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Not So Sudden

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Summary: Willow is needed elsewhere, in a new place and time with new allies and enemies. Will this new world be able to pull her out of her funk, or will dark Willow really become Darth Willow?

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Star Wars > Willow-CenteredVenusdeMollyFR182956043,12426 Feb 0726 Feb 07No

With or Without You

I don't own the Buffy or Star Wars universes. Anything you recognize was not created by me.

We're going on the assumption here that the Star Wars movies don't exist. That alone makes it an odd, odd, alternate universe and I understand if it takes a while for the immense cultural ramifications to sink in. Once you're acclimated to the idea, read on and enjoy:


As her crying began to slow, she opened her eyes to the concerned ones of her dearest friend. “Xander...” she began, her breathing interrupted by occasional hiccup “Xander, I love you too. You've always been my best friend, and if... if it had been you... you shot instead of... of T-T-Tara... I wouldn't have lived long enough to go on any rampages. Living in this world without you for even a moment would have been enough to kill me. I wouldn't survive that. I wouldn't want to.”

Xander gently wiped the tears from his best friend's cheeks. “You are the strongest girl I've ever known. I don't ever want to leave your side. Separation would be the hardest thing either of us could ever face... but Wills, I know that in the end, you will live, thrive even, with or without me.”
“No, Xander, that's impossible... after everything we have lived through... I need my Xander-shaped friend.” She broke off with a sob.
“Hey, shh now. I'm not going anywhere. With any luck we'll never have to worry about being apart... at least not for a good long while.”
“Yeah, right, like we ever have any lu-” And Willow vanished in a flash of light.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking