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On a Stormy Sea of Moving Emotion

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Wayward Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sam and Dean try to deal with the news that they have a sister... or two. Story 3 in the Wayward Series.

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disclaimer: Not mine. They belong to Whedon and Kripke.
AN: Thank you to Jinni who's always ready with the knowledge if I'm not in research mode.


The place had long since cleared out.

Dean had been after the Southern Comfort like nobody's business. He was now just nursing the last few sips of the bottle. Sam had been nursing the same beer all night. He was in shock where Dean was trying to go numb. They'd sort of kept to themselves in the corner of the Roadhouse. Too many thoughts. How could they not be having too many thoughts though? It wasn't every day you found out it was not just you and your brother left in the world as far as actual relations go. Wasn't every day that you found out you had a sister or two out there. And in Dean's case, it wasn't every day that you found out you'd kind of been flirting with one of your sisters. Even if it was a half-sister. Sam was in shock. Dean was in some sort of emotional breakdown about it. Well, as much as Dean would allow himself to break down. Sam was sure that's why he was trying to get comfortably numb. Dean usually didn't 'do' emotional.

"I can't believe Dad never told us." Sam finally said, tired of the tense and overbearing silence since the Roadhouse had cleared out.

Dean snorted loudly. "Yes you can. He never told us anything he didn't think we absolutely needed to know, and even then he didn't always tell us stuff. I mean, come on, Sammy, that was his signature move. The withholding of the information. What surprises me, what I can't believe, is that Ellen didn't say anything about Jo. I mean I... we..."

"You didn't... you and she didn't... I mean you..."

"How sad it is that you can't even say it, you big girl. You so need to get laid."

"Dean, you and Jo didn't-"

"No, not that, but, oh God, dude, I thought about it! A lot actually!" Dean punctuated this by banging his head on the table. "Oh God. I imagined my sister naked. Uhg. If I wasn't going to hell before, I am now."

Sam, at a loss for anything to say, took a sip of his now-warm beer. He, too, had a little thing to apologize for on the Jo front, but that wasn't the only thing filling his mind right now. He stared off into space trying to wrap his mind around the fact that his father wasn't just his father or Dean's anymore. That their father has slept with someone besides their mother... which Sam kind of figured that had happened before. After all, their mother had been gone for a long time, and he didn't think their father had been celibate for the last twenty years or so, but it was one thing to vaguely know it, and quite another to KNOW know it. To have like actual living proof. to have flesh and blood sisters that should be the Winchester girls as he and Dean were the Winchester boys.

"What do we do about this?"

Sam looked at Dean. "What do you mean?"

"Jo's like, what, nearly your age? Anya's not even eighteen."

"Your point, Dean?"

"Do we try to... get to know them or something?"

"We already know Jo."

"Yeah." Dean made a face and took a swig from his bottle. "Some of us better than others."


"Don't start with me, Sam! You didn't-"

"Oh no, I just attacked her when I was possessed by Meg! Or did you forget! Did you know I have nightmares with her frantic voice saying 'Sam, no, please' in my head? Do you?!""

Dean just stared. Oh yeah. There was THAT.

"Look." Dean said. "She can't hold that against you. You weren't yourself. You had an evil bitch squatting inside you. Hell, you shot me, and you knew I was your brother."

"I just..."

"What I meant here, Sammy, is do we stick around and get to know Anya? Do we tell her stuff? Do we do that share thing that you seem to like to do so much?"

"No, Dean, the question needs to be... will Ellen let us?"

"I think maybe that'd be ok." A new voice said from behind the bar. "You two will just have to be more careful with her than you were with Jo, all right. Ahn's not as jaded as Jo can be."

Sam and Dean turned. Ellen was standing there.

"But there are gonna be some rules where Ahn is involved. You are not to take her anywhere with either of you if it involves hunting. Answer her questions, cos she's got tons of them, get to know her, cos she's a, well, not exactly sweet... she's an interesting girl. But that's it. No hunting. Not ever. I tolerated you putting Jo in danger because I know how damned stubborn she can be. Not Ahn though. She's my baby."

"Why did you send her away? Why pack her off to boarding school and leave Jo here?" Sam asked.

"First of all, Jo wouldn't have gone. If we'd sent her, she'd have turned up right back here. Second, Jo knew, even as a little girl she knew about this kind of life. Anya didn't. Not until later. Your father, Bill, and I just agreed-"

Dean interrupted. "Like you agreed not to tell any of us anything? Not me, not Sam, sure as hell not Jo."

"Dean Winchester, don't you take that tone with me!"

"Look, Ellen..." Sam said, ever the one to placate. "Dean's been drinking a little..." Sam looked at Dean as he took the last swig from the bottle. "Ok, Dean's been drinking a lot, but we've had a shock here. I'm sure he doesn't mean to have a tone. Just look at this from our perspective for a minute, ok. Growing up it was just me, Dean, and Dad, you know?"

"I know." She sighed loudly. "Jo's so pissed at me she can't see straight right now. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Not at all. Bill couldn't have kids, and he knew they weren't his girls, but he didn't treat them like they weren't his. Your daddy didn't even hardly look at them when he was around. Jo and Ahn were never supposed to think anyone but William Harvelle was their daddy."

"That's why you told Jo about Dad getting Bill killed. So she'd be mad. So she'd think I was like Dad and..."


"Is it even true?"

Sam reached across the table and punched Dean in the arm. "Dean!"

"It's ok, Sam." Ellen said, sounding very tired. "It's a fair question given all the things that have come to light lately. I wish it weren't true, Dean, but it is."

