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Summary: Dawn jumps instead of Buffy, and lands on Celestis, to face an apocalypse without her sister.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonKayliosFR182498,602512264,08127 Feb 0714 Aug 08No

Babylon part 2

Disclaimer – I own nothing of Stargate or Buffy, only my characters and storyline.

Thanks so much for your reviews! I’m glad you all understand my little virus problem and hope to have more chapters up soon for your enjoyment.

Chapter Twenty-Four – Babylon part 2

“My god…Dawn?”

Cameron dropped the spoon loosely as he looked at his missing team member, who was blushing and giving him an embarrassed smile. “Hey Cameron…how’s it going?”

He let out a scoff and wiped his sweaty face with his hand. “How’s it going? Well, let’s see; got shot by a band of legendary warriors and am now being held against my will.”

Giving her a sarcastic look, he asked, “So, how’s it going?”

She laughed lightly before inching closer. “What are you doing here Cameron?”

“Me? I’d like to know the same thing about you, missy.”

Blinking, she said, “It’s a long story; a very, very long story.”

Sighing, Dawn motioned for him to follow her back up the hill towards Jolan’s house. When they reached to front door, Dawn removed her shoes and opened the sliding door for Cameron to walk through. “ So, you know Jolan too?”

Turning her head towards his voice, she nodded. “Yeah.”
They reached her room and Dawn immediately sat down, holding her side as she did, hissing quietly.

Cameron, however, noticed and bent down in front of her, taking her hand away to inspect her side himself. When he saw the bandage his head snapped up to give her a look that said, “What the hell happened to you!?”

She brushed his hand away and shrugged. “It’s nothing, Cam.”

“I would disagree.”

His voice was serious as he once again brought his hand to her side. As he poked, Dawn grunted and pushed the hand away. “Okay, okay. It’s not nothing.”

“What happened Dawn? Is Vala here too?”

Dawn sighed and shook her head. “I don’t know where she is, Cameron. The last time I saw her was when we got sucked into the wormhole.”

Cameron joined her on the bed, glad to ease his burning calves. “ So, how did you end up with the Sodan?”

Smiling, she looked over at him. “I was taken in by the Sodan when I escaped from Apophis. I was under the care of Jolan until I left to look for Earth.”

“How long was that?”

Frowning, she said, “ I left when I was fifteen, almost sixteen. I stayed for a year and a half before leaving.”

Cameron whistled and leaned back. “You were pretty young to be traveling the galaxy.”

She nodded, but didn’t say anything else. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Cameron slapped his thigh and stood slowly. “Well, guess I better get back to training. Your friend, Jolan, has it out for me.”

Dawn stood up too and walked with him back to the door and watched as he put his shoes back on. Leaning against the door, she asked, “So, why are you training with Jolan? The Sodan never give out their secrets.”

He chuckled from his spot on the steps before turning to face the village. “According to Jolan, I spilt Sodan blood, and now must pay for it.”

Dawn’s eyes widened and she straitened from the door. “They’re going to make you do the Kel shak lo, aren’t they?”

Surprised, Cameron looked at her over his shoulder, his hands resting on his hips. “That’s what Jolan said.”

Dawn groaned and covered her face with her hands. “This can’t be happened.”

Raising an eyebrow, Cameron asked, “What?”

Putting her hands down, Dawn said, “There’s usually only one outcome of Kel shak lo, Cameron, and it’s not a victory parade. Whoever you killed, their family will have the right to kill you, as you have killed their blood. I guess you could say it’s an eye for an eye kind of thing.”

“Yeah, knew that already.”

Rolling her eyes, Dawn said, “Well, let’s do the math, shall we? You, who have never studied the art of jomo se telek, are being forced to face off against a member of a race of warriors who has had a lifetime of practice!”

Turning back to the village, Cameron said, “You have a point there.”

As he looked over the village, Dawn’s attention also fell to her second home. Something wasn’t right. Looking through the streets, Dawn’s eyes noticed a pure white figure, walking through the people, surrounding a band of guards. Gasping, Dawn felt recognition hit her; a Prior was here.

Back at the SGC………two weeks later….

Daniel stood inside the observation room as Teal’c interrogated Volnek. Apparently the Ori had begun to preach to the Sodan, and according to Volnek, they were starting to believe.

Inside the interrogation room, Teal’c stood in front of Volnek, who was handcuffed and was surrounded by SF guards.

“ ….and you say a Prior has come to the Sodan and you have decided to follow the word of the Ori.”

