as the walk through the mall. Bags hang from both their hands and their shopping expedition is pretty much over, though it took longer than it should of. In fact, they only have about an hour to get ready now.

"Yeah." Dawn smiles happily. "Just felt completely natural."

"Hmm." Vi hums. "And the biting?"

"You noticed that?" Dawn casts her best friend a glance.

"The neck one I wrote off as a vamp bite but the one on your boob…there's no way in hell Ash would let anyone but him bite you there." Vi says.

"True." Dawn agrees. "Did it show in my new dress?"

"Only when you bent over." Vi replies. "Just refrain from doing that and nobody'll know you're into the kinky biting thing."

Dawn snorts. "Like you didn't let Fury bite you."

"I was drunk." Vi defends.

"I was talking about in the water." Dawn says with a grin.

Vi trips over her own feet but manages not to actually fall. "You noticed that?"

"Yep." Dawn nods.

"Just like I noticed Ash with his hand down your bottoms?" Vi says.

It's Dawn's turn to trip and only the slayer keeps her from hitting the ground. "How did you know that?"

"I only suspected that." Vi grins. "You just told me."

"Brat." Dawn mutters.

"Takes one to know one." Vi says. "Hey, wait a second, isn't that Ash?"

Dawn follows Vi's finger and sure enough, Ash is leaning against the wall by the bathrooms.

"What's he doing here?" Vi asks Dawn. "He didn't like stay here the whole time to watch us, did he?"

"I don't think so." Dawn wrinkles her brow and leads Vi over to her boyfriend. But as they get closer, something feels off. There's something strange about him but she can't tell what it is.

"Hey, baby." Ash pushes off the wall and walks towards them.

"Hey." Dawn says back, skin crawling when he reaches out to touch her.

"We need to talk." Ash nods his head towards the surprisingly empty bathroom lobby.

"Okay." Dawn hands her bags to Vi. "Kennedy, we'll be back in a second."

Vi takes the bags with an arched eyebrow. "Okay."

Dawn takes Ash's hand in her right one and then holds her left one behind her back at Vi, her fingers held up in the air.

Vi sees the gesture, one of their silent ways of talking and starts counting down the five minutes Dawn is asking for. Something is wrong with Ash and that honestly freaks her out. He didn't so much as bat an eye at Dawn calling her Kennedy and something about him just made her skin crawl, she just doesn't know what it is. The five minutes finally pass and she tosses their bags to the ground by the bathroom door as she enters it.

She's so shocked at what she finds that she actually freezes for a second, but only a second. Dawn is lying on the ground, her arms pinned above her head in one of Ash's big hands and her skirt pushed up around her waist. Dawn's thrashing under him, low whimpers escaping her mouth. It takes seeing Dawn's panties on the ground beside Ash's knee to knock her into action. She sneaks up behind Ash, intent of knocking him off her best friend, but instead gets kicked across the face, hard. She cries out as she crashes through a bathroom stall and grunts when her body slams into the toilet. After a second of regaining her bearings, she pops to her feet and grabs the bathroom door. And then rips it off its hinges. This time she doesn't bother sneaking up on him, instead runs and uses the door like a bat; Ash goes flying across the room and hits the wall with a satisfying crash.

"Don't!" Dawn orders.

"Dawn, I don't….he's evil." Vi grips her knife tighter.

"It's not him." Dawn pushes to her feet, biting her lip to keep from crying. "That's not Ash."


"No, we have to go." Dawn grabs her hand. "We have to go now."

Vi sees Ash moving to his feet and understands. She grips Dawn's hand tightly in her own and the two take off, running out of the bathroom at a full sprint.


Aimee looks up when the front door slams open and promptly drops the bottle in her hand. "Dawn?"

Nicolette curses under her breath and crosses around the counter to where Ash's human is. Dawn's face is swollen and covered in tears. Her small top is barely hanging on, the tiny straps broken and hanging down her arms. The human beside her doesn't look much better, blood running down her face and her arm hanging at an odd angle. "I'll call Ash."

"NO!" Dawn and Vi both shout.

"Why not?" Nicolette reaches for the phone despite their efforts.

"Cuz Ash did this." Vi says.

"It wasn't Ash." Dawn protests, head shaking wildly.

"Dawn, sweetie, it was Ash." Vi cups her best friend's face and wipes the tears off her cheeks. "I know you don't want to hear this but it was Ash."

"It wasn't." Dawn repeats quietly. "Ash would never hurt me."

"Dawnie, he was going to rape you." Vi says softly.

"Ash would never rape anyone." Sundown stands up and walks around the counter.

