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The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link

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Summary: After moving to New Orleans, Dawn quickly finds herself thrust into a new world that feels oddly familiar. Daimons and weres, she can handle; one overly bossy, protective god/man named Ash, not so much. Add in one spoiled demon and you get her new life.

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Literature > Dark Hunter Series(Past Donor)sevangelFR1829180,525149882264,74613 Feb 072 Nov 08No
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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4
Series: The Key, the Dark-Hunter, and the Link
Author: Sevangel
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. Joss Whedon owns anything Buffy or Angel while Sherrilyn Kenyon owns everything Dark Hunter. I am just playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Get ready for a fast paced chapter with a lot of different stuff happening quickly.

"Don't eat that, Simi." Dawn says absentmindedly.

Simi drops the rock with a heavy, dramatic sigh. "Dawnie, the Simi is hungry."

"I know you are, sweetie." Dawn holds out her hand to Simi and waits until the demon takes it before she starts walking again. "We'll find something soon, okay."

"Okay." Simi jumps up on a rock and then jumps off, spinning in the air playfully.

Dawn watches Simi carefully; the demon tends to get in trouble. It's been a month since they landed in this dimension, going by the date on her watch. And in that month she's learned quite a few things, the first being, Simi has a never ending appetite and is used to being able to fill it all the time. And it was a major obstacle getting the childish demon to understand that there's not food here like there is at home. She's managed to kill a deer (she cried afterwards though Simi didn't understand why), a few rabbits (Anya would have been so proud) and caught some fish. And all of that went to Simi. She, herself has been living off berries and root plants. That summer she spent with Giles in England countryside really has come in handy.

Simi is way too trusting for her own good; she completely put her faith in Dawn's hands without a question. Simi sees this whole thing as a fun adventure and doesn't understand the reality of the situation. They are stuck in another dimension and Dawn has no clue how to get them home. But Simi doesn't even seem aware of that. The demon jumps and plays, splashing around in the river that runs through the woods, climbs up trees like a monkey (half the time causing Dawn to almost have a heart attack), and dances around carelessly like it's a game.

She's also learned that Ash needs a good talking to. Simi is completely and utterly spoiled. She's used to getting everything she wants and does not like to hear the word no. At all. She throws a temper tantrum, threatens to barbecue 'the Dawnie', and then starts bawling when she remembers she can't barbecue. After which, Dawn spends at least half an hour with Simi cradled in her lap, rocking and soothing the distressed demon.

Night time is even worse. First off, Simi snores like a freight train. Seriously, something her size shouldn't make that much noise. And she always wakes up after a few hours, wanting her Akri. She cries for a few minutes when she realizes he's not here and then curls up half on Dawn, sniffling as she falls back to sleep.

And she takes loyalty to a whole new level. Her akri told her not to talk about Daimons to humans and Simi wouldn't. Not for two weeks. It took Dawn that long to convince Simi that if they wanted to get home, she needed to know everything. And everything she's learned.

The gods and goddesses are real. Sure, Willow's done spells and even made sacrifices to some different gods, but Dawn's never thought they were real, physical beings. But they are. The redheaded heifer that Simi wants to barbecue so bad is the Goddess Artemis.

And then comes the Daimons. Which are the 'vamps' she thought she was fighting before only it turns out they're not. Seems good old Apollo, the god of the sun, created a race of super-hero like people called the Apollites, a long, long, really long time ago. They lived on Atlantis (yeah, it does exist and she's not really losing her mind, hopefully) and to cut the story short, in a fit of jealousy, a half Apollite half Atlantean queen sent some men to kill Apollo's human lover. It pissed him off. In turn, he cursed his favorite race, making it so they have to drink each others blood, can't walk in daylight, and on their twenty-seventh birthday, they'll die a horrible, painful death unless they decide to go Daimon, which means they kill a human by taking its soul.

Dawn's still trying to figure out whether she feels sorry for them or thinks they're worse than 'normal' vamps. On the one hand, they have no choice in what they are and the whole curse thing, so not their fault. It happened thousands upon thousands of years ago. But on the other hand, they do chose to go bad; they chose to take the lives they take, unlike with 'normal' vamps who are just monsters. The whole situation is that beautiful gray her whole world is shaded in.

