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Xander in Trouble (as always)

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Summary: Xander will meet a British Demon-Hunter and we will see were we will go from there.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered(Recent Donor)HawklanFR181014,19443938,17318 Feb 0710 Dec 11No

Chapter Two

AN. Hello all here is Chapter 2 still without beta and thanks for the reviews so far.
Because thats my 1st story i write, i would be thank full for any help i get.


Chapter 2

A bit surprised about this reaction John stood up and went to the sink where he filled a glass of water and then went back to Xander again. Using half the water to wake Xander up he hold the rest out for the young man to drink.

With a small moan Xander opened his eyes again took the offered water and drank it out with one gulp. “Uhhh what happened?”

With an amused grin John answered: “It looked like you fainted after I told you that you were killed by your ex-wife”.

“Fainted? I didn’t faint. I uhmm just went into mediation about that piece of information”

“Sure. Call it mediation if you want to” John answered with a wider grin then before, “but can we go back too the questions now?”

“Of course, inspector. I am just a bit confused here. I was never married to Buffy, she was a good friend in Sunnydale and I had a crush for here but we certainly were never married.”


“Ohh sorry that’s how we all had called her. She never liked the name Elizabeth. So how could I haven been married to here and be killed by here two years ago? I was in Africa the last four years working for a small British Company named “TWC” as a security consultant and just wanted to return to London because I got a letter that an distant uncle died and I were his only heir and the next thing I know is waking up in a Scottish hospital answering questions to you. That’s all I can tell you.”

“If you say so. Mister Harris”. John stood up from the chair he was sitting in while he listened to Xander and walked to a cupboard at the other side of the room after opening it up he took a duffel bag out of it and placed it on the table in front of Xander. “Maybe you would be so kind and explain that to me?”

Xander stood up and pulled the zipper of the bag down and looked into the bag. After seeing the contents. “Oh dear. I told you I work as a security consultant for TWC?”

“Yes you did. That would maybe explain the guns in the bag. But a katana, a crossbow, wooden stakes and the other things? I don’t think so Mr. Harris.”

“Do you have a cell phone Mister Sinclair? Maybe my Boss can explain that better to you. Here is the number. Just ask for Mr. Giles he will explain it better then I can.”

“Sure why not?” John quickly called the given number.

A female voice on the other side answered: “WTC Chase and good day to you Sir how can we help you?”

“Hello Ms. Chase” John noticed the confused look on Xander´s s face “I am Inspector Sinclair from Scotland Yard and I would like to talk to a Mr. Giles.”

“Mr. Giles? Please wait a moment Sir.” Several seconds later John heard a small click and another voice.

“Mr. Sinclair? My name is Wyndam-Price. Did I understand correctly that you wanted to talk to Mister Giles? I am sorry but he retired a bit over two years ago. May I ask what you want from him maybe I can help you?”

“Of course Mr. Wyndam-Price” John noticed another confused look “I am currently in a hospital in Scotland and talking to one of your employees. A Mister Harris. Who told me to contact Mister Giles.”

A moment of silence on the other side…... “Sorry Mr. Sinclair. Did u say Harris? As in Alexander Harris?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Ok. Where’re you exactly? I send Mr. Weiss and a few of his men who can clear the mess Mr. Harris has gotten himself into again”

John gave him the exact hospital address and turned to Xander. “So it looks like your Mr. Giles retired a few years back and Mr. Wyndam-Price is sending a Mr. Weiss and his team to clear things up a bit.

“Giles retired? That’s not possible, I talked last month with him on the phone and Wesley is the new leader of the council? Wait what did u say? He sends Weiss? Oh shit. We have to get out of here or were a dead.”

Xander jumped up, grabbed the jeans and other clothing parts he saw in the cupboard and was dressed in record time. Grabbing the duffel back he runs for the door.

“STOPP!!” John shouted “what is going on?”

“Hurry, no time to explain now. We have to get out of here and I will explain later. Mr. Weiss is bad news.” Xander nearly ripped the door of the door frame and before the two Bobbies in front of the door could react he was halfway down the corridor.

Startled but only a few seconds behind Xander, John caught him on the second stairwell and stops him. “What is going on here Mr. Harris?”