"Look, I don't know who you are and frankly, I don't care." Vi says. "I know what happened and I know who did it."

Dawn shakes her head again and looks up at Nicolette, her bottom lip trembling. "Can you call Savitar? He'll know what to do."

Nicolette nods. "I'm not sure if he'll come though; he very rarely answers his phone."

"Please." Dawn says.

Nicolette dials Savitar's cell phone number and gets the usual message; he never answers.

"Tell him it's about me." Dawn says. "He'll come." She doesn't know why she knows it but she knows he'll come.

Nicolette starts to leave a message but the second she says Dawn's name, she feels Savitar's unmistakable presence behind her.

"What about….Dawn?" Savitar gasps.

"μπαμπάς!" Dawn cries as she throws herself into his arms.

Savitar catches his baby girl and hugs her to his chest, rocking her gently and whispering in her ear like he used to. He has no idea what is going on, what the hell happened to her, but right now, he's holding his whole world in his arms and he almost doesn't care. "I'm right here."

"Something's wrong with Ash." Dawn chokes out against his chest. "I don't know what it is but something is wrong with him and you have to fix him."

"Slow down, baby girl." Savitar tips her face back and brushes the tears off her face. "Now, what's wrong with Ash?"

"I don't know." Dawn says. "He dropped me and Vi off at the mall, we're supposed to be going out tonight, and then he was just there but I knew something was wrong right off. It didn't feel like Ash. And he didn't know who Vi was. And then he…"

Savitar tucks Dawn back against his chest and looks over her shoulder to her human friend for an explanation.

"He was going to rape her." Vi says. "I tried to knock him off and he kicked me into a stall. Then I knocked him off her with a door and we took off."

"That wasn't Ash." Savitar replies firmly.

"I know that." Dawn agrees. "Something is wrong with him."

"No, I mean it wasn't Ash." Savitar says.

'Acheron?' Savitar prods into the Atlantean's mind.

'I'm busy, Savitar.' Ash says back. 'Can't this wait?'

'Get down to the Sanctuary, now.' Savitar orders. 'And bring the wolf but not Simi.'
He cuts off the mental connection before Ash can argue with him. "Shh, it's okay."

"I can't lose him, μπαμπάς." Dawn whispers. "I don't think I would survive that again."

"I know." Savitar whispers against her hair.

Dawn tenses slightly when she feels Ash flash into the room but even as she does it, she knows it's him, her Ash. She pulls out of Savitar's arms and throws herself into Ash's, despite her best friend's protests.

Ash flashes himself to the Sanctuary with a growl, frustrated at the interruption. Beside him, he can tell Fury is just as frustrated. That all fades though when he sees Savitar. Or more accurately, the girl in Savitar's arms. She tenses at his presence and that almost kills him. But then she's in his arms, her arms wrapped around his neck and her body shaking in his arms. Vi is standing in a fighting stance, her knife in her hands.

"What the hell is going on?" Ash demands.

"I was about to ask you the same question." Vi shifts her weight from foot to foot, the only thing keeping her from attacking him is the fact that Dawn is in his arms. "Since ten minutes ago, you were in the process of raping her."

"It wasn't him, Vi." Dawn says again. "It wasn't."

"Dawn, I don't get what's going on but I know what happened." Vi argues. "He kicked me through a door and would have raped you if I hadn't knocked him out with said door."

"It wasn't Ash." Fury moves to Vi's side, shielding her protectively with his body. "He was with me all afternoon."

"Okay." Vi says slowly. "Then does Ash have an evil twin brother or something? Cuz there's no way I got somebody else confused with him."


"Whoa, he does have a twin brother?" Vi gasps. "Why didn't Dawn tell me?"

"She doesn't know." Savitar says. "There was no reason for her to know. He's banished to another realm and can't escape."

"Yeah, well, guess they don't make other realms like they used to." Vi replies. "Cuz the throbbing in my side says he escaped."

"How badly are you injured?" Savitar asks the human, pausing briefly in his pacing of Ash's living room to look at her.

"My shoulder feels broken and so do a couple ribs." Vi replies. "He's pretty damn strong."

Savitar heals her with little more than a thought and then resumes his pacing.

"Thanks." Vi rotates her shoulder.

Alexion stands up, drawling the room's attention to him. "Does somebody want to tell us what the hell is going on? What does Styxx have to do with anything and what happened to Dawn? And Vi? I thought you guys were going out tonight."

"So did I." Vi shrugs a shoulder and unconsciously leans back against Fury's back. "That was until Ash's evil twin attacked Dawn and kicked me through a bathroom stall. It kinda put a wet blanket on our plans."