Volnek lifted his chin proudly as he glared at Teal’c. “ I walk the path of our true gods -”

Teal’c leaned down, his voice sharp as he interrupted Volnek, “The Ori are not gods! What did the Prior promise you? A place of honor at his side, as heralds for your new masters?”

As Teal’c stood menacingly above him, Volnek breathed sharply, containing his anger.

The bright light overhead caused a shadow to form over Teal’c as he leaned down across the metal table. “ I will learn the codes to the Ancient transporter. No matter how long it takes.”

As Daniel continued to watch, he heard Landry sigh with frustration. Turning his head, he looked from Sam to the general as he shook his head.

Landry turned from the interrogation and pocketed his hands. “This is going nowhere. Two weeks, and he hasn't given us so much as a decent haiku.”

Sam leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms. “Well, it's understandable, sir. Most Jaffa would never break under normal interrogation techniques.”

Playing with a pen, Daniel swiveled his chair to face the general. “Not to mention the fact that the Sodan are an elite group of warriors. I'm sure their minds are trained to withstand a lot worse.”

Looking back into the room behind the glass in front of him, Landry asked, “ What about the device?”

Sighing, Sam said, “We haven't made much progress, I'm afraid. It seems the code preventing us from using it is rigged to some sort of defense mechanism. Dr. Lee received a few nasty volts while trying to implement an override.”

Daniel shut his eyes for a moment and scratched his head. “ How is he?”

“Dr. Lam says he should get the feeling back in his legs in a few days.”

Daniel flinched slightly out of compassion for his friend before Landry rolled his eyes, saying, “Meanwhile, the International Committee is keeping score of all the resources we're using to try to find Mitchell. Science teams, orbital scans by Prometheus.”

Hearing the way Landry spoke caused Daniel to turn his head sharply. “ All of them coming up empty certainly doesn’t look good.”

Nodding in agreement, Landry looked over at the two. “Another few days, and they'll tell us to shut down search and rescue operations.”

Sam’s head snapped up from a report she had been reading and Daniel stood up, his chair swiveling away from him by the force.

Sam looked between Daniel and Landry, speaking rather fast. “Shut it down?! Sir, with all due respect, in the past we have spent months searching for our people in the field. We can't just stop looking.”

Crossing his arms, Daniel said, “ What she’s saying, sir, is we’ve never left a man behind. You should know that, sir, I’ve been searching for the last two months, and I think you know for who.”

Landry let out a deep breathe, feeling for the doctor. “I'm more than familiar with the concept, Dr. Jackson. Give me something I can use, soon, or the next paperwork I fill out will declare Mitchell MIA.”

Turning away from them, Landry left them to continue monitoring the interrogation. Daniel sat back down beside Sam, who patted his arm in sympathy.

Back inside the interrogation room, Volnek glared at Teal’c, finally lunging against the table, seething at the Jaffa. “I will not give you the codes! In the centuries my people have lived there has only been one outsider who has ever been granted that knowledge, and believe me when I tell you, Jaffa, you shall never be granted such an honor.”

Teal’c raised a single brow and stood in front of Volnek in curiosity. “And what is the name of this outsider?”

Volnek let out a dry laugh. “You believe I would tell you?”

Teal’c felt a muscle twitch in his neck, as he grew more frustrated with their unintended guest.

“This is ridicules, Jolan!”

Jolan merely rolled his eyes as he was scowled at by Dawn. Turning his head, he saw her pouting with her arms crossed and her eyes burning holes into a tree nearby.

Turning back to watch Mitchell running along the trail, Jolan said, “It is the way of things here, Dawn. You know this.”

Groaning, Dawn stood and put her hands on her hips as she said, “I know, Jolan. I know perfectly well. In fact, this will be the second friend I have to watch go through the Kel shak lo.”

Jolan stood beside her, crossing his arms. Still watching Mitchell, he said, “ If my memory serves me, which it does, Ka’tan escaped from his punishment.”

Looking down at her, he asked, “I wonder how he accomplished this, do you know?”

Blushing, Dawn shrugged. “Beats me.”

Jolan laughed softly before leaning against the archway they stood under. Peering over at Dawn, he noticed she was watching Mitchell with concern as he finished his training run by stumbling towards them, out of breath.
Breathing heavily, Cameron leaned against his knees, “ So, how’d I do?”

Dawn looked over at Jolan as he picked up a handful of sand from under an empty sack that hung from the arch. “Badly.”

Pointing at the empty sack, Cameron said, “Uh, yeah. You stop using that gadget, I guarantee you, I'll do better.”

