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The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link

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Summary: After moving to New Orleans, Dawn quickly finds herself thrust into a new world that feels oddly familiar. Daimons and weres, she can handle; one overly bossy, protective god/man named Ash, not so much. Add in one spoiled demon and you get her new life.

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Literature > Dark Hunter Series(Past Donor)sevangelFR1829180,525149882264,74213 Feb 072 Nov 08No
CoA Winner

Chapter 27

Title: Chapter 26
Series: The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Joss Whedon owns anything Buffy or Angel while Sherrilyn Kenyon owns everything Dark Hunter. I am just playing with them.
Rating: R
WARNING!!!: There are big, huge spoilers for the newest DH book, 'Devil May Cry' ahead. Huge ones. If you haven't read it, and you don't want to be spoiled by it, don't read any further. I repeat, Devil May Cry spoilers.


"Can't again." Dawn pants, her body automatically arching against Ash's when he thrusts a little deeper. Her fingers dig into his shoulders as he hits that spot deep inside her. Her eyes half hooded, they focus on the thick tendon in his neck. Her belly trembles at the thought of his rich blood filling her mouth, warming her belly. She wants to feel his skin break open under her teeth and wants her skin breaking under his teeth.

"One more time, Auyun." Ash nudges her face with his. "Come on, you can one more time."

"Too much." Dawn dips her face to his neck, lets his wonderful scent wash over her.

"Go ahead." Ash urges. "I know you're hungry. I can feel it."

"You too." Dawn murmurs, twisting her upper body slightly so that her breast is even with his mouth. "Here."

"You sure?" Ash's mouth waters at the thought of piercing her breast with his fangs.

"Yes, please Ash." Dawn pushes his silky hair off his shoulder, head dipping to lathe his warm skin with her tongue. That's all it takes to break his resolve. She wails as his fangs break the delicate skin of her breast, the pleasure/pain of the movement hurling her into another orgasm. She hungrily bites down on Ash's shoulder, her desperate move no where near as graceful of Ash's. His blood tastes as wonderful as before, actually a little sweeter, and she gulps down a few mouthfuls before collapsing back on the bed, a happy, sated smile on her face.

Ash clenches his fists next to Dawn's head, eyes rolling back as she feeds off him. Nothing in the universe is as erotic as her fangs in his skin. Her name rolls off his lips on a long groan as he cums. She collapses backwards and he collapses to her side, not wanting to smash her with his considerable weight.

"Sorry." Dawn throws her body over Ash's and gently kisses the ragged bite mark that she left.

Ash kisses her forehead, his arms wrapping protectively around her. "You're not allowed to do that anymore."

"Do what, get kidnapped?" Dawn nuzzles her face into his warm chest. "You smell so good."

"Yes." Ash growls.

"Yes, you smell good or yes no more kidnapping." Dawn crosses her arms over his chest and rests her chin on the makeshift pillow.

"What do you think?" Ash scowls at her

Dawn just grins back. "Yes, you smell good."

"Brat." Ash tickles her side, a smile crossing his lips when she starts giggling.

Dawn wiggles off Ash's body, grabbing a pillow to ward him off. "No more tickling."

"Why not?" Ash grins.

"Cuz I said so." Dawn playfully glares at him.

"And that's supposed to stop me…"

Dawn tackles Ash with a warrior cry, straddling his belly with her knees. She holds his arms over his head and leans down to peck him on the lips. "I love you so much."

Ash's face softens. "I love you too, Auyun. More than anything." Then he pauses. "Just don't tell Simi that."

"As long as you don't tell her I love you more than anything." Dawn says. "Our little girl wouldn't handle that too well."

"Speaking of our little girl, we better go stop her before she ends up eating your Angel or Spike." Ash says with a sigh. "Or if you don't…."

"Wait, they're here?" Dawn sits up. "How long?"

"About an hour." Ash replies. "A little while after we got here."

"They heard us?" Dawn squeaks. "I can't go…Angel and Spike will be able to smell the sex all over us and I can't deal with that. Daddy either so I think I'll just stay in here and not go out there smelling like a brothel."

