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Summary: Dawn jumps instead of Buffy, and lands on Celestis, to face an apocalypse without her sister.

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonKayliosFR182498,602512264,12227 Feb 0714 Aug 08No

Chapter 1 - Through the Fire

Disclaimer – I own nothing of the Buffyverse or Stargate, only the plot of my story and any characters I create that may or may not appear.

Hi everyone, this is my very first crossover story, so please go easy on me, k? I do like reviews, so please speak up.

Chapter 1 – Into the Fire

Dawn felt weaker by the minute as she stood above the growing white rift with fear. She had to jump or the world was going to end. She could see Buffy fighting Glory, hoping and praying that her sister would somehow defeat the Hell God. Doc had already cut her and her blood had already fallen. It was always the blood.

“DAWN!” The fourteen year old looked from the rift to her sister who stood in front of her. “Buffy, it hurts.” The slayer nodded and pulled at the chains. “Come here, I got it. You’re gonna be okay, Dawn.” A few more drops of blood fell as Dawn moved towards Buffy, only adding to the growing rift. “Buffy, it’s already started.”

This was her fault; she had let this happen. She walked forward towards the edge of the tower and looked down at glowing rip in dimensions. “What are you doing?” Dawn turned and said with tears running down her cheeks, “I have to jump, the energy,”

Buffy stared at her with disbelief and shook her head, “No! It’ll kill you.”

“ I know, I know about the ritual Buffy. I have to do this. Look what’s happening! Buffy, you have to let me go! Blood started this, and until the blood stops flowing, it’ll never stop. You know you have to let me…It has to have the blood.” Buffy shook her head silently, refusing to listen to the teenager.

Walking forward, Dawn wrapped her arms around her big sister and held tightly. “It’s okay, I’m not afraid.” Buffy wrapped her arms around the form of her sister and whispered, “But I am.” Dawn pushed back slowly and looked up at her sister. “I have to do this, Buffy. If I don’t, the world’s going to end.”

Buffy watched the sister she wasn’t suppose to have return to the edge and could only stand there as Dawn took a deep breath and fell into the glowing rift. “DAWN!” A bright light flashed across the slayer’s eyes and then there was nothing. Running to the edge, Buffy looked down and saw that the rift was gone, and Dawn was gone.

Down below, the Scooby gang had watched as Dawn fell from the top of the tower, and saw as she simply disappeared in the light, leaving nothing behind, except for the flash. Back up top, Buffy stood with a blank stare as she stared up at the sky, cursing the Powers That Be for taking yet another person that she loved.

In the room of the Flames of Enlightenment, the Doci stood before the giant wall of the fire with his eyes shut, his molded face calm as he meditated before the ascended being. There was a quake throughout the room, but the Doci remained as he was, his eyes still closed. As if a lake, a series of ripples flowed through the Flames of Enlightenment before the center began to glow a bright, vibrant white.

The Doci’s eyes opened, to reveal he was being possessed by one of the Ori, as the flames in his eyes grew stronger. “ And Sorlin rose from the ashes of the fire and prophesized: Through the fires the one with the power shall fall from the heavens and shall be the key to the enlightenment of all: the one who shall bring forth the one whom all will learn.”

The wall of fire burst forward and a faint green glow emerged from them until it settled before the Doci, who slowly bowed to his knees and lowered his head to the floor. The green glow reshaped itself until the frail body of Dawn Summers lay on the floor.

The Doci rose silently and said, “Hallow art the Ori.” The flames returned to their normal form and Dawn let out a series of coughs and opened her eyes to see the Doci kneeling beside her. “Rest, Domii Clava , you shall deliver the nonbelievers soon.”

Domii Clava - living key
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