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Human Laws Hold no Sway in my World

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Summary: After a fallout with Buffy, Willow moves to the Big Apple to start anew. But terror comes in the face of a former ally. Can the SVU team get Willow to reveal her attacker or is trying to bring her supernatural rapist to justice a lost cause

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Television > Law and Order: SVUKitSuneFR1854,70208016,25624 Feb 0715 Nov 07No

Prologue: The Great Escape

Human Law Holds No Sway in my World
Prologue: The Great Escape
By Kitsune

I own none of the characters featured in this fanfiction. All character are owned by their own separate but equal parties and I am not receiving any kind of payment for creating this story. Its merely for the enjoyment of those that choose to read it.
*Disclaimer *I know how to protect my furry little but from those scary lawyers*


Pain...Thats all she felt at that point... just pain .... she's been chained there for 4 days now... Four days of beatings, whippings and raping. She was pretty much a giant bruise. But he'd been gone for 2 hours now... Two hours of silence... two hours of plotting.... He never left her alone that long. .. She could feel the drugs he gave her earlier starting to wear off. She could feel herself starting to focus.

' I ... I gotta get away' she thought to herself ' I have to concentrate on breaking the chain from the wall.. Focus Rosenberg... you can do it ... the drugs are wearing off.. you can feel the power of the earth around you... use it to break the chain from the wall.'

Suddenly she felt the chain break away from the wall and fall with a heavy clatter. Slowly she climbs to her feet, stumbling slightly. Leaning against the wall she makes her way over to the door, dragging the chain on the side her, hands still bound. Lifting he hand to the door she closes her eyes praying for it to be unlocked

And it was.

Stumbling towards nearby stairs she slowly makes her way upward to another door that led to alleyway.. blinking her eyes she tries to grow accustomed to the light. Her eyes so used to the dark room that was once her cage, it was difficult. Looking towards the street she sees people walking about unaware of her struggle or plight... moving to the opening she stumbles into the first person she could. She could hear someone scream, calling for the police, but everything started to fade .. she just knew that she was going to get help. As she drifter of into unconsciousness she whispered two words

".....Help ... me...."
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