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Meeting Fate

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Summary: Spike wants to get back Buffy, who has been cryogenically frozen in the hands of the watchers council for many centuries. The deal is to fetch River and make an exchange. Sounds easy... or is it? Pairing Buffy/Spike.

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Okay, here we go. This is my first long (well, longer) English story... which is not my first language. So don't sue if something sounds off. If someone wants to help me, don't hesitate to HELP ME... PLEASE. I want to learn. I admit, this part is rather short, but since I'm really not sure about my English, I don't want you to suffer so much.

The story takes place right after the series. Spike has a soul and is ... alive ... more or less. Everything else will be revealed sooner or later. Feel free to tell me what you think of it.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me but the idea. I'm just having fun with the characters and my bad English *giggle*.



The planet lay before him, caressed by the two orbiting suns. Their beams deadly and hot, even though he wasn’t on earth.

“Just my luck,” the man had said, when setting foot on his first planet that wasn’t the earth, many, many decades ago. “So it’s not an earth phenomenon. Pity.”

Carefully he landed his small transport outside the city, dust settling just slowly around the spaceship. He’d have to wait until the suns were down. But that wasn’t the problem. He was used to waiting. If necessary he’d wait longer. Still, this was his chance. He could feel it.

With a sigh he turned off the control lamps and went to the back of the small cabin. It wasn’t much, but until he got back Buffy, he’d put everything he had in getting that River girl to the Alliance and the Watchers Council. More than 500 years ago they had taken Buffy away. Away from him and her family to let her sleep frozen in a dark, dank box. Damn them all!

Right now there was no time to decorate the ship or get a bigger one. What for? He was never one for Christmas trees or pictures on the wall. He liked it simple. Was there anything practicable in coloring the dark walls or remove the dirty stain on the counter? Surely not.

Slowly he opened the refrigerator, taking a red blood bag and started drinking.

Soon, soon there was hope. Then he would think about showing the slayer a new world with all it’s wonders. And may be a clean spaceship.

“Just fetch the girl,” he repeated in his thoughts, ignoring the twinging sensation in the back of his skull. “No one is innocent,” he contemplated. “Especially no Alliance experiment with two feet and a pretty face.”

He threw one more glance to the picture on the wall, showing the haunted face of a young girl with dark hair and waited.

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