And then comes the kicker part. Seems Artemis created something called the 'Dark-Hunters' to fight the Daimons. Which she's thinking is like a slayer. Only also like a vamp. Seems they've got powers and strength, they're immortal (unless they're killed, of course, though Simi wouldn't exactly tell her how), can't go into the daylight but they don't live off blood (Simi hesitated a little over this which got Dawn's curiosity up), have to eat normal food, and they don't have souls. But they're not vamps. It's strange. The only thing that she can think is since they don't have an actual demon inside them they can still maintain some sort of humanity. But according to Simi, they're good. They protect the world. And they're old, really, really old. Her professor, for example, was alive when all the stuff he teaches went on. Back in Greek in the BC (she makes a mental note to tease him about the armor skirts). And that was before he got cursed into some book as a sex slave. Which is kind of gross since he's her teacher and all but there it is. Seems all those guys she met earlier are older than dirt.

She was right when she thought Ash is older than he looks. He looks like a gorgeous, well built, and very, very tall twenty-something model. Seriously, if Helen of Troy's face was supposed to launch a bunch of ships or something, Ash could launch a whole fleet. He really is gorgeous. And old. Like eleven thousand years old. He's the leader of the Dark-Hunters (she makes another mental note to question the name, seems kinda dorky) and is the only one that has direct contact with Artemis. Simi won't really talk about him much except that he's her akri and she loves him and he loves her. And that he buys her lots and lots of things.

Which goes back to the Ash needs a good talking to. Simi is much too spoiled. She doesn't understand that she can't have everything that she wants and that she doesn't need everything she wants.

"Dawnie?" Simi tugs on Dawn's hand excitedly, hopping in place like a chipmunk on speed. "Look, Dawnie."

Dawn follows Simi's finger. It's a little village. It's the first glimpse of non-animal life that they've seen. They're in some woods right now (which is basically all they've been in, woods and mountains) and a little ways down a hill, sits the village.

"Come on, Dawnie." Simi orders. "They help us back to my akri."

Dawn pauses, her hand tightening around Simi's wrist. They don't belong here. Those villagers are going to know that. She remembers what Fred told her about being a slave. She doesn’t want that to happen to them. "Simi, I don't know…"

"Please, Dawnie." Simi's bottom lip trembles and tears fill her eyes. "I want my akri. I miss my akri. He miss his Simi. They help us back home."

Her gut tells her no but the look on Simi's face….she can't tell the demon no. "Okay, but don't let go of my hand, okay?"

"Okay." Simi grins brightly. "Come on, Dawnie, let's go home."

Dawn follows Simi down the hill, already regretting saying yes. She has a feeling this isn't going to turn out well.


"Did you find out anything?" Ash demands the second he pops back into Kyrian's house.

"Mom didn't know anything." Julian replies, moving off his oldest friend's sofa. The other Greek stands up beside him though he doesn’t say anything. "I'm sorry."

"What exactly did Aphrodite say?" Ash pushes a hand through his long hair, his thinning control growing thinner as the minutes since Simi's been gone turns into an hour.

"That she steers clear of other dimensions." Julian says.

"She seemed…nervous." Grace comments, still stunned by that. Aphrodite is anything but nervous. The goddess is always so sure of herself. "Like she might have known something but couldn't talk about it."

"She said there was a time…but it's long since passed." Julian adds. "And that Zeus would have her head if he heard her discussing it."

"Artemis said the same thing." Ash mutters, more to himself. Then his cell phone rings and his fear and anger double. 'Bye, Bye, Bye' plays as his ring tone and he realizes Simi must have been playing with his phone again, even after he told her not to. He wonders if he'll ever get to tell her anything again. He plans on not answering it until he sees who's calling. "Yeah?"

"What's wrong with Simi?" Alexion asks without preamble.

"How do you know…" Ash briefly wonders if his Alexion had been watching but his following comment kills that hope.


At that point, Ash can hear the other demon crying in the background, hear Danger trying to calm her down. And then he finally admits to himself what he wouldn't before; he can't feel Simi. "She can't sense her, can she?"

"No." Alexion replies. "Ash, what's going on? What happened to Simi?"

"I don't know." Ash whispers. "She's…Sav said she's in another dimension. And that there's no way to track her. I'm trying to find a way to even access other dimensions but so far, I'm coming up empty."


"She doesn't know anything, though I doubt she'd tell me if she did." A humorless bark of laughter leaves his mouth. "Hell, she'd be happy if something happens to Simi."

"I'll look and see if I can find anything."

