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Banish the Darkness

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Summary: Buffy is still realing from Angel leaving, a new warrior comes along bringing news of the return of an old enemy.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralDarkElfFR1511,7670184716 Jun 0316 Jun 03No
Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon. And the Called belong to Jennifer Bratcher, AKA Elf or The Elf with the Fang Sharp Wit, whose fics absolutely rock and I recommend them to anyone, I am just borrowing the idea with her full permission, Thanks Elf.
For other tales of the Called see Elf’s fics at:

Banish the Darkness
Chapter 1

It had been three weeks since that day,
The day the school was destroyed.
The day that Principal Snyder died.
The day that they had defeated the mayor.
The day that Angel left.
Buffy surprised herself with how well she was taking it. She knew deep in her heart that she would see him again. Because he hadn’t said good bye, and as he had said, good bye was final.
It was late, and she had decided that she needed to clear her head. So she was out patrolling. So far it had been fairly uneventful. She headed round towards the graveyard to check for fresh graves. And she found some. Three to be exact. All lined up. These three boys had been friends, so they decided to have their funerals on the same day. Buffy stared at the graves, then found a seat nearby and waited.
It was nearly an hour later when she heard the rustling sound she knew so well.
And almost in unison three demonic looking head popped out of the ground. They started to dig themselves free. She waited until all three were completely free and were starting to brush the dirt off of their clothes.
“Hey guys, having fun?”
One of the vamps turned to face Buffy as she stepped up.
“Who in the hell are you?” asked the closest one.
“Oh just the one who is going to make you little piles of ash.”
The three of them stepped up.
“You are gonna take all three of us. Right. Let’s get her.”
The fight was fast and brutal. In the end Buffy had a small gash on her arm from where one of them had managed to slash her with one of his long fingernails. While the vampires were now just three bodies’ worth of ash littering the graveyard.

From up in the tree a shadowed figure whistled.
“Damn, she’s better than I thought.”
With that he climbed out of the tree, and vanished.

It was several nights later, when Buffy was on patrol again, that the shit really hit the fan. She was walking through the graveyard, when she was ambushed. The creatures that jumped her were things she had never seen before. They were about five feet tall, and looked like small demons, with glowing red eyes, pointed ears, and mouths full of sharp teeth. They stank of death and decay, and before Buffy knew it six of them had her surrounded. The first one charged at her and she easily dodged it claws, and stabbed it straight through the heart with her stake. The thing took a step back staring at the gaping hole in its chest, which oozed black blood. It stared at the hole for a moment more, then charged at Buffy again. The others charged with him.

Buffy was having a hard time with these things. She had tossed her stake aside as she saw that it was useless, and drew a pair of daggers that she had strapped to her back. She slashed and stabbed causing some damage. But the monsters refused to stay down. The continued to push her back until her back was to one of the walls that bordered the cemetery. The six little demons, bleeding from multiple wounds, some even missing claws or hands in some cases, slowly crept in closer.
Then suddenly a small crossbow bolt struck one of them in the side of the head, and all six in unison turned to face the new figure who had just appeared.
Buffy could tell it was a guy, but because of the lack of lights she couldn’t see much else, except that one of his arms was pointing at the demon that now sported a bolt, and the other was holding a long sword.
“Bloody ghouls. Sometimes harder to kill then suckheads. Summers, CATCH!” And with that he tossed the sword into the air, and straight into Buffy’s hands. “Take their heads. Only way they will be down for the count.”
The moment she heard this, Buffy was in motion. The ghouls fell quickly now that she knew how to kill them. After a few minutes the last ones body was writhing on the ground, and Buffy was leaning on the sword breathing heavily. She turned to were the dark figure had been and was not surprised to see him gone.
“Great,” she said to know one in particular, “someone new looking over my shoulder.”