Jolan dusted his hands off before resuming his place beside Dawn. “ A Sodan warrior must be ready for anything at anytime.”

Cameron stood up strait, finally regaining his breath. “Oh yeah? What about that invisible doohickey you used on me earlier? Where’d you guys get those things, anyway?”

Jolan began to untie the useless bag from the arch as he spoke. “The writings of our gods instructed us how to construct many of their devices. We use them to protect our sacred ground.”

Dawn couldn’t help but flinch. She knew it was the Ancients who built the devices, not gods, but she couldn’t tell Jolan or the other Sodan that. She couldn’t destroy that belief.

Cameron, as if hearing her thoughts, walked over to her and leaned against the post of the arch. “Speaking of gods, I know this is probably taboo, but I need to talk to your boss. That visitor you had two weeks ago, I'm assuming it's not the first time he's been here. I've met their kind before. They're bad news.”

Jolan said nothing, simply looked at him. Cameron looked at Dawn briefly before saying, “Look, I'll do any crazy training exercise you want…within reason.”

Jolan let the sack and rope drop to the ground by his feet before facing Cameron again. “ Finish the course, and I’ll consider it.”

Taking a knife from his belt, Jolan slit it into another hanging bag, resulting in more sand falling.

Watching the sand fall, Cameron looked at them, “You know, a bag of sand with a hole in it is not an accurate timing device.”

Jolan simply pointed down the path Cameron just ran, causing Cameron to role his eyes. “ You’re an evil man.”

Dawn patted his arm and said, “Sorry, Cameron.”

Cameron groaned, but began to redo the course, leaving Dawn to watch in silence, wondering. Just who was it that Cameron killed?

Later that day, Dawn found herself sitting with Haikon, trying to get him to listen to her about Cameron.

“Haikon, Cameron is not an evil man. He’s good and kind. I have spoken with him and he says he was only defending himself. There were others with him and he was trying to give them time to get away.”

Haikon set his tea down and looked at Dawn with an unsure look. “I cannot simply overlook his actions for the sake of your friendship with Mitchell., Dawn.”

Dawn shook her head, setting her own tea down. “This has nothing to do with my friendship with him.”

Haikon gave her a look, causing her to sigh. “Okay, maybe it does. But that doesn’t mean I still wouldn’t defend him. You know I’ve never liked this custom.”

Haikon chuckled. “I remember when you first arrived here. We may have overlooked Ka’tan’s escape…but that does not mean we will do the same for Mitchell.”

Dawn sighed and rubbed her eyes. “I-”

The sudden sound of the door sliding open and feet scuffling across the floor, caused Dawn to stop talking and turn around on her knees to see who it was.

Standing in the doorway, was Cameron, covered in dirt and sweat. She gave him a smile before turning back to Haikon. “ Hello, Cameron.”

Haikon motioned for Cameron to join them on the floor, “Please sit.”

Wiping his hands on his dirty clothes, Cameron said, “Ah, I’m good.”

Dawn simply took his hand, as he was standing next to her, and pulled him down. “He wasn’t asking, Cam.”

Due to the pain in his legs, Cameron comes down slowly, “Ohhh kay. Maybe I will sit.”

Dawn smiles into her teacup as Cameron tries to get comfortable on the hard floor. “ You know, I'm starting to get an idea why you guys attacked us. That Prior's telling you we're enemies.”

Hearing Cameron speak of the Prior, caused Dawn to turn her head sharply.

“Is he wrong?” asked Haikon as he poured some more tea into his cup.

Cameron cleared his throat, taking a cup of tea from Dawn, before saying, “You could have cut us down the second we stepped through the gate, but you didn't.”

Dawn watched as the two men exchanged looks before Haikon spoke. “Generations of my people fought and died under exile…praying for the day when we could seek the path without recrimination. When we prayed to the gods, did they hear us, Mitchell? Did they once give us a sign as proof of their existence?”

Reaching beside him, Haikon picked up a copy of the Book of Origin, something Dawn had not noticed during their conversation.

She looked from the book to Haikon with worry. “Haikon….”

“I know that the Ori are not the Ancients. But can there be any doubt that they are gods? And if they can lead us to the path of enlightenment, how can I refuse them?”

Shaking her head, Dawn leaned across the small table between them and took the book from him. “This book is nothing but lies meant to trick you, Haikon. Please listen to Cameron.”

He shook his head. “I cannot.”

“Then listen to me!”

