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The Candy Verse: The Candy in the Scenery

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Eye Candy Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Frank and Yelena want to know why the dark haired man is watching the station. Open to all. Slash and Het Rating open for any story.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsCaliadragonFR1311,22010164,81114 Feb 0714 Feb 07Yes

The Candy in the Scenery


Author: CaliaDragon


Fandoms: CSI: Miami/BtVS


Warnings: Unbeta’d schmoop


Feedback: or on list.


Archive: To any who want it and those who already have permission.


Spoilers: Season 4 of Buffy, Last season on Miami


AN: This was a challenge/bunny released by Jaderose.  I hope that you like it, sorry it’s so short. Also Speed is still alive and Yelena has returned to Miami.


Disclaimer: In no way is anyone in this story mine.  If they were, they would be having nekkid sweaty fun and would be on Showtime. 


Part 1/1




For the last week, the young dark haired young male had been sitting on the grass watching the station.  Everyday at the same time, it was really beginning to unnerve a great many of the cops.  Most especially Frank Tripp and Yelena Salas, because the young man seemed to straighten up whenever a CSI came out of the building, and they were protective of their geek squad to the point of being feral. 



Frank’s eyes narrowed as he watched the boy sit against the tree yet again.  He and Yelena shared a look and headed across the street.  When they reached the man, they realized he couldn’t be long out of his teens. 



He looked up at the pair of Detectives and smiled, but turned back to look at the building again.  “What are you doing here? We’ve seen you everyday for the last week?



The boy gave them an impish grin and pointed across the street.  The pair turned to look behind them and noticed that Horatio, Eric, and Speed were standing on the steps looking at them in curiosity.



“I like the eye-candy you guys have around here. Look I get my favorites all the time and all together: Red Hots, Caramel, and DC."



Yelena’s lips twitched in amusement and she looked back down at the boy.  “DC?” she asked amused.



“Dark Chocolate,” the boy said with relish. 



Tripp shook his head and sighed, and then looked over at Yelena who smiled, her dark eyes dancing with amusement. 



“Why are you in the area anyway?” Tripp asked still slightly suspicious. 



“I’m the liaison for International Council of Historical and Modern Weapons and Forensic Histories.”  Xander said with a smile.



“You seem pretty young to hold that title.”  Yelena said in surprise. 



“I’m 21, but I’ve spent a lot of time studying weapons and while I was in high school my mentor got me special education to earn a degree in history and archaic weapons.  I’ve been here for about six months.”  Xander told her.  Normally he wouldn’t tell anyone his business, but he could tell these two officers would not let things go.  



Yelena smiled, she believed the boy when he said he was there for the eye-candy and she couldn’t fault him his interest in the CSI’s they were as a whole quite good looking. 



Tripp just shook his head and gave the boy one last look before turning and walking away.  Yelena smiled at him again and with a nod followed her friend back over to the station.  Xander grinned as they walked away.  Who knew the police could be that yummy.  He had been shocked when Giles recommended him to an old friend in Miami and actually paid for him to move as well as found him a place to live. 



The girls had thrown him out of the group for good after high school and Giles was the only one he continued to have contact with from the group.  The older man had made sure that all of the work Xander  had contributed would not be taken for granted and had forced/coerced to take two years to go to college and get a degree to back up his knowledge of history.



After the debacle with ADAM, the girls had still not wanted him around and Xander was tired of Sunnydale, but had no idea what he could do or where he could go.  Giles had again stepped in and sent him to Adam Pierson. 



Xander thought the ‘Old Man’ as his boyfriend Richie called him was a blast and Adam was glad to have someone else to deal with people as he found them all together annoying.  Xander didn’t care that the pair were immortals.  Though both men were leery of allowing Xander out anywhere by himself since strange ‘beings’, Adam and Richie refused to call them humans, followed him home when he did. 



Since the office was located near the police department Xander took his lunch times out side and spent it watching all of the lovelies that came in and out of the station everyday, along with the assorted freaks and criminals that showed up daily.    He was enjoying Miami overall.




Horatio raised an eyebrow at Frank and Yelena as they walked to where he and his friends stood talking.  “I see you finally got tired of trying to figure out why the young man has been watching the station.” He told his sister-in-law and friend. 



“I won the betting pool too, thanks guys.” Speed said with a smirk.



“So why is he over there?” Eric asked grinning, his eyes sliding past them to look at the man in question.



“He’s here for the eye-candy.” Yelena said with a wicked grin.



“Eye-candy?” Horatio asked with a raised eyebrow, his eyes were twinkling.  He was enjoying Yelena’s amusement since Ray’s second death and her return to Miami her amusement had seemed muted. 



“Yes, he referred to you three as Red Hots, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate.”  Yelena said with a laugh.



Eric blushed, but laughed at the same time.  It was amusing to those that knew him that Eric was so out going, but a complement made him blush.  Speed blinked and looked across the street, while Horatio ducked his head in embarrassment.  Yelena was vastly amused.



“Are we sure that’s why he’s there?” Ryan asked from where he and Calleigh had come up to the group.  He was amused by his friends reactions to the attention the man was paying them. 



“Yes, he says that he works for the International Council of Historical and Modern Weapons and Forensic Histories.  They are located across the street.”  Frank said a smirk on his face.



Calleigh looked over to where the boy was sitting and laughed when he waved at her and blew a kiss.  “That’s Xander Harris, he works for Dr. Pierson.  I had no idea he was the one you guys were betting on or I would have told you he was okay.”



“Not harmless?” Ryan asked teasingly.



“Not with the way he knows weapons and the way he moves.  Besides anyone who can deal with Adam and still like working for him is in no way harmless.”  Calleigh said with a laugh. 



Speed snickered at that.  They had dealt with the professor on a couple of occasions, the man made Speed look like a teenage girl with her first crush.  Cynical and sarcastic seemed to be life goals for the older man.  Speed really liked him. 



“So he’s no threat and just enjoying the scenery.  Gotcha.”  Ryan said with a grin, though he and Calleigh shared a look.  They were so going to tease the three for this.



The End, maybe.







The End

You have reached the end of "The Candy Verse: The Candy in the Scenery". This story is complete.

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