"Okay." Ash hangs up the phone without saying goodbye and absently tucks it into his pocket. It's surreal. He hasn't felt helpless, not like this, in a damn long time. Even with what happened to Nick, he wasn't helpless. It was his fault what happened then but now…he's supposed to protect her, keep her safe. But she's gone and there's nothing he can do, nothing he can fight to get her back.


Her hand tightens around the hilt of the sword, the blood coating her palm making it hard to get a good grip on the metal. She should have listened to her gut. She should have told Simi no and they never should have went into the village.

They were captured within minutes. She tried to fight them but….for all her training, she's not a slayer. A couple vamps, she can handle; a mob of crazies, not so much. The village reminded her of the villages in Robin Hood; little bungalows with no electricity and no running water. Basically, like they're in the sixteen hundreds here. They took one look at Simi and screamed 'demon'. Then they took them both to some castle and threw her in the dungeons; she doesn’t know what they did with Simi. That was a week ago, according to the watch she's still wearing. They took her bag and all of her weapons, leaving her completely defenseless, but surprisingly didn't take her sunglasses or watch. They feed her once a day, stuff that she doesn’t even want to know what it actually is, and let her out to use the bathroom twice a day.

They took her to the bathroom not even ten minutes ago, two beefy looking guards that made her skin crawl with how they looked at her. And there, right beside the hole she peed in, was a small knife. Somebody had left it. She grabbed it and held it in the palm of her hand, and then drove it through the heart of the first guard when he tried to put her back in her cage. The other guard drew his sword but she dove to the ground to miss it and then slashed the back of his knee with the knife still in her hand. He fell to the ground and she kneed him in the face, grabbed his sword, and killed him.

And that leads her to the now, wandering around the halls of this huge, dank, and cold castle looking for Simi. She's not leaving until she finds Simi, whether the demon is dead or alive. She can hear men talking and peaks her head around the corner. There are three more beefy guards standing outside a wooden door much like the one she escaped out of. They're talking and she can't hear much except for one word: demon.

She wonders if this is what Buffy felt like during the big battle with Glory. If she felt this desperate, this determined to win no matter what. She's heard about the 'speech', the one where Buffy said she'd kill anyone that tried to touch her once the ritual was started, and she didn't understand it. She thought it was wonderful (and felt a little guilty) that Buffy loved her enough to risk the world ending but she didn't understand why her sister felt that way. But she does now. The only thing that matters right now, in this moment, is getting Simi back and she doesn't care what she has to do to get that.

So, as the blade of her sword slams against the blade of a guard's, she slips back into the training. She's always loved swords; they're her favorite weapons and she's always had a natural ability with them. She had to work hard at learning to fight and use her crossbow but sword fighting came natural to her. Angel took that natural ability and molded it into an art form.

Her sister, Faith, and Connor…they fight well hand to hand and with weapons but they all rely on their brute strength rather than their fighting skills. Connor especially relies on his 'vamp' reflexes, strength, and agility to win. Buffy and Faith both rely on their slayer strength and reflexes to win. They're all good fighters, excellent really, but when it comes down to it, they suck at teaching 'normal' people to fight because their fighting style is based around their supernatural strength.

Spike….he fights like he does everything else; dives right in without thought to the consequences. He can fight but he has no real style; it is very violent and raw. He couldn't teach anyone to fight like him as his fighting is one of a kind.

Angel, on the other hand, sees fighting like he does everything else; very complex and structured. He approaches it like he does drawing, one stroke at a time, one line at a time. And that's the way he taught her. He taught her to understand and respect what she's learning before she actually learned it. He taught her to treat the sword not like a weapon but an extension of herself. She started off with a natural ability and by the time Angel was done training her, her natural ability surpassed that of her slayer sister. Oh, Buffy would still probably win in a fight but only because of her strength. She's even beat Angel (stabbed him right though the heart) a time or two. That's another thing; Angel taught her to fight in a way her sister never did; to kill. Buffy taught her to defend herself but Angel taught her to be a threat.

And as she parries and blocks, thrusts and retracts the sword, she sinks back into that training. She pictures Angel in front of her, the vampire encouraging her and pushing her past what she thinks she can do. The point of a sword brushes past her side, almost cutting her skin but not quite. She grazes her blade against it, pushes down, feigns to one side and then kicks her opponent in the face. As he falls back, she plunges the sword into his chest and then pulls it out, moving on to the next guard.