Cameron placed a hand over hers, trying to calm her down as he spoke to Haikon. “You're making a big mistake. These Ori are not what you think they are. They are not even close.”

Seeing Haikon’s face turn to anger, Dawn placed the book on the table before standing, with the slight help of Cameron.

“Please, Haikon.”

“To kel shen!”

Two guards rushed in, stopping just outside the doors.

Haikon looked up at Cameron, saying, “Perhaps, when you face your death, in your final moments, you'll understand.”

Cameron released his hold on Dawn’s shoulder, looking at Haikon. “ I’ve already been there. I understand.”

“I’m not gonna live through this stuff.”

Jolan couldn’t help but smirk as he watched Mitchell drink his tea from a small leather bag. “Were it not for my teas, you would have died many days ago.”

They had been training again, and now were taking a short break. Dawn had gone off somewhere after their little talk with Haikon, she wasn’t too happy from the look on her face.

Cameron found himself under Jolan’s torture soon enough though, so he wasn’t really thinking about that at the moment.
Corking the small bag, Cameron turned his head towards Jolan. “It was self-defense, you know. The Jaffa I killed. It was him or me.”

Jolan placed the bag beside the wooden post of the training pit. “It does not matter. Blood has been spilled. Our laws decree you must answer for it.”

Cameron rolled his eyes. “You know, Dawn seems to be the only one trying to give me a break around here.”

Jolan laughed, surprising Cameron. “It does not surprise me. This is not the first Kel shak lo she has tried to defend against.”

Cocking an eyebrow, Cameron asked, “Really? What was the other?”

Looking off towards his house, Jolan said, “It was an old friend of mine, Ka’tan.”

“An old friend?”

Jolan joined Cameron near the fence and said, “Yes, many, many years ago, we were friends. He betrayed us however, and after that, I could not accept him as friend.”

Looking down at the fence, Cameron asked, “So, who was he? The Jaffa I killed.”

Jolan looked away. “ His name was Volnek. A most skilled warrior.”

Placing the kantu stick against the fence, Cameron said, “Look, for what it's worth…”

Seeing the look on Jolan’s face, Cameron sighed. “ There's nothing I can say, is there?”


Picking up the krantu, Cameron moved across the pit and placed it back on the rack with the others. “ Never mind. I promise I'll die well and all that jazz. But before I kick it, I gotta ask...”

Turning around to face Jolan, he asked, “You buying what these Priors are selling?”

Jolan followed him and placed his own krantu on the rack, giving Cameron a scrutinizing look. “Lord Haikon has led us for more than a hundred years. He knows what is best for us all.”

Rolling his eyes, Cameron crossed his arms and leaned back against the fence. “Yeah, yeah, look, I get it, you are a team player. I'm asking, what do you think?”

Jolan turned his entire body towards Cameron, agitated with him. “ It is not my place to question Lord Haikon. Nor is it yours!”

Cameron walked towards him, his voice overpowering Jolan’s. “Well somebody better, because if you guys follow the Ori, all of your traditions, your krantu staffs, your precious path, your tasty beverages, it's all going down the drain!”

Jolan held up his hands. “ Enough! We are done for the day.”

Watching the Jaffa storm away, Cameron kicked the dirt and watched as the small cloud blew away.
“He doesn’t like the Ori.”

Cameron turned around and saw Dawn leaning against a tree near the pit. Smiling, she walked over and stood there, waiting for him to join her.

“What do you mean?”

He climbed underneath the fence and began to tread up the hill towards the house. Dawn walked slowly beside him, her arms folded behind her back. “He agrees with you; I can tell. He just doesn’t want to go against Haikon.”

Cameron shook his head. “Still, these are the Ori for crying out loud!”

Dawn stopped walking, a sudden pull at her gut. She grabbed Cameron’s arm, as he continued to walk ahead of her. Seeing her face, he asked, “What is it?”

She pointed towards Haikon’s house, causing him to turn around. “Oh great.”

Walking towards the Sodan leader’s home was the familiar Prior. Cameron began to speed walk towards Haikon’s home, but was stopped by Dawn. “Cameron!”

Facing her, he said, “I have to try one more time, okay? Maybe Haikon will listen.”

Sighing, Dawn released her grip on him. “Just don’t go in there and do something stupid.”

“When have I ever done something stupid?”

Cocking her eyebrow, she said, “Um, do you want me to answer that?”

Turning back towards Haikon’s house, he said, “No.”

When he finally got to Haikon, he was faced with his two faithful guards, pointing their weapons at him. Sticking up his hands he said, “I just need a minute!”

