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A New Job

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Summary: Buffy joins Gibbs's NCIS team, and chaos ensues. This is set post Chosen for Buffy and post Shalom for NCIS.

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NCIS > Buffy-CenteredLadyRynFR151217,2119206102,15819 Feb 0730 Jan 09No

Introduction to Supernatural Things

A/N: Ok, I am so so so so sorry for how long it has taken for me to get this chapter out. I know in my earlier author’s note I had promised to update within the next couple of weeks, and obviously that didn’t happened. Here’s the deal. I ended up taking a nasty spill off of a young horse about a week later, got knocked out and landed on my back pretty hard. Turns out I got a concussion and a huge hematoma formed on my back (they had to drain 1200 ccs, not fun). College caught up with me pretty quickly after that because I got pretty behind on work. So that’s my excuse for this year, though I know it is still inexcusable. Anyway, I’m back, and I’m updating. Hopefully the next chapter won’t come out in a year. Scratch that, it WON’T come out in a year, but much sooner. I apologize if any of the characters are out of character. I haven’t watched Buffy in a while because of school and my new love of Wicked the Musical and Supernatural. (Both of which I would highly recommend seeing). As always, I would love for you guys to review, but I probably don’t deserve reviews right now because of how long I took to update, but I would still love them. Kudos and virtual cookies to those who find the Supernatural and Twilight reference, by the way. Sorry too for how short this chapter is. I wanted to get it out, and this is all I could right for now. And sorry if it’s a little unorganized too. Same reason.

I also want to thank whoever nominated this story for best unfinished crossover! I really really appreciate it and it really made my day! Thank you thank you thank you again!

~Lady Ryn

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Twilight, nor do I own NCIS. Do you think I would be torturing myself with college chemistry if I did?

-------------------------CHAPTER 11------------------------Introduction to Supernatural Things

“I can’t believe this stuff is real! This is so cool!” Abby said, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet as she watched Dawn start to surf the internet.

“Yeah, you have to be careful though. Some of these sites are fake and are by people who are just making this stuff up. You have to know what you are looking for.” Dawn looked up for a second from her search, then went back to looking at the computer. She tapped her fingers on the mouse as she scrolled through the page in front of her. “June 24th, June 24th, ahhhh! Here’s something.” She double clicked the mouse and then she leaned in close to the computer, Abby and McGee also leaning in closer on either sides of her. “Wait, false alarm.” She leaned back, sighing. “Just another celebration ritual for Midsummer’s Day. Want to try to see if you can get anything from the government side? They’ve surprised us at times with information.”

“Sure!” Abby sat down in the chair and signed in to the other computer at her desk. “So we’re looking for any information on raising a demon on June 24th?”

“Anything and everything. Then we can sort through what we have and see if we can figure anything out that can help Buffy and Faith.”

McGee went over to stand in between Dawn and Abby. “So, is this basically what you do?” he asked as he looked over to Dawn.

“Yep, I’m the research gal. When I was younger, they made me do this stuff because they didn’t want me getting hurt out in the field. It just kinda stuck. After you get past all the tedious researching, its actually pretty interesting.”

“So, you’ve found stuff from the government?” McGee asked, looking over Abby’s shoulder at her monitor.

“Oh yeah. They started this initiative thing back in Sunnydale. It was this government special ops thing that they had going on where they were capturing demons and running tests on them.” Dawn then shivered. “They even made this super human-demon thing they called Adam, that ended up going on this rampage. Killed a lot of people before Buffy was able to stop it, but only with the help of this big spell that combined Giles’s, Willow’s, and Xander’s essences with Buffy’s. That guy was just nasty.”

“Whoa, so, magic is real too?” Abby looked over, her eyes widening.

“Yeah. Willow, who’s coming to help us, is a big time witch. She may be able to show off some stuff if you ask her nicely.”

“Oh my God I’m so excited!” Abby was almost literally now jumping up and down and she scrolled through the page in front of her.

Dawn burst out laughing as she fell against the desk.

“What?” Both Abby and McGee asked as they turned to her at the same time.

“I just found a website that talks about how on June 24th if you don’t have a girlfriend, aliens will abduct you and make you slow dance with them.” Dawn finally got herself under control. “Oh wow this is going to be a long night.”

“So, this is what you guys do, huh? Haunt graveyards?” Tony asked, spinning the stake Buffy had gave him around his fingers.

Faith nodded and looked around. “Pretty much, yeah. And clubs. Clubs are more fun to find vamps though, because you can find real guys too.” She bumped her hip with Tony’s, giving him a suggestive smile.

“So, what exactly are we doing here again?” Ziva was tapping her stake against her leg as she followed behind the group, bringing up the rear with Buffy in the front.

“We’re going to find some vamps to give you guys some practice. Fighting a demon probably isn’t the best first supernatural fight for you guys. We’ll find some vamps, Faith and I will show you what to do, then let you guys fight them,” Buffy called over her shoulder.

“Are any of the vampire legends true. You know, like Dracula, ‘I vant so suck your blood’ kinda thing?” Tony asked, doing a horrendous accent when impersonating Dracula.

“Lots of them actually. I even met Dracula once. Mostly showy with a lot of tricks.” Buffy turned to look at Tony over her shoulder.

“Now that’s awesome.” Tony grinned like a kid at Christmas.

“But yeah, lets see, the whole stake through the heart thing does kill a vampire, sunlight will kill them…”

“Yeah, by the way, they do NOT glitter in the sunlight,” Faith said, emphasizing the ‘not’ with a poke to Tony’s arm her stake. “Their skin will actually, like, smoke in it and it’ll dust ‘em if they’re in it for too long. Remember when Angel first heard about the whole ‘vampires glitter in the sunlight’ thing, B?”

Buffy laughed. “That was priceless. Boy was he angry.”

“How else can you kill them?” Ziva piped up.

“Decapitation, making them swallow holy water. Sprinkling holy water on them hurts ‘em too. I think we’re just going to have you stick with the whole stake and dust ‘em thing though for now.” Faith turned and looked over her shoulder at Ziva.

“Well, well, well, look what we’ve got here? A guy talking his ladies for a walk through the graveyard at night?” A overly smooth voice drifted towards the group from the right as a pale man stepped out from behind a tree.

“Not a very smart plan, was it Jasper?” A pale woman stepped out from the left from around another tree.

“Ziva, Tony, let me introduce you to vampires,” Faith said dramatically, gesturing with her arm to include both vampires.

“Hey, don’t start the introductions yet. The party’s only started.” Three more vampires walked out in front of them from behind the bathrooms.

Buffy pouted her lip at them as they closed around her. “Now you guys weren’t thinking about taking advantage of little old me, were you?” In a blink of an eye she had taken the stake out from her jean jacket and staked the tall vampire that had just spoken, exploding him into dust. Faith then grabbed one of the other vampires surrounding Buffy and threw him to the ground.

“And that’s how you kill a vampire,” she said. Ducking a punch as the vamp leapt up and took a swing at her. Ziva dropped herself into a fighting stance as the first vampire who spoke, Jasper, ran at her. She dropped her shoulder, flipping the vamp up and over her and onto the ground. He swept her legs out from underneath her, and as she fell to the ground, he rolled on top of her.

“Mind if I have a bite?” he asked, grinning as his face morphed and his teeth grew. Ziva lunged from beneath him for the stake that had been knocked out of her hand, and quickly plunged it into what she was hoping was the vamp’s heart. She was rewarded with his body exploding into dust above her, and she rolled over coughing out the dust. A grin spread over her face.

“Now that was fun.”

--------------------END CHAPTER 11--------------------

The End?

You have reached the end of "A New Job" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Jan 09.

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