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Not So Sudden

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Summary: Willow is needed elsewhere, in a new place and time with new allies and enemies. Will this new world be able to pull her out of her funk, or will dark Willow really become Darth Willow?

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Star Wars > Willow-CenteredVenusdeMollyFR182956043,12426 Feb 0726 Feb 07No

News in a Turquoise Room

Hopefully future chapters will be longer than the two I've posted. Wish me luck.


Willow blinked once, twice, and then began to panic. Under ordinary circumstances, she would have approached finding herself in a strange turquoise room with careful, logical observation and reflection. She had learned quickly on the Hellmouth that losing one's wits was the fastest way to get killed, and only with careful thought could one find their way out of life-threatening dangers... unless of course you have slayer strength and speed, in which case any action is likely to solve your problem. Stupid slayers and their natural advantages.

At any rate, this time, careful consideration was out of the question. She was emotionally spent, and in enough shock at her own actions over the past few days without the shock of unintentional teleportation added to it. All Willow was up for at the moment was clinging to Xander for a few more hours, and then maybe curling up in bed and crying herself to sleep. But instead she found herself in some strange, unfamiliar room, with no notion of how or why she had gotten there. As she took a shuddering breath she noticed a kind-faced bearded man walking towards her. Instinct told her to prepare herself for battle, but she remained motionless. She was spent, emotionally, physically, and magically. She knew, without a doubt, that even if this man was no more than the fit, able-bodied man he appeared to be (and who was these days?) she could not overtake him if he meant her harm. Willow was entirely at this stranger's mercy... and after so many years of fighting, that thought did not sit well with her.

“Welcome, Willow.” the man said, making his way slowly to the redhead's side. Her quirky, nerdy side giggled internally at the alliteration, before her logic and fear shushed it. Finally looking in the man's eyes, she saw warmth and kindness there. Strength too, as she had seen in the eyes of all of her friends and most of her enemies over the years. This scrap of familiarity was enough to calm her nerves... if only slightly.

“I'm surprised you haven't asked about where you are and who I am yet... I had heard that you were an inquisitive one.”
Startled that the stranger had broken the silence, and finally aware of the long moment she had spent observing him, Willow finally opened her mouth to speak.

“Since you anticipated my questions, would you answer them, please? Oh, and telling me why I suddenly found myself here would be nice too.”
“Sudden?” he queried, “Yes I suppose it would have seemed sudden to you. It's just that we've needed you for so long, and we anticipated your arrival with so much hope, from our vantage point it doesn't seem so sudden. But I'm starting the story in the middle. Won't you have have a seat?”
Too tired to refuse, Willow dropped gracelessly onto one of the low sofas. Once she had arranged herself comfortably, she began to glare expectantly at the only man with answers.

“I'll begin by introducing myself. My name is Qui-Gon Jinn and I died thirty-one years ago.”
Dimly, in the back of her mind, Willow reflected yet again on how odd her life was that a statement like that didn't phase her at all. But all her head consciously did was nod for this 'Qui-Gon' to continue.
“I lived in a universe not quite parallel to yours. By this, I mean that our higher powers are familiar with one another, and work together with one another. Also, sometimes thoughts and events pass between our worlds. Just a few years ago a film student in this very state somehow thought up a story that focuses on all our recent, and possible future troubles and thought to make it into a movie, wrote a very long script and everything, but sought a career in marketing instead.” Qui-Gon chuckled, “It's too bad, really, that script was a good read, could have been quite popular.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Not So Sudden" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 07.

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