As he lit a candle at a small alter, Haikon said, “Let him pass.”

Cameron walked in and brushed himself off. “Thank you.”

Watching as Haikon prayed to the alter, Cameron said, “All right, I'll make this quick. That Prior you just spoke to represents a race of Ancients, yes. But believe me when I tell you, they are not the Ancients you want to worship.”

Standing from the alter, Haikon turned to face Cameron. “The Prior has healed our sick. Caused our crops to grow as if by magic. Why should I doubt the power of the Ori?”

Stepping closer, Cameron gave Haikon an emphatic look. “Look, their power is not what you should question. It's how they use it. Anyone refuses to worship them, and they die. And I'm not talking about a few non-believers here and there. I'm talking about whole planets wiped out!”

“And I should simply take your word for this?”

Sighing, Cameron ran a hand through his cropped hair, “You want to believe my people are godless and inferior? Go right ahead. But we have never needed proof of our gods' existence in order to believe in them. Faith. It was your faith that sustained you for five thousand years, not the Ancients themselves.”

As he turned to leave, Cameron stopped suddenly and turned back to Haikon, “Don't throw your history away for a bag full of magic tricks.

As he walked down the last of the steps of Haikon’s house, Cameron noticed that Dawn had remained where he left her, waiting for him.

She gave him a meek smile and shrugged her shoulders. “Haikon’s stubborn. He’ll see the Ori for what they really are soon.”

Cameron couldn’t help but feel doubt. He seemed pretty set in his choice. “I don’t know Dawn.”

She suddenly held up her hands and shook her head wildly, her long hair flying around her face. “Forget it! Let’s just forget this for one day. Let’s go do something.”

Cameron looked around them with uncertainty. “What’s to do around here? I don’t think I’ve seen a single thing to do that does not relate to fighting or meditation.”

She smirked and grabbed his arm. “Come on, I wanna show you something.”


Turning her head, she said, “Don’t even think about getting out of this, Cameron.”

Sighing, he motioned for her to lead on.

They ended up in the woods, near the training area they had been to earlier that day. Only it was a giant open field with a series of boulders sticking out of the ground.

Dawn walked further into the field until she stopped and sat down among the tall brush. “Come on Cameron!”

Sighing, Cameron followed her and looked down at her with curiosity. “Whatcha doing?”

She looked up at him and patted the ground beside her. “Sit.”

“This is what we’re going to do? Sit in the grass?”

Rolling her eyes, Dawn yanked his hand until he sat beside her. “No, we’re going to talk.”


Cameron watched as Dawn fell back and played with a broken stem. “Yeah, talk.”

He noticed that Dawn was fiddling and had come to recognize that as a sign of nervousness of hers. Clearing his throat, Cameron wiped his hands on his pants and asked, “So, what’s going on, Dawn?”

She looked up from the stem in her hands and stared at him for a moment. When he didn’t say anything, she threw the stem away and leaned back on her hands and crossed her legs. “There’s something I need to tell the SGC, but, uh, I’d like to talk to you about it first. It’s about the Ori.”

Her face was somewhat pale and she was avoiding his face. Cameron nudged her with his shoulder and said, “What about them?”

Clearing her throat, Dawn let out a shaky breath before she looked at him. “When me and Vala traveled through the wormhole, we were separated, that much I know. I woke up in some kind of compound, I don’t know what planet I was on, but after a few days I realized it was some kind of base for the Ori,”

Taking a deep breath, Dawn looked down at her lap and began to play with a loose strand of cloth from her shirt. “I realized it was a base for the Ori after I met Nero.”

Cameron, hearing the nervousness in her shaky voice, grew concerned and shifted until he sat strait up and staring at Dawn. “Who’s Nero?”

“A very bad man.”

She said this with her face still turned away from him, but Cameron could tell she was upset about this Nero. “ What’s so bad about him?”

Dawn brushed her hair away from her face, revealing an angered look on her face. “Oh, I don’t know, how about that he is an Ori in human form!”

Silence met her outburst. Cameron’s eyes bulged and after a moment, let out a cough. “Come again?”

Dawn closed her eyes and dropped her head. “He’s an Ori in human form.”

Cameron stood from the ground and began to pace around the clearing, his arms folded and his face filled with an expression of shock.

Dawn curled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them, staring at him with an unsure gaze. “Cameron…..”

He stopped and turned to face her. Sighing, he dropped his arms and stood there silently. “Is he anything like Anubis?”