"You don't smell like a brothel." Ash nips her lips. "You smell heavenly."

"Like sex and blood and sweat." Dawn frowns.

"Do you really think I'd let another man smell sex on you?" Ash gathers her into his lap. "I won't even let Alexion smell sex on you."

"Oh." Dawn frowns and then smacks his chest. "Hey, there's no need to be so possessive."

"You are mine." Ash growls possessively, her recent kidnapping much too fresh in his mind.

"Well, duh." Dawn rolls her eyes. "You just don't have to be so growly about it."

"Yes, I do." Ash nips her fingers. "I won't lose you again."

"I know, sweetie." Dawn cups his face. "Come on then, clean me up and let's go face the troops."


"Stop bloody well looking at me like that." Spike growls defensively, arms crossed over his chest.

"Like what?" Simi asks innocently, licking her fangs with a sadistic little smile.

"Like I'm some sort of piece of meat." Spike replies.

"The Simi is awful hungry." Simi comments tooth-fully.

"Well, the Spike ain't meant for dinner, tid-bit." Spike says. "Peaches, on the other hand, you're welcome to."

"Shut up, William." Angel growls, his arms crossed over his chest, a huge scowl on his face. "Before I make you."

"Screw you, peaches." Spike growls back. "Don't take your pissy-ass mood out on me. I'm not the one banging Pheebs."

"We're not 'banging' Spike." Phoebe glares at the vampire.

"Not now but you have in the past." Spike flicks a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket. "And I'm guessing you will in the future."

"Spike, this isn't your home." Buffy scolds.

"So?" Spike places the cigarette between his lips and pulls his lighter out. "Your point?"

"No." Willow banishes the cigarette and lighter away with a flick of her wrist. "That's disgusting to begin with and you know the rule."

Spike smirks. "I love it when you get all mean on me."

"Ugh, gross." Vi grimaces.

"I second that." Phoebe raises her hand.

"I third it." Buffy says. "And I'll add in Xander's forth."

"Xander's not even here." Willow points out.

"He'd protest if he was." Buffy says.

"Please, slayer, like I enjoy smelling you and peaches doing it all the bloody time." Spike rolls his eyes. "The soul's not going anywhere; you can stop testing it all the time."

"Like you and Wills don't have sex just as much as me and Angel do." Buffy says.

"True." Spike smirks.

Vi looks at Phoebe, her expression saying everything.

"Don't get that look, pet." Spike says. "I can smell dog-boy all over you."

"Watch who you're call dog-boy, corpse." Fury growls, moving to his feet.

"Fuck off, mutt." Spike growls back, taking a step forward.

"Stop it." Vi shoves the two men apart. "You guys are being so stupid, all of you."

"Vi." Angel growls warningly.

"Get. Over. It." Vi says slowly. "So Phoebe isn't a little girl anymore, that doesn't mean she's not your little girl. So she has a past, big whoop. She's still your daughter only now, she has a man who loves her more than anything and is willing to do anything to keep her safe. You should be happy about that. And you Spike, stop picking a fight with everyone before one of them ends up kicking your ass because they could very easily. And you…" Vi pokes Fury on the chest. "They're family so you're going to have the cool the assholishness and play nice."

"I don't play nice." Fury growls down at her.

"Well, if you ever want to get laid again, you'll learn how." Vi growls back.

"That's my girl." Buffy smirks. "Gotta show him who's boss."

Fury glares at the short blonde.

Vi smacks him on the back of the head.

Fury growls at Vi.

Spike and Angel both growl at Fury.

"Oh, my, god." Willow zaps all three men on the ass with a small bolt of magic and then the tall man at Phoebe's side for good measure.

"Hey." Urian growls.

"Listen up." Willow says. "We're all a family now so that means no more growling, no more threatening, no more testosterone showage or for the love of Hecate I will turn you all into rats and leave you that way for a week."

"And I'll help her."

Willow spins around, eyes widening. With what happened before, she never realized how….beautiful Dawn's boyfriend is. And he is absolutely gorgeous, stunning perfection. And given the smirk crossing his lips, able to read her thoughts. She feels the blush cover her face and throat. "Um, thank you."

