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A Simple Twist of Destiny

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Summary: A BtVS/Inuyasha crossover ** Contains spoilers for Season 7 finale, you have been warned!

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Chapter 5

Title: A Simple Twist of Destiny
Author: Rose
Rating: R (for Inu's mouth)
Classification: In the long run, it's a BtVS/Inuyasha crossover
Parings: Kagome/Inuyasha, Willow/Sesshoumaru; more pairings later
Summary: A BtVS/Inuyasha crossover
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. Willow and the Sunnydale
group belong to Joss Whedon, I also do not own Inuyasha, Kagome, Sessy or any of the others from the anime Inuyasha.
Spoilers: BtVS: Season 7, AU for Inuyasha
Distribution: FanFiction.Net, Twisting the Hellmouth, if anyone else wants
it, just email me and ask.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Author's Note: This is a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Japanese anime Inuyasha. I am using the cartoon version that comes on Cartoon Network as reference here, so please bear with me, okay?

IMPORTANT Author's Note: Okay, this is the deal. When you read this chapter, you may start thinking that this is becoming a mult-crossover. In a way, it is and in a way, it isn't. You see, I had a rabid plot bunny attack me the other day and I got this outrageous idea. You'll understand better when you read this chapter, but the deal is I'm probably going to write other fics that will branch off from this one. As the next couple chapter progress, there will be cameos from a different t.v. show/anime/book character. But it will only be for this chapter. Afterward, you won't see them again until I get around to writing their fic. I'll explain more once I get to the bottom of the chapter.

Chapter 5

She could sense someone following her. At first she had thought it was her best friend, after all, he had made it apparent that he was worried about the way she'd been acting this last week. And she wouldn't have blamed him for following her because she knew that she *had* been acting strange. When the sudden sensation had come over her and she had discovered that her strength as well as her speed had somehow been enhanced drastically, her first instinct had been to run and confide in him, knowing he would know what was going on and what to do. But something had held her inner voice whispering that no one should know about this...about these new powers she now possessed.

Funny how she had always fussed at him for keeping secrets from her, and yet, here she was....keeping secrets, and worrying her best friend in the process. That is why, when Keiko Yukimura had sensed someone following a distance behind her, she had thought it to be Yusuke Urameshi, her childhood friend. But now, a feeling she had never felt before flared up and she knew....she knew that whoever was following her wasn't least, not completely.

Going with the instincts that she had aquired with her new powers, Keiko ducked into a nearby alley. From about a block behind her, the figure that had been following her hesitated for a moment. Had she realized he was following her? No, there was no way she could possibly have been able to. Thinking that perhaps she was taking a shortcut, the lithe figure approached the edge of the alley to follow the young girl who had just entered it.

The alley was dark, the shadows falling over everything within and for a second the figure was slightly confused. He wondered why the girl would enter such a dank and dismal area, even if it was a shortcut. He had been asked to follow the girl, to observe and inform his co-worker if he noticed anything suspicious about her. So far he hadn't noticed anything, but he had a tingling in his spine that he hadn't felt before. It piqued his curiosity and so he stepped into the alley. His eyes easily adjusted to the darkness but he saw no sign of the girl he'd followed anywhere. He also noticed that the alley was a dead end. So where did she go?

Despite his better judgement, he stepped further into the alley in search of the missing girl. The one who had sent him to follow her would definitely become upset if he lost her. He walked hesitantly into the alleyway, searching but not seeing anyone at all. He stopped halfway down and crossed his arms over his chest. Something was definitely not right here. There was that tingling in his spine still going on and he was beginning to think it was the girl's presense that caused it. He could sense her, he realized.

Then, all at once, he sensed something dropping down from above him. Too late too move out of the way, he simply caught the object as it fell, the weight throwing him off and he fell backward, the weight coming to rest on top of him.

"Okay buddy, do you mind telling me....K-Kurama?"

The surprise in Keiko's voice caused a smirk to rise to Kurama's lips. He brushed a lock of his long red hair out of his green eyes and glanced up into the brown haired girl's brown eyes, which were widened in shock. The girl who he now noticed was sitting straddle of him in the middle of a musty alley.


The amusement in Kurama's eyes was conveyed in his voice. He would have said more, but at that particular moment a bright flash of light followed by five consecutive pops drew their attention to the far end of the alley.


"Damn, Red. I'll never get tired of that. It's totally cool."

"Yeah Faith, we get it, you like the transporty spell, you don't have to keep going on about...hello! Now why does this scene look so familiar?"

Keiko was openly surprised by the appearance of five people standing at the end of the alley...the "dead end" end of the alley. Kurama, on the other hand, having seen things far more surprising simply blinked at the newcomers from his position on the ground. The blonde woman who had appeared with the others said something about a scene looking familiar. That caused Keiko to realize the compromising position that she and the red haired boy were now in.

A blush quickly spreading across her face, Keiko scrambled to her feet, mumbling an apology to one of her best friend's friends as she did so. Kurama got to his feet as well, dusting off the back of his jeans. When they were both standing again, Kurama and Keiko looked toward the new arrivals.