Shaking her head, she said, “No, from what I’ve read from reports, Anubis was only half-ascended. Nero is completely ascended so he has to obey the same rules that apply to the Ancients, otherwise, he can be forced to return to his ascended form.”

He smirked and cocked an eyebrow before rejoining her on the grass. “And where did you learn that information?”

Smiling, Dawn looked at him and said, “From Daniel during one of our late night sessions.”

Cameron nodded with a slight smile before glancing at her bruised side. “I take it that it was Nero who hurt you.”

Dawn stiffened as Cameron brought up her injuries again, but was unable to deny it. “Kinda. It was actually some soldiers chasing me when I escaped.”

Looking up, Cameron noticed it was getting dark. “It’s getting late.”

Dawn looked over at him and bit her lip, holding back what she wanted to say. She wanted to tell him what Nero really did to her, or rather, what he tried to do to her.

Clearing her throat, Dawn stood and said, “Guess we better get back to the village, you need to get all the rest you can get for tomorrow.”

Groaning, Cameron nodded and stood slowly, his thighs still burning. “Yeah, can’t be half asleep when I’m getting my ass kicked, huh?”

She frowned and hit his arm. “Don’t joke about it! Whoever you fight tomorrow will do everything in their power to kill you. I really don’t want to watch my friend die.”

Sighing, Cameron placed his hands on her shoulders and bent down slightly to look at her. “I’ll be fine Dawn.”

Dawn looked at him for a moment before nudging him in the stomach. “You better.”

The next day, Dawn found herself standing beside Jolan, fidgeting with her arms crossed. Cameron stood in the sand pit, standing with his hand clutching the kantu in his hands.

Leaning towards Jolan, Dawn whispered, “Jolan, please, say something.”

Jolan ignored her as Haikon emerged, wearing ceremonial garbs and stood in front of the large group of people who had come to watch the kel shak lo.

Haikon took hold of a hammer and hit a nearby gong, causing the loud echo to silent the people around them. Placing the hammer down, Haikon turned to the people and began to speak loudly to Cameron for everyone to hear. “You have spilled the blood of a Sodan warrior, human! Do you deny it?”

Cameron stepped forward and said, “No, but it wasn't… No, I don't deny it.”

He looked around him before stopping at Dawn, giving her a small confident smile, or at least, tried to give her a confident smile.

Haikon turned from Cameron and spoke to the large crowd, “If any blood kin of the warrior seek recompense, let them step forward, now!”

To Dawn’s horror, it was Jolan who stood forwards. Dawn’s mouth fell open and she stepped back.

“I seek it.”

Cameron looked at him with shock, “You…?”

Jolan sneered and took hold of a nearby weapon. “In the name of Volnek of Geshrel, my brother.”

Dawn watches as both men stand opposite each other, Haikon standing between them. Haikon steps back and says, “You may begin!”

Her heart beats quickly as Jolan flips the bladed staff at Cameron. “ May you die well.”

Cameron copies Jolan and says, “Likewise.”

They begin to fight, Dawn closed her eyes each time they brought the sharp blades too close to one another. She couldn’t believe this, Cameron killed Volnek? Glancing back to the fight, Dawn watched as Cameron rolled away as Jolan brought down his kantu blade to the ground, missing Cameron.

As Cameron stands, Jolan rushes at him and kneed him in the stomach, earning a gasp from Cameron as he falls back to the ground.

He stood quickly and managed to get in a punch and a few kicks before it is Jolan’s turn to fall to the ground. Cameron stands over him, catching his breath.

Before Dawn realized what happened, Jolan grabbed his kantu blade and brought it across Cameron’s leg, causing both her and Cameron to gasp, only his was in pain.

Cameron fell to his knee from the pain and tried to get up, only to fall back down sloppily. He tried once again to stand, but only fell. Jolan came up behind him and began to choke Cameron with his staff.

Dawn shook her head and began to climb over the fence, only to be stopped by Haikon, who held her back firmly. She tried to pull away, but found herself unable to move from his strong grip.

She watched as Cameron tried to fight back, but for some reason was too weak. His eyes closed and he fell against the staff in Jolan’s hands. Jolan moved away and let Cameron fall to the ground with a loud thud.

Dawn couldn’t look away from Cameron’s body. She found herself free of Haikon as she noticed he now stood over Cameron. He leaned down and touches Cameron on the chest. When he is satisfied, he stood and said, “The human is dead! The blood of the Sodan has been avenged!”