Ash nods and with the grace of a feline, folds himself onto a chair that wasn't there before. He gently pulls Dawn onto his lap, arms wrapping around her and rests his chin on the top of her head. "Sims, come to me for now and we'll get you some barbeque later."

"Fine, akri, but the Simi thinks the Spike might be awful tasty." Simi pouts.

"I don't think your akra would like you to eat Spike." Ash smiles.

"The Simi knows, akri." Simi sighs even more dramatically. "But the Simi is awful hungry."

"Come on, Sims, for now." Ash says, his tone a little firmer.

With another sigh, Simi settles herself across Ash's chest, her tail wrapping around his side and head resting next to Dawn's.

"Wow." Buffy says, eyes wide as she studies the dragon-like tattoo. "I want one."

"No!" Angel and Spike shout together.

"But…look, how cute." Buffy gestures to the tattoo. "And did you not see how adorable she was…"

"When she was threatening to eat me, no I missed the adorableness." Spike interrupts with a growl.

"She was cute." Buffy turns to her best friend. "Wills, wasn't she cute?"

"Yeah, Spike, I gotta admit she was cute." Willow agrees. "Did you see her little horns."

"And her shoes." Buffy adds wistfully. "I want her shoes."

"Okay, before Buffy gets on the shopping thing, can we deal with this whole thing so I can go back to bed?" Dawn says, snuggling into Ash's chest with a yawn.

Ash frowns. "What's wrong, Auyun?"

"Nothing, I'm just tired." Dawn murmurs. "Getting kidnapped is a lot more tiring than I remember." Ash's growl in response rumbles up her back and she instinctively rubs his thigh.

Savitar frowns, eyes running up and down his daughter, trying to find what's wrong with her. He shares a look with Ash and knows the Atlantean is wondering the same thing.

"Okay, so Angel, you met Phoebe's husband from before she died." Dawn gestures to Urian. "He used to be all evil until he fell in love with her and then he was less evil, though I think he was probably still evil, but then his dad went and killed her. And him, sort of. Buy anyways, you know the part where Whistler showed up and gave her to you, which was so that you would gain back a connection with the world until Buffy was done baking, something I still don't completely get though I'm thinking when it comes to you two with the groiny, I don't want to get. But anyways, Pheebs is good, they haven't so much as made with the kissing cuz he's giving her time to settle. He's sweet that way…."

"Hey." Urian protests.

"You are sweet." Dawn says. "At least you are to Phoebe. And you're nice to me."

"Because I'm not stupid enough to mess with anything that belongs to Ash." Urian replies. "I've seen what happens…well, actually, there's usually nothing left to see but I have a good imagination."

Willow sits up suddenly, something dawning on her. "Where's Claudia?"

"She's safe." Ash tenses. "She's with Alexion."

"That's Ash's secretary." Dawn explains. "She's fine, Wills. She loves Simi and is completely attached to Ash."

"She's welcome to stay as long as needed." Ash says. "Quite frankly, she is completely safe here. Only a few select people can come to my home on their own, anyone else would have to be brought by one of them."

"Daddy is one of them." Dawn adds. "Which is how he brought you guys. But other than him, Urian, Fury now, and Artemis, nobody else can come here."

"Kat also." Ash nods at his daughter who is leaning against her grandpa.

"And Kat." Dawn smiles at her little girl. "Okay, so where was I? Oh, yeah, they're married and there's nothing you can do to change that. And I know you don't want to let her grow up but hey, Urian's a lot better than some punk boy that's going to sleep with her and then break her heart."

"Or lose his soul and spend months trying to kill her." Spike adds.

"Spike." Buffy warns as Angel growls beside her.

"What?" Spike scowls. "It's the bloody truth, Peaches. This bloke looks at her like you always have Buffy, except for those months when you tried to kill her. Don't think he's out to get a piece of ass."

"She is the most important thing in my life." Urian says, arms wrapped around Phoebe's waist. "She always has been and always will be."