“I have no clue. But a few years ago while we still lived in Sunnydale Mr. Weiss was the leader of a mercenary team which did wet-works for the council. After we rebuild the council we never worked with him and I don’t know what is going on there that Wesley sends him. But the guy is bad news. Please let’s get out of here”.

“Okay, I have my car at a small hotel we can get there and then drive back to London to see what we can do and find out about what is happening to you Mr. Harris. That’s the least I can do. I don’t meet a fellow vampire hunter everyday” John added with a smile.

“Huhh? What?”

“Or why have you wooden stakes in your bag? But lets talk later about that if your Mr. Weiss is as dangerous as you claim we should hurry”.

Silently they run to the hotel and got there under five minutes. John opened the trunk of his rover “Throw your bag in and then we can start driving”.

Xander threw the bag into the trunk (not without getting a magnum out of it first) closed the trunk and while he started to climb into the car he saw a black van coming fast in their direction. “Dam that was quick” he thought. “John do me favor, yes? Drive like the devil is behind you, then it looks like a few of his minions already are.”

John started the car and drove of the parking lot with relative normal speed.

“Uhh John, would you please drive faster? Throw a look into your rear-view mirror. You’ll see a black unmarked van there. That will be Weiss and his guys, if they catch us we will be death.”

John looked into the mirror and after seeing the van Xander meant he decided to believe Xander for the moment and hit the gas pedal. After a bit of crazy traffic hopping they finally left Fort Williams and after a look into the mirror John still saw the van behind them.

“Dam they are still behind us.” He pressed a button on his steering wheel and after a few seconds a female voice sounded out of a speaker.

“Hello John? How are you doing?”

“Hello Shao, sorry but I am in a bit of a Situation here. Is Suko around?”

“Of course, he is just taking a shower. Wait a moment and I will get him.”

“Thank you Shao, you are the best.”

A few seconds and a very sharp turn on the small road later an other voice sounded about the speakers. “Hello John, what have you done now?”

“Ohh, nothing to big Suko. I just got a two year dead men out of the hospital and now we are chased through the highlands by a few mercs. So nothing big.” he answered smiling.

“What? How do you always get into trouble if I am not around?”

Xander grinned at that comment.

“No clue, but I always get into trouble even if you are around, but we have a problem here we can’t shake them on this small road. So a bit of help would be great right now. Could you please go into my apartment and contact Kara? Maybe she can help.”

“Ok, John. Try to keep them at a distance for a while and I’ll try to reach her.”

“Tank you, Suko I own you one.”

“No problem partner, see you later.”

A small click and then there was silence again (just the sound you hear if you drive to fast).

“Ok what now John?” asked Xan a breath later.

“That was Suko, my friend and partner. He will try to contact a few of our friends who can help us out here we just have to play a bit on time. Shouldn’t be that hard.”

Xander sighs and thought “If John would have know me a bit better he would never have said that.”

Right after Xander had that thought, the rear windscreen suddenly chattered in thousand tiny pieces.

John nearly lost control over the car, but because of his good training and long experience he was able to keep the rover on the street. “Dam, those bastards shoot at us.” Grabbing his Beretta and holding it out for Xander to take. “Can you do something?”

“I’ll try John but I don’t need your gun” he said having his own already in hand. A quick turn he saw that one man was standing on the front passenger seat and was looking out of the sunroof with a rifle in hand.

As he saw that the sniper just fired again Xander reacted he aimed his gun and suddenly it seemed to him that time froze around him.

He saw that the fired bullet would probably hit John in the back of the head. He concentrated and fired three times without much thought in quick succession.

The first bullet hit the bullet, which was heading for John, in midair. The second one hit the sniper right between the eyes and the last one was heading for the driver and a few moments before the bullet would have hit the bullet proof windshield (as was custom for all council cars as Xander knew) it suddenly started to shimmer in a blue light and went through the window like it would go through butter and hit the driver. At that moment the time unfroze for Xander again, the van behind them lost control and crashed into the mountain side.

“Xander….what happened?”

A bit ruffled Xander answered. “I so totally have no bloody clue, it was just hellmouthy freaky.”
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