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Cousin Xander

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Summary: Answer to challenge #2275. After a family row, Xander ends up with a new guardian. A certain archeologist from SG1.

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Stargate > Xander-CenteredRebelgirlFR1586,9091317192,87227 Feb 074 Oct 10No

Chapter 2

disclaimer in chapter 1. Nothing's changed.

Chapter 2

"Danny, you there? Danny?" shouted Jack O'Neill, "C'mon, Carter's got some info for you on Sunnydale, and it ain't good! Finally!," he said as Daniel opened his front door looking seriously uncaffinated.

"Jack, I've got to leave in just under 30 minutes, I think. I don't have time for this."

"Trust me buddy, you're gonna wanna read this. The murder rate for this small California town is way out there, and Carter had to dig to find this. And we're talking Carter here!" said Jack as he swept past Daniel and went straight into the kitchen to help himself to coffee. "look just read it on the plane. Something's not right there, and General Hammond agrees with me too. Says he's heard the name Sunnydale before, but he won't tell me where, says we'll think he's nuts."

"Huh? With what we do for a living?" asked Daniel looking startled and a little more awake. "OK, I'll read it before I get to Sunnydale."

"And the General also says, don't invite anyone in after dark, no matter how idiotic or rude you might feel," said Sam as she walked in. "Wait for them to walk in apparently."

"He never told me that," said Jack skeptically, "sounds like something off of the Horror Channel."

"And thats why he never told you," replied Sam sharply.

"I can't deal with this. I've got to see Alexander, if Sunnydale's as bad as your both saying it is, the sooner I get him out, the better. And you two fighting over what the General said isn't helping." At that Daniel grabbed his bags and the research that Jack and Sam had brought round headed for his car.

1 1/2 hours later - heading west
'I can't believe this. Why isn't this all over the news. The death rate from the high school alone is astronomical,' thought Daniel to himself. 'Oh well, looks like I'm gonna be doing high school home work for a while again.'


After Daniel had found the hospital, and was grimacing from a cup of overpriced and disgusting coffee, he made his way to the ward that he'd been assured held his cousin. Only to be brought up short when he was challenged at the door to his room.

"Who are you mister?" It was a short blonde girl, about 16 years of age, looking seriously protective.

"My names Daniel Jackson, and I'm here to see Alexander Harris. I'm his new guardian," replied Daniel, slightly taken aback by the ferocity in her stance.

"Hump! Where were you when he needed you?" she grumped, and then turned round and walked into the room. "Well, are you coming or what?"

"Oh, yes," said Daniel, feeling rather bewildered at the girls attitude, not really knowing what to make of it, then forgetting all about her as his eyes fell on the boy on the bed.

He still looked very pale, and had the remainder of two beautiful black eyes shining above the plaster of paris that had been applied to his broken nose. An intravenous drip was running into hios right hand as his left arm was immobilsed by another plaster of paris, and Daniel could tell by the way he was moving that there was at least one broken rib in there as well.

"Ah, hi, I'm Daniel. You must be Alexander. Has Social Services told you yet that I'm your new guardian?" asked Daniel a bit nervously, slightly disconcerted by the looks that he was getting from the blonde and the red headed girl as well as his cousin.

"Yeah, they told me. And please call me Xander. Only my mom ever called me Alexander, oh and Willow when I annoy her," said Xander gesturing towards the redhead. "So what do you do, you know I'm a junior, oh and that's Buffy by the way. Giles should be along later, I think."

"I'm an archeologist and linguist..."

"Oh shoot me now, it's superbrain, and I'm superdunce!" interrupted Xander with a long of mock horror on his face.

"No your not, Xander," said Willow fiercely, "stop putting yourself down. Your dad's not here to do it anymore. Now its time to prove to you that you're not stupid. Resolve face here, mister," she said pointing at her face.

At that point Buffy started to laugh, "she gets us all with that resolve face."

"Uh, OK. I'm gonna see if the doctors are ready to discharge you Xander. Be back in a minute." And with that, Daniel fled the room.
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