Phoebe leans her head on Urian's shoulder, hand reaching out for Angel. "Please, daddy, can't you try to understand?"

"I understand baby." Angel frowns. "And I can see that…he cares for you. But it's not going to be easy for me to accept."

"He needs time to brood." Buffy pats Angel on the belly. "By Christmas time, he'll be all ready to be a father-in-law."

Urian scowls.

"We'll be there." Phoebe assures her. "So, um, you're okay with me staying here?"

Angel sighs and after a second nods.

"Oh, thank you daddy." Phoebe throws herself into his arms, her own squeezing tightly around his neck.

Angel winces at the strength with which Phoebe squeezes him, gently moving her back so he can look into her face. Gone are the circles and white as paper complexion, how he didn't notice before, replaced with a healthy glow. He kisses her forehead, relieved to find her a normal human temperature, something she's never been. Then he looks over at her 'husband'. "She fed from you."

"Not directly." Urian clenches his fists but doesn't pull Phoebe away from her surrogate father.

"She needs Urian's blood to survive." Dawn explains. "Cliff-notes, if she weren't a slayer, she would have died a long time ago without his blood. But now that he's here, she'll be fine and dandy as long as she feeds from him regularly and don't worry he won't let her not."

"Oh, thank goddess." Willow mutters.

"Willow?" Angel arches a brow at the witch.

"Um, I guess it's a moot point now." Willow sighs. "She was dying. Her body was shutting down. It's why she needed so much blood all the time. I'm not sure how much longer she was going to make it….I was actually looking for other options but now I don't have to."

"You should have told me." Angel scolds.

"Well, like Dawn pointed out, there are some things that you don't need to be told, for digestive reasons." Willow smiles brightly at the vampire. "You've got enough stress with being undead and all."

"I don't digest." Angel glares at the witch.

"See, all the more point." Buffy pats him on the belly again. "We're…your filters. We just sort out the…indigestible parts."

Ash rest his chin on Dawn's head, a slight smile on his lips.

"What?" Buffy frowns at Dawn's boyfriend, trying not to check him out and failing miserably. It should be illegal for anyone to be that gorgeous.

"I'm starting to see where Dawn gets her stubbornness from." Ash murmurs.

"Hey!" Buffy and Dawn protest.

"I am not stubborn." Buffy glares, shoulders tensing at the scoffing around her. "You're supposed to support me here."

"You want us to lie, pet?" Spike asks. "Because anything but agreeing would be a lie."

Buffy crosses her arms over her chest, the patent Summers' pout crossing her lips.

"I got that from her too." Dawn tilts her head back to look at Ash.

"That and her love for ancient, immortal men that may or may not be evil." Spike mutters.

"Cute, Spike, real cute." Dawn rolls her eyes.

"Speaking of older men… wanna tell me how you went from having a boyfriend who works in security to…." Not knowing to describe him, Buffy just gestures at Ash. "Power-boy here."

Fury lets out a bark of laughter.

"Cute, wolf." Ash glares at him. "Real cute. You used to be afraid of me."

"Yeah, well, if you kill me, Vi dies and Dawn will flip." Fury smirks. "Pretty much gives me free reign."

Vi elbows him in the gut, hard. "Don’t use me as a shield."

"Mmm." Fury nuzzles her neck, teeth nipping the back of her neck.

"Hey, now." Spike growls warningly.

"Oh, please Spike, like you don’t bite Willow." Dawn rolls her eyes. "He didn't even break skin."

"Niblet, you wouldn't be using the new fangs to feed, would you?" Spike scowls, head tilted slightly to study her. He can't smell anything but his bit, with a slight scent covering her that must come from Ash. "Bloody hell, you are, aren't you?"

"Spike, it's none of your business." Dawn rubs Ash's thigh but it doesn't stop the growl rumbling up his body.

"The bloody hell it's not." Spike roars. "What the fuck did they turn you into?"

Dawn can't help but flinch at the…not disgust exactly but close enough, in Spike's tone. Ash tenses under her and only the fact that she digs her hand into his thigh keeps him from reaching for Spike. Her father though…."Daddy, no."

