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A Simple Twist of Destiny

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Summary: A BtVS/Inuyasha crossover ** Contains spoilers for Season 7 finale, you have been warned!

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A Simple Twist of Destiny

*Spoilers for season 7 Buffy! And I do mean SPOILERS! So, please do not read if you do not want to be spoiled for Buffy's series finale!!!*

Title: A Simple Twist of Destiny
Author: Rose
Rating: R (for Inuyasha's mouth)
Classification: BtVS/Inuyasha crossover
Parings: Kagome/Inuyasha, Willow/?, more pairings later
Summary: When the Potential Slayers were activated at the end of Season 7 by Willow, a certain miko girl recieves the Calling.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. Willow and the Sunnydale group belong to Joss Whedon, I also do not own Inuyasha, Kagome, Sessy or any of the others from the anime Inuyasha.
Spoilers: BtVS: Season 7, AU for Inuyasha
Distribution: FanFiction.Net, Twisting the Hellmouth, if anyone else wants
it, just email me and ask.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Author's Note: This is a crossover between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Japanese anime Inuyasha. I am using the cartoon version that comes on Cartoon Network as reference here, so please bear with me, okay? For those of you who are unfamiliar with Inuyasha, here is a link to the profiles for the characters.


Willow sat on the floor of Sunnydale High's Principal's office, a scythe in
front of her and mystical objects spread out around her. From the other side of the room, Kennedy kept a close eye on her friend.

"They should be in place. Okay. Magic time. You ready to... heh heh... kill me?" Willow asked in a tone that stated she was not kidding despite her joking words.

"Starting to be...", came the Potential's reply.

"Great. Pun. Right." Willow took a breath before saying, "Brace yourself."

She shut her eyes and Kennedy quietly began praying. "Come on, Red. Make it happen."


Meanwhile, down below in the basement of the school.....

Buffy, Faith and a few of the Potentials were already at the bottom of the
stairs that led into the cavern housing the Mouth of Hell. Soon, others
followed close behind and Spike joined them soon after, moving around so that he could address Buffy.

"Not to be a buzzkill, luv, but my fabulous accessory isn't exactly tingling
with power." The blonde vampire grumbled as he held the amulet that Buffy had given him up from his chest.

"I'm not worried", Buffy said, her voice sounding firm and sure.

Spike continued to whine pathetically, "I'm getting zero juice here. And I
look like Elizabeth Taylor."

"Cheer up, Liz. Willow's big spell doesn't work, won't matter what you
wear." Faith's response to the vampire was NOT reassuring in the least.

"I'm not worried", Buffy repeated, as if to assure everyone assembled as
well as herself.

She looked straight ahead and the others fanned out behind her, attention being focused on the here and now.

As the group neared the precipice that dropped off into the cavernous room below, the dread began to multiply inside everyone at the sight that lay beyond. The cavern seemed endless, and worst of all were the thousands of Ubervamps that swarmed the entire area.

The group of young heroes all stared in shock at the sight, most of all
Buffy, whose murmured words were now said in an almost catatonic state, "I'm not worried.... "

"Really?" One of the Potentials, Rona, whispered, "Cause, I'm flashing back to Xander's whole bathroom speech."

Another Slayer noticed the look on the blonde Slayer's face. "Buffy?" she

At the girl's prompting, Buffy closed her eyes and silently began chanting. "Now, Willow...Now, Willow...Now..."

The girl frowned worriedly as she tried again to catch the Slayer's
attention. "Buffy...."

Buffy finally spoke to her, "I'm not worried!" The blonde emphasized. "As
long as Willow can work the spell before they...."

As if on cue, the Ubervamps teeming at the bottom of the cavern looked up and saw the girls. Suddenly they all charged, screaming horribly.

"...see us." Buffy completed her sentence in despair.

Every occupant on the ledge tensed in preparation for battle as they awaited their opponents. The looks on the girls' faces was proof of just how terrified they really were.

As the danger closed in, Buffy silently entreatied her friend one last time.


Up above in the office, Willow was busily mumbling something under her
breath. She spoke it so rapidly that it was barely comprehensable.
Kennedy knelt tensely across from the witch, waiting for as long as she could stand it. Finally, she gave in to the need to know what was happening.

