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Capitalism and Funny Syphilis

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Anya... After". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Anya is brought back, but can't go back to Xander until he faces his destiny. So where can a former demon go to fit in? Seacover (A/X)

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Highlander > Anya-Centered(Past Donor)vinniebatmanFR1358,82336217,29415 Feb 0719 Aug 08Yes
CoA Winner

In Which Anya Gets a Job

Title:Capitalism and Funny Syphili: In Which Anya Gets a Job
Author: batmanvinnie
Fandom: BtVS/Highlander
Pairings: Xander/Anya (referenced)
Rating/Warnings: This one is teen.
Prompt: A Scooby working at Joe's bar.
Disclaimer: I so totally own the show. Bow Down! *Doctor's Note: Patient exhibits delusions of grandeur and any claims of ownership are pure fantasy. No harm is meant. Seriously, it's better than her throwing rocks at people.
Author's Note: Okay, so I'm not majorly into Highlander, but I do watch it when I can catch an episode. Because of that, this occurs in no specific time period.
* * * * * * * *
There was no flash of light or portal. Instead, one second there was a small alley, and the next second, there was an alley with two people. Without discussion, the two people walked out of the alley and down the sidewalk in silence.

"I hate you, you know," Anya pouted. Whistler rolled his eyes.

"Look doll face, you got off a hell of a lot luckier than anyone else. Xander needs you, and the Powers know that. But he has a job to do in Africa, and if you're with him, he won't go."

"Fine." Anya shivered, then looked around. "Why is it so cold? It's June, right?"

Whistler cleared his throat, the scratched behind his ear.

"It is June, isn't it?"

"Uh, no. The Powers figured that if they brought you back right away, there would be a chance that you'd contact Xander before he left for Africa. So they held you in time until now."

"Well when the Hell am I?"

"It's January seventh."

Anya glared at the balance demon. "You bastard! I hate you! Damn it, I knew I died too easy! You made sure I turned my back! You'd just better hope my Xander is in one piece when I go back, or I'll hunt you down!"

Whistler smirked. "Yeah, I know you'll try. But face it; without your powers, I'm pretty much untouchable."

Anya clenched her jaw and stilled. Once Whistler looked away, she lashed out. Throwing out a strong left hook, she grinned as his lip split and he fell on his ass, his hat flying off of his head.

"Ow! Hey, no need to resort to violence," he whimpered. Walking closer, she planted a foot on his chest, the heel of her shoe digging into his chest.

"Listen here you impotent little worm! I'm may not have the connections I used to but I can still-!" Anya paused and looked around as some of the windows lit up. Taking a calming breath, she continued. "I may not have the connections I used to, but just remember, I turned Olaf into a troll before I was a demon."

Whistler nodded and paled. Suddenly, Anya's glower melted into a bright smile. Removing her foot, she leaned down and helped Whistler to his feet.

"So, what do I do now?" Massaging his jaw, the demon glared.

"I'm under orders to get you set up. Xander's going to be a big player and they need him happy. You alive makes him happy. Here." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out an envelope. "It's got some seed money, driver's license, passport, a couple of low-interest credit cards that you pay back and a clean slate with D'Hoffryn. Everything else is up to you." Whistler bent over and retrieved his hat. Straightening, he turned to face her.

"You've gotten a couple of second chances; this is your last one." Anya nodded and watched him go, a strange mix of sadness and satisfaction filling her. Shaking of her sudden bout of melancholy, she walked to the bar across the street. It was still open, but quiet. As she entered, the few occupants looked at her before dismissing her. She marched up to the bar and the man that stood behind it.

"Do you have a newspaper I could look at?" The bearded man studied her.

"What for?"

"I need money, and to get money I need to get a job... or rob a bank." Anya paused, considering, then shook her head. "No, it's not worth all the stress. Although I was able to buy a lot of things."

"Well, not to be rude, but this is a bar." Anya looked into the envelope, discovering a debit card along with $300 in cash.

"I'll take a vodka on the rocks. And the newspaper." The man raised an eyebrow.

"What's your name?"

"Anya Jenkins. And you?"

"Joe Dawson."
* * * * * *
The bar got busier the closer it got to midnight. Joe moved behind the bar as quickly as he could, trying to keep up with the haughty demands of the college kids that had invaded.

Joe frowned as he tried to recall which drinks the kid had ordered and not just discussed. "What did you have again?"

The young man smirked.

"He had two Stoli cranberries, one Cosmo, one chocolate Martini, three Heinekens, and a pitcher of Stella," Anya rattled off. Joe grinned.

"Want a job?" Anya grinned back before turning to the college student.

"That will be fifty-two dollars and fifty cents please."
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