"Auyn, nobody speaks to you that way." Savitar growls, advancing on the blonde vampire.

"Daddy, please, don't." Dawn pleads, knowing by the look on his face that he's going to kill Spike. "It's just Spike. That's how he is. He growls and postures and threatens to rip my head off but he never would. That's just Spike."

Willow moves in front of Spike, hands shaking at the look Dawn's father's face. Her heart is pounding in her chest and she clenches and unclenches her fists, preparing to pull in magic if needed. It's unneeded though, because suddenly Dawn's there, somehow wiggling past Ash's strong looking arm.

Dawn moves in front of her father, touching his cheek gently. "Please, don't."

After a second, Savitar nods.

"C'mon over here with me." Dawn grabs one of his hands and then one of Katra's. She pulls them across the room, settling back on Ash's lap with her father leaning against the right side of the chair and her daughter against the left side. "Ash didn't turn me into anything, my papa did."

Eyes look at Savitar.

"No, he's daddy." Dawn says. "Papa is…Zeus."

"Okay, that makes sense seeing how you called Hades uncle Hay-Hay." Willow says. "And oh my goddess, I can't believe I just said that. You know, I've done some crazy things in my life and seen crazier but the gods being actual being is just beyond strange. How are we supposed…."

"You're not supposed to do anything." Dawn interrupts. "This isn't your world, Willow. This is mine. You guys are still my family but what goes on here, in this world, doesn't concern you."

"Except when you need help." Willow arches a brow.

"Just like I'll be there if you need help." Dawn says. "But you can't live in this world anymore than I can live in yours."

Willow starts to argue but is cut off by the least expected person.

"She's right, Wills." Buffy says quietly. "We don't belong here and frankly, I don't want to belong here. Call me crazy, but I'll take my vamps and demons any day over gods and goddesses." She crosses the floor to stand in front of her sister. "I love you, Dawn, and nothing is ever going to change that. Not even the fact that you have fangs and are all kinds of powerful now. You're still my baby sister. But you're not a baby anymore and I have to let you go to live your own life. Just do me a favor and don't forget about us."

Dawn moves off Ash's lap and throws her arms around her sister. "Thank you, Buffy."

"You're welcome, Dawnie." Buffy squeezes Dawn tightly, lips brushing across her sister's forehead. "You're still coming for Christmas though, there's no getting out of that. And you guys are still in hiding until we make sure the Order is no longer after you guys."

"Okay." Dawn agrees.

"And Vi, until further notice, you're here with Pheebs." Buffy glances behind her at the redheaded slayer. "We'll talk out everything at Christmas, kay?"

"Okay." Vi nods.

"And Claudia, I think she should stay here, if you guys want her too." Buffy adds. "Quite frankly, this is the only place I think she's going to be completely safe and that we won't have to worry about anything happening to her. I think here, she'll get to be a child instead of a warrior."

"I completely agree." Ash says.

Dawn breathes a sigh of relief.

"But there are conditions." Buffy says.

"So close." Dawn mutters.

"Rule number one, you will still visit and you will still call." Buffy ticks off. "Rule number two, when she gets kidnapped again, I will be alerted first thing."

"She's not going to be kidnapped again." Ash growls.

"Oh, please." Buffy rolls her eyes. "You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into. You could lock her in a room and she'd still find a way to get in trouble."

"Hey, she's standing right here." Dawn protests. "And I do not get into that much trouble."

"Oh, so the fact that you've gotten kidnapped at least once a year since you were ten means what exactly?" Buffy arches a brow.

"That on occasion, trouble may find me." Dawn says. "And it's been a good, long while since I've been kidnapped, discounting today."

"You can't discount something just to suit your point." Buffy argues.

"Like you don't discount the time Warren killed you." Dawn points out.

"I wasn't dead." Buffy protests.

"Wills?" Dawn looks at the witch.

"Technically, you died." Willow says.

"See, told you." Dawn sticks her tongue out at Buffy.

