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The End of the Watchers

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Summary: An Immortal is attacking the Watchers and the Scoobie and LA team take injuries

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Chapter seven

Chapter Seven - The Player Are Gathered

Looking over Cordelia's unconscious form Glen was puzzled as to why she was not awake. If she was truly immortal (as his senses were indicating) any injuries she might of sustained would have had little to no lasting effect on the young woman, but yet here she was dead to the world (for lack of a better term). Seeing no alternative Glen reached down to his left boot and pulled his knife he always carried there, if she was truly immortal this should shock her awake.

Giles was just finishing telling the others what had happened to him in England and why it was a strong possibility that it was related to what had happened to the other groups. They where all still stunned at the fact that The Watchers Council was indeed gone, as was the possibility of any help from them or their vast resources. It left the room with a quiet yet very pronounced question that was soon given a voice. "Now what?" All eyes turned to Xander who had a look of genuine concern on his face. "If this person or whoever he is can destroy the tweed squad and hurt the rest of us so easily. How can we fight him much less stop him?" After all he was right, in under twelve hours The Watchers, Scoobies and A.I. team had been effectively neutralized and they had yet to see the man's face. Then it came to him, after cursing his fatigue Giles stated. "There is a man who knows what he looks like and why he is doing this. Gunn where is. . .?" His question was cut short by a loud scream of shock from the next room.

Cordelia was awake and letting the world know it. No sooner had Glen cut his own wrist and held the injury against her forehead the power of his Quickening healed the wound sending small electrical shocks of power across the surface of the cut and into Cordy's head and awakening her immediately. The gang rushed as fast as their injured bodies would carry them into the small room to see Cordelia sitting up and holding her head in her shaking hands. Seeing Glen standing over Cordy, Gunn rushed at the Immortal only to be thrown back so fast even Angel was shocked at the speed at which the man moved. Wesley was helping Gunn to his feet when three hospital workers came into the room demanding to know what all the noise was and upon seeing Cordelia conscious and in apparent agony forced all the others back to the other room.

All filed quietly back into the large recovery room and no sooner had the door clicked shut, the eyes of the combined teams where on the immortal. "Okay pal I don't know who the hell you are but you had better have a good explanation to what just happened in there and the answer had better be good." Glen stood there looking at the small blond with his arms crossed and merely responded. "Fuck you" and with that he turned and walked out of the room into the hallway and towards the elevator. Seeing the gang in shock at the answer the stranger had given to Buffy, Tara calmed herself and cleared her mind. Glen was about to enter the lift when he hear a soft voice in his mind Glen stopped just inside the lift and concentrated. All that she got for a response was an image of a building and an address, but before the mind_link faded Tara felt a deep sadness in the man.

The room was full of voices, some ranging from "I say we kick his ass" to "Maybe we should just go home" Willow regarded her lover with a concerned eye " Hey you what just happened?" Tara responded by addressing the whole room "H. .h. . h. . hey guys?" The volume in the room was still rising as the two groups argued, more out of fatigue than anything else "Hey guys? I . I know what we should do." But still she went unheard until a shrill whistle from Xander caught everyone's attention. "Uhh guys I think Tara has an idea, so maybe we should shut up and let her speak" All eyes turned to the brunette giving her their attention.

Leaning against the lift wall as it carried him to the parking garage Glen felt the events of the day catch up to him, maybe he was too harsh on them (Not that he said much mind you) he did not even know that he wanted to help them. After all the Watchers did kill him and his family. His thought where interrupted by the soft ding of the lift reaching the desired floor and as he was exiting the lift he barley noticed the blonde man until he bumped into him. "Watch it mate" the stranger growled. Glen was hardly in the mood for any lip from anybody at this point in time and merely responded with "Go fuck yourself." The blonde man turned in disbelief uttering "What in the hell did you say to me?" Turning and facing the Vampire, Glen sighed as he remembered the face. "Look Spike, I just told your Slayer to fuck off, I'm not in the mood piss around so why don't you just go up to your friends, help them pack up and maybe I might not leave you out in the sun come morning. Got it?" Spike was about to punch the guy when he felt a flash of familia rarity, he shook his head wondering if he was still drunk or maybe hallucinating but he was sure he knew that face. "I. . I know you. Don't I ?" With a smirk Glen responded "Maybe. Tell me William are still trying to be a poet or have things changed since you died?" Standing there stunned with the answer he had received he barley heard the last words the man said as he was getting into his car. "Tell your friends to heed my advice." And with that the car roared to life and with a screeching of tires and smoke was gone.