After she finished catching her breath, she went straight to Giles flat. When he opened the door and saw her disheveled appearance, he immediately asked what happened.
“I got jumped by something new. Giles what in the hell is a ghoul?”
“It is a zombie that has tasted the blood of a vampire. They are stronger, and more powerful. The fear only fire, and can take a considerable amount of punishment.”
“Yeah I noticed that part. Well six of them jumped me while I was patrolling the graveyard tonight, and I tried to stake one. All that seemed to do was make it mad.”
“Yes, they don’t feel pain as vampires or demons do. Now that I think about it, how did you learn the term ghoul, and where did you get that sword? That isn’t the one I gave you.”
“I was getting to that. The ghouls had me backed up against a wall, and I was mainly out of luck. Then one of them was shot with a crossbow. Some guy, whose face I couldn’t see, told me what they were and tossed me this sword. When I finished with them, he was gone. Then I came here.”
“Someone helped you?”
“Not only that, but he seemed to know who I was. He called me Summers.”
“This is very strange. May I see the sword.”
Buffy handed it to him, before perching herself on one of the tables. To watch him. She watched as he examined the hilt and engravings on the sword.
“My word.”
“This sword is very unusual. The symbol on the hilt is an unusual cross, the blade appears to be made of silver, and there are runes on the blade that I have read about before.”
“What do they mean? Return to sender.”
He raised an eyebrow in her direction.
“Know, they mean ‘Banish the Darkness’. This swords purpose is the slaying of demons. Hold on a moment.”
Giles went to work. He took several books from his shelf and flipped through them before he seemed to find what he was looking for.
“Buffy would you call Willow. I believe I will need her help with this.”
“You got it.”

Willow showed up in about ten minutes with all of her spell supplies. Giles showed her the spell he needed, and she nodded. They began the preparations.
The sword was set in a circle surrounded by candles. Willow began to murmur in Latin as Giles spread a white powder over the entire length of the blade. Willow stopped her speech she then tossed a second powder into the center of the circle. When the second powder hit the circle, the blade began to glow with a bright white light, lighting up much of the darkened room.
“I was right.”
“About what?” Buffy asked from the doorway of the kitchen.
“This sword has been blessed by a member of the church.”
From directly behind Buffy a rich baritone voice spoke up.
“You had to go through all that to figure that out?”
Buffy, who was very hard to surprise, jumped about three feet into the air. She did have the presence of mind to turn around as she landed. And standing right in front of her was a guy who couldn’t be older than her. He was taller than her, but not by much, just tall enough to look over her head. With straight brown hair pulled back in a severe ass pony tail at the back of his head, and his eyes, which caught her attention quickly, were the color of purest amethyst. A purple so rich that his eyes seemed to glow. He was wearing black leather pants that showed off his well toned legs, and a black silk shirt that was open at the neck. He also had a shining silver cross spilled out across his chest.
“Surprised that someone can sneak up on you hey slayer?”
“Who in the hell are you?” Buffy bellowed. As she drew her daggers for the second time that night.
“The guy who saved your cute little ass tonight. Some gratitude would be appreciated. For starters, I want my sword back.”
Buffy held her guard.
“How did you get in here?”
“Please, I have been breaking into houses since I was 6, this one was no harder. Hey Watcher, learn to lock your back door.”
Giles look startled by this boy calling him watcher.
“I am no longer a watcher, but how did you know I was?”
“I make it my business to know. Tell me watcher man, ever heard of the Called?”
“Yes I have, they are the chosen warriors of the catholic church. One is born every generation. They are much like the slayer, but fight more than vampires.”
“Hmm, that’s more than most know. Well if you’ll be kind enough to but the blades away babe, I’ll introduce myself.”
“Call me babe again and I will show you what I can do with these daggers.” With that she returned the blades to her hidden sheaths.
“Thanks. My name is Kyle Henshaw. The called of this generation. And I need your help slayer.”
“You need what? Why?”
“I have been chasing a vampire across half this country. He is very strong, and has been able to avoid me for a while now. He came here, cause he thinks he might be able to revive the one he used to serve.”
“Who did he serve?” worry now coming into Buffy’s voice.
“Some creep who called himself the Master.”
Silence filled the room . Willow looked terrified, Giles had gone several shades paler, and Buffy had a look of anger on her face.
“I am guessing you know this guy.”
“You could say that.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Banish the Darkness" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Jun 03.

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