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There and Most of the Way Back Again.

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Summary: It seems that Dawn's blood still has a bit of Keyness left over. Dawn finds this out the hard way and falls down the Hobbit hole. - UPDATED now!

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Lord of the Rings > Dawn-CenteredJoanieTBFR1332,703073,96013 Feb 0718 May 08No

Chapter One


I don't own Dawn or anything else from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon does, and I'm not him. Or even a 'him'.
I also don't own The Hobbit. Not entirely sure who does, but ... not me.
I also don't own William Shatner or the song 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins', but I pity the fool who does.

Mainly inspired by how often Dawn seems able to open portals with just a few drops of her blood. And how rarely female characters seem to menstruate.
Actually, I lie. Alcohol inspired this.

And yes, I know its short, but bigger bits will be coming!
The Plot-Bunny of Caerbannog demands this!

Alright. I said I'd add longer chapters, but the second chapter also ended up short. So I've combined it with this one.

Dawn Summers was experiencing the messy part of her monthly cycle.
That, on its own, was nothing unusual, or much of a problem. Except to Andrew, but he deserved it for hoarding the chocolate.
However, when this part of Dawn's cycle was combined with her unique status as the mystical Key, whose blood can tear holes in the walls between dimensions - in the right circumstances - as well as her presence on the Cleveland Hellmouth and the rather obscure ritual that was being performed by a group of Tel'i'twb'yi demons in order to open said Hellmouth.
Although the demons were destroyed by a group of irate slayers before they could complete their ritual, it still had an effect. Previously closed tightly, the Hellmouth shuddered open by the tiniest of amounts.
The opening was far too small to let even the smallest demon through, but it was enough to cause the energies of the Hellmouth to increase. This sudden surge also managed to react with the leaking energies of Dawn's blood.

The first Dawn knew of this was when she awoke.
Part of the spell that had turned the Key into a person rather than a swirly glowy thing was responsible for how she looked, and it was anything but random. Her blood relation - in just about all meanings of the term, plus a few new ones - to the slayer was only part of the protection. The spell had also arranged for her appearance to be one that inspired the protective urges of those around her, even vampires.

Jumping dimensions had reset that part of the spell, and a new appearance was needed to encourage those around her to protect her.
Of course, Dawn hadn't been listening whilst Willow had babbled her discovery of this at her.
There had been a guy with no shirt on outside, and he was much more interesting.

When she awoke from her post-study sleep, the first thing that Dawn's attention was drawn to were her feet.
Her large, furry feet.

Blinking a few times in surprise, Dawn wiggled her toes, watching the little toes on the end of the curly-haired foot do the same.
Deciding not to think on that too much, she moved up into a sitting position, looking around.
Her surroundings were not very impressive.
Trees stood all around, blocking out most of the light and rustling rather noisily. If she hadn't had to cope with new feet, she'd probably have noticed that sooner.

Standing, she looked around.
The view she got on her feet wasn't much better. The woods off in every direction were dark and gloomy, although she thought she could see a fire off in the distance.
Shivering in the rather thin clothes she had been sleeping in, she decided that the fire looked better than the cold, dark, and did she mention cold? wood or forest or whatever it was that she was in, so she carefully made her way towards it.
She stopped when she got closer, though, and could hear rather nasty voices coming from closer to the fire.

"Don't talk to yourself! But if you wants to sit on the last one, sit on him. Which is he?"
That was new. Demons who sat on people.
Well, maybe not. Dawn was pretty sure that Anya had mentioned sitting on people once.
Looking around for something that could be used as a weapon, she listened as the demons argued over the colour of stockings, and jumped when another voice, this one sounding human, cut in. "Dawn take you all, and be stone to you!"
And then the sun came up.

Peeking out from behind a tree, Dawn saw three large stone shapes, a collection of sacks with legs sticking out of them, and a really tall old guy with a pointy hat. Then a man about her size, also with hairy feet, came into sight.

"Excellent!" The tall guy said, untying the sacks and letting their occupants out. Dawn couldn't quite get over the fact that one of those people had a blue beard.
And then the tall man looked at her. She hid behind the tree, but she was pretty certain that he had seen her.

"Come out, little miss," he said. "We shall not harm you."
Faced with the prospect of running back into the cold forest, or joining these people by the nice warm fire, Dawn sighed and stepped towards the warmth.

They didn't try to eat or sacrifice her, and seemed more interested in questioning the hairy-foot guy rather than her, so Dawn said nothing and sat close to the fire while the hairy-foot guy - Bilbo, she thought they called him - talked to the beardy people.
They said something about trolls and stealing things and getting caught. She probably should have been paying attention to them, but she was trying to relax whilst not falling into the fire.

Then they all went away somewhere, having apparently forgotten about her.
Since Dawn had fallen asleep by the fire at that point, she didn’t really care.
Interdimensional travel really takes it out of you.
Especially when there's encouragement.
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