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The Trouble With Big Sisters.

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Summary: Faith never ran away from Boston. Dawn is her little sister. Can Dawn be saved from Glory? Will Buffy help? AU s7. Willow, Oz and Xander live in Boston after Sunnydale, for logical reasons. XO: Good Will Hunting, Gingersnaps.

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(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR181761,67923711,12923 Feb 0730 Aug 07No

The Real Dawn Lehane

Title : The Trouble With Big Sisters
Author : Kiwikatipo
Rating : F18

Disclaimer : The BtVS folks belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. The characters from Good Will Hunting belong to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The characters from Gingersnaps belong to John Fawcett and Karen Walters. Faith's backstory from Go Ask Malice belong to Robert Joseph Levy.

Summary : AU BtVS season 7, Faith never went rogue. Dawn is her sister. No First Evil. Because if Buffy did not die saving Dawn, Willow did not bring her back from dead. Therefore there is no mystical imbalance.

Gingersnaps - AU in that Ginger's mother and sister reached her in time with the monkshood. Ginger's a werewolf keeping herself in check with regular injections of monkshood.

Good Will Hunting is completely canon, five years have passed since the movie ended.

Timeline: Story takes place from September 2002 to December 2002. With occasional flashbacks at the start.

Pairings: Wait and see. Skylar and Will are soul mates and in no way shall be tampered with.

Beta: Remmington Smythe, thank you, thank you.

21st August 2002

My sister got me this new journal for my birthday today. Same lame yearly tradition as always since I was nine, and we were still living in the projects. I guess that way Faith doesn’t need to put any thought into my gift selection. Not that she ever puts any thought into anything. As Sensei Kanno says, she’s flotsam and jetsam with the brain universe a lot of the time.

So like I do every year I’ll tell you where I’m at. My newly sixteen year old self is still living in Chinatown, Boston. In a modernized row house, with my guardians. Sensei Kanno, sixty year old, semi retired, Japanese, jujitsu instructor and my twenty one year old, half sister Faith. Well when Faith’s here, I live with her. She goes off and leaves me all the time, just like Mom. Only with Faith it’s to save humanity with her watcher Pryce. With Mom it was always for some guy, some new best thing that was never Faith or me. Correction, sometimes Faith does that too, bitch.

And amazingly I’m still an orphan, surprise, surprise. Well my Dad might as well be dead. Mom never knew who he was exactly. (Classy huh?) My only blood relatives in the world are my half sister Faith, and some relatives from our Mom’s family in Southie who we see about town occasionally. We’re not close. Our whole family consists of losers, criminals and drunks. Except Uncle Mike, he became a priest. I keep expecting to read a sex scandal about him on the Boston Globe front page any day now.

But Mr. Kanno makes a better parent than anyone. He’s kind, patient and likes training girls to kick ass. I’ve been living with him for over four years, ever since Faith’s watcher Diana Dormer got killed in spring ninety eight.

Lehane women rock at running away, fighting, and screwing stupid low lives. Not that I’ve done the latter. I’m still virgo intacta, alert the media. I’m not having a kid at seventeen the way Mom did Faith. And I’m gonna be a hell of a lot choosier about my boyfriends than my loser magnet big sis, that’s for real.

I can hear her screwing one of them at the moment, in her room next door to mine. A construction foreman she’s been dating for six months now (a record for her). Actually this guy is kind of okay, miracle of miracles, he’s called Chuck Sullivan and he hails from Southie. He’s in his mid twenties, tall and dark and got a hot muscular body from working out. (Down Dawnie.) He’s as noisy as she is. Praise the infant Jesus and all the saints, my present from Mr Kanno this morning is an iPod I can use to tune them out.

Thanks for putting yourself out to spend such quality time with me, Faithie, on my birthday, I really freaking mean that, not.


May 14th 1998

“She’s a natural.” Diana is praising her charge’s abilities to Faith’s martial arts instructor. And Faith is doing her damn best not to burst with pride. But it’s hard because no one praises her for shit normally. Unless it’s a guy saying she gives great head.

But Faith is a complete natural. She’s an instinctive, teenage, fucking super hero. The powers that be chose her, a former slum kid, street kid, high school drop out, freak, slut, to fight the forces of darkness. Faith is a good guy. How could a vampire slayer be anything else but a good guy?

And Faith gets off like a body wouldn’t believe, dusting vamps in Boston’s Mount Auburn cemetery.

Faith dates a cool boyfriend too, Kenny the drummer in her favorite Boston band Freak Wharf. He gets her off also, whenever she can sneak him up to her room at Diana’s or snatch a minute at his apartment in between her grueling training sessions. Faith is in love, she’s never truly been in love up until now. Such a scary, beautiful feeling.

