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Summary: BTVS/X-Men Movie: Xander comes to realize that he is a mutant after a fight with a vampire, he keeps it a secret for some time, but what happens when the others find out.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredDarkElfFR1311,612058,02216 Jun 0316 Jun 03No
I do not own Buffy or X-Men, they belong to Joss Whedon and Stan Lee, so please don’t sue me, I am just a poor college student.
A/N: Primary timeline is sometime during the Glory days. Don’t ask me what episode, cause I haven’t the faintest idea. And it also is in the movie world of X-Men, but sorry no rogue, no wolvie.

Chapter 1

Being special. That’s what your mother always tells you. You are such a special boy. Well, my mother doesn’t know how right she was. My name is Alexander Harris. And I am a Mutant.
I had read newspaper reports about mutants, but because of my time with Buffy, I always assumed it was vamps or demons, something supernatural. Boy was I wrong. I didn’t start to realize something was wrong until this one summer. The summer when Buffy was gone. The summer after she killed Angel.
We tried to cover for her being gone. We did get pretty good at it, but there were plenty of close calls. And there was one thing that the others don’t know about. It was how I first really found out what I was. You see, I had noticed the odd fact that even though we got thrashed by some vamps a few times, I was always back up ready to fight. But the one thing that finally confirmed it was when I was out on my own one night, and this vamp jumped me. He grabbed me from behind and bit me so fast that I barely had time to react. But I managed to kick back, and before he could recover I stabbed him with the stake just like I remembered Buffy doing, and I was right on target. I looked down at the wound which in the vampires haste, had been more into my shoulder than my neck, but that wasn’t what I was focusing on. What I was seeing was that the puncture wound was gone. The only sign that I had been hurt was a smear of blood on my shoulder and shirt.
I ran for home as fast as I could. I began cleaning the blood off my shoulder, primarily to confirm that the bite really was gone, not even a scar was left. I thought that was good cause I did not want to explain a bite mark to the others. It was at this point when I noticed the TV was on. It was left on the channel it had been on, but being late, it was just the news. But the current story caught my attention. It was another story about mutants.
For awhile I thought this meant that I was invincible, that notion left me after a rather severe incident involving a severally broken arm. I was sitting there waiting for it to heal, but sure enough it didn’t. I discovered later, that only the small things would go away, bruises, cuts, the occasional cracked rib, but anything really major took time. Not near as much time as it should have, but still time. But this gave me an edge, and when I was out, I used it. I was able to keep it hidden for a good long time. But as things normally go on the hellmouth, secrets tend to come out when you least expect them to.

Professor Xavier stared at the man he almost considered a son. He knew something was troubling him, but he was not entirely sure what. He finally settled on the direct approach.
“Scott. What seems to be troubling you?”
“I just got a letter from my cousins. They told me that my Aunt Joyce died.”
“I am sorry to here that.”
“I hadn’t seen her in a while, not since her and Uncle Hank separated, but I talked to them occasionally. But the funeral is in a few days, and I was trying to decide if I should go.”
“It might be good for you to see your cousins, let them know you are still there for them.”
“Think you can handle all these kids without me and Jean for a while.”
“I am sure that we can manage.”
“Then I think I will go get to packing.”
“Be sure to contact me if there are any problems.”
“You got it sir.”
As Scott headed towards the rooms he shared with Jean, he began to think about what it would be like to see Buffy and Dawn again, it had been so long.

“So Scott’s really coming.”
“For the ninth time yes Dawn. He and his girlfriend Jean will be up here in a few hours, so I have to go pick them up from the Airport. They decided to fly in for the funeral and I agreed to give them a place to stay since we have the room.”
“Can I come along; I haven’t seen Scott in so long.”
“Oh fine.”
It was an uneventful drive to the airport. The return drive was only slightly more interesting because Dawn was rapid fire in her questions to Scott and how he had been. But by the time they got back from the airport it was already getting late.
“Thanks for coming to get us from the Airport Buffy.”
“It was the least I could do. Thanks for coming down.”
“My pleasure, though I wish it was under better terms.”
“There are several extra rooms upstairs, you can use whichever one you like. But I have to be going cause I have work.”
“This late?”
“Night shift.”
“Ah, okay, then I guess we will see you later.”
With that, Buffy turned and went back out the door.
Dawn showed Scott and Jean where the extra rooms were before heading to her own. The two of them began to unpack the clothes they had brought.
“Scott, where does Buffy work?”
“Not sure, but for the moment she shouldn’t have to work. With the alimony payments from Uncle Hank and with the trust fund she has, she should have more than enough money, even with paying for school.”

At about that time Buffy arrived at Giles house. When Buffy arrived, she found Xander there as well, though he was sitting on the sofa apparently deep in thought.
“So Giles, any news tonight?”
“Nothing new I’m afraid. Still nothing new on Glory.”
“Alright, I will just do the rounds then.”
Xander looked up from the sofa, “I go with, you.”
Giles watched as the door went out the door. “Be careful you two.”
“Always G-man.” Xander called back.
The two of them wandered the cemeteries looking for any new graves. And they found some. Two graves side by side, a brother and sister. And they were already empty. Buffy and Xander immediately went on the alert, checking in every direction for the two vanished vamps. And they found them.
The brother dropped out of a tree right behind Buffy, but she had felt him coming and launched a mean back kick, that sent the brother flying backwards.
The sister then came from behind a tree and attacked Xander, but he managed to block her fist several punches and dodge her kicks. He could see Buffy was easily handling the brother, and would probably finish him in a moment or two. But his glance at Buffy became his undoing, as the sister grabbed the arm he was blocking with, throwing him greatly off balance. With him off balance she was able to drag him in and sink her teeth deep into his forearm.
Buffy saw this happen just as she staked the brother. She sprinted from her position and tackled the vamp, who was still latched onto Xander. Luckily, Buffy’s momentum was enough to make her lose her grip, allowing him to back away, and with him out of the way, she was able to pin her to the ground and with one swift thrust end the fight.
The moment the ashes began to fall, Buffy ran to where Xander was lying on the ground holding his bleeding arm.
“Xander, are you alright. How bad did it get you? Let me see it.”
“No Buff, it fine. Leave it.”
“Xander are you crazy, she got you pretty badly. Now let me see it.”
Xander who couldn’t fight her slayer strength was forced to reveal his arm. Where there should have been a deep puncture, only pink slightly bloody skin remained, she stared at Xander for several long breaths before she spoke.
“Xander, why aren’t you bleeding profusely?”
“It was something I was hoping you wouldn’t find out about. A few years ago, while you were up in LA, I was out patrolling solo, and a vamp attacked me. He surprised me from behind, and before I could react he bit me. I was able to get away from him, and when I stopped to check on the bite, it was gone. I ran home immediately, and when I got there the TV was on with a story I had heard several times. A story about mutants. And I realized that I was one. I have spent the last three years hiding it from you and the others.”
“Well all the stuff I had heard about mutants made me think they might be somehow demon related. I was afraid, that something bad would happen, so I decided not to tell anyone, and over the months I saw that nothing bad was happening, but I still couldn’t come to terms with it. So I just continued as I had. And I was lucky that nothing like this ever happened.”
“Xander we are your friends. You should never be afraid to tell us anything. Though you are the one who will be telling Willow that you have been hiding something like this from her for that long.”
“Oh, now that is a scary thought.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Special" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jun 03.

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