"Willow?" she began, only to be cut off as the redhead shot her a look that plainly said, "Shut up", her lips still mumbling the incantation.


Faith met Buffy's gaze as the advancing threat drew nearer. The expressions were identical on both dark and light Slayer. The thought of retreat flitted through their minds.


It seemed as if a jolt of lightening had struck Willow's body as the redhead suddenly tensed up, eyes widening, and a bright light began filling the room. The energy that was currently filling her made the room seem to spin and the witch gasped out.


Suddenly, as if by an unseen force, Kennedy felt herself violently pushed
backward to the floor. An extremely powerful feeling sprang up inside of the girl, filling her entire body with a sense of strength and agility. As the
sensation finally ebbed so that she could move again, Kennedy raised her head up to stare at Willow. The dark eyes of the Potential were now sparkling with power.


Below, the Potentials awaiting the oncoming attack suddenly reacted as they, too, felt the Calling overtake them. It flowed through each and every one as if it were an all-consuming wind.

And all around the spread.


A young girl in India fell to the floor, wide-eyed as the power overwhelmed
her and coursed through her body.

Somewhere else, a young African American girl leaned against her locker, unnoticed by the throng of kids that surrounded her. She was breathing hard...a look of apparent puzzlement was written on her face.

And still, in another location, a young girl, about to recieve a vicious
blow from an unknown assailant suddenly blocked the man's blow. With
determination evident in her eyes, the girl rose up, her face slightly
bruised and bleeding. A look of cold fury appeared in her eyes and something else....a silent warning...assuring that this *wouldn't* happen again.

And in Japan, a young girl stood before a well that was housed in her family shrine. She seemed poised as if she were about to leap into the well when it happened....the Calling. Swaying slightly on her feet, Kagome Hirgurashi let out a sharp gasp and gripped the side of the Bone Eater's well to assist in keeping her balance.

*Wha....what was that?* Kagome thought in surprise. *Oh please don't let me actually be getting if my grandfather doesn't come up with enough illnesses for me to have on a daily basis!*

Shaking her head as if to clear it, Kagome felt the peculiar feeling fade
almost as quickly as it had come. *Hmm, that's strange. I don't feel sick at all.* Shrugging it off, Kagome decided she had better hurry up. She did not feel like having another verbal battle with Inuyasha if she were late. The hanyou (half-demon, half-human) had a knack for doing or saying something insensitive and causing her to become upset.

"As if he needs a reason...", the dark-haired girl muttered. "Sometimes I
think he actually enjoys it when we argue!"

With that, Kagome hefted herself over the side of the well. A brilliant
sparkling light illuminated the well's opening briefly before dying down
again. If anyone had been nearby and had been curious enough to peer into the well, they would have more than likely been extremely surprised. For far down below, at the bottom of the well, there was no sign of the young girl at all.


Author's Note 2: Okay, for this chapter I will be using some words that are consistent with the anime Inuyasha. I have put what the words mean in ( ) the first time they are used, just so you won't be confused.

Chapter 1


The young girl had barely enough time to pull herself completely out of the well before an orange ball of fur propelled itself into her arms. In his happiness, Shippou, the young kitsune (fox demon) clung to Kagome...whom he'd come to considered a surrogate mother ever since he had first met her.

"I missed you too, Shippou." Kagome giggled as she hugged the little kitsune to her.

Looking up, Kagome's gaze fell on her two other companions, Miroku the monk and the hanyou (half demon), Inuyasha. As always, the sight of the Inuyasha made Kagome's heart skip a beat. He stood a few feet away, dressed as always in his red kimono, with his arms crossed over his chest in annoyance. There was a slight breeze blowing that stirred Inuyasha's waist length, silvery white hair. The cute little dog ears perched on top of his head twitching slightly. His amber-colored eyes were fixed glaringly on the two of them, particularly Shippou.

"Would you two cut it out! It's not like she's been gone *that* long!" Inuyasha

'Oh boy,' Shippo thought as he saw Kagome's face take on a heated expression. 'here we go again.'

