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Summary: The Scooby Gang and others dress up as different people with drastic results. Warning lots of blood shed, cussing, and sex in later chapters.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralHowlingFuryFR1512,236052,12220 Feb 0720 Feb 07No

Setting: During Halloween.
Crossovers:BTVS; X-Men Evo; Practical Magic; Veronica Mars; Gilmore Girls; 7th Heaven; 8 Simple Rules; and others down the road.
Summary: The Scooby Gang and others dress up as different people with drastic results. Warning lots of blood shed, cussing, and sex in later chapters.
Who's Who: Buffy-Scarlet Witch, Willow-Jean Grey, Dawn-X23, Harmony-Boom-Boom, Cordelia-Magma, Rory-Shadowcat, Kylie-Rouge, Lucy-Emma Frost, Ruthie-Wolfsbane, Mary-Dazzler, Veronica-Psylocke, Amy-Storm, Kaley-Jubilee, Bridget-Polaris, Kerry-Penance, Xander-Colossus, Jesse-Nightcrawler, Simon-Toad, Oz-Gambit, Jonothan-Havok, Andrew-Quicksilver, Scott-Cyclops, Larry-Beast, Owen-Angel, Cody-Spyke, Pike-Wolverine, Chris-Forge, Jack-Banshee, Akito-Sunfire, Rory H.-Deadpool.
Pairings: Read to find out
Rating:FR-18, FR-21 in later chapters.
Disclaimer: I don't own BTVS, X-Men Evolution, Practical Magic, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, 8 Simple Rules, and the others that are going to appear. I only own Cody, Akito, Kaley and Jack.
Aurthor's Note: All of the main characters are in high school, with the exception of Dawn, Rory H, Jack, Cody and Kaley. And I'm sorry if the 7th Heaven characters are OOC, I've never seen the show so I don't know how they act so please bear with me. I know that there are people in this story that are either supposed to be dead or in jail, but for all intent purposes they are not dead or in jail.
Author's Note 2: I forgot what Buffy and Xander said in the shop so here's my improvised one.


Xander groaned as the last plastic gun was taking out of the bin. "Man there goes my soldier costume," he muttered as he turned around and checked the other costumes, when he spotted one hanging on the rack, he took it off and looked at it and smiled, Xander then took the costume up to the register.

"Ah quite the costume," the man behind the counter said as he rang the boys costume up, "that will be ten dollars."

"Shoot, I only have five, but if you could hold onto the costume I could get the other five to you as soon as I can."

The man thought about it for a few minutes, "How about this, I'll sell you this costume for five dollars and you tell your friends where you got it."

Xander nodded, "Deal." He took the bag from the man and headed out, bumping into Willow, Buffy and Dawn.

“Hey, look, Xander... “ Buffy began, wanting to try to clear things up about what had happened earlier in the day with Larry. “I'm... really sorry about this morning.”

“Do you mind, Buffy? I'm trying to repress,” Xander replied, a grimace on his face as he recalled the blonde’s ‘rescuing’ him from Larry.

“Okay, then. I promise, from now on I'll let you get pummeled,” she said, putting her chin on his shoulder and pouting theatrically.

“Thank you,” he said, as he rolled his eyes, making Buffy smile.

"So, what are you going as," Dawn asked as she tried to peek in Xander's bag.

"Hey no touchy. You'll see when I come over tomarrow," Xander said as he headed out the door.

"Okay Squirt go find a costume," Buffy said as Dawn headed farther into the store, with Buffy and Willow following behind.

"So what are you going as," Willow asks as she looks at different costumes.

Buffy shrugged, "I don't know."

"Hey Buffy I've found the perfect costumes for all of us," Dawn called out as she came running back to Buffy and Willow.

"What," Buffy asked as Dawn shoved some clothing in her and Willows arms.


"AHHHHH!" Buffy, Willow and Dawn screamed.


Buffy and Willow turned around while Dawn looked around them both, they saw Jesse leaning against the nearest shelf laughing.

"Very funny McNally," Buffy muttered.

"I thought it was," Jesse said as he walked up to them.

Buffy smacked his arm and then headed for the checkout.

"Ow, that hurt Buffy," Jesse said as they followed her to the checkout.

"Ah, did you find everything you needed?"

"Yes we did," Buffy said as she and the others put their costumes on the counter.

Ethan rang up all of the costumes. "That will be 35 dollars," Ethan said as heput the costumes in plastic bags.

Buffy, Willow, Jesse and Dawn pulled out their money and gave it to the man.

"Here you are," Ethan said as he handed the bags over.

Thank you," Buffy said as she and the others left the shop.

"Damn interfering little brat," Ethan muttered as he rang up another customer.


"Why are we here Kerry," Bridget said as she looked at all the costumes.

"Because, this place has the cheapest costumes that we can buy with our allowance," Kerry said as she spotted a leather outfit with gloves that had claws and a cool looking mask, "and it looks like I found my costume."

"Good for you," Bridget muttered as she looked around some more.

Kerry picked the costume up and headed for the checkout, when she had paid for the costume she head for Bridget, "I'm gonna head home."

"Fine," Bridget said as she watched her little sister leave the store, "but I already found mine." She picked up a green costume and a box of green hair dye.


Rory watched from behind a rack of costumes as he watched his older sister buy stuff for her costume and then leave, after she had left he came out from behind the rack and headed for the checkout, he bought his costume and hurried out of the store to beat his sisters home.