Life never got this good for her before.


(Dawn’s Journal entry continued.)

I guess Faith’s just plain screwed in the head, I know I am a little. Who wouldn’t be, with how we grew up with Mom?

The hospital visits because we ‘fell’... Landlords banging on the front door for rent... The utilities getting cut off all the time... Winter sucked the most. Mom’s absences got longer as her drinking got worse. Her scum boyfriends were on revolving rotate, in and out our front door. Knowing your Mom worked the streets and got murdered by one of her clients in her final glory days.

The foster care, with people who just wanted you for the minuscule money you brought into their flea-ridden abodes. Faith experienced more crap happen to her than me. Virtue of being the oldest I guess...

She spent time in a nut house when she was seventeen. Oh sorry, the Belmont Institute, paid for by the Watchers Council, was a mental hospital. Correct words for correct things.

She hooked up with some loser boyfriend in there, she never talks about him much. But he was ‘the one’ for Faith. Pathetic beyond belief, her soul mate, was a guy she met in group therapy. The guy had major drug problems according to Sensei Kanno. Faith still carries this secret torch for Killeen aka Kenny, or Special K to her (does that say it all or what?), because he’s dead and she feels guilty about it. He got murdered by this big ass vampire who was after Faith.

It was after Faith was ‘cured’ of her tendency to black out and commit psychopathic violence when stressed, that Diana picked her up all squeaky clean and offered her a new life as a potential. Kind of like Charlie’s Angels. I was still in Foster Care. Mr. and Mrs. O’Leary weren’t that bad looking back. One of the better homes I got put into. But my bed crawled with bed bugs and I’m allergic.

So I guess I didn’t make that good a first impression when Faith brought me round (more like abducted in broad daylight) to stay with Sensei Kanno for my own protection. I was kind of a scabby, puffy eyed, eleven year old. I look way better now. I’m hotter than Faith, that’s for certain (couldn’t be hard) and I’m taller than her already. Never be able to smack her over in a fight sadly. She’ll always have slayer strength over me.


June 21st 1998

“Calm down, Faith.” Kanno poured her a glass of water. His hand shook slightly as he performed this action. “Deep breathing remember?”

A blood spattered Faith, smelling of smoke, her clothes ripped, sat tense on his living room chair. She slowed her breathing down as instructed. “Kakistos gutted her with his hoof. I think he raped her too before I got there. They’d all fed…” Faith started to slip into a trance.

Kanno snapped his fingers in front of her. Diana had been a dear friend, no one should die like that. But Faith, one of the keenest potentials he’d ever trained, one of the three girls he saw become a slayer, remained alive and in his home, seeking his aid. “Focus. So you mutilated the vampire, castrated him?”

Faith nodded, still stunned. “That gotta hurt where it counted. I used the tanto you gave me this morning to do it. I told you huh? But I split his face open with an axe and he’s alive and pissed. Pissed is the biggest understatement out, Sensei.”

“The undead, are of course, never alive.” Kanno opened a lacquered chest in the living room, bringing out a plaid blanket to wrap around her.

“It’s summer.” Faith tried to shrug him away. “It’s cool, I’m not gonna go into shock, okay? Don’t fuss.” She remembered her manners. “Please.”

“We’ll call the Watcher’s Council, get them to send out someone to help us. You did the right thing coming here. I’m glad you didn’t run away.” Kanno refolded the blanket.

“I wanna leave here and go to California, meet that other slayer that’s out there. But the Prof only had enough money in her desk drawer to get me to New York at the most I guess. That’s why I wanted the money from you.” Faith drank her water gratefully.

“No, you’re staying in my home until he’s dust. It’s a private residence, he can’t touch us. You’re safe here I promise.” Kanno put the kettle on. “Green tea?”

“Wicked gross, I’ll have a beer too thanks.” Faith held out her hand confidently. She noticed he was getting himself one. Diana was dead for Christ’s sake. Green tea wasn’t gonna cut it.

Kanno opened his fridge and poured a bottle of beer into a glass for her. He looked significantly at her feet.

Faith quickly whipped her grimy boots off his coffee table. She hadn’t been thinking and this man she truly respected. At seventeen and a half, she continued to be eager to please authority figures, ‘if’, and it was a big ‘if’, they handled her the right way. She wanted desperately to be good and approved of.

“Thanks man.” Faith dimpled up at him, back on track. Order in her life once more.


(Dawn’s Journal entry continued.)

Another problem with Faith... Crap, and this entry was going to be about me, well she’s been on my case like never freaking before since last week for some reason. The tattooed bitch is on my mind of late.

So back to me! I am a language genius as we know. But I’m kind of scared about starting my new high school next semester. A Catholic girls’ school that I’ve won a scholarship to. I hope my math will hold up.