Dawn’s breathe caught in her throat and she felt her head become dizzy. She looked over as Jolan stood next to Haikon over Cameron’s body. “He fought and died a warrior, my Lord. It is only fitting he be given the rite of Shel mak assah.”

Haikon gave him an unsure look but said, “Very well.”

He turned and motioned for a pair of guards to take Cameron’s body, but Jolan held up his hand quickly, “With your permission, my Lord, I would like to take care of it myself.”

Haikon nods, but Dawn looks at Jolan with confusion. Jolan was not one to show respect for someone who killed his brother, so why did he want to give Cameron an honorable burial?

Dawn forced herself to clear her head and made her way over to Jolan. “I’ll help you; he was my friend.”

Jolan looked at her with care before nodding.

As they walked into the forest, Dawn glanced over at Jolan who had Cameron lying over his shoulder as he led the way.
She had said nothing to him, too angry at him for saying nothing to her about Volnek or his duel with Cameron. Not that she could blame him for wanting revenge for his brother, but he knew Cameron was her friend.

“You have said nothing Dawn.”

Dawn’s head snapped up as Jolan spoke. Looking around her, Dawn saw that they were at the archway where Cameron had trained. Jolan placed Cameron gently against the archway and turned to her.

Shrugging, Dawn said, “What’s there to say?”

Turning away, Dawn walked over to a large tree and sat on one of the large roots. She said nothing and only watched as Jolan sat down beside Cameron’s body and became silent.

Resting her head against the tree, Dawn felt her eyelids grow heavy. Breathing deeply, Dawn let herself fall asleep, trying to forget what just happened to Cameron.

“How long was I out?”

Jolan smiled and helped Cameron stand. “Seven hours.”

Cameron groaned as he held his head and looked at Jolan with surprise. “Seven? I thought it was suppose to be two.”

The Sodan warrior shrugged. “I may have inadvertently made the elixir too strong.”

Cameron simply looked at him before turning around to find Dawn sleeping against a tree. “She okay?”

Jolan sighed. “It may have better if we included Dawn in our plan.”


Cameron stopped making his way towards Dawn and placed his hands on his leg. “Yeah, that’s gonna leave a scar. So did it work?”

Jolan walked over to his side and nodded, “The ruse was most effective. They believe you are dead.”

Looking back at Jolan, Cameron said, “Well done, Bones.”

Jolan simply gave him a quizzical look, causing Cameron to shake his head. “Never mind. So where does this leave you?”

They stood near Dawn, watching her sleep. “If the Prior intends to mislead the Sodan, as you say? Then I am his enemy.”

“And Haikon?”

Sighing, Jolan turned from looking at Dawn and stared at Cameron. “It may be too late to convince him of his mistake. But there are several other warriors who feel as I do. We will continue to walk the path of the Sodan, until the others see the error of their ways.”

Cameron placed a hand on Jolan’s shoulder with a smirk. “Well, for what it's worth, you won't walk alone.”

Jolan nodded and turned back to Dawn. “I shall leave you two now; please tell her that I am sorry for not telling her of our plan.”

Cameron nodded, “I think we both owe her an apology.”

As Jolan left, Cameron forced himself to the ground, hissing from the pain in his leg, and nudged Dawn’s cheek with his hand. “Hey…”


Dawn’s eyes flinched as she was shaken from her sleep. “Hmmm…?”

Opening her eyes, Dawn’s vision was blocked from a shadowy figure that leaned over her. “What?”

Dawn sat up and rubbed her eyes. Sitting in front of her was Cameron, grinning as he scratched the back of his head. “Hey Dawn.”

For a moment, Dawn couldn’t do anything but stare at him. “Uh, Dawn?”

Blinking, Dawn shifted her head before snapping strait up and began to slap at Cameron. “You idiot!! What were you thinking, you could have died! No, wait, I thought you were dead!!!”

Cameron caught her wrists and practically yelled, “It’s okay! It was planned!!”

Dawn stopped struggling and looked at him with shock. “What? What do you mean planned?”

Sighing, Cameron rose to his feet slowly and helped her up. “After we got back to the village last night, Jolan and I got to talking and we came up with a way to fake my death.”

“Fake your death?”

The confused look on her face turned to one of anger as she slapped him on the arm. “And you couldn’t include me in the plan?!”

Cameron held up his hands in defense. “It was late and we wanted it to look real.”

Cocking an eyebrow, Dawn crossed her arms and arched her hip. “And I couldn’t make it look real?”

Rolling his eyes, Cameron smiled and turned to the dirt path. “Come on, Jolan said you knew the code to that transport thing. We better get going now or it’ll be too dark to find.”