"Oh, for one freaking second so it doesn't count." Buffy sticks her tongue out back. "You, on the other hand, were kidnapped."

"Technically, I wasn't." Dawn argues. "I touched Amy's rip-off of a portakey thing and that took me somewhere else."

"Dawn, that's kidnapping." Buffy says.

"Only in the strictest sense." Dawn replies with a grin.

"You are such a dork." Buffy shakes her head. "And you were so kidnapped."

"Okay, maybe you're right but it was no more dangerous that when Harmony kidnapped me." Dawn says. "I mean for being uber-evil, Stryker wasn't all that bad."

"My father can be charming when it suits him but make no mistake, he is a monster." Urian tightens his arms around Phoebe.

"Oh, I have no doubt about that." Dawn says. "I'm not planning on becoming pen pals or anything with him, I'm just saying on scale of one to ten, with ten being somebody getting all slash-happy with my belly and one being the dumbest vampire in the world, Stryker's kidnapping was about a four."

"It says a lot that you have a kidnapping scale." Vi comments. "And none of it good."

"No, it's not." Ash's tone is very even, not a hint of emotion in it.

"Okay, I think it's time to cut this meeting a little short." Dawn says, squeezing Ash's thigh soothingly. "I'm tired and Ash isn't in the mood to socialize right now. Sides, you guys got assassins to get rid of and people to return to their homes, plus a hotel and law office to clean up so, how bout we finish this all Christmas?"

"Christmas Eve." Buffy corrects. "We haven't spent one apart, ever, and we're not starting now. Ooh, and you have to bring Simi cuz I know Faith will love her. Lorne too. And maybe we can get her to scare Andrew."

"I don't think the Andrew thing is very safe, Buff." Dawn shakes her head. "Cuz as annoying as he is at times, I might be tempted to let Simi eat him."

"And that would be bad why, niblet?" Spike smirks.

"I don't know, Giles might get upset or something." Dawn smiles back. "You know he doesn't like it when we let people get eaten."

"For Andrew, I think he might make an exception." Buffy says. "Or hey, we just don’t have to tell him."

"That's so mean." Phoebe tries to hide her smile but can't.

"Who is Andrew?" Urian asks.

"A very annoying nerd." Dawn replies. "He was slightly evil at one time and now has dedicated his life to good."

"Bloody downfall for the good guys, if you ask me." Spike mutters.

"Trust me, ten minutes with Andrew and you'll want to kill him." Dawn says. "I can handle him cuz of us holding him hostage for so long, we kinda bonded then, but most everybody else wants to kill him all the time."

"You held somebody hostage?" Kat arches a brow at her mom.

"Andrew and a couple other nerds spent like nine months trying to kill Buffy." Dawn explains. "One of them, Warren, did end up shooting Buffy, that's the dying we were talking about earlier, and killed Willow's girlfriend Tara." Dawn pauses long enough to shoot Willow a look, the witch's face full of sadness but nothing like it did in the past. "Willow kinda lost it for a bit and killed Warren and then almost killed Andrew and the other nerd, Jonathan. To make a long story short, Andrew and Warren ran off to Mexico for a few months before coming back to Sunnydale where Andrew killed Jonathan. Then he tried to kill a pig and couldn't do it. Willow ran into him while he was shopping and brought him back to the house. We kept him tied up for a few weeks but then we tried to let him go only he wouldn't leave. So he became our 'guestage'."

"Andrew's not that bad." Phoebe says.

"And you're just too sweet." Vi replies. "I mean, most people think I'm sweet and all…" She elbows Fury when he snorts. "But Andrew is very annoying."

"Thankfully, Andrew is in another country so this whole argument is moot." Willow says. "And we really need to go now."

"What?" Buffy arches a brow at her best friend.

"Faith is calling." Willow says. "They're freaking out cuz we're not there."

With a sigh, Buffy crosses the room. "Duty calls."

Dawn stands up to hug her sister. "I love you."

"Love you too, Dawnie." Buffy kisses her forehead. "Be careful, please."

"I will." Dawn says. "Or more accurately, Ash will."

