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We've Been Around

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Summary: Stories done for the Fic-For-All

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsheartsarewildFR1361,277032,70826 Feb 071 Mar 07No

Chance Meetings - Sam Finn/Tony Dinozzo

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the character's used in these ficlets.

Author's notes: I am working on my other stories. These just came to me while attempting to overcome writer's block.


“Ach!” Tony DiNozzo yelped as the…thing…that had once been Seaman Porters turned and came at him. Bullets, they had found did nothing. Gibbs lay almost lifeless from where the creature had tossed him after biting his neck. Tony was sure that the only thing that had saved Gibbs was the bullet he had fired into it’s side, distracting it. Blood was gushing from the wounds on Gibbs’ neck, though. He didn’t think they would get out of this...

The last thing he heard before the things fist connected with his face was “Die, fangface…”


“Agent Dinozzo…Agent Dinozzo, can you hear me?” he heard someone calling his name. Tony groaned and rolled his head from side to side, trying to rouse himself further.

“Boss?” he groaned before opening his eyes. He was surprised to see a woman standing over him. He grinned.

“Well, hello,” he said. The woman rolled her eyes before smacking him.

“I’m married,” she snapped before helping him sit up. He saw Gibbs being loaded into an ambulance, a thick gauze bandage on his neck.

“Can I at least get a name?” Tony asked as she loaded him in the ambulance next to his boss.

“Sam. Sam Finn. And that’s all you’re getting buster,” she said before shutting the ambulance doors and pounding on the back.


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