It's not like killing vampires. The little girl, that innocent part of her that Buffy wanted to protect for eternity, dies with the guards at her feet. She knows she's crying but she keeps moving on, stepping over the dead bodies of her opponents to the wooden door in front of her. Her hands are slick with blood and she scratches at the wood, a bark of laughter spilling from her lips; is this what Buffy felt like when she dug out of her grave? She manages to get the door open after a few false tries and steps into the brightly lit room. It takes her eyes a few seconds to adjust after being in the dark halls and when she does, she promptly throws up.

She's never seen anything like this. The closest she's come was the first time Buffy faced the Turok-Han. If it weren't for the broken wings hanging lifelessly off the table, she wouldn't know it was Simi. The little demon is naked and covered head to toe in cuts, blood, and bruises. She's alive, the shallow movement of her chest showing that, but Dawn can't help but wonder if she'll actually survive this. She's not even sure Buffy would, not with how broken Simi looks. Even her little wings are broken. A sob catches in Dawn's throat as she runs to the table Simi is strapped down on. She cuts away the ropes as gently as she can but Simi still screams.

"Shhh." Dawn soothes. "Shh…Simi-girl, it's Dawn."


The pain, fear, and disbelief in Simi's tone makes tears pour down Dawn's face. "Yeah, it's me." Dawn pushes the rope off Simi and starts to lift the little demon up.

Simi screams. "Hurt Dawnie, the Simi hurt."

"I know, sweetie." Dawn bites her lip and then lifts Simi off the table. "We have to get out of here so I need you to hold on to me, okay?"

Simi sobs, burying her bloody face in Dawn's neck.

Dawn hefts Simi against her chest, her left arm moving under Simi's butt to hold her against her body while her right still clutches her stolen sword.

A rustle in the corner of the room has her spinning around, the sword pointed out threateningly. A small, skinny man greets her, his arms full.

"You must hurry." He demands, taking out a few vials of liquid. "Give this to it."

"She's not an it." Dawn growls, her tone pitching high towards the end. "Her name is Simi."

"She is hurt." He takes a step back. "This will make her sleep as you travel so you don't jostle her wounds too much."

"How do I know it's not poison?" Dawn tightens her arm around Simi.

The little man takes a sip out of it. "There will be more soon; your window for escape is small. There is a horse waiting outside and you'll find your things on it, along with what I could spare. You must leave now."

"Why should I trust you?" Dawns wants to, wants to so bad to have a way out of here. She didn’t have a plan; she just wanted to get Simi.

"I left the knife." He says. "Not everyone supports what was done here; it….she is not natural but what was done to her makes those who did it the monsters, not her. You haven't much time. You must make it to the woods. Our people won't venture into them until sunrise nor will they cross the river. If you can make it across the river and into the thickest part of the woods, you will be safe." He pulls something out of his bag and hands it to her.

Dawn looks at the bit of cloth he's handing her and then realizes it's a cloak like thing for Simi. "Simi, sweetie, I need you to trust me, okay?"

Simi nods against her neck.

Dawn sets the sword down and takes the vial. "Sweetie, need you to drink this, okay?"

"I want my akri." Simi whimpers.

"I know." Dawn pushes Simi's blood covered hair out of her face. "Please, Simi, we don't have much time." Her gut tells her to trust this little man and this time she's going to listen to it.

Simi takes the vial and drinks it. "Dawnie, the Simi is scared."

"I know you are." Dawn then takes the cloak and as gently as she can wraps it around Simi's naked body. Simi whimpers but doesn't protest, the demon's eyes drooping closed.

"My wife made you this." He hands her bit of leather attached to what looks like a harness. "She carried my children in it when they were little."

Dawn stares at it for a second before she realizes what it is; it's a baby carrier. It's larger than normal, large enough for Simi to fit in. She sets Simi down, soothing her hair when she whimpers, and quickly slips the harness on. She puts it against her chest rather than her back and then lifts Simi up into it. She has to put the demon's legs through the holes, Simi snoring reassuringly in her ear, and is grateful that the harness comes up high enough that she won't have to hold onto Simi. It's a good think Simi only weighs fifty or so pounds in this state rather than the hundred or so she would have when Dawn first met her.

"This is more medicine." He says. "These contain the same sleeping draught she just drank, the larger ones containing a healing serum, and the smaller ones contain a pain reliever. There should be enough to help her heal." He hands her the small bag. "Turn right down the hall and you'll find a back door. The horse is waiting."