Starting high school is scary enough, but an all girl one? I won’t fit in. I’ll be a freak. I’ll make no friends. I told that to Sensei and Faith overheard and said. “Yeah, brat, probably. But you’re going, so hold your yap.”

Like high school drop out, slut, could last ten minutes in an all girls school. To be fair to Faith, she finally got her high school diploma through night school last year. She attended classes part time for three years. I’m proud of her about that, we all are.

She came with me last week to buy my new school uniform. I was making a face at myself in the department store mirror, because the green plaid mini skirt, black Mary Jane’s, knee high gray socks, white blouse and grey cardigan, with the school crest emblazoned prominently on it, were dweeb city. I experimentally held my hair up, to look more like Brittany Spears in her ‘hit me one more time’ video as a joke and stuck my chest out.

And psycho sis goes ape shit at me. Telling me all men are beasts, and she knows personally what effect school uniforms have on the most mild mannered of guys, and to watch myself coming home on the T, be on constant guard against perverts. And to not pose like that. I look like Mom when I do that.

She’s going crazy again. Pryce should be a worried man.


October 31st 1998
Logan International Airport

Kanno regarded the young man before him with sympathy. Green as they came. The worst choice possible, to be Faith’s new watcher after the fiasco with Gwendolyn Post.

“My car’s parked outside.” Kanno prevented one of Wesley Wyndam Pryce’s bags falling off the luggage cart. “Short distance. You must be feeling jet lagged.”

“A bit wrung out, I confess. The Council always makes one fly steerage to cut costs.” Wesley polished his smeary glasses. “I could murder for a hot shower right now. So where’s Faith again exactly?”

“She’s at a boyfriend’s place.” Kanno knew Faith was having one of her rebellious fits. A one night stand from Dorchester, whose bed she refused to get out of yet, would be a more accurate description. “She’ll be back by dinner time.”

“I’m determined to get off on the right foot with her. I know she’ll be feeling suspicious after what happened with Mrs. Post. Unfortunate business. Thankfully you contacted the Council when Mrs. Post tried to subcontract Faith to Boston Wolfram and Hart.” Wesley blinked in the sunlight as they left the airport terminal. “So I’ll be firm but fair. I have very progressive methods in mind to try out on her.”

“Faith won’t take kindly to being a guinea pig. She likes security.” Kanno suggested mildly. “You’ve read her case files?”

“Back to front. A tragic background, most underprivileged and sordid quite frankly. But she did so well under Professor Dormer. I intend to build on that foundation, to make Faith the best slayer there ever was. I have the training to do so. ” Wesley pushed his trolley over a curb and his suitcase fell off. He scrambled to pick it up. “What a girl like that needs is routine and discipline. Strictness.”

“Yes definitely I agree, and a sense of humor works with her too. You’ll need one.” Kanno guided him to his car. Putting Wesley’s luggage in the trunk.

“I can laugh at things that are funny on occasion.” Wesley opened his car door and climbed in the front seat. “I wouldn’t be doing my ordained job as a Watcher if I didn’t endeavor to make Faith see the deathly serious business we’re constantly engaged in.”

“I want you and Faith to succeed as a working partnership, Pryce.” Kanno told Wesley gently after the twenty-minute car ride ended.

Kanno listened to the pompous prattling of the increasingly nervous young man with patience. He needed to intervene for Faith's and this young man's sake - urgently. “You’re very young to be a watcher at twenty seven and Faith needs a parental figure. And you can’t possibly be one. She’ll come onto you to throw you off balance. She’ll insult you. And if you can’t handle it and her, you’ll get both of you killed by the end of the year. Put your pride aside for your ambition’s sake and take my humble advice about a few things.”

Faith emerged from her bedroom for dinner on time. Kanno was big on punctuality.

Faith was clean, washed, with femme fatale make up in place. She was wearing her leather pants and a black, clinging, long sleeved top. Kanno recognized she was trying to get the upper hand by playing on male sexual weakness. Faith unconsciously tried the same trick on him the day they first met.

“New watcher?” Faith said to Kanno, acting as if Wesley was a piece of dirt. Faith had been terribly burned by Gwendolyn Post’s falseness.

“Yes this is Mr. Pryce.” Kanno became aware of Pryce’s meaningful cough. “Wesley Wyndam Pryce is his full name.”

“Sounds freakin' gay. That outfit makes you look like a homo.” Faith sneered at Wesley’s suit. “Or is that retarded get up what yah gonna be taking trick or treating tonight, Pryce?” Faith held nothing against gay people, she just wanted to see how fast she could break this stuffy looking nerd.