Ash silently lifts Dawn up and sets her own the bathroom counter. He healed her physical wounds a few moments ago but has no idea how to go about healing her emotional ones. He gently tugs her ripped tank top off and tosses it towards the corner of the bathroom. Her bra comes next and then he slips her flip flops off. Lastly, he pulls her skirt off, grinding his teeth at her lack of panties. And she should have panties on, he slipped the pink cotton on her himself right before he dropped them off at the mall. He flashes off his own clothes and then carries Dawn into the already running shower.

Dawn squeezes her arms around Ash's neck and rests her head on his shoulder. "I was so scared."

"I know, baby." Ash steps under the warm spray, letting the water hit them both. "How far did he go?"

"Not far." Dawn whispers, shuddering at the memories. It doesn't matter that he looked exactly like Ash; to her, he couldn't have been more different if he was short, fat, and balding. "I knew something was wrong the second he touched me. It made my skin crawl and you never make my skin crawl. I thought maybe you were possessed or something."

"I'm sorry, Dawn, this shouldn't…."

"Don't pull away from me." Dawn interrupts. "It's not your fault he attacked me."

"He did it to get to me." Ash argues.

"That's not your fault." Dawn squeezes him tightly. "I can't lose you, Ash. I was so scared that I did…that something happened and you would be gone forever. That scared me more than anything else."

Ash hugs her closer to his chest and then flashes him to his bed. "You're not going to lose me, auyun."

"Promise." Dawn whispers.

Ash kisses her forehead and cradles her against his chest. "Promise."

And as he listens to Dawn's soft breathing, feels her body cuddle as close to his as she can get, a rage he's never felt consumes his body. He knows how his twin escaped, knows who let him out. And he wants to kill her. No, he's always wanted to kill her; he wants to torture her for eternity, make her life nothing but pain and torture. He wants it so much he can taste it but when he starts to move, Dawn's whimper stops him.

"Don't leave." Dawn whimpers. "Stay with me."

"I'm not going anywhere, auyun." Ash kisses her forehead again. "I'll be right here."


"You let her escape?" Artemis yells at Styxx. "How did you let her escape?"

"Why didn't you warn me about the other human?" Styxx rubs the back of his head.

"What other human?" Artemis clenches her fists to keep from hitting him. "Acheron has two humans?"

"I don't know." Styxx yells back. "All I know is the other human was strong."

"I don't understand how you screwed this up." Artemis growls. "All you had to do was scare Acheron's human off, make her leave him. She was alone; how could you screw that up?"

"She wasn't alone." Styxx reminds her. "If you were watching them, I don't know how you missed the other human."

"The only human that interested me was his lover." Artemis says. "Well, you'll just have to try again."

Styxx's mouth opens but nothing comes out but a gurgling sound. Artemis spins to the door of her private chambers and then stumbles back from what she finds.

"You go near her again and I will make the hell you live in feel like paradise." Savitar growls at Styxx. "The only reason I don't kill you now is because your death would result in Ash's which would kill her."

Artemis scrambles backwards from Savitar, barely noticing Styxx disappearance in the fear she's feeling. It's been over ten-thousand years since anyone's look at her like he is now.

"I gave you fair warning." Savitar picks Artemis up by her throat and slams her back against a wall. "I told you not to touch her."

"I didn't." Artemis gasps out.

"You're right, you didn't." Savitar agrees. "But you are responsible for what happened to her and you will bear the consequences."

"What consequences?" Artemis gasps, tears filling her eyes as he squeezes her neck tighter.

"Death." Savitar growls out, his other hand moving up to rip her limb from limb.

"I wouldn't do that."

Savitar turns his head to see Zeus lounging in the door-frame. "I gave her fair warning, Zeus. She was warned fully what would happen if she touched Dawn. Nothing is going to stop me from killing her, not even you."

"You're not going to kill her." Zeus pushes off the wall and stalks towards his daughter.

"What makes you think that?" Savitar asks, his hand still squeezing Artemis tightly.

"Because if you kill her, Dawn will die too." Zeus replies. "I had the fates combine their life forces. If one dies, the other dies."

Savitar drops the goddess to the ground and turns to look at Zeus in shock. "You love her just as much as I do; you were just as shattered when she was killed before, because of that bitch on the floor."

"Yes." Zeus agrees. "But I am the king of the gods. This is my home and nobody, not even you, will make light of me here."

Savitar shakes his head in disbelief.

"See." Zeus smirks. "I did stop you."

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