Kagome could feel her face begin to flush in anger and her irritation rose up within her at the hanyou's words. Why did he always seem ready to pick a fight? Or was it that he really didn't think before he spoke? Either way, whether intentional or not, he never failed to piss her off. Placing Shippou down on the ground, Kagome marched over to Inuyasha and pointed a finger at his chest.

"No, *you* cut it out, Inuyasha! I haven't even been back two minutes and already you're acting like a jerk!" Kagome shouted, trying to ignore the particularly strange twinge that had begun to build up in the pit of her stomach the closer she came to Inuyasha.

"Am not!" Came the somewhat....alright, *very* childish reply.

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!!"

"Am not!!"

At this point, Kagome wanted to "Sit" him, but in the end decided against it. The word would activate the spell that had been placed on the rosary that hung around Inuyasha's neck. Whenever Kagome needed to subdue Inuyasha she only needed to say the word "Sit" and it would make the hanyou crash face first into the ground. But Kagome knew that it would only shut him up for the duration of the spell.

And when the spell wore off....

Instead, Kagome resorted to poking Inuyasha in the chest with her finger.... and sent him flying backward a good ten foot!

Kagome, Shippo and Miroku's eyes bulged as they watched the hanyou landed on the ground hard. Inuyasha lay there for a few minutes in shock before rising up on his arms to cast a glare at the dark haired girl.

"Bitch, what the hell was that?!?" Inuyasha snarled, baring his fangs in anger to hide his shock.

Kagome was unable to speak properly much less explain that she had no idea what had just happened. How had she knocked Inuyasha, who was so much stronger than her, back so far....and with only her finger? Kagome could only stand there stumbling over words and looking confused...and a tad bit afraid.

"Well, Inuyasha, it is obvious that Kagome's time spent in this era has had some sort of side effect manifesting itself as added strength, wouldn't you say, Kagome?" Miroku spoke up for the stammering Kagome.

Inuyasha rose to his feet then, dusting off his kimono as he spoke. "Don't be so stupid, monk, that can't possibly be it!!"

"No, that isn't it." Kagome finally managed to complete a sentence without stuttering. "Just a few moments ago, right before I came through the well, a sort of dizziness came over me. I thought I was getting sick, but then it passed and I felt fine....actually better than I had felt before....stronger."

The last word was an awed whisper as it finally registered that something had definitely happened to her when the dizzy spell had come over her in her time.

*Huh? Kagome wasn't feeling well? Could something be wrong with her? But if she was sick then she should be feeling weaker not stronger.* The thought came unbidden to Inuyasha's mind, but he didn't speak it aloud. Instead, he said, "Well, I don't know what the hell is going on, but I don't like it!"

"Perhaps Lady Keade can shed some light on this mysterious new gift of Kagome's", Miroku suggested.

Kagome's eyes was beginning to show a hint of fear in them as she looked pleadingly at Inuyasha. The hanyou sensed this and decided that it was the best thing to do since Kagome herself didn't seem know what had happened to her. Inuyasha nodded in agreement and then walked over to Kagome to lay a hand on her shoulder in assurance.

"Don't worry, Kagome. The old hag will know what to do."

Kagome's eyes widened at Inuyasha's soft tone. He was being nice and sweet and trying to comfort her whereas only moments before he had been acting like such a jerk that she had been on the verge of envoking the spell that would send him crashing face first into the ground! Gods, he could be so confusing sometimes!

And so the foursome began their trek back to the villiage in hopes that Lady Keade could shed some light on this new perdicament. Inuyasha was in the lead, as always, followed by Kagome and Miroku. Shippou was sitting on the monk's right shoulder.

Suddenly, Kagome felt the twinge she had felt earlier return. This time though, it was much stronger. It actually tore a gasp from her lips the feeling was so intense.

*What is happening to me?!?*

Hearing Kagome's gasp, Inuyasha stopped walking and immediately turned to face her.

"Kagome, what - "

The sentence was never finished for at that moment Kagome bolted, running past the confused hanyou and towards a distant treeline. When they emerged, it took the others by surprise, especially Inuyasha who couldn't believe that he hadn't sensed them before now. There were four Kumogashira, spider-like demons with human heads, and they were fastly closing in on Kagome!


