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Human Laws Hold no Sway in my World

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Summary: After a fallout with Buffy, Willow moves to the Big Apple to start anew. But terror comes in the face of a former ally. Can the SVU team get Willow to reveal her attacker or is trying to bring her supernatural rapist to justice a lost cause

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Television > Law and Order: SVUKitSuneFR1854,70208016,25624 Feb 0715 Nov 07No

Meeting the boys... err vamps

Well, I’m back again… I’ll skip the introduction and we all know that I don’t own anything of any value so lets just get this party started… shall we

After exiting the hospital, Spike, Tutuola, and Munch stood outside the hospital as Spike lit up his cigarette.

“ So Mr…. What did you say your name was again” Munch began
“ Just call me Spike… Do you have any leads on the bastard that did this to Red”
“You got a last name Spike” Tutuola asks sharply
“ Like I said… its just Spike… like the Cher bit”
“ When was the last time that you saw Ms. Rosenburg”
“ It was six months ago… when we were both in California...”
“ Six months is a long time to go for not seeing your fiancé”

Looking sharply at the last question, Spike growls softly

“ … That’s the kind of relationship that red and I have. I work in LA but when hadn’t heard from her in over a week, I really didn’t think to much of it… though she might’ve been busy, but when I heard the description on the news, I knew something was wrong and hit the airport...”
“ So you have someone that will vouch for you being in LA” Tutuola asks
“Knock yourself out sport...”

Inhaling softly he could sense the coming of sunrise in a few hours and knowing that her had yet to feed that night he snubbed out his cigarette on the bottom of his boot then turns to look at the detectives

“ Sorry to cut this short boys but I have to head out to find a hotel nearby to crash for the night”

Without waiting for them to respond he moves to walk away from the hospital. Munch and Tutuola look at each other before moving back towards the hospital they talk amongst themselves.

“ What do u think?” Tutuola asks Munch
“ Something is really off with that guy… I can tell you one thing though… that guy wasn’t her fiancé …I’ll see if I can check out his background and possibly find out something on him” Munch responds

“ Rosenberg’s co workers mention that she talked about a Spike… we better go let Capt know about this Spike guy… see if we can get some background”

As Tutuola and Munch make their way back into the hospital to check on Willow, Spike watches from a shadowy alley way. Looking up at the hospital window that he knows is Willow’s, he grows softly to himself.

“Don’t worry pet, when I find the bastard that did this to you, not even this bloody chip will keep me from tearing out his throat” he whispers to himself as he moves back into the shadows


Back at Willow apartment Stabler and Benson finished looking, slowly making their way back to front door when they here the landlord speaking to someone.

“… so when was the last time you saw Willow” the mysterious person asked

“ Like I told the detectives, I just got back last night from visiting family” the landlord responded

Elliot and Olivia make their way out of the apartment to speak to the mysterious man

“ Excuse me, I’m Detective Benson, this is Detective Stabler, We’d like to ask you a few questions” Olivia asked as she and Elliot made their way over. “ The first being, who are you?” Elliot finishes

Angel turned away from the landlord to give his attention to the detectives. Looking them over her nodded his head as he waited for the questions he knew were coming

“ Detectives, my name is Angel Liam, I’m a private investigator from Angel Investigations in Los Angels…”

“Pretty far from the city of angels don’t you think” Elliot cuts him off mid sentence

“ I’m here trying to find out I information on my friend Willow Rosenburg, when I learned what happened to her on the news I rushed to New York to see if I could figure out what happened, and if I could be any help”

“Have you been to the hospital yet?” Olivia asks

“No… I have a friend of ours checking in on her now”

As Olivia continues to shoot questions at Angel, Elliot cell phone begins to ring, answering it he has a short conversation with someone on the other end then clicks it off . Turning to Angel and Olivia, he nods slightly at her then moves towards the exit. Olivia, noticing the gesture turns to Angel

“ Well Mr. Liam, we will be in touch” she states as she turns to walk towards her partner. As they continue to walk the silently converse amongst themselves

“ Capt called … said to regroup back at the station with Muinch and Finn… they got some new information” Elliot starts as they exit the building and make their way over to the car

“Then lets go”

I’m going to leave this chapter short for now but ill try to repost by the end of this week.. . things have been hectic at home but I’ll try not to let this story fall …So until next time

The End?

You have reached the end of "Human Laws Hold no Sway in my World" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Nov 07.

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