Dean nodded. "I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault. God, boys, none of this is. It just happens to be happening to you, and I'm sorry for that."

"Ellen, where's Jo?" Sam asked.

"She took off again after she found out."

"Maybe we should all go find her." Said another new voice.

Everyone turned as Anya came out of the shadows of the bar behind Ellen.

"I thought I told you to go to your room, little miss."

"And I did. For several hours, Mama, but I got kind of bored, and it's Sam and Dean, and I wanted-"

"I know what you wanted." Ellen sighed. "How long have you been listening there?"

"Long enough." She looked at Sam and Dean. "Can we?"

"Can we what?" Dean asked with a furrowed brow.

"Keep up, Southern Comfort." Anya rolled her eyes. "Can we go find Jo."

"Anya-" Ellen started.

"It's not hunting, Mama. It's finding. There's a difference."

Sam couldn't help it. He grinned slightly. She seemed to be on the clever side.

Dean pointed at her. "We're not taking you anywhere, Squirt."

"Don't call me something that your penis does. Gross. My nickname is Ahn."

"Anya Elaine Harvelle!" Ellen snapped.

She looked at her mother sharply. "I think we established that it's Winchester, not Harvelle, and I'd like to go with my brothers to round up my sister because I think I might actually be able to talk her into coming home. Or guilt her into it anyhow."

Sam seemed to consider. "Could work. Provided we can find her."

"This is a bad idea." Ellen said.

"Agreed. " Dean said with an incredulous and not-so-sober look on his face.

Anya folded her arms across her chest. "No offense, Mama, but you've had worse ideas before, and we've still gone along with them. Some of that not by choice, but who's keeping track, right?"

"Hey." Dean snapped. "Don't talk to your mom like that."

Anya got a less fiery and obstinate look on her face as she began eyeing the floor. Ellen's face took on an evil grin as she looked from Anya to Dean.

Dean's eyes widened. "No."

"Might not be such a bad idea after all."

"Ellen..." Dean said in an almost pleading tone. "No."

"It would give you three a chance to get to know one another a little bit."

"We are not going on the road with some teenage girl. That's just... well, it's just... all manner of bad."

Sam made a face at his brother. "Ellen, do you really want us to try to find Jo?"

She looked down for a moment. "I'll admit, that'd be nice. I'd be a might more forgiving about that whole using her as bait thing that happened when she took off after you boys that one time."

"She's in Texas." Yet another voice said. "If anyone's really interested."

Ash walked out.

"And how long have you been there?" Ellen asked.

"A bit."

"So Jo's in Texas." Ellen said, nodding to herself. "That's a mighty big state, how-"

"She's holed up near Dallas. Friend of mine let me know. I had some eyes out for her since she took off."

"So Texas, huh." Anya said, nodding, looking a lot like her mother when she did it. "Do we leave tomorrow morning?" She eyed Dean. "Maybe late morning early afternoon depending on the hangover?"

"If that's all right with your mom." Sam said in that earnest tone of his.

Anya looked to Ellen.

"Now wait just a minute here, Sam." Dean practically growled.

"She's our sister, Dean."

Dean closed his eyes and nodded. He knew Jo. He cared about Jo. At one time he'd thought... well, nevermind what he thought about at one time. Or perhaps several times. Sam was right. Dean had a hard enough time trying to protect Sam, and now they were adding some little girl and Jo to the mix here? He didn't like it.

He looked at Anya and noticed for the first time that she was wearing an ACDC tee shirt. Dean grinned. Yeah, maybe this one was his sister after all. Maybe he wouldn't mind having a sister. Or two.

"I'm done for tonight. Stick a fork in me. I'm gonna go to bed." He rose unsteadily.

Sam jumped up to help him.

"Since apparently." Dean burped.

Sam made a disgusted face. Anya seemed to be pursing her lips in an effort not to laugh.

"Me, my little brother, and my baby sister are going to fetch the bigger little sister from Texas. Damn. I'm the oldest of four?"

"And what a fine example you're setting for my impressionable young mind right now with the drunk and the slight stumbling and the burping. I could smell that from here, you know. If we lit a match the whole place could go."

"One more smart-mouth word outta you, Gidget, and you stay here while Sammy and I go after Jo."

Anya let out a squeal and hopped up and down.

"Loud and piercing." Dean pointed at her. "Never do that again."

"This gives me enough time to make a mix tape for the road." She said excitedly. "Because there has to be road music, right? That's how it's done, right? This is so exciting."

That said she took off... likely to start making said road mix tape. Sam just hoped her tee shirt reflected her taste in music, otherwise it would be a long trip. He'd hate for Dean to give her the whole 'driver picks the music and passenger shuts her cakehole' spiel their first time out.

Ellen glared at Sam and Dean. "I don't think I have to tell you-"

"That if anything happens to her, you'll kill us both horribly." Dean sighed. "Can I please go to bed now? I kind of feel a vomit coming on, and the room's gone a little spinny on me."

"Just kill you? Dean, if any harm come to my baby, they won't even be able to find all the body parts." Ellen turned and left, calling over her shoulder. "You two can take the same room you were in last time. Try not to vomit on the bed."

Ash grinned at them. "Ya'll are in for a real treat."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"Of the two... Jo's the nice sister who's less trouble."

"Great." Dean said. "Now I really feel like I need to hurl."



The End

You have reached the end of "On a Stormy Sea of Moving Emotion". This story is complete.

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