"You're going to get into trouble." Dawn states.

"Perhaps." He agrees. "If they think I helped you."

Dawn picks up her sword and slams the hilt of it against his face. He collapses to the ground, unconscious. "They won't." She steps over his body and walks towards the door, Simi's head resting against her shoulder as she sleeps, and pauses briefly before she leaves. "Thank you."


"Luv, what's wrong?" Spike slips behind Willow on their bed and nuzzles the back of her neck.

"Nothing." Willow murmurs, turning her head to kiss Spike's cheek. "Just thinking."

"Bout what?" Spike rests his chin on her shoulder and pulls her back against his chest.

"The wedding." Willow lies. "And my big speech. I'm going to babble."

Spike chuckles. "Wouldn't have you any other way."

Willow smiles and leans back against his chest. In reality, she's thinking about Dawn. Something's wrong. She doesn’t know what it is or how she knows or even why she thinks so but she knows something is wrong. She can feel it in her bones. And she should march across the hall into Buffy and Angel's room and tell them but she doesn't.

She knows how hard it's been on Dawn to establish any sort of independence and how easily that independence can be taken. If she gets Buffy all in an uproar and it's nothing big, Dawn will never forgive her. But then if it is a big deal and something happens to Dawn, she'll never forgive herself. She called Dawn but the key didn't answer. She left a message, told her that she had fifteen hours to call back and assure her that nothing's wrong before she'll tell Buffy. So far, it's been five. She's not sure how she's going to make it another ten hours.


Dawn rocks Simi's shaking body gently and softly starts singing a lullaby in her not-made up language. Simi instantly stops sobbing and clutches tighter. She's not sure where the song came from but it just seemed right to sing it. It always seems right to sing it when Simi is upset and it almost always calms her down.

It's been five months since they escaped the castle. Nobody came after them; her little man didn't lie about that. They've stuck to the other side of the river, deep in the woods. It's a beautiful place, lush and full of untouched land and blessedly devoid of human life. Simi's body is completely healed now but her soul isn't.

Simi didn't talk for almost two weeks, Dawn was also giving her the medicine stuff that worked wonders on her broken body but she wouldn’t talk. She thought Simi would never be healed but two weeks later, she was mostly just healing scars and faded bruises. But she wouldn't talk, not a word. She was terrifyingly quiet, never leaving Dawn's side for a moment.

Then Dawn got stupid, again. Simi was sleeping on the blankets the little man put in their horse's saddlebag, and Dawn left to find Simi something to eat. She thought a deer might cheer up the scarred demon or at least put a small smile on her face. Using the crossbow her sister gave her to kill vamps with (she wonders what Buffy would say about it killing Bambi and co) she sacked a small buck. Her and Raven (it's what she named their pure white horse) carried the deer back, well Raven did most of the word, and before she even made it to camp, she knew she made a mistake. She could hear Simi sobbing from a good distance. Without even thinking, she shoved the dead animal off Raven and vaulted onto the horse, taking off towards Simi at a hurried gallop.

She found Simi in a small ball, sobbing hysterically. And it didn't matter how much she tried, Simi wouldn't stop sobbing. The words came out of nowhere, the lullaby flowing off her lips like it was always there; Simi quieted instantly.


For a second Dawn thought she got confused until she realized Simi called her the female version of what she calls Ash; lady and master. And that's when it hit her that Simi is completely dependent on her, much like a child. And that she loves the demon like a mother would. "I'm right here, baby girl."

"My akri sing that." Simi whispers, her hands clutching desperately at Dawn's shoulders. "It Atlantean; you speak Atlantean?"

"I guess I do." Dawn pushes Simi's hair out of her face and brushes the tears off her face. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left you but I didn't think you'd wake up."

"Don't leave the Simi." Simi orders, her tone bordering on desperation.

"I won't again, baby girl, I promise." Dawn kisses each of Simi's horns in promise and then stands up, hugging Simi to her chest. "I got you some food, are you hungry?"

Simi nods.

"Okay." Dawn pats Raven as they pass and sets Simi on her feet. Simi grabs at her hand the second her feet hit the ground and they walk the dozen or so yards to where the dead deer is lying.

Simi smiles at the animal, a small sigh escaping her lips.

"What?" Dawn asks, grinning at Simi's smile.

"The Simi wishes she had barbecue sauce."