Inuyasha pulled Tetsusaiga from its sheath and charged forward. Miroku stood back, confident that Inuyasha could take care of the four demons. Kagome was not exactly sure why she had took off running. All she knew was that this twinge she was feeling was trying to tell her something. Something like...

And then she saw them. They surrounded her quickly, and without a second thought, Kagome took a fighting stance that she had no idea she had even known. She heard Inuyasha shout her name and knew that he was coming to save her yet again. But this time.... this time, for some reason Kagome felt as if *she* should be protecting *him*.

One of the demons lunged for her then. Faster than she had ever moved before, Kagome leapt out of the way, spinning around to grab the Kumogashira by one of it's spidery legs. Spinning around, Kagome got up enough momentum that lifted the demon off of the ground. She then quickly let go, propelling the demon away from her. It landed in a heap only a few feet in front of Inuyasha's path, which the hanyou simply leapt over.

With a menacing snarl, Inuyasha leapt into the midst of the ongoing battle between Kagome and the remaining spider demons. Bringing Tetsusaiga down on top of one of the Kumogashira's heads, the blade cut through flesh and bone, killing the demon instantly. Swinging around, Inuyasha quickly took on the third demon, which surprisingly didn't put up much of a fight. It was only after he had finished with that task that Inuyasha noted that Kagome was actually in hand to...well, leg combat with the one remaining Kumogashira.


The sound of Inuyasha's surprised outcry distracted Kagome for only a moment. For an instant, aquamarine eyes met golden amber and something clicked. An unconcious connection of understanding that the two were for now oblivious too, but would soon come to light at a later date. Kagome felt her lips curl into an almost smirk and she spun around to face the Kumogashira as it was finally regaining its footing. She allowed the demon to advance on her, waiting until it was almost on top of her. Then quick as a flash, Kagome grabbed two of the leggy extentions and fell backward.

Bringing up her legs, Kagome braced them against the demon's belly and pushed, hefting the entire mass up and over to land on the ground above her head. It landed on its back, legs twitching wildly, trying to regain purchase to right itself again. Inuyasha struck before it had the chance. Burying Tetsusaiga's blade in the soft flesh of the demon's stomach and then turning it in a wrenching motion. The legs spasmed violently before finally falling limply to the ground as the demon expired.

Kagome was just climbing to her feet when she suddenly found herself with an armful of excitedly babbling kitsune.

"Kagome! Kagome that was so great! How did you learn to do that stuff!? And why didn't you tell us!? Looks like Inuyasha won't be needing to protect you that much anymore!"

The little fox demon's exclaimations were cut short by Inuyasha walking up and grabbing Kagome by the arm. Despite his rough grip on her arm, Kagome felt hardly any pain.

"Okay, that's it! We are going to the village and that wench Keade had *better* have some answers dammit!!" The hanyou growled in frustration.

Inuyasha attempted to drag Kagome with him in the direction of the village, only to be met with resistence. Looking over his shoulder, he was faced with an extremely pissed off Kagome. Wrenching her arm with surprising ease from the hanyou's grasp, Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and gave that look that Inuyasha knew so well. The "If you don't settle down and behave I'm gonna say the "s" word and you'll be sorry" look.

Gulping nervously, Inuyasha cast a look over to the two remaining people in the group. Miroku was busy looking up at something that had suddenly caught his attention, while Shippou was attempting to look innocent and was mindfully fluffing his tail.

Looking back at Kagome, Inuyasha heaved a sigh and muttered, "I just want to get to the village and find out what the hell is going on before we get ambushed by anymore demons, okay!?"

A few tense moments passed before Kagome finally uncrossed her arms. "Fine! But you don't have to be so rough, Inuyasha! I *can* walk on my own, you know!"

In a very un-Kagome-like way, Kagome flipped her hair over her shoulder as she pushed past the hanyou and headed toward the village. Behind her, Miroku, Shippou and Inuyasha looked at one another briefly before hustling to catch up with her.



A/N: I apologize to the readers who are unfamiliar with the Inuyasha universe and hopefully the link I gave you will give enough information so that you can understand and enjoy the story. The next chapter will have more in the IY'verse, but will go back to Willow and the others in chapter 3 I'm sure. Hope everyone likes this so far. Please let me know if I should continue!

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