Buffy nods and reaches up to hug Dawn's boyfriend. "It was nice meeting you, Ash."

Ash falters for a second, a little shocked at the human warrior's action, then hugs her back. "It was nice meeting you too."

"Take care of Dawnie for me." Buffy orders.

"I will." Ash promises.

"I know, I can tell." Buffy says. "And don't beat yourself up about this, she does this a lot." Then she pauses, head tilting to the side. "But that doesn't matter to you cuz you're still going to be all broody bout it, aren't you?"

"Yes." Ash nods.

"We like our brooders." Buffy smiles at him. "Okay then, so Savitar, it was nice meeting you too, I'm glad Dawn has a dad that gives a crap."

"It was nice meeting you too, Buffy." Savitar nods.

The remaining goodbyes are short, long hugs and a few words, before Savitar is flashing the group back to England, kissing his daughter and granddaughter before he goes.

"K, we'll see you guys in the morning." Dawn says to the two slayers. "I'm exhausted."

"Yeah, night Dawn." Vi nods. "I think I'm going to go for a run before I turn in." She tilts her head back to look at Fury. "You coming?"

"Oh, yeah." Fury says and then flashes into his wolf-self.

"Okay." Vi shrugs. "You know, I think I like him better this way; he can't talk."

Fury bites her ass in response.

"Ouch." Vi smacks him lightly on the head and then takes off at a dead run when he chases after her.

"Come on, Uri." Phoebe tugs on his hand.

"Where are we going?" Urian ask as he follows her.

"My room." Phoebe replies. "I have some questions, about what happened."

Urian sighs but nods.

"Sweetie, are you staying here tonight or going back to Sin's?" Dawn asks her daughter.

"Here." Ash growls stubbornly.

"I think I should at least go talk to Sin." Kat sighs. "I kinda just took off."

"Alright baby, we'll see you later." Dawn kisses her forehead.

"Tell Sin I'll be out to see him in the morning." Ash adds as he kisses her forehead.

"We'll be there in the morning." Dawn corrects. "That way we can cut down on some of the male posturing."

Kat laughs at the look on her parent's face, her mom's sneaky like hers while her dad look pissed. She presses a kiss to both cheek and then flashes to Vegas.

"Simi, human form." Ash orders.

"Akri, the Simi is hungry." Simi sing-songs the second she's in physical form.

"There's food in the living room with Alexion, Sims." Ash says. "Dawn's tired so we're going to bed. Play with Claudia and if she wants you to sleep with her, go ahead, okay?"

"Okay." Simi chirps. "Night night, akra. Night night, akri."

"Night, baby-girl." Dawn kisses her forehead. "Love you."

"The Simi loves her akra too." Simi grins. "And she loves her akri."

"Love you too, Sims." Ash soothes her hair gently. "Tomorrow we're going to see Sin. Do you want to come?"

"Claudia too?" Simi asks.

Ash looks at Dawn.

"Sure." Dawn says. "We'll make a family day out of it. It'll be fun."

A/N: Sorry bout the no updates, I've been on a major Dean Winchester/Dawn Summers kick. I'm currently doing three, in case anybody wants to know about 'em.

1. Dean knocks up Dawn and three years later, Dawn runs into the Winchester group with her and Dean's daughter.
2. Jessica is Buffy and Dawn's half sister, she moves in with them when she's seventeen, and after the first thing, goes to school. Dawn does the watcher thing for a few years and while her and Buffy are visiting Angel at W & H, she gets infected with Illyria. Willow is able to put her soul backbut she's a broken shell of who she was. In comes Dean Winchester.
3. Jessica is a slayer, Willow managed to save her from The Demon but she is badly injured and in a coma for months. Once she wakes up, she decides not to tell Sam to keep him safe. Then after some junior slayers see a 'hot but crazy' guy on the news that tortured and killed a girl in Saint Louis, Jess calls Dawn to do some research on the Winchesters. Her and Dawn leave the Council (much to the dismay of the scoobs) and with Angel's financial backing, search out the Winchesters.

So, just thought I'd tell everyone what I'm up to. Thanks for reading.
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