"You can't be serious?" Screeched Anya. "You must have hit your head if you think I'm going anywhere near an Immortal, much less his home. Do you have any idea how dangerous they are?" Giles looked up from cleaning his glasses "Yes we do in fact it was his brother who did this to us. It appears we are caught in a blood feud of some sort. This mans family was hurt by the Council and appears to be taking out some sort of revenge against them as well as us." "He's doing a pretty good job even Angelus wouldn't try something like this." All eyes turned to Angel as he softly spoke. " I think maybe we should try contacting this Glen after all he did save Giles and it appears Cordelia as well. If he can help us maybe it might be worth the risk." A voice came from the now open door "I'm for it. Whatever he did all I can say is WOW. Hell if he can do this to me every night I'll marry him." All turned to see Cordelia as she literally bounced into the room. "Cordy are you ok." "Of course I am Wesley look at me. I feel great, better than I have in two years. Hell even my boobs feel firmer." This prompted an embarrassed murmer from the men and a few envious remarks from the women. Fred even looked down her shirt and commented something to the effect "I wish I had that problem" The mood was broken when Spike sauntered in to the ward and with a voice of irritation spoke up "Ok what the hell is happening people? I just bumped into a man I met over a hundred years ago and he hasn't aged a day. Then he tells me to basically fuck off and help you guys pack as if I'm some sort of bloody bell hop." He stood there staring at the group tapping his foot "Well what the bloody hell is going on?"

The nights where always hardest for Faith, being a Slayer she was naturally nocturnal in nature. But since lights out was 9:00 PM she couldn't do much but stare at the bottom of her cellmate's bunk. It must have been close to 5 am when the guards came to her cell turned on the light and barked "FAITH GET UP!!!" Blinking at the sudden brightness she slowly sat up and swung her feet to the floor. "WHATS TAKING SO LONG?? MOVE IT!!!!" Grumbling she muttered an answer "I'm just remembering how the article in Maxim Magazine went You know the one on how to get out of bed?" The guard merely grunted and pulled her out on to the walk way and pushed her towards the wardens office. Upon reaching the office she was led to a chair and handcuffed to the metal rings welded to the arms. Looking straight ahead she saw three people. One sitting at the desk she recognized as the Warden but the other two on his immediate right she had never seen before in her life. Looking at the brown haired man and redheaded woman she saw that they where in professional looking suits with I.D. tags clipped to their jacket pockets. Only seeing a small part of the tags, it appeared to read as "FBI: Visitor" Faith snorted and half heartedly joked "Let me guess? Mulder and Scully right?" At this the Warden looked up from the file in front of him and smiled. "It appears Faith that your stay with us is over. You are being transferred into FBI custody as of now." And without another word he motioned to the guards and they came over and unshackled her and led her to the loading dock of the prison to a waiting black Suburban with tinted out windows. She was only seated for a few minutes until the two she saw in the office climbed into the truck and silently pulled out of the prison. Faiths mind was in a whirl "The FBI ? What is going on? Who the . . ." It was in mid thought that the feeling came over her. "Oh damn, Vampire." Looking out the back window and seeing the prison get slowly smaller in the distance she realized that these people where not who they said they where. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU??" she demanded as she began pulling at her restraints. The vampire turned in her seat and regarded the helpless Slayer, and without one word turned to the driver and asked a question Faith did not understand. "What shall we do about the car?" The driver merely shrugged and said in a monotoned voice "Let my brother deal with the impound charges, assuming he survived the blast. As for you Faith you will be given something I know you want." Looking back at the driver with total contempt in her eye she responded coldly "Yea, what do you know of what I want?" Pulling the truck to the side of the road and stopping he turned and looked the Slayer dead in the eyes, seeing the same anger and rage in the girl that was much like his own he answered with a cold and serious tone "Vengeance Faith. Vengeance against those who put you in that hole and left you to die." Hearing the answer opened a floodgate of emotions in Faiths mind, she stopped straining against her bonds and relaxed. "Are you are talking about the people I think you are?" A small ghost of a smile appeared across the mans face before he responded. "The Watchers and their allies? Yes Faith I am and I know they have hurt you just as much as they have hurt Remi and I . So between the three of us working together we all can have vengeance against those who have caused us so much pain and anguish." Faith considered his words and slowly she started to nod her head and a fire began to build inside of her soul, soon she was talking in voice barely a whisper. "Yes we can, Yes we can."

With a smile Quintin started the vehicle and as he pulled out back onto the highway he declared "The players are assembled, the board is open let the game begin."

To be Continued. . .

The End?

You have reached the end of "The End of the Watchers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jul 03.

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