Simi slowly started to come back to herself after that, even threatened to barbecue Raven a couple times.

But at night, she still wakes up screaming. Most of the time Dawn can just soothe her back to sleep but on other nights, like tonight, she has to sing Simi to sleep, trying to comfort the demon from the nightmares she won't talk about.


It's been almost twelve hours since she's been gone. He's worn a hole in Kyrian's carpet with his pacing but doesn't care. Twelve hours without a word, without a clue as to where she is or how to find her. And twelve hours without a clue as to where the hell Dawn Summers came from. There's nothing. It's like the teenager doesn't exist or never existed before coming here. He has every squire in the area looking into it but if they haven't found it by now, they're not going to for a long time. It's daylight now and everyone is camped out in Kyrian's house, waiting on night to fall so they can start the search again. It's a pointless search, they all know, but everyone will still look.

Simi's been in his life for so long that he doesn't know how to live without her; he's not sure he can. But he is sure of one thing; if he doesn't get her back soon, his slight remaining control will fade into nothing and the world itself will be in trouble.


Dawn laughs at Simi's giggles, the little demon splashing in the cool river like a otter. They've been in this world over a year now and Simi is as close to being as she was as she'll probably ever be. She laughs and plays, dances and sings…she acts like she did the first month they were here though there's a shadow that wasn't there before. She won't really talk about what was done to her besides saying she doesn’t remember much of it other than pain. She always tenses up when Dawn asks her about it and always has nightmares those nights; Dawn doesn't ask anymore.

They talk about everything, from music to movies to television to Simi's obsession with Travis Fimmel. Dawn's told her about Buffy and all her friends back home, though she's left out the 'supernatural' parts and Simi's told her about her Alexion (from what Simi's said, he's like Ash's secretary or personal assistant) and her sister Xirena. Simi is what's called a Charonte demon as is Xirena, though according to Simi, Xirena needs to learn how she's supposed to behave and it's not like a demon. Seems Xirena has a major problem with Simi viewing Ash as her father and thinks that Simi acts too 'human'. Simi, on the other hand, thinks her sister needs to act less like a demon and more like her. Dawn wonders how Xirena is going to react when she finds out Simi thinks of her as a mother.

Buffy will probably flip out but Dawn doesn't care; Simi couldn't be more her daughter than if she gave birth to her. It doesn’t matter that she's a demon or that at times, they act the same age. All that matters is that Dawn loves Simi like her mom loved her.

"Akra, play with the Simi." Simi splashes Dawn with a giggle.

Dawn cups water in her hand and splashes Simi back. Then she screams when something pierces her shoulder.


Dawn steps in front of Simi's body, protecting her from the men riding towards them. It's not the same men that took them before though they are human. She feels Simi grab the back of her shirt, feels the demon shaking in fear, and feels the throbbing in her shoulder from the arrow in it. Her blood drips down her arm and she picks Simi up with her good arm and runs towards her bag, her stolen sword tucked into what used to be a bottle holder on the side. A small, low screech of pain rips from her lip when she bends down to grab her battered backpack but she pushes past the pain and starts to run, Simi wrapped around her. Her shoulder is throbbing and she just wants to go home.

"Simi want her akri." Simi cries.

"So do I." Dawn agrees.

It sounds like cloth tearing and it flashes bright green again. It's another portal, once again opened by her blood. She's not sure where it's to but a glance behind them shows another mob of crazies; she jumps through without a second thought, Simi clutched tightly to her side and her hand wrapped around the strap of her backpack.


It sounds like cloth tearing and has everyone in the crowded living room looking towards the ceiling. A bright green light flashes through the room followed by what looks like an opening bolt-hole. Two bodies fall through and hit the ground with two loud screams.

Ash steps forward and ends up with a sword to his throat. He looks down the blade to the blood covered arm holding it, an arrow shot through the shoulder, and up to see a teenage girl. "Dawn?"

The sword quivers slightly.

Ash starts to speak again when a loud, tearful but beautiful scream cuts him off.



A/N: I know it seems like I rushed through the other dimension thing (and I did) but that's mainly because it's not the focus of what happened. The bonding between Dawn and Simi is. I was going to cut it off when they jumped through the portal but decided that would be mean. The after affects of the dimension is what's important and is where I'll focus more on. I hope it's not too rushed but it seemed right when I was writing it. And I will have 'flashbacks' to certain things that happened when needed.
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