“I could ask you the same question. Mistress Spanksalot. Call me Wesley, please.” Wesley held out his hand with confidence he didn’t feel. Understanding why Kanno earlier suggested he take his waist coat off. Wesley wished he'd listened and followed the well meant advice. “I understand you’re reluctant to have a Watcher, but I think you’ll find that if you give me a chance we could be a good team.”

Faith pursed her lips. Pryce made a joke. Okay. She held out her hand. She’d see how it went.

(Dawn’s Journal entry continued.)

The sex marathon next door has ended, thank god. Hopefully Chuck will be dressed and sitting on the sofa in the living room by the time Sensei comes home.

So yeah, I am worried about school. At least I don’t have to worry about cheerleading tryouts and crap at an all girls’ school. Just friends. I never seem to make any. Just like Faith. I’m really hoping this year will be different. After all, I’m not a slayer. I’m not anything special. Just the brainy one of the family and, like I said, I suck at Math.


May 30th 1999

“Just to get it straight. We still don’t like them, do we, Wes?” Faith sat beside Wesley in their hired car, driving towards the airport. Both wore jeans, t-shirts and leather jackets. Black in Faith's case, brown suede in Wesley's.

“I thought Miss Summers' crowd were the type you would have wanted to be friends with at high school, if you attended such an institution this past year.” Wesley flicked his indicator light on.

“I was bullshitting, lover.” Faith turned on the car stereo. “Nah, Xander is okay I guess.”

“Seeing you took it upon yourself to relieve the lad of his virginity, when we were last here in January, I’m relieved to hear it.” Wesley turned the volume down automatically.

“I was wound up. Did I tell you he only lasted seven minutes?” Faith complained. She dove into the back seat for the gum in her duffel bag.

“Yes, you mentioned it.” Wesley sighed in distaste. “I’m only surprised you didn’t sleep with him this time around.”

“Lightning Faith never strikes twice. Gum?” Faith shrugged at his refusal and popped a piece in her own mouth. “So how come you didn’t bone the Prom Queen?”

“If you are referring to Miss Chase you vile vixen, it was inappropriate.” Wesley sniffed.

“Bet you made a pass and it didn’t pan out.” Faith watched him squirm. “Hah I’m right. Deviant Wesley. I’m impressed you have it in you.”

“You’re a piece of shit sometimes, Faith.” Wesley frowned. “Drop it please. Speaking of shit. They gave Miss Summers official new watcher the cold shoulder perpetually. You would think they could have put the bad feeling aside for the Mayor’s ascension.”

“It’s all complicated and crap with the Sunnydale folk, and hey at least I don’t screw vampires even if they do have souls.” Faith chewed thoughtfully. “Good thing Giles stopped me staking Angel in time this January, huh?”

“Perhaps, but he’s bound to lose his soul again poor chap.” Wesley turned his headlights on full beam as they hit the highway. “The world would be better off if you had.”

“Y'know the Cruciamentum crap, that Giles tried to pull on B. and changed his mind on?” Faith touched Wesley hesitantly on his arm. “Thanks again for telling the Council it was pointless trying to do that to me. Seeing how I read Diana’s notebook, and knew it was coming.”

“I told you I thought it was barbaric. I’m a firm believer in modern methods.” Wesley declared firmly. He genuinely did believe both statements.

“I thought you just got a hard on over guns.” Faith put her feet up on the dashboard. “I wiped my boots, Wes, relax pal.”


(Dawn’s Journal entry continued.)

The last time Faith went crazy was when she killed a guy accidentally two years ago. I tell you sis is on a tight rope of sanity and she’s a vampire slayer. Christ help us all. I mean she should be working in a factory, making sure cans don’t pile up on a conveyor belt, something non stressful.

Faith became an accidental murderer because she thought her victim was a vampire. She was in the middle of this big fight on Boston Common. The poor guy was a passing tramp.

Wesley got rid of the body, told her that these things happened. It didn’t throw him one freaking iota! Called up the Watchers Council and cleared it with them. And Faith acted like nothing happened, like Wesley instructed her to. But she kept getting into bar fight after bar fight afterwards. Eventually she put some chump in the hospital, his crime being he ‘looked at her funny’, and it was back to Belmont for her. She got out after two months all ‘cured’ once more.

So I figure it’s only a matter of time before she cycles again. And I’ll tell you what else I figure after knowing Pryce for four years. I irritate him I know, but not that.

Faithie has a little psychopath gnawing inside her, constantly trying to get out. But Pryce is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’d sacrifice any one of us in a second, if he thought it was for the greater good. I honestly think the guy’s a genuine sociopath. See, I might not be good at Math, but I intend to major in Psychology at Harvard one day. You just watch me, world.
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