Dawn shook her head and followed the limping Cameron. She took hold of his arm and wrapped it around her shoulder in order to help him walk. “Better let me help you, otherwise we’ll take too long.”


General Landry sat at his desk, going over paper work when a knock came to his door. Looking up, he said, “Come!”

The door opened and Daniel walked in, shutting the door behind him. Sitting back in his chair, Landry asked, “How’d it go?”

Daniel rubbed his forehead and shook his head. “Not well. Even after we showed him video footage of the damage, Volnek still refuses to believe the Ori are responsible for what happened on Sartorus. He refuses to believe the Ori are false.”

Landry let the pen in his hand fall the desk as he leaned forward and rested his elbows on his desk. “What’s he doing now?”

“Nothing. He hasn't said a word since Tass'an left.”

Landry sighed, “Which puts us back to square one.”

Daniel placed his hands in his pockets and shifted where he stood. “Yeah, basically. Teal'c seems to think that showing him more examples-”

The sudden sound of Walter’s voice on the intercom interrupted Daniel, “ Unscheduled off-world activation!”

Daniel and Landry shared a look before making their way to the control room next door.

Landry made his way to stand behind Walter. “What have we got, chief?”

Walter looked up from the screen in front of him. “Receiving an IDC, sir. It's Colonel Mitchell.”

Daniel’s head snapped from the gate to Walter, “ You’re kidding.”

Walter looked at him unsurely. “ I would never do that sir.”

Volnek looked up as the doors opened to reveal Teal’c. Volnek didn’t say anything, so Teal’c chose to speak instead. “You have a visitor.”

Moving to the side, Teal’c revealed Cameron, now wearing his familiar BDU’s.

Volnek sprung from where he sat, glaring at Cameron. “You!”

Cameron rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I thought you were dead, too.”

Furious, Volnek made his way towards Cameron. “ Oh, we have unfinished business!”

Cameron stood in front of Volnek and raised a hand calmly. “Just take it easy.”

Volnek gave him a look of disbelief. “You shot me.”

Giving him an equal look of disbelief, Cameron said ,”You shot me first!”

Stopping himself, Cameron sighed and said, “I know that you think we're enemies, and right now it doesn't matter if we become allies. What matters is that you understand the truth.”

Volnek remained silent, simply looking at Cameron as he spoke of the Ori’s true nature.

Later, the two men stood in front of the Stargate, waiting for Walter to dial. Grinning, Volnek said, “You are fortunate my brother drugged you. You would never have survived a true Kel shak lo.”

Shrugging, Cameron said, “Don't know. Took you down pretty good.”

Volnek simply looked away. “You were lucky.”

Grinning, Cameron said, “Lucky is good.”

The wormhole opened, illuminating the gateroom. Turning from the gate, Volnek said, “ Granting my freedom changes nothing, Mitchell.”

Walking up the ramp, Volnek looked back once more. “ We will meet again.”

Cameron nodded. “Looking forward to it.”

Volnek hesitated, but bowed slightly before entering wormhole.

The wormhole shut down, leaving Cameron standing in front of the gate. “Colonel Mitchell.”

Looking back up into the control room, Cameron grinned. “You may want to come down here, guys! I think you want to welcome back someone personally.”

As he spoke the gate began to dial again, surprising those in the control room. But nether the less , SG-1 and General Landry made their way down to the gateroom and stood next to Cameron, who was grinning like a chester cat.

Daniel stood next to Cameron, looking at him with curiosity. “Who is it Cameron?”

Cameron didn’t say anything, simply looked at the now stable wormhole.

Daniel turned his head to the wormhole and watched as a figure walked through, hidden by the light of the wormhole. As the figure grew closer, it became more familiar.

Blinking, Daniel felt his heart stop. Standing in front of him was a smiling Dawn.

She lifted her hand and gave him a wave. “Hi Danny.”

He couldn’t breathe as she walked closer. He raised his own hand and waved. “Hi…”

Unable to do anything else, Daniel rushed forward and wrapped his arms around her thin form, crushing her to him. Dawn surprised herself and wrapped her own arms around his neck and held on tightly.

Dawn felt safe in his embrace as he breathed deeply against her forehead, kissing her there gently. “Don’t ever do anything so stupid like that again.”

Smiling, she said, “Only if you stop me first.”

Okay! There’s another chapter. Sorry it took so long, I was at my grandparents and they don’t have a computer, but more chapters are on the way, so let me know what you think about this one first.


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