Pike parked his motorcycle outside a shop that looked like it was selling halloween costumes. "Ah what the hell," Pike said as he put the kickstand down, turned off the motorcycle, got off and headed into the store. Pike looked around when he entered the store, noticing that several of the females looked his way when he had entered, he smiled at them and headed for the costume racks, when he couldn't find anything on the racks he head for the shelfs, and there laying between a lightsaber and a batarang was a pair of gloves that had three little metal things between the knuckles, he shrugged grabbed the gloves and went to pay for them. Once outside with his purchases, he put the gloves on, then got on his bike, kicked the kickstand, started the bike and roared off down the street.


Larry looked at the costume that he had been staring at for the past ten minutes.

"Can I help you?"

Larry spun around and saw the shop keeper standing behind him, "Yeah how much is that costume?"

"The whole costume is 48 dollars plus tax," Ethan said as he studied the teenager.

Larry nodded, "I'll take it."

"Good choice," Ethan said as he took the costume down and headed for the checkout with the teen following.

A few minutes later Larry walked out of the store carrying his costume.


"Okay, tell me why we are here instead of Party Town," Cordelia asked as she and Harmony looked through costumes.

"Because this place is new and we haven't tried it out yet, and besides we always go to Party Town to get halloween costumes," Harmony said as she paused at a revealing costume, "and I already found a costume."

Cordelia looked over at Harmony's choice for a costume. "Nice one Harmony," Cordelia said as she continued to look for a costume.

She watched as Amy Madison and Kylie Hallet get costumes, "Harm, help me find a costume."

"Okay Cordy," Harmony said as she helped Cordy look for a costume, "Oh, how about this one?"

Cordy looked at Harmony's choice and shrugged, "I guess that will do."

"Oh we should get some black and orange body paint so we can do your face, neck and arms too," Harm said as she steered Cordy to the paint isle and picked out black and orange.

"There now we can go," Cordy said as they went to the checkout and bought their costumes and then left.


Chris Eeps watched as little kids ran amuck in the shop while he tried to figure out what he was going to go as. He looked around and saw a fake metal leg cast thing and a fake metal hand, "I can think of some one to go as with that stuff." Chris grabbed the two and went to buy them. After he left he went straight home to figure out who he was going as.


Rory Gilmore walked into the semi crowded shop to find a costume for tomarrow night, since that troll Snyder 'volunteered' her for the safety program, so her she was looking for a costume. Rory went right to the racks and looked at what was on the nearest rack and found a purple and black spandex looking outfit, so she grabbed it, went and paid for it, then left store, not wanting to spend any more time in the creepy store.


Jack O'Conner looked up at the creepy building. "Man I hate that fucking troll." Jack muttered as strode into the building. When he was in he started waundering around looking at the costumes, and he was starting to get frustrated. "How hard could it be to find a fucking costume," Jack growled as he stocked back through the racks of costumes, when he spotted a green and yellow outfit, and shrugged, "might as well, I can't even find a good costume." He grabbed the outfit and headed to the checkout to buy his costume.

"Is that it for you?"

"Yes," Jack said as he took out his wallet.

"That will be 5 dollars," Ethan said as he put the costume into a bag and gave it to the teen.

Jack grabbed the bag and left the store.


Lucy, Ruthie, Mary, and Simon Camden walked into the store and split up to look for their own costumes.

Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne parked his van in front of the new costume store and got out, he looked arouns for a minute then went in.

Lucy was studying a pure white costume that came with cape, two pieces of revealing underware, elbow length gloves, and thigh high high heels, when her older sister came up to her carrying a bag.

"So what did you find," Mary asked as she looked at the costume that her sister was staring at, "wow Luce that's quite a costume if you're going to buy it."

"I know, but I'm not sure that I should or not."

Mary shook her head, "No offense Luce, but if you want to lose the reputation as being the prude snob of Sunnydale High be my guest and get a different costume. I'll wait in the car."

Lucy watched her sister leave the shop, then turned to look at the costume, without thinking she grabbed the costume paid for it and then went out to the car where her two sisters were, they then left to go home.

Oz looked around the shelves that had little props on it. He grabbed a deck of cards, some eye contacts and a plastic extendable staff. He went up and bought the stuff and headed out."


Veronica Mars was not happy, first her father and her had to move up the coast from Neptune to Sunnydale, and second was that the princepal troll had signed her up to take little kids trick-or-treating. Veronica slammed the door of the shop open and angerly walked in, slamming it shut, which startled the other patron's. "Great, just fucking great, why the hell did he have to chose me," Veronica muttered as she just picked a costume off the rack, went to pay for it and then left.


Owen watched as Veronica Mars grabbed a costume, pay for it and then leave, he shook his head. 'Mars needs to relax,' he thought as he picked the costume with the feathered wings and went to buy his costume.


Jonothan and Andrew walked around the shop looking for the best costumes.

"Hey we could go as Jedi."

Jonothan shook his head, "No, we already did that last year."

"Well, I have no idea then," Andrew whined as he sorted through costumes.

Jonothan watched Scott Hope grab a familar looking costume and head for the checkout counter.

"I have an idea, we can go as X-Men," Jonothan said as he went over to the rack and picked a costume.

"Okay," Andrew said as he picked a costume, then went over to the hair products aisle and picked up silver hair dye and went and bought his costume.


Kaley Sung, Cody Freedmen, and Akito Sotoma, the three exchange students, walked into the shop and looked around.

Kaley spotted a fake yellow duster and went to get it, "This would be perfect for my costume."

"Who are you going as," Cody asked as he looked at a costume that had sharp bones protruding from the front, back, arms, and legs. He grabbed it and headed for the back to pay for it.


"Intreseting choice Kaley-san," Akito said as he looked around. He noticed a costume that looked like his country's flag, so he grabbed it and went to pay for it.


Ethan watched as the last customer left his shop and grinned, "Let the chaos begin."

The End?

You have reached the end of "X-Scoobies" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Feb 07.

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