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My Charade is the Event of the Season

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Wayward Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Jo's father isn't who she thought he was… and neither is her sister's.

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Supernatural > Anya-CenteredechoFR1311,255042,10321 Feb 0721 Feb 07Yes
disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Whedon and Kripke.
AN: So not what I should be working on right now, but the plot duck wouldn't stop quacking about this one.


She followed behind her mother. Her mad mother. And not mad as a hatter mad neither. Mad pissed off mad. It was bad enough that Anya herself was in a bit of trouble and now Jo had gone and landed herself in the hospital. It was a double whammy kind of day for their mom, a when it rains it pours kind of day.

Jo's eyes widened the second her mother and sister stepped through the door of the room in emergency she'd been placed in. "Anya? Mama?" She blinked. She knew why her mama had come, but Anya? She was supposed to be at school. "Ahn, what are you doing here?"

"What's she doing here? Other than to see her sister's all right and still in one piece? Well, she's been expelled." Ellen snapped.

"Again?" Jo asked incredulously before turning a glare to her little sister. Anya had been expelled from no less than four private schools and two public ones since she'd started her teens. She didn't mean to be a bad seed. Not really. Things just tended to happen around Anya that called for a violent or society-inappropriate response. She knew, like Jo, what went bump in the night, and like Jo, Anya tended to want to bump back.

"She set fire to the gym."

Jo's eyes went wide. "What?"

"It was full of vampires." Anya hissed.

"As if you'd know a vampire from a hole in the ground." Ellen barked.

Anya rolled her eyes. She was almost eighteen. She'd been around hunters and such her whole life. She was fairly sure she knew a vampire when she saw one. And a deeper part of her just knew, knew without a doubt that was what she had been looking at had been vampires. There had also been a bit of a déjà vu to it, but she was not sure why on that count. All she knew was that they were bad, and they needed to be burned up. So she'd done it. The expelling was just an added bonus. Anya didn't like that stuffy all girls school anyhow. Why she had to go there and Jo got to work at the Roadhouse, Ahn would never know. She had a feeling it had something to do with her father, but her mother would never say. It was just she was to be there and Jo was to be where Jo was. That had always been the way or it.

Or had it.

Sometimes Anya got the feeling there was something else. Lately she'd had a nagging feeling. Like when you forget to turn the coffee pot off or something. Plus the whole setting fire to the school gym story seemed familiar somehow. And like it shouldn't be her story to tell. Sometimes she felt as if she'd lived lifetimes before but those lives faded like dreams when she awoke. She couldn't quite recall them in daylight.

"But we aren't here for that now." Ellen said as she glared at Jo. "We're here to find out why you're out hunting alone. Why you're so damned angry with me that you'll take off and just be reckless to spite me. Dammit, Jo, you could have been-"


"No, Jo. You got hurt, bad hurt. You could have been killed. Now enough of this. I don't want you ending up like your daddy. You're coming home. Today. Right now. No more arguments about it. No more hunting."

Jo got a funny look in her eye. Anya bristled. It was a well-known family fact that Jo and Anya had different fathers. At least Jo knew who hers was though. Ellen would always act funny and avoid when Anya asked. When anyone asked really. All Anya knew was that he was a hunter. Bringing up Jo's daddy lately tended to ignite the powder keg of her temper. But Anya wasn't exactly sure if it was the mention of Jo's father or the no more hunting that was causing her sister to get her hackles up.

"Funny that you should mention my daddy, Mama. Did you know my blood type's O positive? I had to have a blood transfusion, you see, so they tested it to make sure I got the right kind. I'm O pos. I know you're type A. Daddy" She did air quotes for the word Daddy. "Was type A B negative. That's not possible."

Ellen had gone very still. So had Anya. She was looking from her mother to her sister.

"So my question to you is... I think my question now has to be... who's my real father?"

Ellen breathed a shaky breath. "Same as hers." She nodded at Anya.

Anya looked at her mother sharply. Would she really say? Finally? Could she? Could Anya or Jo stand to hear it? Their mother had held on to this for so long. Would she really say? It was wild enough that apparently she and Jo weren't half sisters as they had always suspected, but full sisters. Anya was having a bit of trouble with that one. Was she even ready for the rest? The whole of it?

"Same as Ahn's? And who's that exactly?" Jo asked in a very quiet voice.

Ellen didn't move, didn't even bat an eyelash.

"Tell me." Jo pleaded with a bit of bitterness in her voice. "Tell us both. We have a right to know."


"Ahn's nearly eighteen. I need to make sense of this. I need to."

"But the truth don't make any sense, Jo. It don't make it right or better or anything like that."

"I still wanna know." Jo briefly looked to Anya. "We still want to know."

Anya nodded in agreement. She wasn't really sure she needed to know just yet, but Jo did apparently, and Anya would do anything for her older sister. Anything. Her family had always meant a great deal to her. Especially her sister.

Ellen sighed and looked from one daughter to the other with the most trepidation either girl had ever seen their mother wear.

It must be a juicy secret, Anya remembered thinking to herself right before her mother dropped the bomb of a name she never thought she'd hear. In fact, it was about the last name she expected to hear in reference to who her father could be.

"John Winchester."

It pretty much came as an unexpected surprise to Jo as well because her legs faltered and she had to sit down.

"How could you let me... with Dean. We could have..."

"No you couldn't have, honey. I could see he wasn't at all serious about it."

"Oh well, gee, thanks, Mama." Jo said as she wiped a stray tear from her eye with the heel of her hand. "I was flirting with my half-brother. That's just great."

"You had a crush on our brother?" Anya blurted out. "Eww. Totally gross."

"Jo-" Ellen started.

"You let me look like a fool!" She screeched before pushing past her mother and sister to exit the room and ultimately the hospital.

The room was quiet for several minutes.

"So maybe you could invent a reason for this Dean to swing by the Roadhouse, so I can meet him too? Sine, you know, home school is probably my only option now." Anya quipped.

Ellen glared at her.


Ellen kept glaring.

"What'd I say?"



The End

You have reached the end of "My Charade is the Event of the Season". This story is complete.

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