There were five of them, four women and one man. The women, Keiko noticed, were drastically different in appearance. The blonde who had spoken earlier, for instance, was well built, but had a petite frame and looked sort of like a Barbie doll in the cream colored outfit she wore. The brown haired girl standing a little bit apart from the blonde had similar facial features, but was taller than the first and she looked to be the youngest of the group...probably even around her and Kurama's age.

She was wearing a pair of faded jeans, sneakers and a light blue tank top with the word "Princess" written in hot pink across the front.

Then there was the brunette standing beside the redhead who seemed to be trying to smother a giggle with her hand. The brunette was a polar opposite of the blonde due to her dark locks and complexion, as well as the fact that she was tall and a bit more muscular.

She was dressed in an all black ensemble; sinfully tight leather pants, black t-shirt that bared her mid-riff and was topped with a leather mini jacket. The tough chick image was completed by the scuffed Army boots she wore.

The redhead was also tall, but not at all built like the blonde or brunette. She was more like the brown haired girl, slender and delicate looking, but more maturely developed. She wore a shirt similar to the brunette's in the aspect that it was black and it was short, though it did not bare her stomach as much as the other woman's. She wore black windbreaker-like pants that were very complimentary to her figure.

Then there was the last of the group of strangers: a young man with dark hair and soft brown eyes which were set off by the color of the loose fitting t-shirt he wore. It was a deep indigo that went well with his black jeans. He too, wore a pair of combat boots. A goofy grin was plastered across his face and it faintly reminded Keiko of Yusuke. This comparison was what brought Keiko out of her observation of the strangers and to the realization of just why Kurama had been following her earlier.

*Yusuke sent him to check up on me!* Keiko thought.

Before Keiko had a chance to voice her accusation, the brunette cut in with a snarling accusation of her own.

"What the hell!? That guy's a demon, B!"

The brunette pushed past the blonde, ignoring her protests of "No, Faith, wait!" and reached into her jacket and withdrew a wickedly shiny and lethal looking blade. She charged forward, her eyes trained intently on Kurama!

Keiko shot a look at Kurama and was shocked to see he had an amused look in his eyes as he just stood there, not attempting to move or even to defend himself. Without thinking, Keiko darted in front of him, her arms shooting out to the sides in a defensive gesture.


Everybody froze. Faith didn't even stumble, although she did skid a bit on the damp ground of the alleyway. Kurama was staring at Keiko with a mixture of amusement and fascination in his eyes and a smirk on his lips.

"What the hell..?!?" Faith began, but was interrupted by a shout from Buffy.


The brunette swung around to look in annoyance at her blonde companion. "What is it, B?"

Buffy rolled her eyes, "As I was *trying* to tell you before you went all Xena, Warrior Princess on us, I don't think he's a baddie. I mean, hello? she was just straddling the guy when we got here!"

Kurama's eyebrow lifted slightly at this and, shifting his gaze to Keiko, watched in growing amusement as the girl's cheeks flushed even deeper than they were a minute ago. Twitters of muffled laughter came from the red and brown-haired girls at their friend's comments. Keiko, on the other hand, was sputtering in embarassment and trying to come up with an explanation.

"No, you don''s not like... I...."

"Wanted him real bad?" Buffy offered, a wicked smile spreading across her face.

"Yes! I mean....NO!! I mean..."

Now that comment had Kurama's eyes widening quite a bit. Sparing a look at the brunette, Kurama spoke then, but directed his words at the blonde: " wouldn't mind telling us who you are?"

Buffy, Willow and Dawn couldn't help but melt at the red-haired guy's voice. It was all soft and seductive without actually trying to be..and it didn't help that he was a knockout to boot.

"Uhh..." Buffy began, but found it hard to remember her name.

Finally, Willow took pity on her best friend. Rolling her eyes, she stepped forward to begin the introductions.


A short time later, after introductions had been given, Buffy glanced around the alley and said, "Well, now that we all know each other, I suggest we go someplace less icky and get with the deciding on who's staying and who's going."

Keiko shot a surprised look at the blonde. "What do you mean "who's staying and who's going"? Never mind, you're right. We do need to get out of this alley if we're going to discuss this further. Come on, we can go back to my house."

The group filed out of the alley and once back on the sidewalk followed Keiko. Keiko paused a minute when she noticed Kurama heading in the opposite direction.

"Oh, no you don't, Kurama,"

Kurama froze and cast a look back at Keiko. She stood, hands on hips, and shot a glare at him that he had often seen directed at Urameshi...only this one was being thrown his way.

"I'm not through with you yet, mister!" Keiko chided, then blushed when Willow, Buffy and Dawn giggled at her choice of words.

Kurama couldn't help it, he found the look, oddly enough, endearing. Uttering a soft laugh which drew dramatic sighs from Buffy, Dawn and Willow and a snort of disgust from Faith, Kurama shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to follow the others as Keiko led the way to her house.



The End?

You have reached the end of "A Simple Twist of Destiny" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Jul 03.

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